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World of Darkness

Hunter Races & Classes

a part of “World of Darkness”, a fictional universe by Crooked Thoughts.

The world isn't what you think. Beneath skyscrapers' leering gargoyles, factories belching smoke, and streets packed with the human throng, lurk things we aren't meant to see. Your darkest fears aren't make-believe... they're real.

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Hunter Races & Classes

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The purpose of this page is to display and describe the playable races, character classes, and other information relative for your hunters. Please read over the information below, it will be very beneficial if you're contemplating joining or creating your character. Do not post here under any circumstances. If you have any questions, private message me or post them in OOC.

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Re: Hunter Races & Classes

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Hunter Races
Humans are the most numerous, yet also the most contentious of all the intelligent races. They are widespread and can be found in most regions and, in general, are fierce and disagreeable, which can sometimes lead certain other races to view them with contempt. Renowned for their diversity and ambition, and although they lack specialization, humans can excel in many areas.

While hardly the only dominant race, humans are one of them. In spite of this strength, or perhaps because of it, humanity is an eternally fractured and divided race, broken up into over a dozen ethnic offshoots. It is believed that this is in part because humanity, unlike most other races, did not emerge as a whole but rather in several places at once, thereby resulting in its diversity.

For this reason humans will be the only playable race in this roleplay, or at least specific offshoots of the race. In some way, form, or fashion, these races started off as humans and through rituals, gifts, or curses, they've become much more. Clinging to humanity is what makes them human and sets them apart from other monstrous humanoids.

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Re: Hunter Races & Classes

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ImageImbued: The Imbued are ordinary humans who are awakened to the presence of supernatural monsters through contact with the Messengers at a time of crisis. During this moment of imbuing, an individual sees the true nature of a supernatural creature or event, and either takes action or resolves to do so, confirming their status as a Hunter. Those who hesitate or recoil do not become Imbued, but are forever aware of their glimpse of the supernatural; these "failed" Hunters are generally known as bystanders.

The Imbuing
For most Imbued, the Hunt begins during an otherwise normal (if sometimes stressful) experience: another day at the office, watching a parade, a backstreet mugging. But the potential Hunter's life changes when he or she hears the voice of the Messengers, uttering a single short phrase that focused their attention as the true world was revealed to them. An office worker may be revealed as a zombie, with dry flaking skin and gaping wounds; the mugger may be glimpsed with a hideously distended jaw containing huge canines, marking him as a vampire; perhaps ghostly, nightmarish figures are glimpsed controlling participants in the parade. The glimpse of "true reality" given during an imbuing is often exaggerated, and most Imbued do not see things quite the same way afterwards, even when piercing illusions by calling on their Conviction.
Hunters debate among themselves the reasons why they are chosen by the Messengers; it often seems to be random. Most Imbued feel compelled to act against the monsters which secretly control the world, and some consider this criteria enough for their selection, but they are still entirely human in mind and body, and many do not feel up to the task. Normal social interaction becomes difficult; many Hunters hear the voices of the Messengers, but even without this schizophrenic whispering, their knowledge of the truth can make them seem insanely paranoid in a world which denies the supernatural, and very few Hunters have the power to reveal the truth to others. Once Imbued, however, there is no turning back; a Hunter can never forget the hidden evils of the world, and their Conviction - and ordinary conscience - will drive them to combat it.

The nature of the Messengers is also hotly debated among the Imbued; no-one truly knows what or who they are, where they come from, or why they oppose the monsters of the world. The messages they whisper into the minds of the Imbued - often as a "voice in the head", but sometimes as visions or "writing on the wall" - are similarly poorly understood. They are personalized, unique to each Hunter, and nearly always cryptic - especially the messages received during the imbuing. Sometimes they describe a supernatural being or problem: "It Does Not Breathe", "Their Will Is Gone". Sometimes they give a directive: "Inherit the Earth", "Burn It Down". Some Hunters receive many more messages from the Messengers than others, while some are reluctant to share their own messages. As with so much of Imbued existence, uncertainty is the only constant.

Hunters are specifically not turned into supernatural creatures when they are Imbued; they still need everything a normal human does and can't take aggravated damage. All they are really given are abilities which allow them to resist, in various ways, the powers of truly supernatural enemies. Only two types of supernatural blessing are bestowed on Hunters by the Messengers: Conviction and Edges.

