Hogwarts: A New Era of Witches and Wizards (IC-Remake)

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Hogwarts: A New Era of Witches and Wizards (IC-Remake)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Queenforaday on Thu Sep 15, 2011 11:20 am

Hogwarts : A New Era of Witches and Wizards

Offical In-Character Thread


Posting: Open to those who have completed their RS's


C O R E C L A S S E S:
    - Defence Against the Dark Arts
    - Charms
    - Transfiguration
    - Potions
    - Herbology
    - History of Magic
    - Astronomy
    - Flying (First years only)

E L E C T I V E S (third years and up):
    - Study of Ancient Runes
    - Arithmancy
    - Muggle Studies
    - Care of Magical Creatures
    - Divination
    - Apparition (Sixth year, those of age only)
    - Earth Magic
    - Ghoul Studies

Only Fifth, Sixth & Seventh Year students may come and go to Hogsmeade as they please.
Fourth Years and bellow may go on weekend trips with their House Head, with permission slips from their guardians only.

    - Dervish & Banges - a helpful shop and sells and repairs some magical instruments.
    - Dogweed and Deathcap - a Herbology shop.
    - Dominic Maestro's - a music shop.
    - Gladrags Wizardwear - a clothing shop that also sells very lurid socks, including ones that scream when they get too - smelly.
    - Hairdressing salon - across the street from Honeydukes.
    - Hogsmeade Post Office - the post office.
    - Hogsmeade Station - the railway station.
    - Honeydukes - a sweet shop that has the entrance to a secret passageway into Hogwarts in its cellar.
    - Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop - "the haunt of happy couples", according to Harry Potter. Usually couples go there on dates.
    - Ollivander's Wand Shop - local branch of the wand shop.
    - Potage's Cauldron Shop - local branch of the cauldron shop.
    - Scrivenshaft's Quill Shop - a shop for all types of quills.
    - The Shrieking Shack - an infamous and the most frightening building in Britain. The villagers thought it was haunted, but they didn't know it was actually the werewolf Remus Lupin making the scary noises (it was where he went to transform).
    - Spintwitches - a shop that sells sporting goods.
    - The Hog's Head - a dingy pub owned by Dumbledore's brother, Aberforth Dumbledore, which hosted a secret passage into Hogwarts created by the Room of Requirement.
    - The Magic Neep - a greengrocer's.
    - The Three Broomsticks Inn - a pub owned by Madam Rosmerta.
    - Tomes and Scrolls - a bookshop
    - Wiseacre's Wizarding Equipment - local branch of the magical devices shop.
    - Wizarding Wireless Network Headquarters - main headquarters of the popular radio station.
    - Zonko's Joke Shop - a famous joke shop.

First Years -
Jordan Dean Hastings
Eden Karabeth Oxely

Stella Felicity Grenwald

Second Years -
Alexander McKinney
Quinn Danielle Andrews

Oliver Ace Hollingberry

Thrid Years -
Demetri "Demmy" Greer
Xaviera Beatrix Martin
Aiden Kettleburn

Fourth Years -
Troy Richard Hastings
Elizabeth Marie Fox
Patricia "Patty" Archer

Fifth Years -
Faye Vess
Olivia Grace Fox
Boone Raziel Keating
Aldrick Kettleburn

Sixth Years -
Oswella Greer
Emma Sadie Lennix

Aylin Samantha Sky
Priscilla "Pixie" Rousseau

Ethan Sam Lennix
Anna Kettleburn
Miles Harrison Fuchs

Mariya Alla Kovalsky

Seventh Years -
Cerridwen Evangeline Oxely
William Jase Grenwald

Jaspar Persius
Viveka Eva Skjölderbrand
Leon Oliver Hughes
Gwendolyn "Gwen" De'Loitte

Everett Keaton Oxely
Alice Sabrina Sky

Liam Alastar Webb

House Rosters:

G R Y F F I N D O R:
S L Y T H E R I N:
R A V E N C L A W:
H U F F L E P U F F:


Keeper - Demetri "Demmy" Greer
Seeker - Cerridwen Evangeline Oxely
Chaser - Ethan Sam Lennix
Chaser - William Jase Grenwald (Captain)
Chaser - Elizabeth Marie Fox
Beater - Patricia "Patty" Archer

