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Home Alone [profiles]

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Post all character profiles here.

Home Alone [profiles]

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Writer on Sat Jan 01, 2011 4:13 pm

Home Alone: part one

Post your profiles here! I don't need you guys to write much, and everything can be listed or bulleted, including the appearance and personality. No need to show off here, but just give us the information that we need to know to get an understanding of your character. Also, please try to keep the family and gender ratios even. If we want to have romance, we can't have 200 females. Doubling up is fine but not necessary. Oh! The two families are The Hale's and The Wilson's. I will post my character here once everyone (or most of everyone) has so that I can even out any of the uneven ratios.

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The Hale's;
Nolan Hale: 20
Barden Hale: 19
Bridget Hale: 18
Norman Hale: 18
Marie Hale: 17
Ava Hale: 16
Harper Hale: 15

The Wilson's;
Irene Wilson: 21
Andrew Wilson: 20
Finn Wilson: Almost 19
Holly Wilson: 18
Tyler Wilson: 17
Rebecca Wilson: 16
Logan Wilson: 14
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Re: Home Alone [profiles]

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SilentButterflies on Sat Jan 01, 2011 6:26 pm

Name: Bridget Suzanne Hale.
Age: Eighteen.

Likes: Western folk music & indie bands, summer showers, her old fiat, long walks in the countryside, grapes, American Apparel, star gazing, a good book, The Inbetweeners & Misfits, the feeling of cleanliness right after you've showered, Joaquin Phoenix, curling up in front of a log fire, her acoustic guitar, travelling, having enough me-time, grocery shopping and her thirteen year old cat, Calvin.
Dislikes: Leaving Calvin, when the weather's muggy, advertisements in the middle of television programmes, forgetting about cups of tea and then realizing that they've gone cold, mangos, arrogant men, dirty dishes, burnt food and haircuts.

Dreams: Bridget doesn't really have any set dreams. What she'd like to do in the future's a mystery because she sees no point in mapping her life out. She's more one to just see where the breeze takes her, go with the flow and just hope for the best. Rumour has it though, that having a family of her own one day is something the blonde would treasure more than anything else.
Fears: Spiders mainly, but there is a deeper routed fear of something bad happening to her family. You see where Bridget and her brother both might not always show it, their siblings, their parents and their friends mean more than anything to the both of them.
Relationships: Well, obviously one of Bridget's closer siblings is Norman. They have that deep, twin connection going on where only as much as a look is needed to know how the other's feeling but then there's also Finn Wilson. Ah, Finn Wilson. Admittedly, Bridget doesn't know him that well because every time they get into some kind of conversation, they're usually interrupted abruptly when Finn has to leave the room, a little aggressively as well sometimes. His behaviour intrigues the blonde, who's never come across anything quite like him and over the years she's observed the Wilson male with a somewhat childlike curiosity. It's become quite obvious to Bridget, because of this, that there's a lot more vulnerability underneath the anger and she'd like to get to know him more, but after having had only one boyfriend before the possibility that he doesn't speak to her because he might like her hasn't really registered in her mind as believable, no matter how many times Norman has pointed out that this is the reason for his strange behaviour.

Personality: To describe Bridget simply I'd say that she was quiet girl with a somewhat peaceful disposition. She has this aura about her that seems instantly calming and she has been known in the past to have helped her mother chill out any irate siblings. You see, where she doesn't have a lot to say for herself the few words that the eighteen year old might utter usually have more of an impact than what most people can do in a couple of paragraphs.
There is a problem with being so quiet most of the time though; having so many siblings and a hell of a lot of close family friends, it's easy to forget about Bridget. She's more like an echo compared to the rest of the Hales and blends in rather than stands out. She's there when anyone needs her to be, but if they don't she just kind of fades out until called upon again. It sounds a bit sad really but the blonde's more than happy with the way that she is. She's comfortable within herself, but not in an overly confident way. Anybody else who had the same amount of self-preservation as B would most likely come across as arrogant, but due to her gentle ways and inner glow, arrogance is the last thing that comes across in her persona.
Despite though, how strong she may seem, there is a lot of strength shared between her and Norman; after all, they are twins. The two rely on each other quite heavily without even realizing it and because of Bridget's softer heart, it can be broken a lot more easily than most, which is why she calls a lot upon the support of her brother. She'll do anything for anyone but hurt her and you'll lose any trust she held for you, probably for life. That's why she only keeps a small handful of Wilsons and Hales closest to her. There are those she'd trust with anything and those who she hasn't connected with as much but even then, in saying that, she'd still give everything that she had to each one of the family members without expecting anything in return.
None the less though, where most people don't even see Bridget a lot of the time, the few that know her really well have, over time, seen a different side to the girl than most. You see when she's comfortable around someone, she relaxes somewhat and has been known to give in to a bit of a cheeky side, where a mischievous twinkle glitters irresistibly in the depths of her pale greys. When this side of her comes out to play, you'll definitely know about it; it's just a shame that these occurrences are so few and far between and can only be induced by a small selection of people.

Appearance: Standing at an average height of about five foot six, Bridget has a slender figure that's pretty much verging on skinny. A lot of her clothes hang off of her because of her lack of curves, but then in saying that, she's not unnaturally that way; just of natural, smaller build.
Complimenting her body shape nicely though is B's pale skin tone that often represents the colour and texture of very pale pink rose petals and adorning the top of her head is a mass of blonde that gets darker the further towards the roots you go. Her hair's quite heavily layered around the top but hangs to just below breast length and half of it is usually covered with a black fedora hat that sits on the back of Bridget's head. She has been known to have a bit of an indie kind of style going on, with skinny jeans, band tees and converse but at the same time she loves vintage dresses and old jewellery. It all depends on her mood that day, I guess.
Standing out though, from under a very slight side fringe and above sharp cheekbones is a pair of very pale grey eyes that look almost witchy when they catch the right light. They're naturally lined with rows of dark lashes that are more often than not exaggerated by make up and have been said to be B's most striking feature; they're that point that everybody notices before they notice anything else about her.

Other: • Prefers to go by just ‘B’, rather than her full name.
• Bridget’s been playing acoustic guitar since she was young. It’s a talent of hers but she keeps it on the low down and only those closest to her will have heard what she can do with it.
• The blonde takes her studies really seriously. And I mean, really seriously. Her revision periods can get pretty intense and if you interrupt her during one, it's probably one of the only times that you'll see B shout. Luckily though, the Hales and most of the Wilsons do know about this after she locked herself in her room for two days straight last year.

Theme Song: Yellow - Coldplay.