    Conviction: Conviction is a reserve of strength and faith Hunters may draw upon to resist the control of supernatural entities and pierce their illusions. Depending on the success of their activities, Hunters' Conviction may rise or fall from night to night. Conviction is "risked" when used to fuel powers granted by the Messengers; if they fail in their task, Hunters' Conviction is lowered, while if they succeed, it may be increased. When Conviction is at a sufficiently high level, a Hunter may permanently bolster one of their virtues, gaining a more concrete faith in an aspect of the hunt; doing so lowers their ordinary Conviction until such time as their newfound virtue can be tested.

    Edges: Edges are (usually minor) supernatural powers granted by the Messengers. In general, Edges allow Hunters only to resist the effects and defenses of the supernatural, though some certainly have more dramatic effects. Each creed has its own set of Edges, though a Hunter will only ever be granted a limited number during their career. More powerful Edges are only granted to Hunters who reinforce their commitment to the Hunt by bolstering their virtues, becoming more zealous, merciful or visionary. The most powerful Edges are thus only granted to Hunters who become virtually insane, obsessed with their aspect of the Hunt above all else in life; such Hunters are exceedingly rare, since the Imbued rarely survive long enough to become so devoted.

ImageEngineer: An engineer is a rare kind of supernaturally gifted human who treats the soul in the same manner as a mason might see a chisel - as a tool for the creation of marvels. They are the result of a deal made long ago by their ancestor, forcing these mortals to be born into a contract that is activated when a threat is first made on their life. This event forfeits their soul as payment to a spectral being known as a Wraith who acts as their guardian. With no regard to the individual's acceptance or denial of their heritage, an unavoidable destiny is cast upon these humans, throwing them in a league with demons and the world of the supernatural, from birth to death.

Engineers are the product of a distinct lineage dating back more than five centuries ago. Originating with a single man and a deal he made with the devil. In return for power and protection for his family, the man signed over his soul and agreed to work for devil as his blacksmith. Power and Protection then came in the form of Wraiths tasked with watching over direct descendants of this man, which in the beginning were his 10 children. In time this family learned to control the wraiths, not just as pets, but as weapons. Through a technique known as soul forging, the family practiced converting a wraith into an Artifact. Since then, the technique has been passed down from generation to generation, parents taught their sons and daughters the ancient ways of soul-smithing. Now-a-days only 7 families remain and of those, only 5 still practice the arts in secret; the other bloodlines died off, were lost through blood pollution, or abandoned the heritage, wishing not to trade their soul. The families are now spread worldwide, have varying social status, backgrounds, and for the most part, aren't aware of relatives outside their own immediate family.

The engineer is an individual that has power coursing through their veins due to their heritage. Much like the Charmed, an engineer is a being born into a position of potentially great abilities. Unlike the Charmed, an engineer is someone who forsakes spells and instead learns to channel the raw energy of the soul through their veins into a permanent permeable form. With this enhanced skills they also receive a supernaturally high level of ability with all the skills that deal with crafting expertise; and can make mundane and magical items of varying qualities with ease. Engineers are also able to innately break down and reclaim components from previously created items through a process called Rending, and they commonly use this ability to fuel their own creations and projects.

Engineers aren't like other individuals found throughout the world; they do not gain exceptional martial prowess naturally like a fighter, they don't have a multitude of different skills like a thief might, and can't cast a wide range of spells like a witch can. Instead, the engineer is primarily defined by what they can forge with souls. The engineer's abilities are primarily limited by their imagination. As such, a number of details are attributed to the design prowess of an engineer and overall quality of the weapon produced. For instance: whether the weapon is intricate or simple, is the sign of a superior craftsman; brightness represents a focused craftsman while dullness is the lack of it; density and endurance is a testament to the physical strength of the forger; a master engineer will be able to produce a real looking weapon called an Artifact, while the skilled only produce a weapon of a single color made of Imageenergy; size is irrelevant, though the inability to produce larger weapons details weakness; lastly, assortment and consistency is a skill honed over time. With experience, weapons can be forged on the fly with varying quickness, multiples can be produced at once, and a true feat is performed when they create something that will last and not dissipate after seconds.

