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Holy Grail War: Cacophony Of Memories (Interest & Signups)

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Please don't reply just to say "I'm interested" or something simple like that. While your response is appreciated, it would be a lot more helpful if you told me what exactly about this idea has interested you and why, or why you're looking forward to it. Same applies if you think I'm doing anything wrong which needs to be addressed. Also, note that I will not "reserve" characters, if only because I'm sick of hearing people say 'reserved', and that if you're requesting a Servant character you must not only state their class but also their true identity.

WARNING! This post will most likely be very long, so be prepared.

If you've seen any of the other stuff I've posted up on this site, you will probably find the story synopsis posted below to be quite familiar. However, I assure you this isn't just a non-Roleplay Tab counterpart of one of my games, I have also made quite a few changes, some major, some minor, but all worth having a look at, and I've added quite a few new additions as well. So, if you're from the old RPG (Fate/Heaven and Earth), keep in mind things in this game aren't going to be quite the same as they were in the last game.

One of my aims though has remained, for the most part, unchanged. This is may technically be a Fate/stay night RPG in setting (well, partially) and basic plot, it is not one in terms of style or defining rules (apart from a few Servant guidelines). I plan to inflict on this RPG a massive reboot of the Nasuverse (the interconnected world of author Nasu Kinoko, including works such as Tsukihime and Fate/stay night), shaking up its world in a major way but also re-imagining it and taking a new approach. This is primarily to attract new players unfamiliar with the Nasuverse, but also to free this RPG of any restrictive or needless terminology, as I feel that recent games such as Melty Blood and Fate/Extra focus too much on catering to pre-established fans of the Nasuverse and try to live up to it as some golden standard, rather than trying to branch out to new audiences or doing anything to fix the (numerous in my opinion) flaws their 'golden standard' had.
So if you'd like a Holy Grail War RPG, this should (hopefully) be the right place, but if it's a definitive TYPE-MOON RPG you want, I'm afraid you'll have to look elsewhere. Of course I'm fine with people playing canon humans in the Nasuverse, so long as they can be used to show how different their world has become, and I'd even be fine with characters such as Dead Apostles or Devil Hunters, just as long as they don't bring whole heaps of unwanted Nasuverse terminology into the game (I'm particularly unaccpeting of 'prana', 'magic circuits' and 'family bloodlines' at the moment) and at least fit the story or setting.

Before I get into the plot and technical details, I thought I should name a few inspirations for this RPG, though of course you won't need to be familiar with any of these to play. The first are the Raidou Kuzunoha games, which I thought a Fate/Stay Night RPG would be better suited to the format of after seeing the similarities between Fate/Extra and Persona, it's obviously where I got the inspiration for the Overlap and the Sidequests. The next is Doctor Who, with the Mages' Association suffering a very similar fate to Gallifrey, as well the design for a more rules-lite approach to the storyline. The Sidequests were also slightly inspired by the ones in Atelier iris 3, though here they aren't compulsory but will often be more related to the plot, plus Memories can be considered similar to the Spheres from Final Fantasy X, though with more uses.


The year is about 2004 A.D. This RPG is set in a world very much like our own, but where magic exists in secret.

Centuries ago, those with the ability to use magic were once united under an all-powerful Mages' Association, whose influence reached from its Clock Tower base in London to all over Europe and into Northern Africa and Western Asia. During this time mages were prosperous, though they concerned themselves little with the mundane world of ordinary humans, seeking instead to untangle the greater mysteries of the universe and creation.

The Association however always had a shaky relationship with the Catholic Church, who believed that mages were slowly trespassing into a realm meant for God alone. The more reckless and unethical mages became with their experiments, caring almost nothing for the lives they ruined for the sake of higher power, the shakier this relationship became until finally the Church declared all-out war on the Association.
Ultimately (and differing from the original timeline here), the Clock Tower and its foremost mages were utterly destroyed, the Church emerging triumphant if weakened, and the Mages' Association officially shattered. But magic itself still survived...

They may have been scattered and divided since the Middle Ages, but mages still exist, blending in amongst our everyday world, a world they once tried to avoid. However they have never recovered from the Association's destruction, many teachings and discoveries about the inner workings of magic are now completely lost, and several families across the world don't even know they have magic, something that would be unheard of in ages past.
Mages today can no longer afford to care about things like the 'Akashic Records' or the 'Source of Mana', to them the only things that matter are that their ancient art doesn't die out and, without the Association there to monitor everything, that magic isn't discovered by the 'common' public.

What's really interesting is that, if in this timeline she and her family had not been killed first by the escalating war, a woman from the Magic House of Einzbern would've travelled to the then-distant land of Japan and, along with two other families and a powerful sorcerer, created a ritual known as the Holy Grail War. In this war (more like a tournament) the spirits of characters from history and mythology would be summoned back into the world in order to fight against each other until only one was left standing. This victorious Heroic Spirit and their Summoner would then receive the Grail, capable of granting any wish imaginable.
But now the Holy Grail War would be destined never to happen. At least, not in this particular way...

Something strange is happening in the French countryside town of Ciel-Etoile, it feels like a mysterious presence is hanging over the area in a way that none can explain. A person never bothering to leave their actual name has sent letters out to various mages, regardless of their magical knowledge, saying that a chance to be granted any wish they desire awaits in this particular town, and what must be done to make this wish-bringer appear.
That no identity has been given to the sender is quite suspicious, yet if what they say about this 'Holy Grail War' in the town is true... then the world of mages has just been offered a chance for salvation.
Or has it?


I'd like to say that I'm a bit concerned about the Overlap (detailed in full below) as it's inclusion could possibly turn this RPG into a more combat-oriented one (not just because of the Aberrations, but also because it provides a place where Servants are free to fight without worry of being caught), which could be a very bad thing as it could give the false idea that the purpose of this RPG is 'winning', when in fact I'm far more interested in storytelling, characters and plot, plus too much combat gets tiring fast and limits character development or a more political or detective-style approach to the War.
But the Overlap also opens up a lot of story-based opportunities, such as more world-building, lots of ideas for Sidequests and a chance for even normal humans to get swept up in the War. So the Overlap is one area I'm requesting feedback on.

Below are a few terms you'll need to know about this RPG, some is admittedly borrowed from the nasuverse but I also have a lot of new ideas to:

~The Throne Of Heroes~

A special memorial afterlife created for people who obtained a legendary quality or status within their lifetimes, immortalised through the ages whether as heroes, villains, leaders, founders, monsters, epic characters or other famous archetypes.

In the Overlap, an image of this otherworldly place appears where the Sun would be in our world. It is from here that the Servants are summoned back into our world, although note that sometimes the legends do not correspond with the reality...

~Masters And Servants~

'Master' is a title given to any magus that summons a Heroic Spirit back into our world for the Holy Grail War, and 'Servant' is a title given to that Spirit.
Explained in the letter, in order to summon a Servant the mage must first have an object or 'catalyst'. Any object will do, but if you wish to try and summon a specific Heroic Spirit an object with a known historical link to that Servant is the best, even though they can be harder to obtain.
Unless the item has too strong a connection to a particular Spirit, the Servant summoned will usually be one that has some similarity to its Master, whether in personality, backstory, motivation or situation. If a Memory however is used as a catalyst abnormal Servants can end up being summoned, typically weaker than average ones.

It's important to note that Heroic Spirits are far more powerful than modern humans, mages or not. In order for a magus to be able to fight on equal footing with a Servant, they would either need huge amounts of magical power practically unheard of in this day and age, or an extremely special unique ability or artifact. Even then you still need some contract to a Servant to obtain the Holy Grail.

The contract between Master and Servant is very important, as while you only need to kill the Servants to make the Grail appear, killing a Master will cut off their more powerful Servant's link to the world, slowly causing them to fade away unless they can find another Master.

For how the summoning ritual itself works, this will be demonstrated in the game proper.

~Command Seals~

The representation of the contract between Master and Servant, these are three markings that appear on the mage's hand after the summoning ritual.
It's important to note that there is nothing alone forcing a Servant to obey their Master exactly, however by expending these Command Seals a Master can issue direct orders to their Servants, but once all three are used up the Master-Servant connection is broken, and the Servant can resist these orders if they have enough willpower.

~The Overlap~

Officially nameless, the Overlap is a pocket dimension created by the formation of the Holy Grail War, lying between our world and the Throne of Heroes and the Holy Grail itself.
The Overlap in layout closely resembles the town of Ciel-Etoile in our world, albeit a dark, twisted and morbid version of it. The sun and moon in particular seemed to have replaced with the image of the Throne of Heroes and a swirling maelstrom that is said to be the yet-unformed Holy Grail.

The Overlap presents a great convenience to participants in the war, as it means they can wage their battles against each other in a place where they won't be discovered by the non-magical public.
However this does come at a cost, as Servants (with the exception of those possessing the Independent Action skill) are not able to enter the Overlap unless accompanied by their Masters lest the contract between them be warped and even broken, and the Masters themselves are only able to spend a limited amount of time within the Overlap before getting warped out back into the real world, unable to return there for 24 hours.

The main portal into the Overlap can be found at St. Raphael's Church in Ciel-Etoile, though other entrances do exist scattered throughout the town. Some of them are continuously open and have been recorded, however others appear as random glitches in reality. The latter ones are especially worrying, as because of them it's possible a normal, non-magical person could fall into the Overlap and discover everything.

It's also important when you chose to enter the Overlap, as (unless they possess certain skills or traits that subvert this) during the day Servants will receive extra power, both your own and your enemies. But during the night, enemy Servants won't receive extra power, but the Aberrations will.
The Aberrations are strange beings that live in the Overlap, which could be called 'monsters' though that would undermine their abstract nature, created by the unnatural existence of place itself. While nowhere near as powerful as Servants, they are far more numerous and still dangerous, though at times they instead act suspicious and detached.

Lastly, there are strange glyphs with a special number on them that exist within the Overlap. They block the path of anything that approaches them, but will vanish and let you through when the number of Servants defeated corresponds to the number on the glyph, clearing the path closer to the Grail.


Mysterious objects scattered in various places throughout the world, resembling pieces of some shattered crystalline substance. Within each is contained either an image, a recording or a piece of information about magic, certain items, people or a particular event.

