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[Multiverse] Hjörr the Forsaken (Modified for Kelante)

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[Multiverse] Hjörr the Forsaken (Modified for Kelante)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Hjorr the Forsaken on Mon Feb 26, 2007 11:05 pm

Off-site profile, under construction

The above profile is lacking at the moment. I am transferring from my old profile host, so bare with me on that one, if you could.

Below is the profile I plan to use here.

Given name: Hjörr Balder
Alias: The Viking, The Forsaken, Hjörr
Age: Unknown, Appears 37
Sex: Male
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark brown
Height: 6'1''
Weight: 235 pounds
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Time Period: 750-Present, starts from the Viking period
Class: Warrior;
Skills: Unlisted
Spells: Unlisted
Completed Proficiencies: Unlisted
Languages: (Fluent)

General Appearance: Though he is out of the viking era, Hjörr is a "multiverse" character. He can take on the appearance of any time period or location he is integrating himself into at the time. (I know this is not realisic, and I know that I have no real way of justifying this ability. But I want to use this character, and to do so I have to be able to morph him. Just let me know if that is a problem.)

These are some modern portraits of him, and though his style of dress is subject to change, the body is ever constant.

Image Image

Personality: Hjörr is a warrior at heart, and his desire to fight has been one of his worser traits, getting him into much trouble as a child, and even more as an adult. But though his rage-inspired war tactics were frowned upon he has always been good at what he does. A skilled swordsman, he trained for the life of a warrior for as long as he could remember.

He is hot-headed, and because he does understand failure he is a not a man one would hope to be the enemy of. But tied to his competitive nature are ideas of honor and integrity, which are the dominate attributes of his total, collective personality.


Childhood: Hjörr was the son of a renowned Viking war lord, whose village nearly worshiped the family. They lived on the edge of the ocean for parts of the year, but were a nomadic tribe. To this day Hjörr can remember packing their things and carrying everything on back. His father would disappear for months to years at a time, out on his ships, pillaging and raping the peoples of the country, returning the tribe with riches beyond their wildest dreams. They became an unrivaled power in their corner of the world, and he was the only son of the man who had brought them their wealth.

He had an undying devotion to his father, and spent the young years of his life training and learning the ways of the Vikings so when he reached the proper age his father would take him away on one of his journeys. He trained with weapons from the time he could stand and hold them. Everything from the bow and arrow to a double handed, double bladed battle axe, he gave up on nothing until there was no one who could beat him.

The Teen Years: His efforts did not go unnoticed. At the tender age of thirteen his father returned from a long and successful journey, naming his son as his successor both to his ship and title as leader of the village.

The awe and responsibility of this came crashing down on him when his father took him on his first journey. Their first conquest brought with it Hjörr's true conversion to manhood, bringing with it his first human kill. The men of his ship congratulated him, and welcomed him into their patriarchal family, teaching him more and more about their true lifestyle. The months on the ship were lonely, but whenever they hit land and continued to conquer all in their way, the men taught him how a woman were a better comfort for this loneliness than any many could ever be.

Looking back over the years, he is sure that at least some of these woman must have sired his children, but what they did with the spawn he had no idea. It was the life of a sea man to see a place one and find it only in his memories afterward.

Young Adulthood: The years continued in this way, slowly teaching him the ways of a man. It was at age nineteen that his father was killed in battle, and his body was released to the sea. Upon losing the man who he owed all his respect to, Hjörr took up the helm (quite literally), leading the men back to their home, and to their women.

His mother was devastated, hearing the news of the death of her husband. With her son a grown man, and her ultimate demotion amongst the people she threw herself into the ocean, out of despair. Her body was never recovered, and in no time the sea had claimed both of his parents.

Hjörr left the tribe soon after, searching for new worlds and new ways to spend the rest of his days.

(Again, if anything needs to be changed, please let me know. Thank-you.)

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