House of Yngling - The Norse Vikings

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House of Yngling - The Norse Vikings

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Sigurd Hring on Mon May 14, 2018 9:56 pm

Sigurd Hring
Played by Gamemaster


"Sigurd the Ring-taker"
Basic Info

Name: Sigurd Hring
Player: Gamemaster
Gender: Male
Nicknames: Ring-taker (Ring-wearer)
Race: Norseman (Geatish?)
Class: Konung (Viking)
Alignment: House of Ynglings (Scylfings)
Deity: Odin (Ingvi Frey)
Age: 30 (est)
Size: Average
Body Type: Athletic
Height: 182.88 cm (6 ft)
Weight: 72.575 kg (160 lbs)
Complexion: Pale (Pink/Peach)
Hair: Blonde (Brown)
Eyes: Blue (Icey)
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Scars: None
Relationship Status: Polygamist
Personality: Bold (War-like)
Mannerisms: Fearlessness, Laughter, Dark Humor
Likes: Valhalla, Shield-maidens, Bravery, Mead, Smoke-pipes, Weapons, Longships, Ravens, Dragons, Horses, Wolves
Dislikes: Cowards, Liars, Giants, Loki, Snakes, Finns, Christians, Muslims, Backstabbers, Oathbreakers, Weaklings

Sigurd Hring looks like a stereotypical Norse viking of either Dane or Svear descent. He is tall, strong and muscular with blondish brown long stranded man-braids and icey blue eyes with a short reddish beard. He wears a bear-hide cloak over basic linens and wool clothing with ring-link armor and chainmail over leather under-armor. Sigurd Hring wears silver and gold rings, a silver and gold necklace with a 6-inch medallion, and a large golden brooche on his shoulder. Sigurd normally wears a white, blue or green long-sleeved shirt with woven trousers and leather boots inside knee-high fur boots. He sometimes wears a hornless visored spangenhelm, leather gloves, a long open robe or shoulder armor. He has a knife, a throwing axe, a coin bag, a pouch, a leather belt with a large copper buckle, a thick red wool sash, a fur snowcap, a drinking horn, and a chainmail tunic. He owns an authentic Ulfberht viking long-sword called the Ulfsfanga, a large round shield called Ulfskjold, a state-of-the-art viking longship called the Nuormbator, a large great hall called Sigurd's Hall in Sigtuna or Agnafit on the shore of Lake Malaren, and a large viking fleet called the Hrafinn's Banner, which is recognized by all of Scandza except for Finland. Sigurd possesses a rare sunstone and a gnomon sun-shadow water compass which allows him to navigate his leidang across the seas. Sigurd is a master of the holmgang and lausatok glima. His hall is close to the Temple of Uppsala in Sweden where there is a sacred tree and a sacred well. Sigurd's Hall (Sighalla) is a great mead hall located in a trelleborg viking ring-fortress with four gates, surrounded by ramparts. Sigurd owns a horse named Dokkrfaxi or Darkmane which he sometimes rides.


Sigurd Hring learned the basics that all Norse pagan children learned. He learned wood-working, fire-tending, metal-forging, stone-masonry, wrestling, melee combat, trapping, hunting, archery, sea-faring, ancestral lore, fishing, farming, herding, horse-riding, tent-making, woad-making, sewing and braiding. He also learned law, fielty, brotherhood and how to form a shield wall. Sigurd obtained several bone runes from the Seidr Godi which are said to give him special powers. Sigurd is illiterate, unable to read or write. He is very tough and athletic, however, with high endurance and a strong pain tolerance. His stamina is excellent and he can fight hard for the entire length of a battle, despite being tired. He often drinks from a horn and yells "Skoll!" when he toasts. He practices the pagan traditions of his ancestors, especially the Alfablot, Haustblot, Disablot, Yuleblot and Sigrblot, and he regularly attends the yearly Althing in Sweden at the logberg or law-rock. He believes he is a descendant of the Norse god Freyr, and many believe he is a god himself. Despite his divinity and savage reputation, however, Sigurd is very human and has traits or characteristics much similar to Odinn and the gods. Sigurd is humble and wise enough to discern and ask questions. He is very spiritual if not free-spirited, having an open-mindness and willingness to attempt new things. He is bold, fearless, and some believe that he is invincible, fated by the Norns only to be defeated by Odinn himself at the appointed time.