Name: Norman Hale.
Age: Eighteen.
Likes: Night time, when it's so cold you can see your breath, indie bands & 70s/80s music, smoking, cultured movies, E4, finding quiet spots that nobody else knows about, sometimes teasing his siblings, lemonade, Bridget's cat, christmas, early morning, as soppy as it sounds - listening to bird song, nature (his father's influence), being outdoors and salted peanuts.
Dislikes: Over-excitable females, people who don't know when to stop running their mouths, guys who hurt his sisters, god-awful mainstream pop music, beetroot, arrogance, homework, even though he's getting A grades at school, telling people about his talents, having the spotlight shone on him, large gatherings and liars.
Dreams: Norm dreams of working with nature and/or animals. From all the books he was shown as a child and from all the places and documentaries he's seen, he wants nothing more than to be able to travel the world and discover new things. It's a secret passion of his that only a select few know about, including Bridget. She also knows about his fear of being too far away from her though and pushes him, despite her own fear, to pursue whatever her wants to be.
Fears: Leaving behind his family, especially B. Like I mentioned before, they rely heavily upon each other and believe they'll struggle if they're too far apart. Thing is though, they've never actually tried coping without each other so they don't know if it'll work or not. Norman also fears failing anybody in his family, letting them down. He can handle them being pissed at him but not disappointed.
Relationships: Obviously, it's a given that Bridget is Norm's closest sister but he's the kind of guy to look out for all of his siblings and he's got some kind of separate connection to each one of them. As far as romance goes though, the eighteen year old is quite content with singledom at present.
Other: • The guy's a total brain box without even having to try. The intelligence comes naturally to him.
• He's only ever had one girlfriend, whom he didn't particularly connect with.
• Zooey Deschanel's his dream woman.

Theme Song: Signal Fire - Snow Patrol.

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Re: Home Alone [profiles]

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Imagine That! on Sat Jan 01, 2011 7:28 pm

Name: Holly Rachel Wilson
Age: Eighteen
Likes: Milk Chocolate buttons, fireworks, having fun, the occasional crying session, reading Tarot Cards for her family, colours, ice cream, Marmite, anything thing to do with the sea, H&M, vanilla, eyeliner, painted finger nails, the weather (it fascinates her), coconut scented body spray, being outdoors, peppermint tic-tacs, Glee, soft and calming music & the supernatural ♥
Dislikes: Coffee, dark chocolate, feeling unclean, when her possessions are touched and moved by other people, begin interrupted, burnt toast, hangovers, Twilight, bad fortune, orange food/sweets/drink, chipped fingernails, when people smoke around her, people that wear too much make-up, Zac Efron, heavy music, people that stay inside all day, being teased because of her uniqueness, cheese, things being broken and getting pins and needles.
Dreams: For the future, Holly doesn't really have a set goal, or dream yet. She likes to take things how they come, not expecting anything and taking opportunities when they arise. But, if she had to say something that she wanted to do, she'd want to do something that benefited others around her; making others feel closure and happiness. Maybe she could read her Tarot Cards for a profession? Huh. Maybe....
Fears: Out of most of the things to be afraid of in the world, Holly's is something quiet trivial - not begin accepted for who she is. Some find her obsession with all things spiritualistic and supernatural quiet unnerving and don't want her around, calling her a 'freak' for believing in those things others don't. What if that goes on for the rest of her life? Never stopping... never ending.... She fears change, and changing herself for other people's happiness? Her biggest fear of all.
Relationships: Maybe Holly likes someone.. maybe one of the Hale boys... but it's not like he would be attracted to a 'freak' like her anyway...
Personality: Holly is one of those girls that has a really low opinion of herself, but doesn't let anyone else know it. Why should she have to burden others with the inner ramblings of her mind, thoughts that really no-one would care about. She doesn't care much about what happens to her, being someone that takes faith in karma and all of that jazz, so even though she detests herself so much, she won't let anyone know it. Why let everyone know how she's feeling on the inside; they wouldn't care anyway. So, she stays quiet about everything that's going on through her mind all day, hiding it all behind that smile that everyone knows - it's always plastered on her face, no matter what the situation. Whether she be in a good or bad mood, Holly'll always be there for someone that needs her, there to be a shoulder to cry on or a friend to listen when someone close to her needs to let out all of their feelings. But she'll never do it herself. Never...
Appearance: Miss Holly Wilson stands at 5'5 inches, quite a good height she thinks, and she weighs about 105 pounds, a little underweight for her size, but she doesn't really care. Her facial features are delicate, almost doll-like added with her porcelain skin, with large blue eyes framed with long eyelashes. Her hair falls in soft, dark brown waves, stopping just before her chest, a feature that she's always been quite proud of. Her hair isn't usually put up in any sort of style, and she usually just lets her layered hair hang loosely, maybe adding in a few kirby-grips to make sure it doesn't fly away and get all messy. Sometimes when she's looking in the mirror, whilst putting on her minimal make up (eyeliner and pale lip gloss), she sometimes will think, "You know, I actually look quite... pretty today." But most of the time, it's usually, "Ugh. Why do I even bother?" Her clothing style changes from day to day, never having a specific 'genre' of clothing that she wears. Sometimes it'll be something that is just plucked out of the wardrobe and thrown on, whist other days it'll be a strategically chosen outfit. It doesn't matter to her anyway; as long as she's comfortable, it doesn't bother her. Always, however, hanging around her neck is the pentagram necklace that she has always owned, no-one knowing who gave it to her as a child, or when she got it, but it's just always been there.
Other: If she wants to get away from everything closing in around her, Holly will head to the nearest large body of water and dive in for a swim. For some reason, the water seems to wash away all of the troubles that surround her.
~ The brunette teenage is also very spiritualistic, and a definite Spiritualist. Everything about spiritualism fascinates her, as well as everything supernatural. Because of her beliefs in Spiritualism, she loves to meditate, and will do it every morning to cleanse her body before going down the stairs.
~ Her most treasures possessions are her Tarot Cards and her pentagram necklace that she's had for as long as she can remember.
Theme Song: Welcome To My Life - Simple Plan

Finished :D I can also play a guy too, if it comes to it being needed XD
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Re: Home Alone [profiles]

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby British on Sat Jan 01, 2011 9:05 pm


Name: Tyler Wilson

Age: Seventeen

Likes: Fast food, parties, girls, Megan Fox movies, his iPod, swimming, surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, being with his friends, concerts, loud music, parties in peoples’ basements, the carefree feeling of summer, the smell of the ocean, sneakers, hats, alcohol, being loud, making jokes, making people laugh, candy, homemade meals, video games, the color blue, older women

Dislikes: Rules, killjoys, homeless people, people that can’t take jokes, feeling stuck with one girl, serious relationships, not being taken seriously, long car rides, losing fights, hangovers, when police crash parties, being blamed for things he didn’t do, boring people, school, homework (not like he does it), strong perfume, annoying laughs, people who cry easily, drama

Dreams: Tyler doesn’t have much planned for his life. He wants to graduate high school, go to college and get as many hot girls as possible. Business school is a possibility, but if he doesn’t feel like it he plans on just getting a job at his father’s company. Getting married and having a few kids of his own would be nice, but that’s years down the road. Tyler isn’t ready to think about settling down with anyone yet.

