House of Daggers

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In China, it was rumoured of a group of assassins, unable to be beaten, and bearers of the most dangerous accuracy and fighting prowess. They called them the House of Daggers.

House of Daggers

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The group is led by Ai Xulan, somewhat of a rebel, his team of assassins is available to any of the kingdoms, and other parties. But, they are not fools, and though the right amount of gold coins will buy their blades, it is of the group's own discretion as to who they work for.

Often is the case that the House's interest is its own only, and when that happens, there is no price. The blades simply are no longer available for hire.

Hidden away in mountainous forests of the tallest bamboo, House of Daggers resides in a great temple, where constant training is the course of the day. Skills are part of the price, and money is needed for food and luxuries.

In combat, they are recognised by the emerald garments they wear, flowing and pristine. Emerald, as such, usually invokes fear on the battlefield.

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