Sigurd Hring is the successor of Harald Wartooth, his uncle who was the grandson of Ivar Vidfamne. Sigurd's father was Randver, son of Valdar, son of Ingjald Illrade (or Ivar Vidfamne, who killed Ingjald) from the House of Ynglings in Svearland. Sigurd Hring may also be the great-grandson of Ivar Vidfamne, but this history is lost. Sigurd is the King of the Norsemen, father of Ragnar in Sweden, Gudfred in Denmark, Halfdan in Norway, Hrollaug in Normandy, and sire to many other sons and daughters. Sigurd Hring is a polygamist with many wives. One of them was Alfilda the daughter of Alfar from Alfheim, the mother of the House of Munso who some say was poisoned. Sigurd Hring started off as the jarl, vicorey or sub-king under his uncle Harald, the King of Denmark who Sigurd killed at the Battle of Bravellir, making Sigurd Hring the konung of both Denmark and Sweden, ruling the Kattegat river-straight in Jutland, Scania, Halland and Vastergotland. Sigurd's vikings are made up of Svears, Gutes, Geats, Normans, Danes, Saxons and Norse-Gaels from different countries. Staying neutral to the petty-kingdom wars to the north among the Norrs and Finns, the forces of Sigurd Hring are more focused on opportunities to the south, east and west. Sigurd is the progenitor of the Ui Imair of Dublin in Ireland, the Scottish clans MacLeod, MacDonald and MacDougall and the Scottish gallowglass warriors. Sigurd's descendants also ruled the Duchy of Normandy in France, the Kingdom of Saxony in Germany and the Kingdom of York in England.
Battle of Bravellir

Ivar Vidfamne's daughter was the Norse princess Audr the Deep, who was married twice. Her sons were the half-brothers Randver Vandarsson of Sweden and Harald Wartooth of Denmark. Sigurd Randversson (Sigurd Hring) was Harald's nephew. Randver died hastily in England, and Harald became the new King of Sweden while Sigurd became Harald's viceroy or sub-king. Harald Wartooth fought many battles and was never defeated. He lived to be a very old man. Fearing he would never join the Einherjar in Valhalla and instead be cursed to go to Niflheim, King Harald asked his nephew Sigurd to honor him in a great battle. Sigurd Randversson agreed, and so the Norsemen prepared. Harald Wartooth would lead the Danes and Eastern Geats, while the Swedes and Western Geats followed Sigurd Hring. The battle took place at a watery glacial fjord in Ostergotland called Bravellir, and in total over 40,000 vikings died in the battle. After it was over, Sigurd Randversson took the king's ring from Harald's finger earning him the name Sigurd Hring or Sigurd Ring-taker, making him the King of both Sweden and Denmark.

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Re: House of Yngling - The Norse Vikings

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Ragnar Odinsson of West Sweden/Vastergotland
Gudfred Odinsson of East Denmark/Zealand
Halfdan Odinsson of Norway
Hrollaug Odinsson in West France/Normandy
Ingvar Odinsson in Ireland/Scotland/Hebrides
Seaxneat Odinsson of Wessex/West England
Wihtleag Odinsson of Mercia/Midwest England
Casere Odinsson of East Anglia/East England
Winta Odinsson of Northumbria/North England
Baldur Odinsson of Westphalia/North Germany
Vegdeg Odinsson of East Saxony/East Germany/North France
Sigrlami Odinsson of East Slavia/Russia
Gauti Odinsson of East Gotaland/Ostergotland
Saeming Odinsson of Finland
Yngvi Odinsson of Sweden/East Svearland
Sigi Odinsson of Burgundy/Poland
Skjold Odinsson of North Frisia/South Denmark/Lolland
Vithar Odinsson of South Saxony/South Germany
Vali Odinsson of Jutland/North Denmark
Thunor Odinsson of West Gotaland/Vastergotland
Sigurd Odinsson of West Denmark/Scania/South Sweden

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Re: House of Yngling - The Norse Vikings

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Fjölnir (1st century BC)
Sveigder (1st century AD)
Domalde (c. 2nd century)
Dag the Wise/Dagr Spaka (c. 3rd century)
Agne (c. early 4th century)
Erik and Alrik
Yngvi and Alf
Jorund (c. late 4th century)
Aun and Ale the Strong (c. 5th century)
Egil (Ongentheow) (c. late 5th to early 6th century)
Ottar (Ohthere)
Ale (Onela)
Adils (Eadgils) (c. 530–575)
Östen (late 6th century)
Sölve (late 6th to early 7th century)
Ingvar (early 7th century)
Anund (early to mid 7th century)
Ingjald (mid 7th century)

According to at least one Danish historian, Sigurd Hring belongs to the House of Ynglings and he is the legitimate son of Ingjald. In other stories Sigurd is the son of Randver from the House of Ivar Vidfamne, and the founder of the House of Munso. Sigurd Hring is often referred to as originating from Svealand, and thus a descendant of Ingvi-Freyr, son of Odinn and founder of the House of Ynglings.

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