Fears: Tyler is scared of getting old. He honestly is. The responsibility, the pressure, and the lack of protection frighten him.

Relationships: Tyler dated Harper for two and a half months, but is completely over her. Their relationship was nothing more than good fun in his eyes, and he’s moved on to more of a serious interest; one of the other Hale girls, although he hasn’t revealed who yet.

Personality: Tyler is an overall good guy and someone who people enjoy being around. He knows how to have a good time and is constantly laughing or making jokes, because he feels as if he isn’t having fun he’s wasting his time. Knowing that a lot of people do like him and desire to be his friend does get to his head at times, and Tyler has an ego to show for it. He understands that he can get most girls that he wants, so when he is bored of one he does not feel like it is wrong to dump her and move onto the next. If it upsets the girl he is honestly only sorry that she is overly sensitive. It is not like they were married or anything. Authorial figures and Tyler always seem to clash which is probably why most of his teachers hate him and he has had so many unpleasant encounters with the law. He has a sarcastic way of saying things and he goes out of his way just to be obnoxious and piss people off if he thinks that it will be funny. Close friends know that really Tyler is just looking for a good time and if you can catch him at a chill moment, you would be able to see that he can relax and be a down to earth guy.

Appearance: Tyler is a good looking guy, standing two inches below six feet and weighing around one hundred fifty pounds. His eyes are a mixture of brown and blue, although you can barely notice the light blue inner lining unless you are close enough to him. His chocolate-brown hair falls an inch or so below his ears in a messy manner and Tyler has to push his hair away from his eyes constantly. His mother thinks he needs a haircut but he doesn’t care about what he looks like. His skin is tanned from the tedious days of surfing back in California, and generally his red lips are pulled up into a mischievous grin, revealing a set of straight pearly whites.

Other: Tyler broke up with Harper only days before the trip begins, stating that he was doing it because he wanted to be with one of her sisters instead.

Theme Song: We Are Young ~ 3OH!3


Name: Harper Jane Hale

Age: Fifteen

Likes: Boys, fresh air, blue skies, picnics, barbeques, bonfires on the beach, Disney Channel shows, Glee, reality shows, romance movies, drama movies, movie theatre popcorn, sour candy, little boutiques with cute clothes, Forever 21, American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, clothes styled from the fifties, fashion, loud music, Taylor Swift, Lil Wayne, pop music, dancing, gossip magazines, makeup, accessories, sugar free bubblegum, people with contagious laughs, Broadway plays, travelling, swimming, tanning, sleeping in late, bright colors, bikinis, summer, warm weather, feeling free, being wild, late nights, being with her friends, feeling wanted

Dislikes: Control freaks, Kanye West, other people cleaning her room, being sick, sick people, hospitals, germs, her natural pale skin, snow, cold weather, morning, delayed flights, backstabbers, liars, catty girls, girls who date her ex-boyfriends, being broken up with, rejection, soap operas, the dentist’s office, being too hot or too cold, feeling helpless, being ganged up on, hangovers, police, people that ruin parties, people who try to fit in, silence, school, serious events, anything with too much butter or salt on it, jokes that are about her, being left out

Dreams: Harper wants to eventually become a fashion designer, but for now all she's hoping to be able to do is to pass her sophomore year. The first goal on her list, however, is to win back Tyler's heart and to crush whichever sister or her's it is that he fell for.

Fears: She's got the normal list of fears, including: shots, bee stings, ghosts, etc., but her biggest fear in life is never meeting the right guy. That image of ending up as that old lady living alone with eighteen cats really does scare her.

Relationships: Harper was Tyler’s girlfriend for almost three months and it was enough for her to form an obsession over the boy.

Personality: Harper tends to be the live of the party, and not just because she loves getting drunk. She has an uplifting spirit and always seems to be bouncing around and laughing. Generally, her intentions are good and she doesn’t mean to hurt people, but her thinking does tend to be irrational. There is a sense of security in knowing that she has friends and a family, and usually a boyfriend. When one of those three disappears, she seems to go from a bubbly girl to an impulsive one. It’s easy for her to obsess over things or people, which is the usual reason for boys to break up with her. She is only clingy to make sure that the other person knows she cares about them and to make sure that they care back, but there are not many teenage boys that want to commit to such a tight relationship. Despite being involved in many failed relationships, Harper is the type of girl who easily “falls in love” with any boy who she thinks is cute, no matter whether they are taken or not. She can instantly turn into the type of catty girl that she personally despises, and will become determined in getting what she wants. Her outspoken and pushy demeanor has not stopped her from gaining a close group of friends but people do get easily annoyed with her. I guess she’s one of those people that you either love or hate. There isn’t much of an in between.

Appearance: Harper has a small figure, at five feet tall and one hundred pounds. She hasn’t reached her full maturity yet, so her chest is not exactly as full as she would like and she will be expanding at the hips a bit more, but she has enough of a curved figure to allow her to wear bikinis and not look like a skeleton. To her dismay, her skin is naturally a ghostly pale hue but she spends at least an hour tanning every warm day in the sun and after a few months of this, she tends to keep a slightly tan glow to her complexion. Her blonde hair falls inches below her breasts and is naturally straight. Her hair isn’t much more than a nuisance to Harper, and she tends to leave it looking messy or throw it up into a bun where it is out of her way. The most compelling feature of Harper is probably her blue eyes, which are always surrounded by thick lashes covered in mascara. She not only uses makeup on her eyes, but also on her thin lips which hide her straight white teeth. Normally she does not use anything more than lip gloss but on occasion she will put on some lipstick. Harper’s sense of style is unique, to say the least, and she hates getting other people’s opinions on her outfits unless she asks for them. Her carefree side shows in many of her outfits but she usually pulls them all off. Harper adorns no tattoos and her ears are pierced once each.

Other: Harper lost her innocence at age fourteen to a boy who was eighteen at the time. She doesn’t and didn’t know him and woke up unaware that the situation ever happened, and until she found pictures of them naked and hooking up on Facebook, she thought her friends were just joking. Everyone knew about it- including her parents, and after being grounded for three months, she really went right back to her old ways. As much as she is embarrassed by the entire ordeal she is determined to keep it in the past.

