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Hotaro Konoha-No-Yurei

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Hotaro Konoha-No-Yurei

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Obake on Sun Mar 27, 2016 1:49 am

"We are the roots. We do what must be done because it must be done in the shadows. None of our work is pretty, nor is it given proper praise but it is necessary. Without the roots, the trees will fall; there could be no life." ~ Hotaru Konoha-No-Yurei


Player: Obake
Roleplay: N/A
Character: Hotaru Konoha-No-Yurei
Birthname: Hino Kunimitsu
Nicknames: Kumawaka-maru, Hotaru, Bearcub, Konoha-no-yurei
Homeland: Konohagakure (Village Hidden by Tree Leaves)
Title: Honorable Retainer of Emperor Go-Daigo
Race: Human (Japanese, Mainlander)
Class: Samurai (Assassin, Precursor of the Iga/Koka Ninja)
Age: 30
Height: 5'10'ft
Weight: 145'lbs
Gender: Male
Lineage: Hino Suketomo (father), Sakura (mother)
Siblings: N/A
Offspring: N/A
Familiars: Horses, Moths and Fireflies
Eyes: Red irises, Black pupils (colors may vary)
Skin: Fair Skin Complexion
Hair: Short w/ Ponytail (colors may vary)
Weapons: Katana, Wakizashi (weapons may vary)
Items: Medicine, Poison, Rope-Hook (items may vary)
Skills: Bushido, Buddhism, Shinobi Arts
Abilities: Innovative, Flexible, Exoteric Powers


As a child, Hotaru was a very loving and caring boy. He was often rash and a bit of a loud mouth but generally a good kid. He took his training semi-seriously and had dreams of becoming a famous samurai one day, even though he lacked conviction. After the death of his father, however, Hotaru become cold and withdrawn. He focused more on his training and became dedicated to self-improvement.

Hotaru Konoha-No-Yurei is now considered to be a shadowy figure. He is often described as being very quiet and observant, cold and bitter, with little or no attachment to life or anything materialistic. He is devoted to the way of the samurai, though there is evidence to suggest that Hotaru may also have a split personality and sometimes he appears to be more ninja-esque in his role as an assassin.


As a child, Hotaru had long straight black hair and a ponytail with wide, round eyes that seemed to glimmer with his youthfulness. After the death of his father, however, Hotaru's appearance slowly began to change with his personality. His eyes turned red with anger and his hair slowly turned white. He cut his hair short, keeping only his ponytail which he had tied back. His smile faded into seriousness.

Hotaru Konoha-No-Yurei now has many appearances which differ according to his mood and formality. Without his costume, Hotaru appears to be a normal samurai. He often wears a navy blue jacket with a yellow sash and white belt over a long-sleeved black shirt and trousers. He also wears a grey headband with black sandals. However, sometimes he wears all-white with a black belt or all-black with a white belt.

When appearing as a samurai, Hotaru may or may not be seen wearing a pair of long and short swords. These are sometimes carried on his side, or sometimes carried on his back. He almost never wears battlefield armor, but instead is known to wear chain-mail armor beneath his traditional clothing. This chain-mail protects his entire body from his ankles all the way to his hands with an added throat protector.

When appearing as an assassin, Hotaru wears a black hooded yukata or cloaked robe with a white sash. He has a red and white tomoe-shaped mask that covers his entire face except for his eyes and dresses in such a way that only one of his eyes can be seen. There is a black and red tattoo on the right side of his chest which bears his personal symbol. The same symbol is embroidered on his cloak in white.



In the case of most ninja, there is usually very little information about their childhood and more records to show their adulthood and fame as ninja. Hotaru, however, has an exact opposite story. There is very little known about his adulthood and status as an assassin. Hotaru appears to be very good at covering his tracks and getting rid of the evidence. More is known about his childhood and how he actually became an assassin. He was born Hino Kunimitsu, son of Hino Suketomo, a legendary samurai. His mother, Sakura, was a housewife and talented cook who took care of Suketomo's armor. From the time he was born, Hino Kunimitsu was raised in Konohagakure and trained in Bushido; the Way of the Warrior.