They have been gathering around Ciel-Etoile attracted by the energy of the Holy Grail War, although nobody knows what they actually are or how they were created.
The most commonly accepted theory as to their existence is that just before their annihilation by the Church, some of the Mages' Association gathered together and stored all their secret magical knowledge within an enchanted mirror, then smashed that mirror and scattered its fragments so the Church would not be able to find it. However, certain Memories depict scenes that don't quite match up with this...

Memories can only be activated by mages, however that mage can then show the Memory to non-magical people. Some of them can only display recorded scenes or knowledge, however certain Memories can have other uses, for example one containing a weapon or powerful spell can be launched against an enemy in battle or alternatively used to heal and defend allies.
But take caution, as overusing a Memory can cause it to overheat and eventually erase itself.

Memories can be ranked depending on their power, their obscurity, their age and/or the importance of what they depict. They can be traded in to the Conductor of Memories in his Overlap base for useful rewards.


The barrier between the normal world and the Overlap unfortunately isn't completely stable, and sometimes things can slip through and unusual occurrences can happen in town.
The public may not be fully aware of what's happening, but they are slowly beginning to notice that something's not right here. In response to this, people have been posting request notices up around town, asking for those able enough to accomplish a certain task linked to something strange going on.

There are three types of Sidequests: School, Town and Church. School quests will be posted up on the notice board at Our Lady Of Purest Heart High and can only be undertaken by the students there.
Town quests will be posted up on the corkboard by the Town Hall, and can only be undertaken by adult mages or especially proven children. Whether School or Town quests are harder depends on the request alone.

Church quests can be undertaken by any Master or Church member. However be warned that the Church will only make a request in case of a deeply serious situation, and their requests will likely be extremely dangerous. However, the gratitude of the Church can often make the risk worth the reward.

If you're ever stuck for things to do and would like to progress the plot apart from searching for other Servants to fight, then Sidequests will normally be an available option and an alternate means of plot advancement, except for when they're all taken up.


Below is the template for creating magus characters. While nearly no Master will be as powerful as a Servant (with very rare exceptions that will likely be subject to intense GM scrutiny), it will be easier for them to interact in a social environment as opposed to the rather stand-out Servants.
You may also use this template to create non-magus characters, just subtract the Magical Abilities and Element parts.

With Notes, Please Read:


Full Name:



Appearance: (Please try to include at least one image, if you don't have any I can try to provide you with one. That said, you're still welcome to describe anything an image can't show.
Anime style highly preferred, and try to avoid anything too muscular)

Face Claim: (The character your image was originally of and the work they were from)



Motivation: (The reason they're participating in the Grail War and why. Doesn't necessarily have to be for the Grail itself)

Alignment: (Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, Lawful Neutral, True Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil. Please see this as just a basic definition and not a defining guideline, following with my 'no 100% good or evil characters' rule)

Magical Abilities: (Note that, while it's good to know what you're capable of but also your weaknesses and limitations, please don't go into too much detail here that it becomes too terminological or complicated. Also remember that Magical Abilities that have some connection to them or have had some effect on their lives are the best, as it makes them part of the story too and not just some cool power)

Magical Element(s): (The basic magical alignments that form the core of a person's magic, consisting of Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Aether, but also consisting of sub-divisions such as Ice, Lightning, Jewel and Shadow)


Residence: (Where they live or where they'll be staying in Ciel-Etoile. Very important as the cast here could come from potentially anywhere in the world, not to mention that this will likely detail the mage's magical Workshop or place of ritual, if they have one)

Miscellaneous: (Basically any other information not applicable anywhere above you may have)

Theme: (Not compulsory. Instrumental themes preferred, must be from an established work such as an anime, video game or TV series)

Sample Post: (Not compulsory. No one-liners, must be about the character in question)

Expected Posting Availability:


Code: Select all

[b]Full Name:[/b]








[b]Magical Abilities:[/b]

[b]Magical Element(s):[/b]



[b]Starting Location:[/b]



[b]Sample Post:[/b]

[i]Expected Posting Availability:[/i]

Character Rules:

1. Canon characters from Fate/Stay Night and Kara no Kyoukai are allowed (technically Tsukihime as well, though to a much lesser extent), however remember that they will likely be changed greatly by the absence of the Mages' Association and/or the Fuyuki Grail War, though this is somewhat the point of why I'm accepting them.

2. While you may create a Master with a specific Servant in mind (and vice-versa), remember that only the GM can decide who is assigned to who, so please don't be disappointed if I say I would rather see your character with someone else.

3. No copycat characters. This means that, while it's fine to take some inspiration off a character from an existing story, you cannot create any cheap rip-offs of anyone. Even if your character is really similar to another one from somewhere the least you could do is not try to bring attention to this.
Using an image of an existing character is perfectly okay though, that's what Face Claims are for.

4. No character can be purely good or totally evil. That doesn't mean you can't play a generally nice guy or a huge jerk, just no Mary-Sues/Marty-Stus or irredeemable monsters. All characters should not be able to excel at everything yet should all have their noteworthy sympathetic points.
To those familiar with Fate/stay night, in response to the latter this means no Shinjis, no Zoukens, no Uryuus, metaphorically speaking.

5. Try to avoid using terms such as 'charming rogue', 'eccentric', 'attractive', 'expert manipulator' or anything that's really a matter of opinion when describing your character (unless it's the character describing themselves, or is a plot point). Also try to avoid describing your character's build too much, if at all.

6. If you see that we have been getting many applications recently of a certain gender, consider making a character of the opposite gender to keep everything even.

7. Not to say I will, but please keep in mind that I have the right to criticise or even reject your character sheet if I have any problems with it, so please be prepared and don't get angry if I do.

8. If you want to keep something secret about your character on your public profile, for example their past or full abilities, you may. In private however you must tell the GM everything about your character so I know I'll be alright with them.


This thread should contain all the information you need on applying for a Heroic Spirit, or Servant, character.

First off, this may sound rather awkward and off-putting, but it is preferred that, while you are of course perfectly allowed to state which character from myth or history you'd like to play and describe how you interpret their basic personality and quite importantly motivation, you let the GM create the actual character sheet for you.
Why? Well not only will it make things run a lot more smoothly, it will also likely mean I will not be forced to reject any character sheets I don't like or aren't suited to, a major problem I had in the last game. Not to mention I want to create more incentive to play Master characters, since they typically won't possess anything near a Servant's powers.
Don't worry, you won't have to accept any character sheet you don't like, if you have a problem with what I've written for your character please tell me about it.
If this really bothers you then you're still allowed to create your own character sheet, but note that the above method is personally a lot easier for me based on past experience.

As I think I've said somewhere before, attempting to summon a Heroic Spirit using a Memory as a catalyst may result in an abnormal Servant, by abnormal I mean 'someone you wouldn't usually find in the Throne of Heroes'. These abnormal Servants will not be as strong as proper Servants, but if you're interested please send your ideas to me to see if they could work, though I would still rather keep Memory Servants to a minimum.

Servant Classes

Below are the nine classes that Servants can fit into, and how many Servants this game will be accepting for each class. Usually there is only one Servant per class, but as the Holy Grail War has not happened before in this timeline the extra unused energy has allowed for more Servants than normal (at least 'normal' in other realities) to be summoned.
Please note that not just any Servant can be summoned into any class, each should ideally go into the one they fit the most, their Noble Phantasms fit the most or in certain cases the only one they fit at all.

~Saber~ - Known for a particular sword or their skills with the sword. 0 out of 6 places taken.

~Archer~ - Known for their skill or feats with projectile weapons or attacks. 1 out of 5 places taken.

~Lancer~ - Known for using a spear or any other impaling or long-range melee weapon. 0 out of 5 places taken.

~Rider~ - Known for their ownership of a certain mount or vehicle. 1 out of 4 places taken.

~Berserker~ - Known for their insanity, rage or uncontrollability. 0 out of 3 places taken.

~Caster~ - Known for their magical powers and spells. 1 out of 4 places taken.

~Assassin~ - Known for using stealth, cunning or special tactics, typically focusing on killing while avoiding combat or finishing the enemy off quickly if unfairly if confronted. 0 out of 4 places taken.

~Saviour~ - A powerful figure revered as a messianic archetype. 0 out of 1 places taken.

~Avenger~ - A character vilified or viewed unfavourably by history, regardless of who they actually were in real life. 0 out of 1 places taken.

Noble Phantasms

Noble Phantasms are special powers, whether taking the form of weapons, abilities, effects or objects, that are unique to a particular Heroic Spirit and are based off aspects of their life and legends.
Most Heroic Spirits don't have any more than three, with five being the utmost maximum without any loopholes.

Dual Phantasms

A specific type of Noble Phantasm that can only be activated in the presence of another Servant, and a particular one at that. Typically more powerful than the usual Noble Phantasm and not taking up a place on the Servant's usual Noble Phantasm limit, however they are also harder to activate or control.
In order to possess a Dual Phantasm in the first place there must be some specific connection between two legendary figures, whether they had a real-life relationship such as Yoshitsune and Benkei, were connected through a certain object or ability such as Roland and Hector, or had some other similarity such as Jeanne d'Arc and Agustina de Aragon being liberational female heroes.
Dual Phantasms can be further split up into Collaboration or Confrontation, whether they're the result of allies working together or enemies meeting each other. Collaboration Phantasms tend to be shared between the two Servants, while a Confrontation Phantasm usually empowers only one of them, though this isn't always the case.

If you need ideas for particular Servants, the following links may be of some help:

Keep in mind the following Heroic Spirits have already been used or mentioned somewhere in the Fate series:
* "King Arthur"
* Cuchullain
* Medusa
* Heracles
* Medea
* Sasaki Kojirou
* Gilgamesh
* Hassan i-Sabbah
* Perseus
* Diarmuid Ua Duibhne
* Alexander the Great
* Sir Lancelot
* Gilles de Rais
* "Emperor Nero"
* Tamamo-no-Mae
* Sir Gawain
* Robin Hood
* Vlad the Impaler
* "Sir Francis Drake"
* Lu Bu
* "Nursery Rhyme"/Alice Liddel
* Li Shuwen
* Enkidu
* Huang-Di
* Jack the Ripper
* Alexandre Dumas
* Vairocana

For reference at least, here is the character sheet I plan to be using for Servants, give or take a few parts and may be subject to modification:


True Name:




Statistics: (Really not sure whether I should be incorporating these, as they could easily turn this RPG away from the more cinematic, theatrical approach I would rather fights have, though I admit from experience it's much easier to classify Servants this way)

- Strength:
- Endurance:
- Agility:
- Magic Capacity:
- Luck:
- Heroic Value: (Note that, unlike Alignment, this is determined by the views and outlook of their own era and not by modern day standards)

Attribute: (Indication of any above-human inherent traits, e.g. Divine, Demonic, Beast, Faerie, Dragon, etc.)