An Engineer's weapon can only be used by its creator or other engineers (as it is a weapon of their soul and mainly pure energy). As the weapon is forged from a soul, it is living and therefore requires the wielder and the weapon to work together as one. Because of that same reason, the weapon cannot be dispelled or broken and any attempts to do so only cause the weapon to reform in its owner's hand. Like any good craftsman knows, potential lies in the quality of the material being used. That's why engineers seek to control multiple wraiths, while other will search for a single, powerful wraith. Both will influence the outcome of the weapon, as well other things that can force the weapon to inherent certain effects shared with the wraith. But before an engineer can even begin soul-forging, they must master control over their own soul for that is used to dominate and enslave the soul of the wraith. Through Soul Domination, the engineer learns to do other things, like: being able to see souls, tell what kind of soul it is, and speak to soul. Those adept in soul manipulation gain the additional skills of soul empathy and soul detect, all of which are tools that will further their efforts. Whether this is through complete subservience or trust, there are some engineers that can interact with their wraith and can request them to do complicated tasks, outside of simple attacking and defending.

All engineers are powerful warriors at any level of training, the power to harness souls and command wraiths, is a terrifying and dangerous technique. Constant use of such a dark and evil tool, makes it only a matter of time until the user is tainted with a wraith's corruption. The silver lining of this weakness, is that the opposite is also true; hence the necessariness of soul domination. Many pitfalls accompany this unique heritage, but at the end of the day they are still humans and susceptible human faults as well. That should put an end to any rumor or arguments that Engineers are supernatural creatures. Yet, because of their partnership with demons, some hunters choose to treat them as evil entities and thus they are hunted. In some cases, engineers are also hunted by their partners, in the sense that the wraith will try to end their contract early or outright attempt to kill them.

ImageHomunculus: Homunculi are artificially created humans, presumably brought into existence by certain means of alchemy or arcane methodology. Deformed abnormalities born from destruction and failure, stemming from the idea that one could create self-sustaining life with magic or alchemy. Technically, it still isn't possible; yet these things exist.

Homunculi are said to be created each time an alchemist attempts a Human Transmutation. While the transmutation itself will result in a failure, in that the person intended to be revived does not return as expected, a new existence is brought about. The result of failed Human Transmutation will be a grotesque, vaguely humanoid monstrosity retaining the genetic material, as well as some of the memory, of the resurrected. The "failed" Homunculus generally remains in an agonizing state until it dies, or wishes for death. Unless, they come into contact with Red Stones—much weaker versions of the Philosopher's Stone created by condensing human souls—and consume large amounts of them. Because of this, some say Homunculi aren't failed human transmutations, rather they are simply incomplete.

All Homunculi carry the form of human beings, albeit some of them with exaggerated features, obvious external mutations like large, grotesque limbs. Others have extra, but normal limbs/organs while others have cat-like slits for pupils, pointed teeth, pale skin, etc: things that don't even belong on a human body. In general, Homunculi are genetic abominations, whose bodies can contort and change at will due to variations in their DNA.
Despite being replicated humans, however, Homunculi are still aberrations of nature created by violating the flow of the natural universe, and as such, have no souls. This property gives them many physical dissimilarities to ensouled humans. For instance, they do not age pass the point they are born, are immune to all sicknesses and poisons, and heal at an accelerated rate. Although they might be seen eating, drinking, or sleeping, it is not necessary that they do so in order to survive; they need only the energy provided them by the red stones they have consumed.

Because their bodies do not have souls, the constituent molecules that constitute the Homunculi's bodies can be rearranged to form other substances or to grant shape-changing powers. This gives all Homunculi the ability to manipulate their bone structure. Bonshaping introduces mastery over their very skeletons, enabling them to spontaneously forge their bones into weapons and armor. For some reason, the same ability gives all of the Homunculi the ability to create their own clothing. By secreting this thick black substance, they can will it to cover and decorate their limbs.