Theme Song: Stephen ~ Ke$ha

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Re: Home Alone [profiles]

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby KaiyaFierce on Sun Jan 02, 2011 7:38 pm

Name: Finn Rufus Wilson
Age: 18, his birthday is due on the trip.
Likes: Hair dye, classic rock, Jeff Buckley, anything film starring Keanu Reeves, smell of freshly laundered clothes, bad soap shows, Mac notebooks, flip knives, playing hooky, plants, large dogs, chains, leather, the feel of stockings, cigarettes, fancy lingerie.
Dislikes: Being told what to do, classes, his handwriting, when people are disappointed in him, drugs, his temper, posers, D&B, people who are fake, girls who wear too much make up, chain clothes stores and team sports.
Dreams: If you asked him Finn would probably just shrug, roll his eyes and make a joke about ‘fighting the establishment’. If you pressed him further he’d probably just scoff and tell you to do one, eventually his temper would rise to the fore and you were likely to find yourself flat on your back with his retreating footsteps ringing in his ears. In truth Finn would love to be an archaeologist, he was weaned on Indiana Jones and since before he can remember he’s just thought it was the coolest thing in the world. He realises it’s nothing like the films, that it’s mostly just digging in a hole and hoping to find a bit of old pottery, but the idea of slowly revealing the secrets of the past enchants him. Unfortunately with the grades he’s currently getting it’s unlikely he’ll achieve his goal, so he just ignores it, laughs at those with aspirations and concentrates on the here and now.
Fears: He is terrified, absolutely shit-your-pants terrified, that if he did actually try, if he committed himself to his schoolwork and his education, if he gave it his 100% - that he’d fail anyway. That it isn’t that he’s lazy, that he’s simply just not good enough. That thought alone scares him more than any combination of ghouls or creepy crawlies. Failure.
Relationships: Finn is, and has always been, head over heels in love with Bridget Hale. He loves how she’s the only person who makes him feel okay to just be, she’s everything that he isn’t, with her calm persona and gentle nature. People often say that she disappears in a crowd, but for him, there isn’t a second when he isn’t almost painfully aware of where she is and what she’s doing. So naturally with this hefty emotion under his belt, he does all that he can to stay away from her, at times he builds up the courage to talk to her but it always ends with him foaming with abuse and running from the room, door slamming behind him. He doesn’t mean to, hates himself after every episode, but he can’t seem to help it. He’s like a little boy pulling the pigtails of the girl he likes.
Personality: Finn is...well, a strong-willed- boy. His parents call it teenage rebellion, his teacher’s label him a trouble child and pretty much every adult he’s ever encountered thinks he’s just one of those good-for-nothing potheads. Not that Finn does pot, doesn’t go near the stuff, but that’s irrelevant. All they see is his dyed blonde hair and whatever piercing he’s currently sporting and they make assumptions. It never started off as a conscious act of rebellion, the ditching classes and the change in his appearance, but after awhile he just sort of gave in to public opinion. If they wanted to paint him as the black sheep of the Wilson family, then he’d hate to let them down. He remembered exactly how it began, how he was sitting in maths one day and the teacher asked him to do this question on the board. Finn had been having trouble with this certain formula, had spent the entire night before repeatedly practising and working them out until he thought he had it under his belt, so approached the board with a certain amount of swagger. He got to the front and wrote out the answer, all with a smile on his face, turning to the teacher with a flourish only to be greeted by a sigh of disappoint. “No Finn,” he growled “Wrong again. I told you to work on this didn’t I?” of course the class all erupted in laughter, cackles that didn’t cease till the end of the day. What stung the most was that he had worked on it, that he’d given it his all, and yet he’d still messed up. Still failed. Something in him snapped that day, the humiliation a step too far his tender pride, so he simply stopped trying. That was it really. He just started cutting classes, throwing homework in the trash and ignoring school rules. Later he realised it had all started much earlier than that, that the maths class was simply what finally snapped him. He'd always put a lot of work into class only to find himself just breaking into the middle of the pack. Eventually that kind of constant dissapointment wears away at you, a cancerous emotion that spread throughout his body until he didn't have the heart to keep up the charade anymore. If he wasn’t going to be good enough, it was going to be on his own goddamn terms. Beyond this persona of ‘the rebel’ he’s a goodhearted enough boy, he cares deeply for those around him, not that you’d get him to admit it. He’s loud and bluntly honest, he doesn’t have the delicacy of nature to manipulate or mince his words. He says what he means and has never thought to do others. He has a easily bruised pride coupled with a raging temper that often results in him blowing up in one of his famous rages. He means well though, never intends to offend anybody, almost constantly feeling guilty about one misdirected comment or another. Finn’s surprisingly bashful at times, easily embarrassed by mention of feelings or discussion of girls at all really, well known for his blushing cheeks. He’s a sheep in wolf’s clothing.
Appearance: Finn has quite delicate features for a boy, with prominent cheekbones that curve sharply down to a pair of deep, red lips. His eyes are an electric blend of ice blue and grey, contrasting starkly with his bleached blonde hair and porcelain skin, lending his face an almost lupine aspect. His eyebrows are dark, as are his roots, though not quite as coal black as the lashes that fringe his flinty eyes. He’s reasonably tall, standing at 6”1”, with long, skinny legs and lean muscles built up thanks to his constant aggressive activities. His knuckles are usually bruised, a few dark blossoms scattered across his torso also, stark against his pale skin. As far as clothes are concerned he’s a fan of slim jeans, of winklepickers and DMs, velvet blazers and leather jackets, t-shirts of ragged shirts, a curious mix of the elegant and the scuffed. In all honesty he gives little thought to what he wears, throwing on whatever first comes to hand, with enough natural taste that he usually gets away with it. He has a stretched ear, currently at 10 cm, and until recently a septum piercing that he removed at the pleas of his parents. All in all he tends to stand out from the crowd, his appearance reflecting his extroverted personality, attractive in a ragged sort of way.
Other: Finn has slept with four girls, all of whom were meant as distractions from Bridget but failed miserably, but has never had a girlfriend. His parents have recently seriously discussed with him the idea of military school, a concept that has him scared shitless, but he doesn’t know any way to avoid it.
Theme Song:Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want – The Smiths
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In visions of the dark night
I have dreamed of joy departed-
But a waking dream of life and light
Hath left me broken-hearted.