Class Skills: (Same as with Statistics, they may make Character Creation easier, but they could encourage Godmoding or Autohitting)

Personal Abilities: (Same again)

Noble Phantasms:


Face Claim: (Again, I won't force you to accept any image you don't like, but I always like finding pictures to use for various different characters)

Note that if I do incorporate stats and 'rankings', they will only be listed generally from E (the lowest) to A (the highest), with the occasional X (not applicable or activated) and EX not definitively measurable). They would only be simple guidelines, not strict parts of a character or gameplay, which is why I'm offering to fill them in for you. Again requesting feedback.

Character Rules

1. 'Heroic' is an incredibly vague term, basically a Heroic spirit is just a famous figure from the past, regardless of what their personality was like. Ideally the Avenger class is only suited to those who don't fit well with any other class.

2. All Servants must be human to some degree. Demi-gods are fine whether they have a human parent or are a god themselves shrunk down to human form, but no 100% Gods or anything completely above human. Memories may provide an exception (for example summoning an abstract concept as a 'Servant') but be careful with this.

3. All Spirits must be established characters from either history, legend or mythology. No characters of your own creation, and no unambiguously fictional characters. Strange exceptions however can occur if the Servants was summoned with a Memory as the catalyst, though note I will be extra cautious and critical of these.

4. Canon Servants from the Fate series are allowed but, unless you can do something different with them such as change around their gender or put them in a different class, are not recommended.

5. If you would like to 'genderflip' a particular Heroic Spirit (i.e. swap the gender of their historical or mythical persona) you may, but please provide a reason for this. Not an in-story one such as ‘a contract with the planet has made’ or something tedious like that, but an out-of-character one as to why you'd think this Servant would be interesting or would suit being gender flipped or for a reason with historical basis, e.g. Uesugi Kenshin being rumoured to have been secretly female, or Achilles once being disguised as a girl and later being portrayed by them.

6. Around World War II is the latest era any Servant can be from, and even then they must have died no later than this time. The most recent possible figure that could summoned as a Servant would be Aleister Crowley.

(I'll post up more concise rules for the overall RPG once we have it under way, but you should all be familiar with No Godmodding and the like).

Face Claim List:

* Asa Shigure from Shuffle! ~ Jacquelyn Mercier.
* Original Nun by Chisato Kobayashi and Ryouko Ookami ~ Lucinda Baker (now and then).
* Clive Winslett from Wild ARMS 3 ~ Archer "Doc" Holliday.
* Schwann Oltorain from Tales of Vesperia ~ Rider Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar.
* Freya from Valkyrie Profile ~ Caster Morgaine le Fay.

I'll be posting my own characters up soon enough, though not now as I believe this one post has covered quite enough. At the moment this is still in Interest Check mode, once I officially open up the IC section of this RPG I'll request to have this thread moved to Roleplayers Wanted.
May possibly edit this main post in the future, so remember to check back.
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Re: Holy Grail War: Cacophony Of Memories (Interest & Signup

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Jossar on Sun Jan 23, 2011 10:28 pm

Wow, that was quite an amazing post - I won't be able to write anything so nearly as impressive, but i'll try to write up something.

This RP immediately struck me as being interesting, as a fan of Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero, and the Raidou Kuzunoha games. In addition, I feel that by disbanding the Mages Association, changing the nature of the Holy Grail, and adding the Overlap the plot has been changed for more of an honest: Anyone out of the woodwork can go for the Grail feel, that made some of the more interesting characters in the games (Kuzuki Souichirou, Waver, and of course Shirou).

I was thinking of applying as a Heroic Spirit from the times of Ancient Israel - Caster Eliyahu (Elijah). His motivation, is to reestablish a proper Kingdom of Israel in the modern day... in the hopes that this time, somebody will actually get the message across like he failed to do.

(On a completely random side note, I would love to see the Avenger spot being taken by Benedict Arnold, although I know that'll never happen...)

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@Jossar: Didn't see you there. But anyway, please keep in mind that this RPG isn't for Fate/stay night fans (I loved the idea of the Holy Grail War, but actually thought the original visual novel was pretty awful, though I think I'll explain why elsewhere). That certainly does not mean you aren't welcome or anything, just that you'll have to go into this RPG with a completely different mindset from how you'd treat the normal Nasuverse.
I'll try to have something up for Elijah soon enough, if I think he can work after reading about him.

Anyway, before things start, I thought it might be godd to have a little more information on Ciel-Etoile first:

Ciel-Etoile is a country town in the south of France. With the exception of a nearby mountain range the area is surrounded by nothing but farmland for miles on end. From the mountains however a river flows out and runs along one of the edges of town.

People say that the town was once a medieval fortress situated on the southern outpost, though the actual town itself wasn't founded until the late 19th century.
All this is clearly evidenced by Ciel-Etoile's architecture, with most of the town being made out of stone and castle-like in structure and design, stairs or ramps being much more common than actual roads, and having very few modern-style buildings around at all. There has actually been some debate among the town council as to whether the town should be updated and expanded or have its heritage and history preserved.

Ciel-Etoile is no bustling metropolis, but has a fairly decent population size for its location, numbering about 20,000.

In the secretive magical world Ciel-Etoile was once the ancient hallowed grounds of the Lumien family and their followers, who lived in a mysterious gothic mansion on a hill on the outskirts of town, overseeing the whole area. They gained a dark reputation for being fanatical and secretive even by mage standards, the magical workshop they administered was noted for being more like a cult from what little information could be gained of it.
The Lumien's origins were a mystery, but while they may have outlasted the Mages' Association they were eventually destroyed, completely obliterated, only a few years ago by circumstances no one can seem to find any explanation for. The unsettling end to the family and their followers even reached the attention of the non-magic public, and for a while the talk of the town was all about their sudden, mysterious demise.

Ciel-Etoile itself has gained a good reputation as a place that promotes and inspires artistic creativity, whether it be in music, painting, theatre or even sports, however it has also gained a bad reputation for having a highly inquisitive and somewhat intrusive newspaper press, the Starry-Sky Daily. They are still determined and insistent about solving the mystery behind the deaths of the Lumien long after news of the incident has died down, and with the Ciel-Etoile Council trying to keep it quiet so as to not detract visitors from the town.

For a visual representation of Ciel-Etoile (All credit goes to Matsuda):

Finally, the characters I'll be playing:

"That's pretty much sums me up. Once I start, it feels like I can't stop for anything"

Full Name: Jacquelyn Arleth Mercier, though often prefers to just be called something short like 'Jacqui' or 'Jaclyn' (Not 'Jackie' though, that's too much).

Age: 18.

Gender: Female.


Face Claim: Asa Shigure (Short Hair) from Shuffle! (Though debating whether or not I should switch to Long Hair)

Personality: Jacquelyn comes off as a mostly cheerful and bright-spirited girl, though also a mature and sensible one, she may be upbeat and positive but she's not one to just leap into something without thinking. That said, she's too stubborn to just give up either.

She has been described as a dependable person but also a take-charge type too, it's likely if she was ever placed second-in-command of something she may end up coming off as bossy or critical, even if she doesn't mean to be.

Jacquelyn has always been very interested in sports, even making it as Captain of the Soccer Team at Purest Heart High School, and she claims the unusual architecture of Ciel-Etoile has greatly helped improve her Le Parkour skills. Being a Parkour enthusiast Jacquelyn is always up for a good challenge, but has very little regard for the more competitive aspects of sports, which can sometimes lead to disagreements between her and certain other members of the Soccer Team.
When it comes to some of the more finer arts, it's not that she can't appreciate them or anything, it's just that she isn't as good when it comes to working in them.

Rather worrying for her is that lately around the school rumours have been spreading regarding her particular sexuality. She's clearly been getting uncomfortable about this, trying to avoid the issue yet never really giving a definite answer to it.

History: She has always been pretty much just a normal girl living in Ciel-Etoile, being the middle child between an older and younger brother.
Her mother however died when she was fairly young, though it was never discovered exactly what of. It was a cause for much internal grief for her, but what made it even worse was how little attention her mother's passing received as the Lumien death incident happened at roughly about the same time.

It's noteworthy that Jacquelyn has grown up with no knowledge of her magical powers or the magic world in general, as has been the case for many people all over the world lately. Her magical ability has come from her mother's side to be specific.

Motivation: In the game, Jacquelyn is actually pressured into summoning a Servant after her family's home is attacked, taking instruction from the letter her older brother thought really was a joke as a last resort.
I was thinking, if her friend was a magus character as well, then that person could be Jacqui's reason for continuing to remain involved in the War, out of worry or a desire to not see someone close to her get harmed, though this would likely only be a starting point.

Alignment: Neutral Good.

Magical Abilities: Unknown and undeveloped at this point, she mostly has to rely on using Memories to help her get through, though later may try to align her powers to help boost her physical skills, focusing on what she's good at.

Magical Elements: Unknown at this point, assumed to be Earth and Wind.

Equipment: Her Team Captain badge for Soccer at school, a faded pair of running shoes that she knows are getting more worn yet stills feels some attachment to.

Starting Location: Running to school in the morning with her friend.

Miscellaneous: If you would like to play either her friend and older or younger brother you may (I do however have Face Claims in mind for them if you're interested), I shouldn't really be too fussed about either of their personalities, but at the moment I think I would still like to reserve her father.
Also, please keep in mind that I don't plan for Jacquelyn to immediately summon her Servant, my idea is to have her and her friend fall into and wander around the Overlap first before attending school for the day and then summoning her Servant.