As a youth in Konoha, the village elders referred to Hino Kunimitsu as the young "Bearcub" and everyone always made comments that he was his father's son. He was very loud and energetic, always climbing trees and running around. Like any typical young boy, he sometimes got into mischief, but for the most part he was a well-behaved young man with great discipline and much potential. His parents taught him to be honorable and respectful, instructing him in the ways of manner and courtship. He learned calligraphy, tea-making, martial arts and how to present himself to the Emperor when the time came. Before he was even at the age of thirteen, Kunimitsu was already on his way to becoming a young prodigy.

When he was thirteen-years-old, young Kunimitsu went with his father Suketomo to Emperor Go-Daigo's palace. There, he knelt down and prostrated himself before the Emperor and was initiated into the royal court as an official samurai. Shortly afterwards, the Kumakara shogunate who influenced the Imperial Court accused Kunimitsu's father Suketomo of conspiracy. Suketomo was arrested and exiled to the Island of Sado, where he was held as a prisoner by the lay monk Homma Saburo, who presided over Sado Island from his fortified temple. Although he was innocent, the Kumakara shogunate convinced the naive Emperor that Suketomo was dangerous and called for his immediate execution on Sado Island.

Hearing this news, Kunimitsu tried to pick up his father's weapons and armor in an act to avenge him, but Kunimitsu's mother Sakura forbid the young man from pursuing the aggressors, stating that it would be a shame to lose both her husband and her son in the same day. Deeply heartbroken, Kunimitsu obeyed his mother Sakura and instead went to the Imperial Court to request an audience with his father before the execution. His request was granted and the young Bearcub marched barefoot all the way to Sado Island to be with his father one last time. It is said that the Hino family was so poor, they could not afford horses or quality swords, so Kunimitsu walked all the way on foot without carrying any weapons.

Once he reached Sado Island, he was granted an audience with Homma Saburo who promised to allow Kunimitsu to speak to his father before the execution. The thirteen-year-old boy was allowed to stay the night in the lay monk's fortress, where he eagerly awaited a visitation with his father. However, the reunion would never take place. Homma Saburo, going back on his word, ordered the execution of Suketomo while Kunimitsu was still asleep. Suketomo was forced to commit seppuku, just before sunrise. It is said he chose a warrior's suicide, with great discipline and honor. Suketomo drew the blade across his stomach very slowly, never once whincing or crying out in pain. With his honor intact, he was cleanly beheaded.

Suketomo's head was presented to the Emperor, while his body was cremated. His ashes were presented in a bag to Kunimitsu, who fell ill and pretended to be sick. He was allowed to stay in Saburo's temple fortress until he got better. Homma Saburo took care of the thirteen-year-old manchild, unaware that Kunimitsu was secretly plotting his father's revenge. He used his time on Sado to sneak around at night and scout the island, until finally he discovered Homma Saburo's bedchamber. Saburo was asleep, but the lanturns were lit and there were guards standing just outside. Kunimitsu knew there was no way he would be able to sneak into Saburo's bedchamber without being caught, so he devised a clever plan.

Gathering some moths that he found, Kunimitsu cracked open the sliding door to Saburo's bedchamber and released the moths into Saburo's room. Being attracted to the light, the moths fluttered around and extinguished all the lanturns in the room. Kunimitsu then slid the door open and snuck into Saburo's bedchamber, finding the lay monk sound asleep in his bed. Having no weapons of his own, Kunimitsu picked up Saburo's sword and unsheathed it. Being raised by his father to respect the code of honor, however, Kunimitsu refused to kill Saburo in his sleep. So instead, he woke Saburo from his sleep and waited for his eyes to open. In this way, Saburo would look into the eyes of the person who killed him. Kunimitsu's eyes were red with hatred.