Keeper - Olivia Grace Fox
Seeker - Mariya Alla Kovalsky
Chaser - Gwendolyn "Gwen" De'Loitte
Chaser - Troy Richard Hastings
Beater - Leon Oliver Hughes (Captain)
Beater - Viveka Eva Skjölderbrand

Keeper - Everett Keaton Oxely
Seeker - Alice Sabrina Sky (Captain)

Seeker - Aylin Samantha Sky
Keeper - Aiden Kettleburn
Chaser - Priscilla "Pixie" Rousseau
Beater - Xaviera Beatrix Martin


- Cerridwen Evangeline Oxely (Captain)
- Anna Kettleburn
- Aldrick Kettleburn

- Jaspar Persius (Captain)
- Gwendolyn "Gwen" De'Loitte
- Leon Oliver Hughes
- Viveka Eva Skjölderbrand
- Troy Richard Hastings

- Everett Keaton Oxely (Captain)
- Emma Sadie Lennix
- Oswella Greer
- Faye Vess

- Aylin Samantha Sky (Captain)
- Priscilla "Pixie" Rousseau
- Liam Alastar Webb
- Boone Raziel Keating
- Xaviera Beatrix Martin
- Quinn Danielle Andrews
- Alexander McKinney

G R Y F F I N D O R:
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[center][size=105][i](Location Of Your Character Goes Here)[/i][/size][/center]

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S L Y T H E R I N:
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[center][size=105][i](Location Of Your Character Goes Here)[/i][/size][/center]

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R A V E N C L A W:
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[center][size=105][i](Location Of Your Character Goes Here)[/i][/size][/center]

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H U F F L E P U F F:
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[center][size=105][i](Location Of Your Character Goes Here)[/i][/size][/center]

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Important IC Notes:
- Before you submit a post, open another tab on your browser and check the IC thread to make sure no one else has submitted a new post that would alter anything you have written in yours.

- Allow at least two posts between each of yours, please. The only ones allowed to not follow this rule is Queenforaday and Sarcasm, since they are controlling time-skips and such.

-Posting length may vary, but try to make it two-three paragraphs at a minimum. Remember, Quality over Quantity.

- Please no god-modding. (Example: Dueling Club members, you're not going to block ALL spells, especially if two duelers are equally matched.)

-Please pay attention to the over-view posts. They address time-skips, events and a very basic idea of what your character should be doing.
    "The halls of Hogwarts were buzzing with students of all houses, fresh out of their previous classes and eager to socialize with friends, get in some extra studying or whatever else their little hearts desire."

- Any time-skips must be authorized by the GM's.

- Classes will be time-skipped, unless there is a special request (sent to one of the GM's).
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Re: Hogwarts: A New Era of Witches and Wizards (IC-Remake)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Queenforaday on Thu Sep 15, 2011 11:31 am

"It is the first and final weekend before the Fall term is set to begin. The Sorting Hat ceremony, along with the beginning of term feast was the previous night. Students of all ages are wandering about castle. First years are attempting to find their way around before classes start, lest they find themselves lost on their way to Potions or Charms. Students can be found in their house common rooms, the library, courtyards, The Great Hall and other various places on the Hogwarts grounds. While the younger students are exploring the castle, many of the older Hogwarts students are on their way to Hogsmeade for the day, doing whatever their little hearts desire."

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Re: Hogwarts: A New Era of Witches and Wizards (IC-Remake)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby citylights on Fri Sep 16, 2011 2:11 pm

Leon Oliver Hughes

The Love Shack aka Leon's Room


The 6'3" male fell out of bed landing on his front, again. The dark green Persian carpet slightly cushioned the fall but every time, he tipped over but the shock always got worse. Over the holidays, Leon Hughes would get used to his king sized bed and once they returned to a smaller size, it resulted in mornings where he'd wake up face flat on the floor. But, it was better than hearing that ridiculously high toned maid of his back in Paris. "Bonjour Monsieur! Maintenant, réveillez-vous s'il vous plaît!" the voice played back in his mind over and over again as if she was in the room. It was like a screeching sound and if she was a man, she would have thought twice before waking him up. The naked guy pushed himself up with his arms and carried himself straight over to the mirror, slipping on a pair of black jeans on the way. The bright white light was shining in through the window straight onto Leon's infamous morning face, the thick dark brows were creased, eyes half open from the light and tiredness, lips in a miserable pout and hair...everywhere like a lion's mane. It was obvious he was not a morning person. With both hands, he flattened his hair sculpturing it into a neater fashion and then he froze. The bed he had just fallen out of still seemed to have a bit of volume. Why were there feet at the bottom of the bed? Staring into the reflection, the realisation that the girl he pulled was still here in the morning, struck. Although a sex addict, he never coped well with girls that slept over, hell, he always kicked them out before Dawn. The only exception was Viveka but that was only because the evening activities continued into the bathroom.