However, soullessness also acts as a disadvantage for the Homunculi. Because Homunculi do not have souls, they are incapable of performing magic and are considered impure under god, which comes with its own restrictions. Also, because the Homunculi are creatures created to replace certain persons who have died, coming into proximity with that person's remains results in the Homunculus becoming weakened to the point of immobility. If a Homunculus is depleted of the energy of the red stones they consume, they are reduced to having a single life, making them as vulnerable as any other creature. This can be done by killing them repeatedly or by utilizing the Flamel transmutation, which causes the red stones in the Homunculus to be regurgitated and then disintegrate, leaving the Homunculus with only its original life intact. Homunculi reduced to this vulnerable state are no less dangerous than usual, however, but can be killed with one lethal blow, the same way as any human. Furthermore, Homunculi are paralyzed by the sound of a baby's cries. When Homunculi die, their bodies liquefy into red ooze which quickly dissolves into the ground, leaving no trace that they ever existed.

Generally, Homunculi are amoral, sadistic, sociopathic, and harboring superiority complexes. They derive pleasure from seeing and inflicting human suffering and death, and see themselves as better than humans—in some cases as the next step in human evolution. In truth, they are actually very layered, complex individuals capable of love, grief, guilt and despair. It seems Homunculi's superiority-complexes may mask complementing inferiority-complexes, because despite their mockery of the human race, most of them desire to become fully human. This is brought on by an incomplete feeling, and that the desire to become human comes from a feeling of lacking any real identity. There are some that despise their makers for their creation, and seek to disconnect from their imposed identities and establish themselves as different from the people they were supposed to become. On the other hand, there are those that want to become the person they were meant to replace. Tragically, love and acceptance is an overall goal, which is not to say that some aren't content with who and what they are. All in all, the mental states of the Homunculi are very much centered on the fact that they are not accepted as human by one or more groups, which leads to hunting and/or treatment as an outcast. As Homunculi all retain partial identities of their past human selves, as well as their current Homunculus "selves" they all suffer from some degree of multiple personality disorder, often resulting in psychotic behavior. This "hidden weakness" can and often results in a total psychological collapse.

ImagePrimordial: Like most lore, the beginning of something is often steeped in mystery and information that began to be passed down generation by generation, through word of mouth. Each generation would put their own spin on things, calling them Shape-Shifters, Therianthropes, Spirit-Walkers, and the most common of them, Were-Beasts. Their original name is Primordial, derived from their ancientest of beginnings. It has been surmised that aboriginal tribes were the source. During the ceremonies to thank the Ancestral Spirits for a bountiful harvest or a good hunt, the tribesmen donned the skins and heads of their fallen prey in honor of them. During the night-long celebrations, the hunters were said to take on the aspects of the animal they had killed and were wearing. Meanwhile, some sections of different tribes would truly change forms... Either way, through assorted methods, more of these beings were born or created.

ImageIn reality, Primordials are shape-shifting beings with the power to change into any animal they desire. Similar to the rumors of their history, there are only three ways to become a Primordial:

  • The First Way, is through birth rights. If at some point in a person's lineage there was a primordial, and though it can skip a few generations, it’s possible to inherit the gene.

  • The Second Way, is through magic. As stated before, through certain ceremonies and rituals, a person can appease animal spirits, form deals, or make sacrificial offers. In return, they are rewarded with the form of the animal to continue doing their bidding.

  • The Third Way, is through blood transfer. This method is similar to the first, but more often than not involves involuntary passing of fluids. Depending on the creature, transference can be done with mere bites or scratches, but for guaranteed transfer, a blood exchange is needed.
These varying methods have given birth to the numerous assumptions that being a primordial is a gift, curse, disease, etc... however, it is all relative.

Primordials vary in appearance as much as normal humans do. For the most part, they even look human from day to day. However, there always seems to be something more animal than human around the edges. This is even more apparent when they transform into monstrous creatures. With almost the entire animal kingdom at their disposal, their were-beast can be any natural predator. That one animal then becomes their "go-to were-form" and can only be exchanged with a face-to-face meeting with the new were-beast. Changing turns the Primordial into a larger, more powerful form of their chosen creature. These transformations come in two forms: half and whole. The Whole gives into their animal side, making them that beast fully and The Half, is the best of both worlds and thus more powerful; transforming can be ghastly in appearance or beautiful, depending on the individual were-creature. No matter what transformation they choose, changing is a physical aspect and not magic despite any origin. What this means, is: that when they change back into a human, they will be completely void of any and all previous physical possessions.