Before he could react, Saburo found himself thrust through the chest with his own sword. Kunimitsu had assassinated him in his own bedchamber, bringing disgrace to Saburo and his imperial guards. The guards were immediately alerted by Saburo's dying cry, but before they could catch him, Kunimitsu ran and took to hiding inside the fortress. As the search team was sent out to track him down, Kunimitsu climbed up on top of the fortress walls, only to find a deep moat surrounding the entire temple. Being still young and of small stature, Kunimitsu climbed one of the bamboo shoots and used his own bodyweight to bend it until he was able to climb over the moat and drop down on the other side. The guards were too heavy to climb the shoots without breaking them, so they had no choice but to watch in horror as Kunimitsu escaped the island.


Hino Kunimitsu now goes by the name Hotaru Konoha-No-Yurei, a shadowy figure who lives in solitude at Ninna-ji in western Kyoto, the head temple of the Omuro school of Shingon Buddhist teachings. Not much is known about Hotaru, except that he venerates Amida Buddha and adheres to a strict moral code of discipline and honor. He wears the black hooded cloak of a reclusive monk, although a rumor exists that Hotaru is a dark and powerful sorceror. One urban legend suggests that Hotaru might even be a ghost, demon or some other kind of spirit who lives deep in the forests of Ninna-ji, occassionally haunting the temple gardens and landscape. He is now 30-years-old and there is no other swordsman in Kyoto who can match his resolve or skillfulness as a samurai. Despite the many rumors about him, Hotaru is treated with honor and respect amongst those who encounter him. Few are his enemies and many are those who fear him. He is often considered to be a kind and gentle soul, despite his reputation as a formidable assassin. Young warriors and teenagers have sometimes begged Hotaru to guide them and instruct them in the way of the samurai, but Hotaru refuses to take any students and instead believes that young warriors should practice their education and seek a life of peace and fidelity.


Since a very young age, Hotaru has been known to be exceptionally strong for his ability to use the mind reading technique and predict his opponent's movement or see their memories. As he got older, his mind reading ability became stronger and stronger. Hotaru's mind reading ability is unique because it does not require physical contact. Hotaru only needs to be in the same vicinity as the intended target. While he was still a child, Hotaru began learning the spirit transformation technique from his father. After his father passed away, Hotaru later developed the spirit transformation technique on his own. He even surpassed his father in skill level and ability. This technique allows Hotaru to use his spirit as a secondary body apart from himself.

Hotaru is now able to travel vast distances without any signs of weakening or losing strength. His spirit can operate outside of his body for hours without having to return to him. Hotaru can use his spirit to influence the physical world, even using his spirit to touch or move physical objects. Becoming an expert at the spirit transformation technique, Hotaru learned that he can control both his body and spirit simultaneously as long as they are still in contact with one another. This essentially gives Hotaru a secondary body that is able to fight from within him, blocking and attacking enemies that Hotaru himself cannot act against. By combining these two abilities, Hotaru developed his own unique style of fighting known as the Body-Mind Style of Taijutsu.


Hotaru Konoha-No-Yurei is renowned for being one of the best swordsmen in the country with very few weaknesses. He can project his spirit away from his body for long periods of time without losing any power. However, to do this requires some amount of meditation or concentration which sometimes leaves him vulnerable. The longer his spirit roams without contact with his body, the weaker Hotaru becomes physically. As soon as his spirit returns to his body, however, the quicker his strength is regained. Like all human beings, Hotaru requires a sufficient amount of nutrition and rest. After many years of discipline and training, Hotaru has learned to exist on just the bare minimum amount of food and sleep needed to survive. By slowly ingesting small doses of poison for many years, Hotaru has also strengthened his immune system and is now immune to most food poisons. However, he is still human and as a human he is still vulnerable to certain elements and diseases. He is also aging slowly, which does not appear to have effected his resolve in any way. Aging has only made him faster and stronger, wiser and more content with his own mortality. Hotaru knows that some day, he must die. But right now, Hotaru is in his prime and does not show any signs of growing old or weak. As time passes, it can only be assumed that as his body gets weaker, his spirit will grow even stronger.

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