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Re: Home Alone [profiles]

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Name: Ava Sophia Hale
Age: Sixteen, 16
Likes: Ice skating; The color Yellow; Winter hats; Summertime; Late nights; Guys; Orange Tiger Lillies; Doves; Wakeboarding; Acting; Old Rock bands like AC/DC, Styx, Twisted Sister, Pink Floyd, Kansas, Guns N' Roses, and Queen; Vintage jewelry; Long Drives; Singing; Bright sunny days; Rain in the morning; The smell of Coffee shops; Cook outs/Barbecues; Monster energy drinks; Being alone occasionally; Manatees; Koala bears
Dislikes: Anything pink; Roses; Being called kid; Being Treated like she's ten; Rap and pop music even newer rock; Bossy people; Cats; Sushi; Dark sodas; Being surrounded by people; Glee; Gray days; The color Gray; Wearing skirts; Political crap; Material Girls/Guys
Dreams: Ava doesn't like to dream of things she wants to do, she'd rather let life take on it's own course and not mold her own path.
Fears: Aliens; Hospitals; Churches; Mimes
Relationships: Ava's better off on her own...But that doesn't mean she doesn't like someone ;)
Personality: A bit on the wild side, Ava likes to party occasionally. When she does, boy does the crowd dance. Karaoke is her favorite thing to do at parties, especially to older rock songs. Boy will she belt it out too. Ava doesn't care what people think of her, whether they hate her or not, Ava doesn't care, but if you give her attitude, she'll give it right back. Ava is quick to dish out any comeback to anything, anytime.
Despite her tough exterior, Ava does have a sensitive side, per se. Ava is capable of showing emotion, she prefers not to but she will. Rarely does she ever cry in public, but when she does, you know something is wrong. Ava seems to think crying is a weakness. She doesn't like to feel vulnerable.
Ava's family is her life, even though it may not seem like it. If you insult her family, you're insulting her, and Ava won't take it. She may not seem like it, but Ava can kick some ass.
Appearance: Standing at five foot four inches, Ava could be considered either short or average sized. She weighs around one hundred and fifteen pounds, about right for her height and build. Ava is rather skinny and not too curvy. She tends to wear tee shirts when she swims because of it also.
Despite her constant contact with the sun, Ava rarely tans nor burns. Her skin isn't extremely pale, but pale enough. Her face and shoulders, however, are sprinkled with light colored freckles.
Ava tends to grow her hair out as long as she can while still managing to keep it clean and nice looking, but for now it hangs down to just below her sternum. Her hair is a light ash blonde with sandy blonde highights and due to dying it once or twice, her roots are always a tad bit darker blonde than her hair. Ava's hair frames her face well, defining her rather square jaw in a flattering way.
Her lips look a bit bee stung, having a pouting quality to them, and they are a light pinkish, tan color. Ava's eyes are a light grayish blue, much like rain, and they are surrounded by thick, dark lashes often lightly painted with mascara.
Other: • Ava can sing, quite well actually.
• Romeo and Juliet is her favorite play ever but she is too embarrassed to admit it to anyone.
Theme Song: Sweet Child O' Mine- Guns N' Roses
Like I care...quit whining

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Re: Home Alone [profiles]

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby leilockheart on Mon Jan 03, 2011 7:09 pm

Name: Andrew James Wilson
Age: Twenty
Relationships: Andrew doesn't believe in love, he enjoys hooking up and having a fun time. Screw relationships, another person's emotional baggage would irritate him... although... despite his beliefs, Andrew finds himself attached to Ava.
Theme Song:

Name: Marie Samantha Hale
Age: Seventeen

Likes: fashion, glamor, rings, chap stick, iPods, singing, microphones, heels, designer, sun glasses, glasses, lip gloss, make up, eyes, outdoors, scarfs, messy hair styles, bandannas, rainbows, hats, getting respect, models, activity, going to the gym, eating, being healthy, boys, personality, talking, hot tea, shots, hot chocolate, coffee, commitment, cigarettes, parties, brownies, piercings, old cars, cities, Batman, and flipping people off.

Dislikes: prejudgments, chapped lips, physical pain, public bathrooms, texting, History, players, disrespect, vandalism, not earning something, being put down, being over worked, small towns, heavy metal, iced tea, Math, iced coffee, being stood up, one night stands, alcohol, being sick, strawberries, Superman, and acne.

Dreams: Marie's dream was to become a renown singer, traveling the globe and rocking her stuff. She's been discouraged by adults several times, but is still upbeat. She now writes, working part time for a journal company. Writing has been her second favorite, and therefore she wants to major in journalism when she gets older and perhaps photography at a school for Arts.

Fears: Hospitals, losing people, abrupt stops, death, love and childbirth.

Relationships: Marie is a party girl, no doubt, and she's quite the ambitious one as well. Despite these two traits, she has saved her first kiss and first everything for the guy she thinks will be perfect. Sure, she's had one or two serious relationships where the guy respected her choices, but that was all. She wants commitment, someone who will take her seriously. Right now, no one captures her interest, but she's been waiting seventeen years, what could a little more hurt?

Personality: Ambitious and innocent are two words that don't mix, but are the two words that happen to describe Marie Hale. Ambitious can mean several things though. She never reaches too high, she hates getting her hopes up, even though her most used line is "Shit happens for a reason." Marie is ambitious for the future, absolutely dying to be old enough to get out of the house, away from the family she's grown to love and has become attached to. The future is where she knows she can make it big and she won't be restrained anymore. Speaking of restrained. Marie loves to be with friends having a good time. She knows because of her grades and studies, her parents won't care as long as she stays some form of responsible. She's always been good at avoiding groundings and punishments, because she's not only everything I've so far described, but she's a sweet talker and knows how to word things.

Her innocence blossoms from her views on love. Whats shaped her views are romantic novels, romance stories, history, and so many more things. Heart break terrifies her, which is why she's never really allowed herself to get to romantically attached to someone unless she knows for sure they're going to stick around and deal with her and her emotional baggage. Hence why she's saved her first kiss and virginity, she wants to give these important things to somebody important.

Appearance: Marie doesn't tower above, but she isn't short either. Pretty average, really. She has a small frame and stands at 120 pounds. Her height is 5'4''. Trust me, being that height doesn't bother her at all. She doesn't mind being tall or short, height isn't an asset she believes to be most important. Although, Marie is in love with her chocolate brown eyes, dark brown hair and giant glasses. She isn't tan but she isn't pale either. Usually, her pink lips are forming smiles every second. Her heart shaped face is beautifully framed by her hair, and always relaxed. Her clothing style is the average teenagers, perhaps even a bit more stylish and unique than the ordinary.

