How To: Bundle posts, create bundles, create arcs

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How To: Bundle posts, create bundles, create arcs

Tips: 3.50 INK Postby lostamongtrees on Thu Apr 11, 2013 12:40 am

How To: Bundle, Create Bundles, Create Arcs
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  • First, go to the post you wish to bundle.
    This can be done from either the place page, or a tagged character's profile.

  • Next, click the "Add to Bundle" button
    located on the right of the post, underneath the character icons.

  • Select the bundle you wish to add the post to.
    If you don't have any bundles, or wish to create a new bundle, click the "new bundle" button!

  • You'll be brought to this page every time you create a new bundle.
    Name your bundle, and add a synopsis / summary of what happened!

  • Create the bundle!
The perma-link of your bundle will be as follows:


Awakening The Impervious Door - Read along with our adventurers through this dungeon-crawl!

Vankoryth Detente - Calling All Vampires

Auroragon - The Multiverse awaits the last people of Norvnu

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