"Fuck sake Viv," His voice was deep and smooth with that irresistible french twang. If a voice had to be described a food, it would be Lindt dark chocolate. But in the mornings, it was always covered in a layer of grouchy. This was a relatively calm reaction, if it was some other girl then he would be sketching out. From his perspective, sleeping over and doing the whole morning routine together was what couples did, even the word made him want to vomit. Along with mornings, commitment was something he wasn't fond of.

The air had a sharp and cold touch to it, it was as if the weather was trying to rub it into the students faces that Summer as officially over. Despite the cold weather, Leon absolutely refused to put a top on in his room, in fact, he really found clothes uncomfortable so the second he got into his room, he would strip right down into his boxers. Walking around topless was a hobby for him. He was proud of his torso or what he'd often call his "creation", "masterpiece" or "beauty" and had no shame in advertising it around. If he caught someone staring he'd snap back with a cocky comment like, "Impressive I know but you gotta stop staring, you can't always get what you want," Especially the hard core Quidditch training his father put him through this summer, his body and stamina was fit and ready for the season. In fact, that's all Leon did this summer, he was pretty much quarantined from going out and doing what normal teenagers would get up to. He didn't even get to shag any of the French girls but of course, he wouldn't let anyone know the reality.The only time he would speak to people was if they attended some pretentious event. His routine was basically: waking up from the shrieking maid, fill himself up with some breakfast, go over to the field for some intense Quidditch practise, eat lunch, train and so on. It wasn't the ideal summer.

Admiring himself in the mirror, he carried a content expression and turned round to find that the lump in his bed hadn't moved. "This is why men are the more dominant gender," he exhaled and muttered, "How many times do I have to tell you that after we've banged you're supposed to leave after an hour," he said as he walked towards the bed, "You really must have missed me," leaning over, he grabbed on to the sheets and pulled them off revealing the object under the covers, "Gwen?!" Leon's infamous smirk completely wiped off his face as the dark haired girl he expected was instead a familiar blonde. Oh a familiar face indeed, it wasn't just the face which he was familiar of either. Miss De'Loitte was someone he didn't mind having around; she had the same level of attractiveness, she didn't talk too much and when Viv wouldn't give him the goods, he always had Gwen. This was what too much Firewhiskey did to you, you think you've banged someone who you've wanted to see for a while but, oh no, it's just Hogwart's very own bicycle. "I fucked you? " confusion wasn't the only thing that took over, the girl was lying there half naked, plus it was the morning so he couldn't help what happened down below. Still hanging onto the blanket, he covered it up and cleared his throat. "Don't just lie there, put some clothes on, you're shivering. Actually, why are you still here? You know my rule, sleeping round are for pussies like Everett and Emma, their relationship involves roses and poems and roses and other ridiculously over rated things. But you? You leave after an hour, 60 minutes, count down if you like, I don't give a shit, but as much as you have a pretty little face, I don't wanna see it first thing in the morning! So next time you're thinking to yourself 'Hmm, I wanna see a real Patronus, I'm gonna shag Leon,' remember that after an hour, six-zero minutes, you...out" he raised his voice as he pointed to the door. Whenever there were signs of commitment waving in front of him, he got extremely defensive, it was one of the many hurdles he hadn't managed to get over yet. Walking over to his drawers, Leon grabbed one of his thick winter jumpers and threw it towards Gwen.

"Since you're here, you're coming with me to get something to eat, I'm starving and bloody hell, you obviously gave the big fella down there a pretty good time," he softly chuckled to himself and shrugged his brows.

"We're leaving in 10."