Below is my character from the former RPG, though modified now since I can change her name. However keep in mind that my opinions can change and am not certain about seeing necessarily all characters from the old RPG return, though of course this all depends on the character:

"That's why I'm fighting, to turn back this tide of flames"

Full Name: Lucinda Amelia Baker.

Age: 20.

Gender: Female.

Appearance: A youthful brown-haired Catholic priestess, dressed in a slightly altered uniform whenever she's away from her main church.
Standard uniform
In action
~Younger self

Face Claim: Original Character (Nun) by Chisato Kobayashi, and Ryouko Ookami from Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi.

Personality: To her students and fellow teachers she does come across as slightly odd and not quite knowing what she's doing, likely due to the very large gaps in her own education, but still keeping her negative feelings hidden away and trying to take up a calm and pleasant disposition, even though she can still get fairly shy and nervous about things.

As an exorcist and church agent she's not cold when on duty like many other members, instead just coming off as a more aggressive and active version of her everyday self, and unlike many other priests she's met she has been a lot more friendly and socialising among the Church rather than being stiff and aloof. That said, she does share a very Church-like mindset in that she believes humans should not possess the ability to use magic, even if she's not always open about this.
Though she is incredibly reluctant to admit it, she actually enjoys the adrenaline rush she gets from fighting, likely an aspect carried over from her younger, more immoral days.

History: Lucinda's parents were both knowingly of magical blood. Both were from Scotland, and were trying to create a new magical art by studying and trying to copy the nature of the mysterious Will'o'Wisp phenomena. The result was a magical form that combined the element of fire with ghostly spirit matter.

As Lucinda was seemingly born with very high magic potential, her parents were incredibly proud of her which also lead them to spoil her rotten. Lucinda grew up as quite the reckless party girl who saw herself as the centre of the universe, her ego and reckless attitude gaining herself a very bad reputation at her high school not helped by many people already seeing her parents as creepy and suspicious, but she could hardly care about that.

The teenaged Lucinda actually broke an important rule of the magical world when she told her circle of friends about her magical abilities. She was eager to demonstrate her powers and show off in general, which eventually got herself quite a following, just as long as "Nobody tells anyone about this, 'right?". The problem was her "Will'o'Wisp" magic was still a new and not fully understood art, that one day while using she accidentally burnt up the souls of several of her friends, naturally killing them.

That moment changed everything for Lucinda, and soon afterwards she got into an argument with her parents which made her run away from home and decide to join up with the Catholic Church, begging them to get rid of or at least help her control her powers. The Church however was very interested in her abilities, and told her that they could be used to fight against ghosts and other vengeful undead, essentially becoming an exorcist. Lucinda, believing that by taking up such a role she could learn to control her abilities, agreed.

Three years later Lucinda received a letter telling of the Holy Grail War starting up in Ciel-Etoile in France, saying that as a member of the Church wasn't her duty to go there and see if it really was the Grail and monitor the fighting between mages? Lucinda did decide to go to Ciel-Etoile, but she decided it would not be as a mere overseer, that if she was to keep any fighting under control it would be as a combatant herself, summoning forth a Servant of her own.

In Ciel-Etoile she has taken on the role of a teacher at Our Lady Of Purest Heart High, partially to make her up for her continuously skipping school back when she was a student as well as to provide a suitable alter ego. As there's no nearby convent and the church in town doesn't have enough room for guests, Lucinda has been given permission to set up a temporary home on campus in an unused storeroom.

Motivation: It seems Lucinda just wants to make sure the Grail doesn't fall into the wrong hands, though taking it for herself and using it to correct her past mistakes is fairly tempting.

Alignment: Neutral Good.

Magical Abilities: Originally Lucinda's family was developing a form of magic based on Will'o'Wisps, which allows Lucinda to create lights and illusions but also to make powerful flame attacks which can damage spiritual beings just as they could to physical matter. However as this is a very newly created magic style Lucinda and her family don't understand how to fully control or contain it, which can lead to dangerous accidents if she isn't careful.

Being able to affect the spiritual as well as the material makes Lucinda's powers ideal for an exorcist, however she has some difficulty damaging Servants due to the power that composes them.

Magical Elements: Fire, to nobody's surprise. Also to a small extent Water considering where Will'o'Wisps usually appear.

Equipment: She fights ghosts with an enchanted pistol embedded with her powers, and also carries a fair amount of holy symbols with her as is typical for an nun/exorcist, even bringing special incenses along to use against certain spirits.

Most intriguingly, she also keeps a small jewelled amulet on her that can be opened up using a small dial on the side. It was given to her by another priest, and Lucinda says it must not be opened unless in the case of an absolute emergency.

Stored within this amulet is a spirit replica of her reckless teenaged self, separated from her through a combination of her Will'o'Wisp powers and holy exorcism magic. This was does to make the adult Lucinda more in control of herself and repress her inner demons.

However, as a spirit being this teenaged replica possesses strong combat abilities and fire-elemental powers, though naturally not on the level of a Servant. Still Lucinda is reluctant to let this powerful fighter out, as she does not wish to be reminded of her younger self and doesn't want any aspects of that younger self rubbing back off on her again. If she does release her though, it won't be to turn the tide of a losing battle, the spirit will be freed before going in.

Starting Location: At Our Lady Of Purest Heart High in Ciel-Etoile.

Miscellaneous: Like with many magic families, 'Baker' was not their original surname.

Lucinda has been created as my secondary or 'B-Side' protagonist in this game, with Jacquelyn being my main or 'A-Side' if you will. It's unlikely right now their stories will ever cross, I actually plan for it to be a running gag that Lucinda/Jacquelyn never realises her student/teacher is another Master.

Character Theme


"This place exists between two utterly unlike worlds; an impossible bridge connecting the material and the immaterial..."

Full Name: Unknown, goes by the title 'The Conductor Of Memories'.

Age: Presumably late-twenties.

Gender: Male.

Appearance: Tall and thin, wearing his light-brown hair in a flowing ponytail and donning a red Victorian-era coat over a yellow jacket and white shirt and blue trousers.
(Was going to use an image, but I couldn't really find one that suited my vision of him. Closest thing I guess would be Yousuke Hanamura from Persona 4 with longer hair and a different costume. However just becuase I can't find an image doesn't give anyone else here a reason to slack off)

Personality: The Conductor is an odd and quirky individual, obsessed with assembling all the Memories and discovering the true secrets the long since fallen Mages' Association once held. Naturally he is incredibly studious and knowledgeable, though rarely reveals how much he is truly aware of.

Though he can get angry on occasion, he usually is able to remain calm, composed and gentleman-like at all times. Being a secretive magus he is quite old-fashioned, which becomes rather obvious when it comes to his understanding of any relatively recent inventions such as computers or mobile phones, feeling much more comfortable around magical artifacts, inventions from before the 20th century and of course Memories.

History: He claims to be a world-traveller in search of Memories, coming to this Holy Grail War as he notices that a fair amount of them have been gathering around here, attracted by the otherworldly energy.
Beyond this however nothing else is known about him.

Motivation: Listed above really, he's pretty much just here to collect Memories. Though is this really all there is to him?

Alignment: True Neutral, seemingly.

Magical Abilities: His main expertise is the manipulation of, naturally, Memories, able to unlock their hidden secrets and even use certain ones containing a special power or weapon as powerful attacks, if he has need for them.
However, it's not only the mysterious artifacts known as Memories he has control over, but also normal memories within living beings. Most of the time he only uses such powers to erase the location of his workshop (a room in the Overlap History Museum) from the minds of any enemies he may unfortunately make, but on very rare occasions when especially provoked he can drain and remove a lot more than that, though not if his opponent focuses their willpower into keeping their memories or has magical protections in place to prevent mental warpings.

As he seems to know quite a lot about the Overlap (...for whatever reason) he can bestow special charms in return for especially intriguing Memories, such as a spell to increase the time that can be spent in the Overlap or one to enable more than one trip into it per day.
Since he makes his base in the Overlap, is rarely ever seen in the normal world and can also freely create portals to and from it, there's a possibility he has a special power to stay within the Overlap for as long as he likes.

Magical Element: Jewel.

Equipment: His main item is magical baton he carries with him that he uses for sorting through and capturing Memories. In his Overlap base he also carries a cauldron used for experimenting on them and also owns a giant floating crystal, typically positioned above the cauldron, where he stores Memories when he's not using them.

Miscellaneous: Can easily be called an NPC character, will very likely not be a Master.
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Re: Holy Grail War: Cacophony Of Memories (Interest & Signup

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Jossar on Sun Jan 23, 2011 11:00 pm

It's alright, I actually liked the concept more than the game also (especially because you can tell it was meant to be an H-Game), I just happen to absorb the information from things that I get to be a fan of.

And if Elijah doesn't work, I can certainly think of something else, either Magus or Spirit depending on if you think there's going to be a dearth of either.

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Re: Holy Grail War: Cacophony Of Memories (Interest & Signup

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Paz on Sun Jan 23, 2011 11:15 pm

I am in concurence with Jossar in equating this post to impressive-ness. I have certainly never put this much effort into creating an rp, and now feel ashamed. That being said, I am completely new to these concepts and your ideas, so I had to do some digging, and a thought occured to me, while this tournament is going on, any character I create would indubitably be drawn to cracking the mysteries of this game existing in the first place. Perhaps as a sub-plot, a few character could delve into these mysteries a bit more than is permitted? All around I am up for stirring trouble. Overlap could of course start to crumble? Or mix dangerously with Ciel-Etoille? I will think up more things no doubt....what about a person participating in the games more than once? Wait no, semi-immortal mages is a bad idea....

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@Paz: Alright, thank you, although I assure you this was by no means a mere overnight thing, it's been weeks building this all up (although these main boards weren't the first place this game was posted to), I actually copypasted most of this from my old Microsoft Word folder.
Delving into mysteries is okay with me, anything that goes against what you'd typically expect should be fine, though the Overlap beginning to mix with Ciel-Etoile is something already planned here. Speaking of 'mysteries' there's still the death of the Lumien unsolved if you're interested in that, although if you're referring to a Master who's experienced more than one Holy Grail War I'm afraid in the RPG's alternate timeline this is the first time the War has ever happened, so that isn't possible.
What I'm concerned about though is what do you mean you 'had to do some digging', I was hoping the entire RPG would be simple enough to get for anyone unacquainted with the Nasuverse, so is there something I'm not explaining clearly?