Aside from transforming, Primordials are incredibly strong and durable. They have a high tolerance for pain, and their thick skin is able to sustain more damage before breaking. Additionally, Primordials aren't susceptible to normal diseases or illnesses. Heightened senses are included in their armament as well, matching those of the creature they take after. Primordials are indeed powerful beings, but they have weaknesses too. Just as the pull of the moon commands the ocean's tides, it also commands the beast inside Primordials. It takes a strong person, both mentally and physically, to stay calm and normal during "that time of the month." It’s a general assumption that all Primordials lose themselves to their animosity and shift for the entire duration of a full moon. Although, strong emotions, anger especially, can bring involuntary shifts. Other than this, Primordials have a uniform allergy to silver, which can be fatal and can cause them a great deal of pain. Also, despite high endurance, mortal death is still a possibility, specifically decapitations.

ImageSin-Eater: Sin-Eaters are mortals born from the mating of an Angel or Demon with a human. Children of this union are easily identifiable at an early age because they are all still-births that show no sign of life outside of being alive, meaning that the child has, for example, no pulse and no breath. This continues until the child is about seven years old, where it becomes increasingly difficult to differentiate one from a human. A Sin-Eater is usually devilishly cunning, and angelically beautiful, able to persuade even the most strong-hearted individual to do his or her bidding. Other than that, there aren't many traits Sin-Eaters inherit from their supernatural parents, most importantly though, they don't have a tendency to become neither good nor evil, despite any angelic or demonic heritage. Sin-Eaters, like normal humans, are born neutral and their choices define who they are. However, as time progresses, their choices begin to change them mentally and physically as they travel the spectrum between good and bad.

Sin-Eaters possess an inner alignment system that continuously morphs them until their "true character" is reflected. This system is best described as a series of scales of both mental and physical qualities which are weighted with good or evil decisions relating to that category. For example: weight, a sin-eater decisions could result in an disgustingly overweight appearance due to gluttonous choices, but on the other side they could be robust and jolly because of a love for sweets. No matter what extreme the person represents, there's a good/evil variant to reflect that side of the spectrum.

ImageThere is two types of changes: Major Morphs and Minor Morphs, both of which are influenced by Morality and Purity. Being good might minorly affect a Sin-Eater by giving them blue eyes, a smile with pearly white teeth, and blonde hair. A major effect may produce a shining halo that the sin-eater can choose to reveal or hide. Oppositely, being evil might minorly affect a Sin-Eater by giving them black hair, pale skin, red eyes, and rotting teeth. A major effect may produce horns and/or a pointed tail. Generally, a pure sin-eater will have a perfect complexion and a healthy appearance, with pearly white eyes or blue with a white swirl. Meanwhile, a corrupt sin-eater will have solid yellow or black eyes and red blotches covering their skin.

Where Good and Evil affect the world around a sin-eater, Purity and Corruption affect only their appearance. For instance: animals may react adversely to evil by becoming aggressive or fleeing, on the other-hand, animals may become calm and even be attracted to the goodness in a Sin-Eaters heart. Things like drinking, paying for sex, and having multiple spouses represent corruption. While eating vegetables, having a happy family, and performing selfless deeds represent purity.

Moral morphing is not the only thing sin-eaters receive from their immortal parents. When sin-eaters take their morality to the utmost extreme, they are rewarded with ability to manipulate shadows (umbrakinesis) or light (photokinesis), depending on their alignment. It is only when they commit great evil or good deeds that this power is awakened. After that first step is taken, other abilities begin to awaken as well, like the growth of ethereal wings. From glowing white and pristine (good), black and ragged (evil), or even eagle like white wings (neutral) and the size of the wings depending on the level of purity the sin-eater has from small wings (low) to large wings (high). Only with large wings is flight viable, otherwise only gliding can be done and enhanced aerial control. These supernatural aesthetics can be seen when forced by the sin-eater or through certain revealing mediums.