    Fluent in Spanish and French
    Sings and writes as a past time
    Sincerely appreciates life, you'll find her giving pep talks often
    Helps middle schoolers as a counselor to prevent teenage suicide

Theme Song: Life Starts Now - Three Days Grace

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Re: Home Alone [profiles]

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Writer on Tue Jan 04, 2011 3:59 pm

Name: Nolan John Hale
Age: 20
Likes: Playing the guitar, The Dave Matthews band, music, writing, relaxing, the beach, sunrises, Mexican restaurants, puzzles, snowboarding, fresh air, clean bed sheets, the smell of Christmas, vegetables, barbeques, convertibles, going green, going to different countries, well-earned success, his life in general, the simple things in life
Dislikes: Rap music, war, violence, tension, being involved in fights, when people are angry at him, funerals, sad movies, prostitution, girls that don’t value their bodies, animal torture, irrational thinking, stubborn people, people wrapped up in sports, school, wasting time, being wrong
Dreams: Nolan has big dreams for his life. He wants to sign a record deal with a label and become a well-known solo artist and write songs for himself and other artists. A shorter term dream would be to backpack across Latin America with his guitar, a backpack of stuff and the perfect girl. He just has to find that girl.
Fears: There isn’t much that Nolan is scared of. If he was asked what his biggest fear was, he would probably say that he’s scared of not being able to help someone who really needed it- in all types of ways: the idea of having someone else fall in love with him and disliking that person, or having to watch someone helplessly die. He doesn’t like feeling useless, especially at someone else’s expense.
Relationships: Nolan has always been good friends with Irene, and her fun and free personality really draws him in. They’ve never been more than just friends though, and although Nolan does think she’s a perfect girl he isn’t sure if anything closer than friends would just be awkward since they are practically siblings.
Other: Nolan is currently a senior in high school. He should be a sophomore in college, but weeks before he was supposed to go into kindergarten he fell from the family’s tree house and broke both of his legs along with his right arm. They had started to try to home school him, but learning in such an isolated environment didn’t click with the child. They planned on enrolling him in kindergarten the next year, but his legs weren't healing correctly and on top of that the young boy became ill with meningitis. It took two years for him to be alright again, and he started kindergarten two years later than planned.
Theme Song: The Past: Never Shout Never


Name: Logan Alexander Wilson
Age: 14
Likes: Skateboarding, BMX, snowboarding, surfing, cooking, cities, diversity, the ocean, beaches, videogames, travelling, his family, pizza, food in general, Four Loko, subway stations, Times Square, classy women, beanies, casual clothing, freedom, history class, the smell of fire, being outside during thunder storms
Dislikes: Public restrooms, extreme heat, farms, migraine headaches, peanuts, chocolate ice cream, dark chocolate, wasting money, carelessness, uptight people, people who smoke indoors, people that dress their dogs up
Dreams: Logan's dreams seem to change a lot, but for now he knows that he wants to continue competing in BMX races and if that doesn't take him far enough he wants to go to culinary school and possibly open a restaurant up.
Fears: Logan fears true rejection more than anything else. Sure, he’s been put down by the Hale girls and other older women that he’s hit on, but he’s scared that one day when he really does muster up the courage to ask out Harper, she will reject him. That’s why he has kept his admiration of her in more of a joking spirit.
Relationships: Logan is single but is openly “in love” with Harper, who is stuck on his older brother. Honestly though, if Logan could get with any one of the Hale girls he would be content. He has never had a girlfriend before and is anxious to have one, no matter who it is.
Appearance: Logan is a bit smaller than average, standing at five feet and three inches and weighing one-hundred-ten pounds. He doesn’t work for the muscles or play any physical contact sports where he would need insane strength. His activities have kept him toned but he does have a rather thin figure. Being out in the sun frequently has played a part in his tanned skin, but his chocolate brown hair has not been lightened by the environment. He has eyes to match his hair, taking the same luscious brown hue. Logan tends to dress in casual clothes; jeans or shorts, a t-shirt, a hat and sneakers.
Other: His favorite movie is The Hangover and he can quote it due to the immense amount of times he has viewed it.
Theme Song: All My Friends: EatMeWhileI’mHot!


Name: Rebecca Noelle Wilson
Age: 16
Likes: Alcohol, nighttime, laughing, watching movies while she’s high, comedy movies, clatter rings, sneaking into the movie theatre, shopping sprees, tanning, homemade cookies, hot chocolate, warm pajamas, fires in fireplaces on cold nights, her friends, little dogs, sun showers, autumn, runway shows, high fashion, big cities, her laptop, Skype, Facebook, house parties, getting away with things
Dislikes: Lectures, criticism, reading, textbooks, the smell of her school, gym class, hangovers, people who can’t have fun, people who stay in on Friday nights, people who are scared of trouble, boys that insult her, greasy guys, manwhores, knowing that she’s being taken advantage of, being yelled at, leftovers, big dogs, insects, rodents, horror movies, ghosts, scary stories
Dreams: Rebecca doesn’t have much of a set plan in life. She jokes that she doesn’t plan on living past eighteen, so there’s no need to think about the future, but she does know that she wants to have a family and live in a cute suburban town.
Fears: What really scares Rebecca is that once she gets her license, she will drive drunk and kill other people. Dying herself doesn’t really matter, but knowing that she took someone else’s life due to her stupid decision would really terrify her.
Relationships: Rebecca has been involved in quite a few relationships and many one-night hookups. She isn’t involved or really even interested in a long term relationship. When it comes to her siblings, Rebecca tends to look up to Finn, who has the same rebellious qualities as she does, but she does tend to fight with her siblings a lot over small things, due to her lack of care and sensitivity when it comes to criticism.
Personality: Rebecca is a walking wreck. She has always been somewhat of a wild child, an image of her older brother Finn, just in more of a self-destructive mode. She wakes up drunk nearly every Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning and disregards threats from her parents and even the police about her behaviors. Even advice from her siblings and friends seems to go through one ear and out the other. She isn’t the brightest girl but her influences don’t help that either, and Rebecca does make stupid choices, including drug usage, unprotected sex and vandalism. Boundaries are nonexistent to the girl and she lives to have fun and nothing more. It backfires on her, and she knows it every morning when she wakes up with that all too familiar pounding head and the numerous trips to the bathroom to throw up. It wouldn’t be wrong to call her an alcoholic, and after the four years of intense binge drinking, she really is one. The addiction is more than just drinking to look cool or to have fun. It has become a routine to her and with or without those ten beers on that Friday night, she feels sick, so why not have it? Plus, it erases reality and that’s just what Rebecca wants. She doesn’t want to remember how she disappoints her parents, how she’s failing school or how she isn’t as great as her siblings. There’s a softer more sensitive girl behind Becca’s loud and uncontrollable front, and she does break down quite often, revealing the hurt that she’s feeling, although these moments normally will only last for a few minutes, or they occur when she’s so smashed that she would never remember it happened. It’s hard to talk to her on a normal basis and get through to her because she is a ditzy girl and doesn’t take much seriously. Weight is definitely an issue with her, and although she isn’t fat, she feels the need to correct her average weight into a skinnier form, due to criticism she received from an ex-boyfriend. Bulimia is a new problem that Rebecca faces, and another one that she covers up with the alcohol.
Other: -Rebecca prefers to go by Becca, and normally it’s only her parents that refer to her as Rebecca.
-She has a habit of biting her nails.
Theme Song: House Party: 3OH!3
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Re: Home Alone [profiles]

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SithFaced on Tue Jan 04, 2011 7:54 pm