@Jossar: Don't worry, I think Elijah should still be possible (worried he may be overpowered though, even for a Spirit, and wondering if he could count with his acension to being Sandalphon), though at the moment I'm thinking he may be better suited to the Rider Class than Caster, magic may be his forte but his Noble Phantasm, which can go a long way to defining a Servant's Class, should be a chariot.

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Re: Holy Grail War: Cacophony Of Memories (Interest & Signup

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Jossar on Mon Jan 24, 2011 12:19 am

Nah, I thought it over, and I decided Elijah wasn't the best of characters for this (especially since the Church would probably have a fit about a Prophet being a Heroic Spirit). But since we're on the subject of the Rider Class, I found a particularly well suited one:

Heroic Spirit Rider - Roderigo Diez de Vivar "El Cid Campeador"

His personality should definitely be tolerant or at least willing to tolerate things different from his expectations, educated, and to some extent conflicted between chivalric and mercenary considering how he seemed to be a noble knight who wanted to serve his lord Alfonso, but ended up being bounced around from kingdom to taifa.

El Cid's motivation? To once again walk amongst the living, serving as the governor (or whatever the modern day equivalent is) of his beloved Valencia.

And just for brainstorming purposes: the Noble Phantasms would probably be his Horse Bavieca, and either both swords Tizona and Colada, or probably just Tizona and his unnamed shield with a shining golden dragon on it (since Colada is functionally identical to Tizona in the legends).

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Re: Holy Grail War: Cacophony Of Memories (Interest & Signup

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Paz on Mon Jan 24, 2011 1:19 am

Full Name:
Lola LeRouge is what she goes by, her real name is long cast off.

Just turned 20

You can' tell? I'd think those honkers in front of her chest tell you she's a girl....

Lola Baby!

Personality:Personality:Lola is quite the strong willed, defiant, and headstrong individual. She can be reckless to the point of stupidity, but in her mind if you can’t take chances then you’ll get no results. She used to be a wild child who got into just about every drug, hooligan group, and bad thing out there you can think of. But since then she has turned a new leaf, and keeps to it. The people who knew her when she was a trouble maker say that they barely recognize the Lola today. She makes a point to have others learn from her mistakes.

She has an odd way of thinking; you’d think a girl like her would have a nasty temper. But instead it’s very difficult to get her angry, nigh impossible actually. To her you can do as you please, that’s your prerogative, she’s willing to be tolerant of it. Everyone has their reasons for being angry. Plus, what does it matter what anyone else does to you? If they don’t matter to you then why should you care? Beware though, if you do get her angry you’d best run for your godforsaken life. If you made her angry then that means that you must have messed with someone she cares about, to her such an action is unacceptable. With which the penalty is utterly horrid. Lately though she doesn’t have anyone she cares about, except she used to care for Master Seyun, the person who turned her life around when he was alive. If it weren’t for him, she’d probably have OD’d, starved or gotten shot by now. Normally Lola is very laid-back happy, in other words content (that's a lie). Her life is going better than she ever expected(right...), and she is totally rocking the street fighting scene(she hasn't fought in close to a year). Her friendly, easy nature draws others to her(no it doesn't), and she’s more than willing to chat with a complete stranger. (I think she had a chat with a hobo once)

In all honesty, Lola doesn’t know much about scholastic work, since she dropped out as a freshman in high school, but by no means is she stupid. She doesn’t read much, but she has watched a ton of movies. I don’t mean just action and adventure (although she does watch plenty of those); I’m talking educational, history, discovery, and animal planet movies as well. Master Seyun has a wide arsenal of movies in his movie library, so although she isn’t terribly well read technically, you wouldn’t know it. And no idiot can start a drug cartel either!

As for her love life, pretty much nonexistent, much to her chagrin. It isn’t that she’s not pretty, she’s a redheaded bombshell, but her personality is too much for most to handle. She intimidates them. It doesn’t help that she’s the street fighting queen in the city (in her mind at least). Oh well, if they can’t handle it, looks like she’ll have to wait for a guy/girl who can.

History: Enter the life of an heiress to a multimillion dollar estate, with everything she wants or could ever want. Now toss the image from your head, ‘cause that’s not how it went down.

Lola is the heiress to multimillion dollar estate, but she was rebellious and unruly from the very start. Her parents were at a loss. She got into drugs and drinking in junior high, got into fights from elementary school and up, and broke the law countless times. They tried boot camp, no good, she was kicked out for causing fights and trying to start a drug smuggling operation. They tried counselors; she left them frazzled in tears. They tried to lock her up in an asylum, she ran away. When the police brought her back after catching the run away her parents had had enough. They quietly (secretly) adopted a girl that looked just like her and threw Lola out with some cash. She was a lost cause and an embarrassment, the family would pretend that the asylum had done her good, this new girl would behave and be a complete angel, they’d make sure of it. Society would see a troubled girl who turned a new leaf and was enjoying life as a grade A trust fund baby.

Once called Evelyn, she threw her name out and changed it to Lola, she was PISSED. In any case, she needed a way to make money quickly and on a whim, she had no drive or discipline to keep an actual job. She came across a street fighting ring one night in an alley. She was out of cash, and in desperate need of a shower. They laughed at her trying to join in, but allowed it, in her disheveled appearance she was ugly enough to hit, even if she was a girl. She got her butt whooped, badly. She was left for worse in the alley, passed out.

When she woke up she found herself in a cot, a hot meal next to her drink, and a change of clothes at the foot of the cot. She ate ravenously (it was good food!) and stumbled out of the small room, terrible sore from all of her bruises. The house was small and nothing fancy for sure, but it was way better than the street, it also had a shrine for a Buddha looking statue. Everything else was plain.

”Looks like the stray dog woke up…” Lola whirled around and almost collapsed from the effort. A small Chinese man was calmly standing before her, hands tucked in the sleeves of his obviously Chinese attire.

“Who you callin stray dog old fart? Don’t fuck with me!” She fumed, standing tense and slouched, a dead look in her eyes.

“Ah, but it seems to bark a lot…I see you’ve eaten, if you wish to wash up, which you must if you wish to stay, then the bathroom is that way.” He pointed a direction and turned away, “The door behind you is the back entrance to my theatre, through there you may leave if that is your desire…” He walked slowly away, disappearing down the hall.

Lola had quite the confused look on her face, “What the…crazy fucking old man.” She licked her lips and flushed, the food had been good, too good for words, too good for the likes of her. She grumbled defiantly, unable to turn off her animalistic defensive sharp tongue, even though she was limping towards the room she had been given a cot to sleep in to go retrieve the spare clothes and shower…

She never understood why, but the old man had taken her in. No matter how rude and callous she was to him, he seemed unperturbed completely. The first day she was so rude it would have made even a biker dude’s hair curl in horror. But the old man, named Seyun, was very calm and understanding. She started to work for him in his movie theatre; he lived behind it in a small house. Lola started to become less angry, less like an animal and more like a person. She did go back to the alley and fight again though, unable to let go the fact that she got her butt kicked, and upon her return Seyun took one look at her bruised and limping self and smiled.

”The stray dog is trying to play with the big dogs hmm? Maybe I should teach her to bite properly so that she doesn’t come back limping all the time…

At first she called him ‘Master Seyun’ mockingly, but as time went on, she started to do it with respect. He was Master Seyun and she was the stray dog that was learning her strut. She kept away from drugs and alcohol, much more interested in street fighting, besides, she didn’t want to disappoint Master Seyun, she respected him now and was gaining a self esteem. She fought almost every night, and she became better at an alarming rate. She wasn’t just learning martial arts, Master Seyun didn’t bother trying to keep her to that form, she was learning street fighting. And in street fighting, you did what was quick and worked, cheap shots and all! It wasn’t a little over a year until she was the notorious Lola, queen of the street fighting scene.

She worked at his little dollar theatre until his death a couple of years later. Since then she’s sold the theatre and used the money to buy a motorbike, she wonders from town to town with no real reason in particular. Until she finds a rathe peaceful town by the name of Ciel Etoille, where shehas been staying for close to three weeks. Not to mention she got the weirdest letter too, wonder what the hell it's about?

Well, she's kindof lost. She has no purpose and nothing to tie her to anything. If she died tomarrow not a soul would care, so perhaps she's going to go along with this thing so that she can find what she really wants, to find out about herself too.

Chaotic neutral.

Magical Abilities:
Well she nows a card trick or two...

Magical Element(s):
Most likely fire nd wind

Her motorbike is getting rather worn out, but she still has it, the clothes on her back and her brass-knuckled gloves are all she can claim. Plus there's this cat statue that Master Seyun said was ancient or something, it's about the size of her palm.

At the moment she's worked out a deal with an inn

Starting Location:
The inn, in front of the TV watching Te Amo mis Flores, a spanish soap opera.

Has a thing for cute things...

Star- Gurren Lagen

Sample Post:

Expected Posting Availability:
Every other day at the least, twice a day at the most. Mountain time at evening.

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Re: Holy Grail War: Cacophony Of Memories (Interest & Signup

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Paz on Mon Jan 24, 2011 1:21 am

is the sample post required as a sample of the character? Or just some post from one of the rps you've been in?

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@Paz: The Sample Post is meant to be for the character in particular, not just of your general roleplaying experiences.
That said, urrggh. I truly don't wish to be rude to anyone, but if you post such a character sheet up here this is how I'm going to react.
Look, Fate/Stay Night may have originally been a adult-rated game (to no one's benefit I might add) however, and I deeply apologise for not pointing this out before, this RPG is most definitely not. Not that saying your character could only work in an adult-rated RPG, but the way your character sheet has been written is simply far too much. A word that should only be used when the situation absolutely demands it is used at least twice without any censoring, the picture is clearly NSFW, drug references are constantly made, and the writing as a whole comes off as rather tasteless.
It would honestly be best to go with another character entirely, this one comes across as just too risque to work. Not to mention that on a technical level, while there are a few differences, right now having a former delinquent girl who turns over a new leaf is a bit too close to Lucinda's backstory.
I guess it's a good thing that you've written up a lot for her, but ultimately this really isn't that sort of RPG. This game can get dark yes, but never low-brow.