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Re: Hogwarts: A New Era of Witches and Wizards (IC-Remake)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Sarcasm on Fri Sep 16, 2011 6:57 pm

Oswella Greer

Ravenclaw Corridor, heading towards the Common Room

It was always entertaining for Ozzy whenever she walked up the steps towards the Ravenclaw Common Room. Not only did it give her a chance to think, but the time she was able to spend by herself was rather refreshing. " 45, 46, 47, 49,... 50!" . Ozzy would mentally count , with an almost content smile forming on her tiny doll like face. She would wiggle her nose a tad as she landed on the last step, adjusting her small metal hoop of a nose ring before she continued walking towards the common room. It was the last weekend before term started again and it was during these time when Ozzy didn't have the slightest clue what to do with herself. Sure she had friends to spend time with, but she knew the types of things they liked doing and what she liked doing were completely different, so she always felt like something of a burden to them.

But never the less, she still had to find some way to entertain herself for the rest of the weekend before term would finally start up. So it seemed only reasonable that she spend time walking around Hogsmeade, and buying a few things at Honeydukes. She was always awfully surprised she never got fat off all of the treats she ate just to fill up her time. Probably had something to do with all the damn stairs Ravenclaw students had to climb. With a shake of her head, her tightly braided plait would swing back and forth in almost a rhythmic motion. "Maybe I should let my hair down. No, then it would look all curly and weird. " It was usual for Oswella to mumble extremely quietly to herself, so usual that as she passed several of her fellow Ravenclaws, none of them gave her any weird looks like the other houses tended to do when they saw her.

When she made over towards the entrance where the large bronze eagle was, she immediately began to prepare herself for whatever question the knocker would ask today. She was used to having to answer it's riddles, being alone most of the time and not usually being able to slip by whenever someone else managed to get it right. Taking a deep and rather serious deep breath, Ozzy would walk straight up towards the knocker and knock twice until the eagle would open it's mouth to speak.

"What always runs... but never walks,... often murmurs, never talks..., has a bed but never sleeps., has a mouth but never eats?"

Ozzy would bit her lower lip and wrinkle her brow as she sank deep into thought. It was still relatively early in the morning, so it would take a bit more thinking on her part. As she did so, several younger Ravenclaw boys would end up coming from behind her and listening to the eagle speak again with the same riddle. Of course the younger ones had no idea, and soon their eyes would be glued to Ozzy merely waiting for the answer.

After a few minutes of silence, Ozzy would slowly nod her head and reply quietly. "A river." The eagle knocker would let out a small chuckle and would quietly swing open, much to the delight of the two boys behind her. "Bloody well done, I would have never gotten that one right Ozzy." Replied the smaller of the two boys as they scrambled in quickly in front of her while Ozzy merely stood, feeling mighty pleased with herself. After a few moments she too would end up climbing into the open door, if only to trip over her own foot and fall straight on top of something. Or someone.

Jaspar Persius

Slytherin Common room, heading up to his bedroom.

The sweet aroma of caramel filled up most of the Slytherin common room as the Head of the House stood leaning against the wall , leisurely popping several caramel cluster into his mouth. Jaspar Persius was a rather early riser, even though he knew that if he slept nothing quite horrible happen. Actually he didn't know that due to the rather more mischievous members of his house causing DungBomb explosions and other unfortunate "accidents" as they called them, rather early in the morning. Oh but the trouble and woes that were placed on the male Head of the Slytherin house.

After another couple bites into his candies, Jaspar would carefully remove his emerald green handkerchief from his pocket, and wipe his hands carefully before putting back the rest of the candy on the table. He noticed the looks of several Slytherins girls eying both the candy and him and somehow found the will to put up his usual charming smile."Help yourself darlings, I do quite believe I'm done with this batch."As the girls scrambled to get off the couch , Jaspar took the time to walk up the stairs towards his bedroom, wiping the charismatic smile from his face after realizing there was no one near him anymore. "Like vultures they are, whether it's me or candy." His voice rang quietly through and up the staircase as he continued griping about the women of the world. The girls were never too bad. Painfully annoying at times, when they gave him those lovestruck looks, none of which he ever returned, but they weren't that bad. Now the one person he didn't envy for much was Leon, but he did like the fact women tended with lust in their eyes. Or disgust.