Irene Marie Wilson


Dancing. Guys. Singing. Parties. Making friends. Joking around. Alcohol. Loud Music. Potatoes. Snow. Good clubs with good atmospheres. Raves. Laughter. Fashion. Clothing. Walking around in her underwear. Paintball. Leg warmers. Tattoos. Drag races. Skin-tight mini-shorts. Soft blankets. Painting. Going for walks. Playing her Cello and Violin. Playing the piano. Free Running. Pointe Ballet. Heavy metal. The scent of Vanilla. Japan. The ocean. France. Poetry. Lounging around the house. Video games. Elvis Presley. Musicals. Creepy Dolls. Opera. Acrobats. Gymnastics. British Comedy. A certain pointy eared Vulcan from Star Trek. Shakespeare; she's been known to quote him when she's drunk. Anime. Bright colors. The color white. Her family. Her Black Eyed Leucistic Ball Python [Muffin - 6 months]. Her Japanese Spitz [Happy Hour - 2 years]. Spiders. Pranks. Sherlock Holmes novels. Harry Potter themed musicals. Lollipops. Sushi. Internet memes. Iced tea. Writing in cursive. Techno. Peppermints. Putting together outfits for her younger sister. Modeling. Acting.

Horses. Being double crossed. Debate. Homework. Politics. People who cant hold their liquor. Black Friday. Worms. Manwhores. Extremely high places. Papercuts. Silent Films. Country music. Moths. People who chew like cows. Clowns. "Reality" television shows. War. Failure. Football. The sound of someone biting their nails. Jumping on trampolines. Walmart. Pie. Ice cream. New Jersey. 'Dancing With The Stars'. Drugs. Cigarettes. Macs. Most American celebrities. The color orange. Most pop music. The smell of axe body spray. Glee. American Idol. The feeling of "pins and needles". The feeling one gets right before sneezing. Twilight, and anything related to it. When people get new haircuts.

Irene is currently going to college for music, and will graduate in a year. She plans to get into the industry more than she is already; she wants to be world famous. She's currently very big as a YouTube performer, but she wants to get a record deal and tour. She also hopes to find that special someone in the near future. Kids are an option as well, but she wants to become a recognizable face in the music industry before she has any.

Irene is terrified of failure; she wants to succeed in life more than anything. She's afraid of the idea of being forgotten after she dies, so she wants to leave her best impact on the world. She is also quite scared of clowns, moths and heights.

Irene has always considered herself close with all of the members of her family, but that holds true especially with her sister Holly. She loves her for all she is, and loves spending time with her; she never cares what it is, whether its having her sister read her Tarot cards for her, or finding clothes in her closet for the younger girl that she thought Holly would look absolutely adorable in. She loves spoiling the girl, too. She always tries her best to get Holly to open up to her, but the girl never really wants to share that kind of stuff; she always listens to Irene rant though. Irene is also close with the rest of her family, and she loves spending time with them too. She's even invited a few of them, as well as some of the members of the Hale family, to do a recording of a song and a video for YouTube, just for fun. As for romantic involvement, well... There is this one guy in the Hale family that she has her eye on, and that one guy just happens to go by the name of Nolan. But... she’s not really sure if anything will come of it, because she doesn't know if he could ever think of her as anything more than a friend...

Irene is a very "in your face" type of girl. But that doesn't make her mean; she's actually a genuinely nice person. She's very outspoken, and will say whatever she thinks straight off the bat - that is, unless it has to do with males. She tends to be loud, and she likes to joke around. But she does have a serious side to her; its just not as prominent as her joking side. She loves talking with people, and she will always be there for someone if they truly need it. She does have the idea that she should have whatever she wants, though, and she tends to do whatever it takes to get what she wants, be it something good, or bad. She's also someone who will do something she likes for hours at a time without getting bored of it; like playing video games, singing, recording music, playing the piano, and most of all partying. She also delights in her awkward way of introducing herself to people; she'll usually end up saying something along the lines of "Hi, I'm Irene. Can I touch your boobs?", even if she's introducing herself to a boy. Its just who she is, and the reactions that she gets from people because of the way she acts fuels her want to continue them.

Irene stands at a small 5'2'', and weighs in at only 125 pounds. In her mind, she's thin where it counts, and curvy where she likes. The thing she notices most about her body are her strong calves, which came from years and years of Pointe; she doesn't necessarily hate them, but she thinks they stick out too much. Her legs are overall relatively toned and strong. She has strong core muscles as well, but one couldn't really tell unless they were to watch her do Fouette turns on Pointe. Because of the amount of time she spends indoors, she is relatively pale. And even if she were to spend a lot of time outdoors, she doesn't tan very easily. Her eyes are a light golden-green color, and her hair is a sort of chestnut brown. She normally keeps it wavy and relaxed, as is its natural tendencies, though she does straighten it every so often. Its unusual for Irene to not wear eyeliner, as she always makes sure thats the first thing she puts on after waking up, or getting out of the shower. She loves “traditional dancer’s clothes”, though by that she means what she would be found in at dance class; spandex mini shorts, leggings or stockings, leg warmers, and the like. Her fashion style in itself is different; she changes with each and every day. She loves bright bold colors, as well as vintage styles, and anything that has lace. But she also likes the popular styles of the modern day and age, though that doesn't necessarily mean that she likes American styled clothing - most of her style inspiration comes from Paris, London, and various parts of the Tokyo area of Japan. She loves jewelry, though she doesn't pile it on too much; but she's never found without at least one piece on. Its usually something silver, with a green or hazel colored gemstone in it to compliment her eyes. And she's never found without a cute pair of shoes, though she has been known to walk around outside barefoot from time to time.

Irene has been dancing for almost all of her life, starting at the age of three. The majority of her classes were all Pointe. She takes her dancing very seriously; ‘traditional’ styles being her favorite forms. Sometimes for fun, she choreographs her own Point pieces to dance to.
She has been studying music for many years, and is finally in her last year of college, with a music major fast approaching. She has played the piano since she was six, and has played the Cello and Violin for close to seven years – starting her freshman year in high school. She took classes for the schools Symphony, and alternated between the two instruments.
Irene has had her YouTube channel for close to three years, and it is a few numbers shy of 400,000 subscribers. She wants more than YouTube fame though, and hopes to get herself a recording deal as soon as she graduates from college. All of the music that she has on her channel fall into one of the following categories: vocal covers of her favorite songs, recordings of original pieces, “group songs” she’s done with friends who also are talented at singing or playing instruments, and piano pieces that she covered or wrote herself. She played all Cello, Violin, and piano parts in her recordings, and any other instruments recorded were either played by friends, classmates, or created on a computer.
Irene has been told by friends that she’s “pro at piano”, because of how serious she takes it, and how good she is.