@Jossar: I think you may be giving up on Elijah too quickly, but okay then, I couldn't really find a good image for him anyway. I do have a problem with El Cid though. It's not that I can't come up with anything for him, it's just that I've already seen him used in quite a few Fate/Stay Night RPGs already, and am worried that anything I could come up with for him may be too close to what somebody else has written for him.
I do have one main idea though, I was thinking that if Tizona and Colada are said to be rather similar, maybe then the two swords together should count as the one Noble Phantasm, at least in effect.

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Re: Holy Grail War: Cacophony Of Memories (Interest & Signup

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Jossar on Mon Jan 24, 2011 10:15 am

I kind of did that because I got worried that it might be potential heresy to RP a prophet from your own religion. As for El Cid, i'm fine with the two weapons being the same noble phantasm, but the other part you've said makes me a bit nervous: I could come up with another Heroic Spirit, but then I'd really feel like i'm just jumping from character to character, so i'd prefer to see what you do first.

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Re: Holy Grail War: Cacophony Of Memories (Interest & Signup

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby eleniel on Mon Jan 24, 2011 3:59 pm

I would be very interested Romanesque, may I have Morgaine Le Fay again? If you saved the original sheet it would be nice, if not then pretty much the same as last time. I would like her pretty chaotic neutral instead of evil, I was attracted to this rp because although I have never played fate/stay night the concept of it looks quite interesting to me.

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Okay, Morgaine can easily be reposted. Before I do so though I think I should go into the whole 'Class Skills and Personal Abilities' I mentioned on the Servant character sheet (pretty much nearly everything below has been copypasted from Word).

This may seem a little odd given my previous stance on stats and abilities, but I have been thinking of including them into the game as honestly it'd be a lot easier for me than just listing random things under Talents and such.
That said, I should remind you that, as this is a freeform game, stats should only be seen as basic guidelines (and occasionally as limiters) and not as definitive parts of a character or an essential part of gameplay.

Now, I would like to make it clear that nothing on this list is absolute, this is just a draft copy should I ever decide to add parameters and skills into game if everyone's okay with that.

Credit where credit's due, the information below was originally taken from the TYPE-MOON wiki, but has been modified in places and to some extent rewritten by me, including changing certain definitions and even adding skills of my own.


Ranging between E (the lowest) to A (the highest), give or take a few pluses or minuses, and that's without going to X (meaning removed or not applicable) and EX (a power or ability that cannot be measured accurately on the E to A scale).
These are the basic quantified values of Servants' parameters, which cover Attributes, Class Skills, Personal Abilities, Noble Phantasms and Statistics. Note that even the E Rank parameter is already above what an ordinary human can achieve.

Class Skills

A list of skills that are inherently granted onto a Servant as per their class, and thus do not take up the five-skill limit. Note that it is still possible for a Servant not of the corresponding class to still have one of these skills, though it'll be classified as a Personal Ability and not a Class Skill.


An ability gained from having such a low-to-negative status as a hero (from a certain definition of 'hero') that it can begin to distort and lower the hero affinities of other Servants (Inherent to Avenger).

Independent Action

The ability to remain independent even after the link to the Master has been broken. At the higher ranks it is also possible to remain for extended periods of time in this world without a established contract (Inherent to Archers).

A+: Servant can remain in this world indefinitely even without a Master. However, in order to activate his Noble Phantasm, it is necessary to first acquire an extra magic supply from alternative sources.
A: Can remain in this world for a week even after losing his Master. However, to use Noble Phantasms back up from the Master is necessary.
B: Capable of remaining in this world for two days without a established contract. Also capable to live on for a short period of time after suffering extensive damage on his spiritual core.
C: Capable of remaining in this world for one day without a established contract.

Item Construction

The skill to manufacture magical items (Inherent to Casters).

A: Capable of making healing potions that grant limited immortality.
E: Able to bestow magical properties on items, but not able to freely create them.

Mad Enhancement

Raises basic parameters in exchange of hindering mental capacities. In some cases, also seals away Personal Skills. Able to be turned on and off by the Master or in some cases the Servant itself, though cannot be raised any higher than the set rank (Inherent to Berserkers).

A: Rank up for parameters, but most of one's reason is robbed. Due undergoing consciousness equalization with the Master, one has become a more mechanical Servant.
B: Rank up for all parameters except Luck, but takes away most of sanity.
C: Rank up for all parameters except Luck and Magic, but in exchange one can no longer think and speak properly.
D: Rank up for Strength and Agility, speech and thought are kept intact but are getting to be highly unstable.
E: Rank up for Strength, Servant slightly unhinged.

Magic Resistance

Protection against magical effects. With the exception of at E Rank or below where it merely reduces damage, this ability is the negation of magic spells altogether, provided they are not of a higher Rank than the Servant's own in this skill (Inherent to Sabers, Archers, Lancers and Riders).

A: Cancels spells of the highest Rank or below. In practice, the Servant is untouchable to modern magi.
B: Cancels spells of an advanced level or below, though the Servant is still not completely defenceless.
C: Cancels spells of an intermediate level or below.
D: Cancels spells of a standard level of power. Magic Resistance of the same degree of an amulet that rejects magical energy.
E: Cannot cancel spells, but magic damage is reduced somewhat.

Presence Concealment

The capacity to hide one's presence as a Servant (Inherent to Assassins).

A+: It is possible to disappear completely and become almost impossible to be detected. However, efficacy will decrease once preparations to attack are taken.
D: Suitable for spying.
E: No longer possible to hide from sight, but at least able to blend in and avoid attracting attention.


The expertise to ride animals and vehicles (Inherent to Sabers and Riders).

A+++: Only at this point can practically any creature or vehicle be ridden, with the possible exception of those with specific bonds to others.
A+: Creatures on the level of Phantasmal Beast and Divine Beast can be used as mounts. However, that does not apply to members of the Dragon Kind.
A: All creatures but those of Phantasmal Beast and Divine Beast-rank can be used as mounts.
B: Most vehicles can be handled with above average skill. However, cannot ride the likes of Phantasm Races such as Demonic Beast and Holy Beast-rank creatures.

Territory Creation

The skill to build a special terrain that is advantageous to oneself as a magus (Inherent to Casters).

A: Creation of a "Temple", which is superior to a "Workshop", becomes possible.
B: Creation of a "Workshop" becomes possible.
C: Creation of a "Study" becomes possible.
D: Creation of a "Stage" becomes possible.
E: Limited to a very small area, only really affecting the personnel.

Personal Abilities

Abilities that form part of the Servant based on their legend, personality or potential, though are below Noble Phantasms as they are rarely restricted to a single Servant. Each Servant can have no more than five Personal Abilities, excluding loopholes such as Imperial Privilege or [/i]Role Assumption[/i].

Battle Continuation

Strength of vitality for predicaments. Also, the ability to withdraw from combat and reach allied territory alive after being defeated.

A: Makes possible to fight even with deadly injuries and can remain alive so long one does not receive a decisive fatal wound.

Blank Slate

Given to Servants that, while famous for the powers they may have had or feats they may have accomplished, have so little known about their actual character to base any description on. This lower all Stats, sometimes all the way down to E, but also grants the opportunity for the stats to be changed or expanded upon in any way during the course of the Grail War.


The ability to negate mental interference such as pressure, confusion and fascination. Bonus effect of increasing melee damage.


Natural talent to command an army. Increases the ability of allies during group battles.

A+: At this point it is no longer popularity, but rather a kind of spell (curse) in itself.
A: Can be said to have achieved the highest level of popularity as a human being.
B: Suitable for a king of a country.
E: Leadership skills increase, but the morale of troops heavily decreases.

Chinese Martial Arts

A Chinese rationality. A value that measures one's mastery of the martial arts that made becoming one universe as its objective. Its difficulty to learn is of the highest level and, unlike other Skills, it is at A Rank that one is at a level where he is said to have finally "learned it".

A+++: At this point, one is master among masters.


Superior visual perception. Supplement long-range aiming and increases dynamic vision. Furthermore, at higher ranks it is possible to acquire precognition ("see into the future") and other forms of perception that are beyond normal eyesight (X-ray vision and the sorts).

C: Capable of keeping track of fast-moving object within a range of several kilometres.


The ability to break away from combat.

C: Bonus effect of returning battle conditions to what they were at the beginning of the match.

Dream Ritual

Ability to experience prophetic dreams. However as Servants don't need and may not even be able to sleep, these 'dreams' will instead be experienced in a sort of random trance that happens outside of battle. This power should not be mistaken for the higher levels of Clairvoyance, unlike that skill which gives clear visions this Skill will often manifest in the form of abstract prophecies or images.

Eternal Arms Mastership

Prevents degradation of fighting skills when under the effect of mental hindrance.

A+: Mastership of combat arts has reached the point of being said to be unrivalled in one's era. By complete merging of mind, body and technique, it is possible to make use of full fighting skills even when under the influence of any sort of mental hindrance.

Expert of Many Specializations

Access to and use of many expert skills.

A+: A total of 32 different skills ranging from tactics, academia, espionage, assassination, swindling, rhetoric and others can be used with proficiency of Rank B or above.

Eye for Art

Infatuation with works of art.

E-: If he happens to see a Noble Phantasm that possess artistic anecdotes, there is a small chance that he might be able to figure out its true name.

Eye of the Mind (Fake)

A sixth sense for avoiding danger.

A: Bonus effect of offering resistance against penalties caused by visual obstructions.

Eye of the Mind (True)

Heightened insight that was refined through experience.

B: Capable of calm analysis of battle conditions even when in danger and deduce an appropriate course of action after considering all possibilities to escape from a predicament. So long there is even a 1% chance of a comeback, this ability greatly improves the chances of winning.


A skill gained from the Servant themselves adding to their own legend and notoriety in their lifetime with boasts and exaggerations. Boosts several parameters depending on their claims, but the higher Rank this skill is the more it decreases their Heroic Value as their abilities now draw upon their fame rather than any inherent talent or ability. Can be nullified by skills such as Bravery, Clairvoyance, Eye Of The Mind (True), Mental Pollution and Vitrification.

Golden Rule

Measures one's fortune to acquire wealth.

A: Money problems are completely unknown.