"Since you're here, you're coming with me to get something to eat, I'm starving and bloody hell, you obviously gave the big fella down there a pretty good time."

Of course if you speak of the devil he shall appear, and that he did right as Jaspar set foot into the Slytherin boys room he shared with Leon. Jaspar would let out what sounded like a mix of a sigh and a chuckle as he entered the room. " I could have lived my whole life without hearing you say that Hughes. So, whose the lucky girl today, or is it the usual Vi-" Right as Jaspar turned his head to the side, and briefly brushed aside his blonde hair his eyes widened a bit when he spotted the familiar set of blonde hair in Leon's bed. He quickly turned his attention back to Leon and ran his fingers through his hair. "Oh. Not Viv." He would remark giving Leon a mischievous look. He knew Leons and Viv were in a open relationship, but he still knew she would be livid if she found out he was sleeping with Gwen, who she practically considered her right hand.

Looking back over towards where the blonde was, he chuckled again and then crossed his arms as he leaned against his own bed frame." Don't worry Gwendolyn dear, I promise not to look at your bits and pieces. Though if you have anything I haven't seen before I'd throw a Galleon at it. Oh and Leon. You owe me." With that Jaspar would move away from his bed, carefully picking up his peacoat (the item and the only reason he had ventured upstairs again) and then proceeding to leave to two shag buddies alone. As he left the room, he would quite cheerfully begin to whistle a cheerful tune, his lips moving swiftly as he made his was downstairs and eventually out of the common room itself.

Now he had the whole day to himself. Of course he would have if he wasn't a Head Boy. And if Viv ever managed to actually do something responsible with her title as Head Girl, but she didn't. So he was forced to watch out for his younger house members, make sure they didn't kill anyone.

What a wonderful weekend.

Anna Kettleburn

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Demmy Greer

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Re: Hogwarts: A New Era of Witches and Wizards (IC-Remake)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Jeffrey! on Fri Sep 16, 2011 11:37 pm

Liam Alastar Webb

His room, heading to the Hufflepuff Common Room

Liam opened his eyes for a moment, before quickly shutting the back as sunlight streamed into his face. He swore at himself under his breath for forgetting to draw the curtains around his bed. He didn't hate mornings or anything, but her certainly wasn't a fan, though, that could be attributed to the fact that he'd been used to sleeping until noon all summer. Once he got used to the mornings at Hogwarts again, he'd be his usual self in the mornings...Which, honestly, wasn't saying much, he still wouldn't be an incredibly pleasant person to be around, most times.

He rubbed some of the sleep from his eyes as he sat up, a yawn escaping from his mouth. He was supposed to be spending some time with morning with one of the people that didn't mind his occasional (or not so occasional) grouchiness and temper issues, Aylin. That girl was his best friend, and he'd missed the little bugger over the summer. He swung his feet over the edge of his bed and braved the cold, hard floor. He honestly wanted to stay in bed, but something told him that Aylin would be waiting for him when he got down to the common room no matter how quickly he thought he was getting ready. She was just like that, and one of these days he was going to figure out where the girl got her energy from. But, until then, he'd just have to suck it up and brave the morning.

So he stood up and ran his fingers through his hair, walking over to his mirror and jumping slightly at his reflection before shaking his head. His brothers did always tease him about his appearance in the mornings, but this morning was a bit worse than usual...Ah, well, he could make it better...In theory, of course. He grabbed himself some clothes and quickly got himself dressed so he could work on his hair for a bit...In the end, he gave up on it and just let his dammed hair do whatever the hell it pleased before making sure he had everything he would need in case...Well, anything happened. With the two of them, especially while they were both prefects, you never really knew.

He checked to make sure he no longer looked like some sort or troll before heading down towards the common room, stopping to help one first year (who, honestly, seemed disappointed. Probably wanted to be in Gryffindor.) who was looking for his cat, who had ended up in the fifth year's room under one of the boy's beds. After getting that sorted out he went to the common room and looked around for a moment before calling out, "Oh, Aylin! Common, now, I woke up nice an' early for ya, don' be making me wait, girlie!" The smirk on his face would let anyone who knew him at all know he was just joking, he didn't mind waiting for the girl at all, he just felt the need to announce his presence.

