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Hoffman and FRE

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

Hoffman and FRE

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SSJHunterKiller on Wed Jan 04, 2006 11:06 am

The shuttle had launched from the Lowe Faction base that had been set up in Asia. Aboard was Edward Hoffman, his assistant, John, and several other officers that had been chosen to return to FRE with Edward and John, the rest had been left to die in the explosion that was meant to kill Val and the other Gundam pilot. But now the shuttle was in space, heading for the docking port on the L5 colony. Not long ago they had received word that both the Gundams had been seen fleeing the area only seconds before the explosion. Once again, Val had managed to screw over Edwards careful planning, and Edwards was fuming about it. None of the others on board said a word to Edward as he paced up and down the aisle. Once the shuttle had docked, Edward was off and in a waiting car in a matter of seconds. Without even waiting for John, the car sped off towards the build where Edward was stationed. Though Edwards was pissed off for losing the battle, one hundred mobile suits and a good chunk of his men, he had succeeded in what he was sent to do. There was one less Gundam pilot in space, and soon their Vanguard Prime could strike and annihilate the real Vanguard Prime.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Wed Jan 04, 2006 9:13 pm

Lord Raphael Winson sat in an office building. He had been given the run around for several hours by L5 Officials. He had a hunch that it had to do with the strange Vanguard Prime attack. Finally, a slim man of Asian decent walked into the room and made his way behind the desk. His name was Zahn Fu, and had ran L5 since it's gradual decline.

Winson - Finally, I assume you've talked to the rest of your council?

Fu - Yes, yes I have Lord Winson...

Winson smiled as he began to stand up.

Winson - Then I assume everything is in order and the FRE Faction flag will fly soon in the L5 Cluster.

Fu - I'm afraid not, sir.

Winson's smile quickly turned to clenched teeth. His brow was tight with anger.

Winson - What do you mean?

Fu - We of L5 feel that having a militaristic organization, such as the FRE Faction, will only bring about more attacks. It is in this time of peace...

Winson - Peace!?

Winson's voice was loud and powerful, shadowing that of the quiet Fu.

Winson - This peace is just a show! The Trinity Alliance are nothing but a group of rebels!

Fu - That may be so...

Winson - The attack that occurred here is only a mere example of what they are capable of! Their former leader...

Fu - The one known as 'Kiyoshi Kazami' who you continuously use as a scape goat has been dead for 3 years, I do not....

Winson - He is an example! An example of the dangers that such men could have on this world. He wanted to force his ideals that he called 'peace' onto everyone! Those Trinity Alliance fools see him as some visionary! He wasn't! He was just acting out his part all along!

Fu looked confused. Winson noticed this look and took a moment to catch his breath. He had said too much.

Winson - I mean...saw...saw him as some visionary.

Fu - That too may be so, but the GaiaZ have given us a much better offer, than what you can provide...

Winson - I can give you protection!

Fu - Further militarization will only bring about more problems for us...I'm afraid I have to ask you to leave.

Winson turned a dark shade of red.

Winson - This is an outrage! I bring you supplies! I bring you an opportunity to prevent such actions that the Trinity Alliance....

Fu - GaiaZ brought more supplies, and offer their own form of protection...pacifism.

Winson - You will regret this day.

Fu - I surely hope not, I bid you a good day.

Fu stood and bowed to Winson, who turned and walked out. After getting in the car he was informed that Hoffman had come to the colony, this angered Winson even further.

Winson had always seen those from Earth as pests, but three years ago the Followers of Lowe offered something the FRE Faction needed...expendable soldiers. However, once everything was over, Winson had pushed Hoffman away as much as possible, which lead to what could only be a failed attempt to finish off the leader of the Caligo Umbra.

Winson walked into the room and saw Hoffman sitting. Winson glared at him with his one eye.

Winson - I see you have returned.

Hoffman - Yes, the Vanguard Prime sent one of their pilots to help Val. Though...some how he knew my exact battle plan. Someone else had to help him...

Winson - How many of my mobile suits did you lose!?

Hoffman - Plenty.

Winson walked over to Hoffman, then lifted him up into the air by his neck.

Winson - You said your plan would be full proof, that you'd be able to weaken the Trinity Alliance, even further than they already are!

Hoffman - I...I did!

Winson dropped Hoffman back down into the chair. Hoffman rubbed his neck and caught his breath.

Hoffman - Like I said, one of the Vanguard Prime members is on earth, that means they're down one pilot. Plus according to the news reports you're doing a great job by making it seem like they're doing even damage in space. I mean, an attack on L5 with Gundam's that look like the Cygnus, brilliant.

Winson glared at Hoffman.

Winson - Those aren't our forces.

Hoffman looked surprised.

Hoffman - What!?

Winson - They were not our forces, we did stage an attack on L4, but the attack on L5 happened around the same time. It would seem there are more players in this game of chess than I know about.

Hoffman - So what are we going to do?

Winson - The FRE Faction will not be taking L5...not yet anyway. It would seem they want to turn to GaiaZ.

Hoffman - Back to L4 then?

Winson - Yes, I will be returning to L4.

Hoffman stood up as Winson turned to walk out.

Winson - I did not say that you were coming along.

Hoffman again looked surprised as he tried to stammer something out.

Winson - You may keep whatever remains of the forces I gave you. If you try to cross me, I will be sure to be the one that kills you.

Winson then walked out of the room and returned to his shuttle, which soon left for L4.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SSJHunterKiller on Tue Jan 10, 2006 4:16 pm

Hoffman stood there in surprise, he hadn't expected anything like that to happen. He was tempted to pull a gun and shoot Wilson in the back, but Hoffman knew better. Wilson was expecting that and was a faster draw the Hoffman could ever hope to be, so Hoffman just watched as his only ally left him for dead on L5. There was no one left for Hoffman to turn to, this was the end. FRE had abandoned him, Val was out for his blood, and the Trinity Alliance sure wasn't going to help him, after all it was Blace that was responsible for Kaden's death. With nothing else to do, Hoffman returned to the car, where John was waiting. John could tell that it hadn't gone well by the way Hoffman fell into the car.

Hoffman"We're done for. FRE has just dropped us and we have no where left to turn to."

John"That's not quite true sir. As we were leaving I picked up a transmission from an unidentified mobile suit that was there. It appears that someone else wants Val dead as much as you do, maybe more."

Hoffman perked up at hearing this, and listened intently to what John had to say next.

John"Originally Val was an office in White Fang, as you know. When Millardo made his grand reappearance three years ago, several faction sprung to life in hope of gaining power. On of which was in Asia, led by a man named Jyotika. Originally Val had an alliance with Jyotika, until Jyotika killed his own secretary. Val then turned on Jyotika and allied with the Defenders and the L3 Defense force and together, along with Blace, cleared Jyotika out of Asia. So Jyotika has had three years to build a force and no it appears that he's coming after Val. He could prove to be an ally in all this. I managed to trace the three Mobile Suits that were there back to Africa. So we can go back to Earth and send a general transmission that would probably be picked up by his forces. That's about all I can think of sir. We don't have many more options."

Hoffman"Driver, back to the shuttle bay. We’re going back to Earth."

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