Headache Sufferer

A curse inherited from the birthplace of one's previous life. Due suffering from chronic headaches, the success rate of mental Skills decreases considerably.

High-Speed Divine Words

The language of the Age of Gods, back when words played a heavy role in spellcasting. As such, it is power long lost by modern magi.

Imperial Privilege

An ability unique to emperors and empresses, or anyone outstanding in history yet not suited to battle conditions such as the Holy Grail War presents. Due the insistence of the owner, Skills that are essentially impossible to possess can be obtained as well for only a short period of time.


The power to "feel" the most favourable developments for oneself during battle.

A: Refined sixth sense is now close to true precognition. Bonus effect of reducing by half the penalties caused by obstructed vision and hearing.

Knowledge of Respect and Harmony

Prevents decrease in the effectiveness of a technique, regardless how many times it is used against the same opponent.

B: Attacks cannot be perceived by the enemy.

Legend Flux

Granted when a Heroic Spirit has had so many various stories and myths told about them, some even contradictory to each other, that while the basics about them have been established their complete story has never been fully defined. Grants limited protection against anything that could be used to find out their true identity, but at high levels may cause the Servant to become unstable.

Librarian of Stored Knowledge

It is possible for a clear recall of knowledge from memory, even if the information perceived in the past was not consciously acknowledged at the time.


Knowledge about modern Magecraft.

C-: Capable of using orthodox spells.

Mental Pollution

Due possessing a distorted mentality, it is highly possible to shut out any mental interference skills or spells. However, at the same time it becomes impossible to come to an understanding with individuals that do not possess an equivalent rank of mental pollution.

Military Tactics

Tactical knowledge used not for one-on-one combat situations, but for battles where many are mobilized. Bonus modifiers are provided during use of one's own Anti-Army Noble Phantasm or when dealing against an enemy Anti-Army Noble Phantasm.

Monstrous Strength

An ability possessed by monsters and beasts, temporary boost of the Strength parameter by one rank for a time limit determined by the ranking of this skill.

Mystic Eyes

Possession of Mystic Eyes that are capable of interfering with the outside world.

Mystic Face

A spell (curse) inherent of one's facial features which is cast as soon as the target look at the user's face.

C: Effects are similar to those of a Charm-type Mystic Eyes.

Pioneer of the Stars

This unique Skill is given to heroes that became turning points in the human history. All difficult voyages and challenges which are considered "impossible" turn into "events that can be realized".

Projectile Creation

Expertise for throwing projectile weapons.

B: Thrown projectile weapons are now comparable to bullets.

Protection from Arrows[

Increased defense against ranged attacks by predicting the projectile trajectory through exceptional means such as hearing the sound of air being cut or sensing the killing intent of the enemy.

Protection from Wind

A charm (spell) originated from the Middle East, used mainly for protection against sandstorms and Jinns.

Protection of the Fairies

A blessing from Elementals, the capacity to increase one's Luck in dangerous situations. Activation limited to only battlefields, where is possible to perform feats of arms.

Rebellious Destiny

The temperament to never remain at one location and never embrace a lord. A wandering star that does not have the capacity to be king nor is capable of finding his own king. Negates the effects of Charisma with the same rank.

Role Assumption

A skill linked with actors or anyone else taking up a role or portraying a character other than their own. Confers upon the Servant several bonus abilities they would not possess normally, though differs from Imperial Privilege in that said abilities depend on the 'role'. Also, if the rank is too high or the ability is too constantly active this can lead to loss of identity and self-delusion.

Rune Magic

Knowledge about this type of Magecraft originated from northern Europe.

B: Capable of using the 18 original runes.


The aptitude to merge his own flesh with body parts of others, the higher the ranking in this skill the further away one is from being a proper hero.


Ability to alter physical appearance or form at will. Also possible to alter Stats via this skill depending on the form taken, just as long as the total sum of the stats does not exceed the original total sum.

Spiritual Bind

The ability to enlist spirits to one's will and command. This grants upon the Servant Command Seals of their own to link themselves to Servants without a source of magic power, and at high enough levels to even summon forth a Servant of their own without abnormalities.

A: A Rank or above is only attainable if the Servant was a Master in a Grail War in their own lifetime, something that should be impossible in this timeline.
B: An expert in summoning, just about able to summon a Servant of their own.
B-: Able to summon a Servant, but not without abnormalities or difficulties after the summoning.
C: Able to form a contract with a Servant, but not able to summon one of their own. A power associated with Valkyries.

Subversive Activities

The talent to reduce the enemy forces in the preliminary stages, before going into battle. An expert of traps. However, the higher is the ranking of this Skill, the more one's spiritual status as a hero declines.

A: It is possible to disable nearly 60% of the total military force before the enemy advances.

Tongue Of The Beast

Ability to communicate with animals or monsters, in certain cases may be useful for lowering the effects of Monstrous Strength.

Total Resistance

An ability similar to Magic Resistance, only blocking out all damage altogether instead of just magical attacks. It is never an inherent human ability, typically originating from a source of magical power above the level of humans, thus it is worth noting that it will not offer absolute protection against Servants with an above-human affinity (besides being Spirits) such as Divine or Dragon. Also often in legends heroes who possess this trait have some notable weak spot, e.g. Achilles' heel.


A serene state of mind. A mental protection that nullifies mental interference.

B+: By limiting his fighting spirit as a martial artist, one can conceal his presence.

Voyager of the Storm

The talent to impel a ship and those who the user identifies with. Because the ability as a group leader is also necessary, this unique Skill also has the effects of both Charisma and Military Tactics.


The Dakini heavenly methods. It includes methods to discern one's time of death and secret arts to obtain influence, such as methods to attain status and fortune or the favour of influential individuals.

Alright, Morgaine has been reposted below. However I have modified her to fit in with the idea of Stats and skills, but if you like I can instead repost the old version. I also came up with a new Face Claim, unless you'd prefer the old one better. Think she may now seem too overpowered though, but as I said don't take Parameters too seriously, I'm typically bad at assigning them:



True Name:

Morgaine, a.k.a Morgan le Fay, Fata Morgana.



Appearance: ... &id=270418 ... &id=310858 ... &id=411149 ... &id=513110 ... &id=112577


Hard to really define, basically. As admittedly befitting of a shapeshifter, Morgaine's personality seems to rapidly change whenever it suits her, going from naive and innocent to mature and wise, quiet and reserved to upbeat and assertive, seductive femme fatale to beacon of holiness, law-abiding and defending to mischievous troublemaking, supportive and protective to cold and heartless, just to give a few examples.

However, there are one or two things that remain constant. At her heart, Morgaine is always incredibly manipulative, and knows how to sow the seeds of anarchy and destruction in a seemingly well-ordered society, able to bring out the worst in who appear to be the best of humans, and also vice-versa at times. This mentality can be described as being rather similar to the typical Assassin, although Morgaine is more often the one pulling the strings as opposed to delivering the actual kill.

The second is, regardless of whether she's being sweet or sinister and despite how easily she can read the human heart, there is always a strange, otherworldly feel to Morgaine, she never really feels all that human. Some people can just ignore this or even find themselves entranced by this, but with others this can cause suspicions to merge.


Chaotic Neutral.


-Strength: D.
-Endurance: C.
-Agility: D.
-Magic Capacity: A+.
-Luck: A.
-Heroic Value: E.


Faerie - A.

Class Skills:

Item Construction - A.

Known for expertise in creating powerful potions, poisons and other magical items.

Territory Creation - B+ (True Rank is EX).

Morgaine's true ability in this skill is to work in territory that is beyond the normal world, i.e. Avalon. Often reduced however when trying to keep within the confines of the human realm.

Personal Abilities:

Charisma - D ~ A.

D referring to her dominion over humans, skilled at manipulation and influence only on a personal level. A referring to her dominion over the Faerie Kind.

Expert Of Many Specialisations - B.

Morgaine's magical powers include, and may not even be limited to, shapeshifting, healing, flight, creating and controlling illusions, altering the weather, especially when it comes to rain, fog and ice, bestowing luck and fortune but also taking it away, plotting, manipulating, creating potions and poisons and controlling the natural world. Combat is not her strong point, but being linked with nature she does know a few ice blast and lightning shock spells. Her Rank is limited though as pretty much all of these abilities are magical or political in nature.

Legend Flux - C.

Morgaine's uncertain nature mainly refers to how her personality has endlessly been interpreted and re-interpreted along with her constantly shifting nature.

Protection Of The Fairies - A+++.

High, but natural considering her strong connections to Faerie lore. Isn't used often though as Morgaine's expertise isn't fighting with weapons, she's more of a manipulator and strategist than anything.

Shapeshift - A-.

Able to change her appearance into nearly any form, as well as enchant others with the same abilities. Lowered as this power was originally learned from Merlin, whose teachings she later forsook.

Noble Phantasms:

Shroud Of War ~ The Concealing Mists

Rank: B.
Type: Physical.
Area: Anti-Battalion.
Description: An Noble Phantasm that creates an enormous and powerful fog, leaving all those who would come after Morgaine lost, confused and also vulnerable, as the fog also boosts the power of any Aberrations that wander within yet drains away a Master's or Servant's ability to sense their presence, leaving them easy prey for these monsters, or for Morgaine or any of her allies she has granted special protection to.
This Noble Phantasm can be resisted if the Servant possesses the ability to create a source of light (technically if the Master does to, although it would need to be especially powerful for their magic to overcome Morgaine's) or exceptional powers of sight, sense or clairvoyance. That said, it will take more than that to recognise Morgaine in the fog.
Basis:This Noble Phantasm is based Morgaine summoning a powerful fog to shroud the armies of Mordred prior to the Battle of Camlann.

True Colours ~ Exposure Of The Heart

Rank: C.
Type: Conceptual.
Area: Anti-Personnel.
Description: This Noble Phantasm inflicts a special trance upon its target, causing them to subconsciously perform an action that may lead to the exposure of not only their true identity, but also any other important secrets they may possess. It is important to note that this NP cannot force its target to speak and reveal their secrets, instead it will cause them to do something else such as write something down, display but not attack with a revealing Noble Phantasm or most famously paint a mural that may give an obvious clue.
However, if its target possesses remarkable mental endurance or resistance or has special magical protections in place, this NP may be completely negated.
Basis: This NP is based off the incident where Morgaine manipulated Sir Lancelot into painting a mural that displayed his intense love for Guinevere, shaming him before the entire Round Table.