Oliver Ace Hollingberry

Slytherin Common room, heading for the library

Oliver had actually woken up quite early that morning, wanting to make sure he got plenty of study in before his classes started (well, he'd already read most of them, but it never hurt to read the textbooks twice), he liked to be ahead of the rest of the class, that way keeping his grades up was rather effortless. It didn't take long, though, for the common room to begin to fill up with people, and the smell of caramel to fill the air. He wasn't hungry, but his interest was peaked, he glanced up to see Jaspar and his candy. Ah, that explains it... He smiled slightly to himself and went back to reading his book for his Defense Against the Dark Arts class. There was certainly some interesting stuff in there, and he was quite enjoying the read.

Though, to be honest, the boy liked reading anything. He'd always been that way, ever since he'd learned to read, really. He didn't think there was a book in his house that he hadn't read, though perhaps his father would change that, the man had hinted at buying some new reading material over the school yeah. The thought would've brought a smile to the boy's face, had the common room not become so loud. A sigh escaped the short boy's mouth before he shook his head.

He hated trying to read with so much noise, it wasn't much fun. So, packing up the books he'd planned on reading up in his bag, he figured he'd make his way to the library. It was normally nice and quite there, a great environment for reading, if he said so, himself.

The trip to the library was enjoyable for the boy, he could spend the time thinking back at what he'd read and making sure he had it all down, and making a mental note to go and re-read whatever he wasn't entirely sure on. At one point he actually stopped and pulled one of his textbooks out of his bag and, pushing his reading glasses up his nose, he read a passage right there in the hall before putting the book and glasses away again. He would be glad to reach the library, and he was just about there, hopefully he'd be able to make his weekend productive there.

Elizabeth Maria Fox

Her bedroom, heading to the Dining Hall

Lizzy woke up earlier than she would've liked, but reminded herself that she needed to start getting used to waking up...Though, that didn't do much to wake the teen up, though, her parrot, Nathaniel, squawking in her ear would do the trick soon enough. With a glare at her bird before gently stroking his head, she sat up in bed and started stretching out her somewhat stiff muscles before climbing out of bed and starting on getting herself dressed. She knew her hair would be the biggest obstacle, but she was more than happy to tackle it, she slept with it braided for a reason, and that was so it didn't tangle.

And, as she unbraided her hair and started to gently work a brush through it, she started to regret her vow to never cut her hair. Though, she had those same regrets every morning, and by the end of breakfast she would forget all about them, though, that didn't stop the frustration.

As she looked at herself in the mirror, trying to decide what to do with her hair, she glanced over at her clock and realized that she'd be late if she didn't hurry! So, choosing to just leave it down for once, she pulled her shoes on and headed down to the common room, she was going to be having breakfast with Olivia that morning, and she knew much better than to leaver her sister waiting. After all, she really liked spending time with the girl, they'd always gotten along rather well, much to their mother's pleasure.

Lizzy smiled and waved as she passed by her fellow Gryffindor's, even saying a chipper, "Good morning!" To a few on her way out, no doubt most of them knew where she was going; she always ate breakfast with Olivia. They had since she'd first started coming to Hogwarts, it was just...Their time together, I guess you could say. Afternoons and evenings where always so busy and full of homework, and most weekends were spent with friends, but meal times were just perfect for them, really. It also helped Lizzy not to become home sick, which was a major problem her first year.

As she neared the dining hall, a grin became plastered across her face, she didn't know what it was that always made her this excited to see Olive, but she always almost felt giddy. Maybe it was because of the fact that Slythrins and Gryffindors weren't "supposed" to get along well, she almost felt like she was breaking rules by being so close to her sister. And, to be perfectly honest, she loved it.
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Re: Hogwarts: A New Era of Witches and Wizards (IC-Remake)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Kuukakulily on Mon Sep 19, 2011 4:16 pm

Faye Vess

(Ravenclaw Common Room, heading toward Courtyard)

Faye was never a very cheerful person in the mornings. Perhaps it was due to her always staying up into the night with a book, but she wasn't going to stop her habit just to wake up better. She gave a large yawn and stretched out as far as she could. That made her feel a little better, but didn't really help her tiredness. She was too tired to think up a proper charm to get rid of sleepiness, so she decided to climb out of the bed. Her feet touched the frigid stone floor and she recoiled back into her bed. She really wanted to stay in her bed, but she knew she wouldn't get anywhere in the day if she didn't.