Theme Song:
*There is no particular song that I feel describes Irene, so here are a few that give the idea of who she is. Its relatively hard for me to create a theme song… So I hope these do the job.*
PIANO: Main Theme :: Howl’s Moving Castle OST // Across The Burren :: Michele McLaughlin // Nothing Else Matters (Cover) :: Metallica (Cover by Scott D. Davis) // Here Comes The Flood (cover) :: Peter Gabriel
VIOLIN/CELLO: Kyoudai (Ben Chan Cover):: Fullmetal Alchemist (Cover) // Main Theme (Ben Chan Cover) :: Schindler’s List // Worlds Collide :: Apocalyptica
OTHER: Wind :: Akeboshi // Jibun Kakumei Remix :: Miyavi (Teddyloid remix) // Unbreakable :: Fireflight // Dozing Green :: Dir en Grey // For the Heart I Once Had :: Nightwish // Drain :: X Japan // Take it Off :: Kesha
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y do i have a ƒεεℓเɳɠ ᵗʰⁱˢ ⁱˢ ᵃ ᴡᴇɪʀᴅʟʏ ᴇʟᴀʙᴏʀᴀᴛᴇ ՏℍⅈtℙᝪՏt

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Re: Home Alone [profiles]

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Name: Barden Michael "Barry" Hale
Age: Nineteen
Likes: Kinder Eggs, forests (particularly deciduous ones), psychedelic music, swimming, diving, any sort of water sport, antiques, music that can make him feel an indescribable positive feeling of some sort (even if he has to browse through B's and Norm's albums and steal them for a bit), cheese, a sense of unity in his family, singing and songwriting (which he does less now because of a considerable amount of studying), musical instruments, gas station stops, long road trips, scenic routes, lighthouses, cold weather, the last two seasons of the year, exercise, getting under people's skin, bands like Neon Indian or Grizzly Bear, light gun games, DDR, the arcade, toffee, booze, Marshmallow Peeps, being plain weird, horoscopes, all those New Age stuff, and mythology.
Dislikes: The first two seasons of the year, Maths, cheesy beadwork, being forced to dance, when vinyl records skip, embarrassing childhood moments, when his emotional walls are torn down unexpectedly, rainbow jumpers, narrow-minded people, power outages, cinnamon gumdrops, black coffee, mayonnaise, garage punk, the color pink, when he has to replace the batteries to his noise-cancelling headphones again, remembering old flames, attention-seekers, extremely sugary things, French toast, things so camp he could just die, broken guitar strings, poison ivy.
Dreams: He's not all for the idea of "college, work, family" thing, even though he is in college. He's thinking of pursuing a writing career; perhaps writing a book about travels or the wonders of nature. Maybe he could even work for the National Geographic. Anything's possible. Having a family of his own can wait -- there's still a lot more he hasn't tried and intends to try.
Fears: Barry is most afraid of disappointing people. He tries too hard to try and make people happy the best he can. He prefers to remain anonymous and he watches people wonder who their 'guardian angel' is; he is afraid that people will find out about him doing kind things and reject him because it's unlike him. He's particularly careful not to say anything that will make him regret blurting out. He's afraid of becoming the very thing he despises, and he tries his very best not to sound like a hypocrite every time he talks to someone.
Relationships: Barry loves his family to death. He hides a great love for family and friends that lies deep below the surface and hides under a layer of anger and silence. He sort of takes a fancy to the Wilson girls but at present he's not interested in anything past friendship with any of them. As for his romantic relationships he's had several girlfriends, all he split up with amicably and all requiring an extensive amount of time to recover from, an exception being a friend of Nolan's. It's not something he'd like to discuss anytime soon, and Nolan's about the only guy who knows and understands.
Personality: Barden Hale is a really tough nut to crack. He's built heavily fortified walls around him, completely hard to penetrate and extremely abrasive to the weakest and the most sensitive of people. His family and people close to him would know that he wasn't always like this and that he was a sweet sort of guy with a pleasant disposition, and it is apparently still a mystery to them as to why the sudden change had occurred... Well, maybe except for one. Some have come to the conclusion that it was because of a former girlfriend, but it is a mystery that will lay deep down below his hard surface. Judging by this behavior, he's the secretive type, preferring to keep to himself when it comes to his own concerns. His calmness and silence in tense situations easily make him the "rock" that holds everyone down together to keep them grounded and secure. Because of this, a lot will want to divulge their deepest secrets to him or confide in him, but a lot are also quite afraid of his hard exterior. Underneath it all he is quite fine with it and will take time to listen to whatever you have to say, no matter how irrelevant, irritatingly annoying or simply boring it is. Barry's basically the type to give way to people. He's just waiting for the moment when people would stop being so darn uncomfortable around him. They just need to push past his walls and understand the way he is -- they'll be handsomely rewarded.
He's afraid of losing anything and everything he holds dear, and as of now he feels he has but little to live with, aside from his family's comfortable situation. He's glad that his demeanor masks it, making it impossible for others to tell that he's suffering endlessly inside. He does not care about himself at all, and shows no real regard for his own well-being. In fact, it is known that he takes better care of a potted plant he has in his room than of himself. He'd give anything to let the people in his life stay, but to make it less obvious he prefers to work in his own "mysterious ways", acting as a sort of guardian angel in times of trouble. Having these fears of the heart doesn't mean he isn't afraid to speak what is in his mind, though he does not fully trust himself in circumstances where the situation calls the attention of both mind and heart. Despite all this, he is extremely loyal and he will fight for you if you need him the most.
He is a very sympathetic person and (tries not to show that he) softens up at the sight of extreme pain. Being so distant from his true emotions so long makes it difficult sometimes for him to empathize with people, and that makes him slightly emotionally awkward. He tries his best to stop it, though, so forgive him if it seems that his attempt to console you looks more like a reproach. It'd make him happy if you at least showed him a little effort to say that he's doing great -- even if he's a walking, brooding support system, he needs a little support of his own as well. If he doesn't, well, expect one room of the house locked, two packs of smokes and six pack cans of beers missing from the refrigerator.
Appearance: The first thing others usually notice about Barry is his "Jim Morrison sex hair". There isn't a day when his hair isn't remarkably messy, unless, of course, the situation calls for it to be tamed and swept-back. His brown curls frame his face, which might have been considered good enough had it not been for the fact that his hair overpowers his features. His eyes, remarkable light blue turquoises dulled by his family's hereditary grays, are covered by the curled tresses dangling over them. The rest of his features are manly and seemingly hardened, but there is a delicateness in them that shows through. He's a good six-foot-two-inches and, combined with his well-defined yet slender figure, manages to look taller than he really is. It's not something he enjoys, exactly. Everyday he calls himself "a giraffe with a 'fro".
Theme Song: Feel It All Around by Washed Out
"Believing oneself to be perfect is often the sign of a delusional mind."

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