Avalon Lost ~ Disfavour Of The Other Realm

Rank: Varies.
Type: Conceptual.
Area: Anti-Personnel.
Description: When faced with an enemy Servant that possesses the skills 'Protection Of The Fairies', this ability reverses that Skill so that it drains away as much Luck as it would normally boost.
Basis: This originates from Morgaine throwing Excalibur's enchanted sheath away back into the lake before the battle in which Arthur/Arturia would need it the most, and Morgaine's natural authority over the Isle of Avalon and Faeries, typically considered the 'bad fairy' as opposed to Viviane.

(I also have a Dual Phantasm in mind, though don't want to limit future Servant ideas by saying who it's with)

Character Theme

Battle Theme

Face Claim:

Freya from Valkyrie Profile.

@Jossar: Well it's not a complete character sheet for El Cid (haven't been able to find a Face Claim ye for a start), but I have come up with a few things so far:


Dragon - E+.

Noble Phantasms:

Tizona & Colada ~ The True Warrior Manifest

Rank: A (Reduced to C if only one sword is wielded, all this is referring only to El Cid)
Type: Physical.
Area: Anti-Personnel.
Description: The two swords owned by Rodrigo, both containing the power to strike fear into the hearts of enemies by projecting the inner power of the warrior who wields him, with Rodrigo being their most famous user.
However, unlike other Noble Phantasms Tizona and Colada are both able to be used by others, whether they are stolen from him or lended to those he finds deserving. Their power changes depending on whoever wields them (which can even include humans as well as Spirits, though not to the same proficiency) as their Rank is determined not only by their own strength and magic cost, but also how able the wielder is able to bring out their true powers.
This power can be resisted and negated by abilities which block out mental inference.

San Pedro De Cardena ~ The Union Of Champion And Stallion

Rank:[/b] A+.
Area: Anti-Personnel.
Description: Rodrigo's ability to summon his warhorse Bavieca onto the field of battle. The effect bestowed upon Bavieca can be said to be the opposite of Tizona and Colada. While El Cid was able to see the horse's true potential and utilised it to great effect, at first everyone else saw the stallion as an incompetent, untrainable joke. Bavieca's effect is to lower the expectationsand raise the confidence of teh enemies its Rider faces, which is in fact a great advantage as it can cause enemies to underestimate the horse's power, often leading to a disastrous end for them.
As Bavieca is more closely tied to El Cid, its effect overrides that of Tizona & Colada's special ability, to make full use of both Noble Phantasms El Cid would have to fight on foot while Bavieca fights alongside him, although this will likely end up lowering the horse's true potential so is difficult to pull off.
Basis: San Pedro de Cardena was the monastery where Rodrigo and Bavieca were buried together.

(I was also thinking of using the books El Cid had on Classical Warfare and strategy as a third NP, however they might be more easily grouped under Librarian Of Stored Knowledge)

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Re: Holy Grail War: Cacophony Of Memories (Interest & Signup

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Jossar on Mon Jan 24, 2011 11:18 pm

If we're going by Anime pictures, then I think Chap Adel from one of the Gundam series looks pretty close to how I would imagine El Cid. Just not in a space suit... ... Adel_a.gif ... eb3d9e.jpg

Also, I think those books would give El Cid a high rank in Military Tactics rather than Librarian of Stored Knowledge, but that would only be useful if he had a Anti-Army Noble Phantasm.

Apart from that things look good so far, although there's a lot missing from the final product, and as you have said, Morgana makes me feel a bit mortal by comparison. But then again, all my NP's appear to be extremely strong, so that might end up making things go the other way round...

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Seeing about that spacesuit and that Chap Adel isn't on the site i normally link to, actually what would you think of using Schwann Oltorain instead, at least for the time being until I find something better? Although another site used Captain Harlock for El Cid, which I probably think works best.

No, Military Tactics would come from his natural abilities, Librarian Of Stored Knowledge would be all the information in the books within him. Though seeing how it wouldn't be magically stored knowledge like you might find in Faust, Fionn mac Cumhail or Sigurd, maybe the books would work better as a Noble Phantasm after all.

But don't forget that a lot of Cid's NPs cancel each other out, or downgrade themselves if he wants to do something as basic as incorporate a shield, or can be completely nullified by any sufficiently courageous yet reasonable Servant. Not to mention that they'll have to be quite a few more Servants than just Morgaine before things the game can start.

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Re: Holy Grail War: Cacophony Of Memories (Interest & Signup

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Jossar on Tue Jan 25, 2011 12:29 am

Schwann is fine, personally I think he fits better than Captain Harlock, although that's just my opinion.

As for the books, none of them really belong to El Cid: Faust, Fionn, and Sigurd were all given instant expertise from their sources, all of which were key elements to their myths. El Cid just read a lot of old Roman war strategems, and even then it was to help provide morale for his army, less than actually helping him against the Moors. Unless you can somehow tie them into the general theme of psychological warfare that the general has going...

Also, it doesn't look like this is going to get a lot of characters. In that case, do we just continue on with a few people, multi-char, or scrap the idea altogether?

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Also, it doesn't look like this is going to get a lot of characters. In that case, do we just continue on with a few people, multi-char, or scrap the idea altogether?

And what makes you say that? This Interest Check has only been up for about two days, tons of RPGs have taken much longer to attract players. I knew one RPG that waited up to eighteen months before people finally started coming to it. Don't be so quick to make judgements and assumptions, if anything you could only end up putting off more people.

However I will say that I have no problems with players controlling multiple characters, just as long as you don't go overboard.

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Re: Holy Grail War: Cacophony Of Memories (Interest & Signup

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Alright, thanks. I can't wait till this starts, that being said I will stick around for quite a while even if it does not start instantly :p

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Re: Holy Grail War: Cacophony Of Memories (Interest & Signup

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RomanesqueMarionette wrote:
And what makes you say that? This Interest Check has only been up for about two days, tons of RPGs have taken much longer to attract players. I knew one RPG that waited up to eighteen months before people finally started coming to it. Don't be so quick to make judgements and assumptions, if anything you could only end up putting off more people.

However I will say that I have no problems with players controlling multiple characters, just as long as you don't go overboard.

Really? I've been spoiled then: All of the RPs i've been involved that haven't spiralled to a very early death are ones that attracted hordes of people and got up and running within 4 days of the interest check. Nice to see that this still has a chance, even in those circumstances.

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Well here's El Cid's sheet all sorted. I did decide to make those books a Noble Phantasm anyway as I liked the idea of a non-Caster Servant using books as a Phantasm, going along with the psychological warfare theme and also figuring it was how he used those books that made them a part of his legend, but I can easily get rid of it if you don't like it:



True Identity

Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, better known by the title 'El Cid Campeador'.



Appearance: ... &id=456482 ... &id=469034 ... &id=433953 ... &id=128217


Neutral Good.


- Strength: B.
- Endurance: C.
- Agility: B.
- Magic Capacity: C.
- Luck: E.
- Heroic Value: B+.


Dragon - E+.

Class Skills:

Magic Resistance - D+.

Riding - B+.

Personal Abilities:

Bravery - B+.

Charisma - C.

Independent Action - D.

Military Tactics - A.

Tongue Of The Beast - E.

At this point the skill is so low that the Servant cannot communicate with animals, but can understand and calm them to a certain degree. Based on Rodrigo's interactions and closeness with Bavieca.

Noble Phantasms:

Tizona & Colada ~ The True Warrior Manifest

Rank: B (Equal to his Strength Rank, reduced to D if only one sword is wielded)
Type: Physical.
Area: Anti-Personnel.
Effect: Passive.
Description: The two swords wielded by Rodrigo, both containing the power to strike fear into the hearts of anyone who comes across them by projecting the inner power of the warrior who wields them, with the Cid being the most famous example.
However, unlike other Noble Phantasms Tizona and Colada are both able to be used by others, whether they are stolen from their owner or lended to others. The extent of the swords' effect changes depending on whoever wields them (which can include modern humans as well as Spirits, though not to the same proficiency) with their rank determined not just by their power and magic cost but also how well the user is able to unleash their powers.
Their effect can be resisted by Servants possessing protection against Mental Interference. It should also be noted that if a Servant doesn't possess protection against Mental Interference yet tries to use the swords, strange things can happen to their psyche.

Warfield Compendium ~ Library Of Classical Strategy
Rank: A (Same as his Military Tactics Rank)
Type: Physical.
Area: Support.
Effect: Active.
Description: A large collection of books owned by Rodrigo originally written by several Ancient Greek and Roman tacticians, which he frequently read for ideas and had read to his soldiers. He can summon them and consult information for a variety of situations (what they say will most likely have to be written by me as GM) however they may not be able to provide advice when fighting enemies unknown to the Greeks and Romans or not inspired by Greeks and Romans. As the books were also never written with a Holy Grail war in mind, they can't always be 100% reliable.

San Pedro De Cardena ~ Champion And Stallion As One In Death
Rank: A+.
Type: Conceptual.
Area: Anti-Battalion.
Effect: Passive.
Description: This NP is linked to his warhorse Bavieca, which El Cid summons along with him into the Grail War. Once activated, it boosts all Parameters of anyone in this Grail War allied or affiliated with Rider even further than his Charisma Rank, improves their own mental and magic resistance and For Servants can even bestow Skills Rider possessed upon them to a certain degree.
The catch? This Noble Phantasm will only activate once Rodrigo has been defeated and killed in this Grail War. For full effect, he must be riding on Bavieca once this happens.
Basis: San Pedro de Cardena was the monastery where Rodrigo and Bavieca were buried together. After Rodrigo died in life by getting hit by an arrow on the battlefield, his corpse was positioned on that of hid horse to act as an inspirational icon to all his troops and followers.

(I changed Bavieca's original Noble Phantasm due to the conflicting stories about the horse, but can change it back if you'd like)

Character Theme (Come on, what else did you think I was going to put?)

Battle Theme (Had a bit of trouble picking this one though)

Face Claim:

Schwann Oltorain from Tales Of Vesperia.

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