She touched the floor and tiptoed around to her trunk. "Cold, cold, cold" she whispered with every step. She quickly grabbed some warm clothes from her trunk and dashed to the lady's room in the dormitory. She showered, dressed, and made herself presentable for the day. She tucked her wand into her pocket and went back to her room. She grabbed her book from her nightstand and made her way to the Ravenclaw common room.

She could see that it was pretty busy, so she didn't really want to stay and read here. She walked towards the trapdoor leading out when a group of boys walked through. "Oh, excuse me." she mumbled as she let them pass. She was about to walk towards the trapdoor when Ozzy came through. she saw stumble on top of someone and went over to help. "Are you alright Ozzy?" she asked her.

Alexander McKinney

(Kitchen corridor, heading toward the Great Hall)

Alexander woke up in a chipper mood, despite the cold weather. He was extremely excited to be back at Hogwarts with his friends, and couldn't wait to show all the new first years around.He jumped out of bed and pulled on his Hogwart's robes. He made sure everything about him was neat and clean. He wanted to make a good impression after all. He grabbed his wand from his bedside table and went into the common room.

Upon entering, Alexander was greeted by Liam loudly shouting for Aylin to come along. They're as thick as thieves, as usual.He thought with a grin.His stomach began to growl and he decided breakfast must be ready by now. He left the common room and walked along the corridor towards the Great Hall, all the while thinking of hotcakes and syrup.

Patricia "Patty" Archer

(Walking towards the Quidditch Pitch)

Patty woke fairly early that morning. She could hardly sleep for her nerves. It wasn't classes she was nervous about, but rather the upcoming Quidditch season. She was always poor with her grades and would often seek Lizzy's help with homework, but when it come to flying, she was one of the best. Her uncle taught her the joy of flying and she had stayed with him often over the summer, training with him. She sometimes wished that she could live with her uncle, but every time she brought it up with her parents, they ignored her. She pushed the morbid thoughts from her mind and dressed in comfortable clothes that she could move easily in. She grabbed her old Firebolt her uncle had given her as a present and walked out of the room she shared with Lizzy.

She left the common room in a hurry, hoping that the Quidditch Pitch was free. As she passed the Great Hall, she could see Lizzy walking towards the Slytherin table. Honestly, it's a miracle she hasn't been cursed yet.she thought as she saw several Slytherins glare at Lizzy as she crossed the hall. She shrugged and headed out of the door into the foggy day. "Not the best day for it," she mumbled as she walked briskly towards the pitch.

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Re: Hogwarts: A New Era of Witches and Wizards (IC-Remake)

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Everett Keaton Oxely

(Underneath Ozzy on the floor of Ravenclaw's Common Room)

Everett yawned as he unlatched the trunk at the foot of his bed and began to rummage through it, mumbling something as Pendelkin stared happily at him from atop four poster bed. Normally, there was no telling what time Everett would awaken on a day when he had no classes, but today he'd been able to wake himself up at about eight, seeing as he had promised to chaperone a trip to Hogsmeade for his younger sister, Eden. a Finally, after reaching the bottom of the trunk, his hand closed around a small, squishy package that crinkled at his touch. Closing the trunk, Everett sat back down on his bed and Pendelkin immediately hopped into his lap, nudging his hands and what was in them. Smiling, he shook his head and opened it, the scent of strawberries, raspberries, and bananas filling the room.

"You know, Pend, you're going to get fat if you keep eating like this. People are going to wonder why I've got a little white Quaffle following me 'round." He told him as he took out of the jelly slugs and set it in front of Pendelkin, who quickly devoured it. Everett gave a small chuckle as he patted his fox on the head and stood up, slipping the rest of the slugs into his coat pocket. Adjusting his Ravenclaw scarf, Everett made his way down the stairs of the boys dormitories and into the Common Room, all with Pendelkin following closely behind, no doubt hoping for a few more jelly slugs.

As he was about to open the door that led out of Ravenclaw Tower to meet Eden in the Great Hall, assuming she'd been able to find it and he didn't have to go bother someone from Gryffindor to help track her down, a light, bony figure toppled onto him and seeing as it was the last thing he excepted, he tumbled to the ground with the person landing right on top of him.

After a few moments of slight shock, Everett turned his attention from the stabbing pain in the back of his head to whomever had fallen on him. When he did, he found himself staring into a pair of silver eyes that looked bright with worry, it took him a few seconds to register that the eyes belonged to Oswella Greer, a Ravenclaw only a year younger then himself. Another thing that he hadn't realized was that in the midst of the fall, he must have wrapped his arms around her out of instinct, and they stayed around her, even after the fall. He gave Oswella a soft smile, he could tell that she was very embarrassed by the growing amount of red in her cheeks and loosened his arms from around her. He was about to speak, when out of the corner of his eye he saw Faye Vess kneeling beside him and Oswella.

"Are you alright Ozzy?" But before Oswella could reply, Everett jumped in.

"I'm sure she's perfectly fine, Faye. I make quite the fall cushion, you know." He told Faye, though his eyes were on Oswella and he gave her a small wink. At this moment, Pendelkin, who had narrowly escaped being crushed underneath both Everett and Oswella, hopped onto his owners shoulder and licked Oswella's cheek, causing Everett to let out a small laugh. "Looks like Pend' forgives you for nearly crushing him, or maybe that's just because he's got a soft spot for pretty witches, quite the little ladies man, he is."

Everett pulled his arms from around Oswella and held out his hands for her to brace herself on as she got up, hoping she was feeling at least a little bit less embarrassed.

Priscilla "Pixie" Rousseau

(In the Great Hall, eating breakfast)

"Priscilla, love, you know you'll always be my daughter. No matter what." Cedric Rousseau said to a teary-eye'd Priscilla, whom he was kneeling in front of with a dufflebag slung over his shoulder and a suitcase to his left. "But I just can't bare to be under the same roof as your mother right now, it hurts far too much, darling."

Sniffing, Priscilla stared at her father with red, puffy eyes. "I. Don't. Care!" she yelled at Cedric between sobs, "Why can't mum jus' leave? Why does it have to be you? She's the one that hurt us!"

"Shh, shh. It's alright, Pixie dear." Cedric soothed, reaching his hand out to his daughter and pulling her towards him in a soft embrace. "Things will be better this way, believe me. I'll always love you, whether your my daughter or not, you know that. I just can't be here right now, alright?" Priscilla sniffled and rubbed her eyes, pulling away from her father and staring at him with pleading eyes.

"I can't stay here with her, pa', not for another minute! I hate her, I hate that she lied! Won't you please let me come with you? I go back to Hogwarts in a few weeks, you'll only have to put up with me for a little while.."

"Pixie, you need to stay here with your mother until you leave for school," he told her, sighing lightly, "But maybe you can come visit me over the holidays, yes? We'll do anything you want, and that's a promise." This seemed to calm Priscilla down a bit, and she turned away from her father and disappeared into the other side of the house. Moments later, she returned with a small mirror clutched in her hands. Sniffing, she handed it to him.

"Keep it. I'd rather talk to you then mum while I'm at school. If she needs anything from me, she can send me a sodding owl." She gave him a weak smile as he took the two-way mirror from her and smiled back. With that, he kissed Priscilla on the top of her head, smiled, stood up, opened the door and stepped out, as he was starting to close it, he turned back to his daughter.

"Goodbye, love. I miss you already." And then he was gone.


Priscilla was jolted awake by a sudden sharp pain in her index finger. She had fallen asleep in the Great Hall while resting her chin on her hand, thankfully though, it seemed as though no one noticed. Giving a small yawn, Priscilla looked down at the light trickle of blood flowing down her finger. Putting it to her mouth, she finally noticed Elvin, her chipmunk chowing down feverishly on every bit of food on her plate.

"Elvin! You greedy little git!" she yelled to the chipmunk as she pushed him away from her plate. "You've gone and ruined the entire plate! Don't make me turn you into a banger and eat you instead! Wouldn't fancy that, would you?" Sighing, she pushed the plate back towards him and grabbed an apple that was sitting on one of the plates that were to her right. She took a large bite at watched Elvin start eating the eggs. This is going to be one lovely term, she thought to herself and sighed yet again.

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