Regardless of their growth or the power they may obtain, Sin-Eaters will never be true Angels or Demons since they are only halfbreeds. Because of this, they are not immortal and no more divine than your average human. However, they do age gracefully and beautifully, and are more resilient to sickness. Sin-Eaters are typically jacks-of-all-trades; strong, healthy, hearty, and unnaturally skilled or lucky in all their pursuits. Their success usually leads to fulfilling lives with important and influential occupations.

ImageGravebourne: Gravebourne are ordinary human beings who have escaped death, through sheer force of will, they were able to claw their way back to the natural world and out of their shallow grave. Some speculate that this is because the soul has not finished its life. Others say that it is a random occurrence. They are not undead beings for they neither have a soul nor are they spirits, since they have a body. Instead they straddle a line between, entities and existences, becoming a whole new race born in death. Some speculate that this is because the soul has not finished its life. Others say that it is a random occurrence.

Gravebourne have an unnerving presence about them that is as much a result of their cold flesh as their detached cunning and determination. They have a supernatural way with words and often get what they want, but, even so, they fear for their lives since once they only just escaped death. Above all else, Gravebourne fear the inevitable coming of Death to claim the wayward souls and deliver them to their unknown fate.

Gravebourne are usually similar in appearance to a dead human: pale, blue, cold, and without life. Their skin is almost always rotted and may appear in whatever manner in which they died. Most are unnaturally gaunt and underweight, giving the impression of a withered or decaying corpse that shouldn't naturally be able to move. Though they have no need for sustenance, food allows their undead form to change in an imperfect semblance of life. By eating, a Gravebourne removes particularly noticeable dead flesh, such as dead flaps of skin cut by a sword that are hanging from the Gravebourne's bones or things such as fungus, and re-knits them into their original form. While they do not reek of decay, as many undead are said to, Gravebourne always smell somewhat stale. Even so they often wear concealing clothing such as cloaks and hooded robes, and it is not difficult to mistake one for a living person under the right disguise.

ImageGravebourne attempt to blend in with society. As such, they take up names common to their surroundings. The ultimate goal of any Gravebourne is to avoid what they were once escaped; death. Many times this means diplomatic and confrontational encounters with Reapers. Because of this Reapers have become something of the arch nemesis for Gravebourne. They seek the power to defeat those who would threaten their survival. In addition to be hunted by the soldiers of Death, Gravebourne are also hunted by the living. Hunters see them as unnatural beings and often mistake them for ghouls or zombies, thus they attempt to kill them. Gravebourne are usually vengeful and return to wreak havoc. Not all of their causes can be justified as rightful revenge, some are psychotic mass murders seeking to continue their spree and others feed on the living in order to heal themselves. So a hunter's choice to hunt Gravebourne is not completely unfounded.

It’s not uncommon for Gravebourne to return without any and all memories, this includes any motor functions and speech capabilities. Commonly, this results in shambling movements and groaning to communicate. Since they harbor no memories of their former lives and find it difficult to retain even recent memories Gravebourne are often distant and unapproachable, even to those who have known them for decades. This form amnesia is more likely to happen to those that have been dead for a long time, and sometimes it is not always temporary and won't be regained after feeding.

After being reborn, Gravebourne are haunted continuously by the whispers of those who died and were buried in their vicinity. These whispers are totally insane and most provide no valuable advice. They are heard only by the Gravebourne and are a byproduct of having escaped death. Occasionally, they reveal valuable truths. The only way to escape the voices is by finding a place void of death or through eternal rest, otherwise they can only hope to drown them out with louder sounds. But the dead are not completely useless to Gravebourne, there are always to interrogate the dead. Gravebourne have the ability to, as long as physical contact is maintained with the corpse, temporarily resurrect and communicate with the dead, bringing the corpse physically and mentally back to its condition prior to death (However, only that Gravebourne can see them restored. To anyone else, they continue to seem decayed and lifeless.). This revival doesn't last long, the fresher the dead, the quicker the body will burn up as the fires of hell reclaim the soul. Also, once contact is broken, the corpse instantaneously reverts back to its former, lifeless condition. The use of dirt to "cool" the corpse down can elongate the conversation. Intervals of 24 hours need to be placed between every 5 minutes of conversation, or the body will erupt in flames and communication with no longer be possible.

Since Gravebourne are part ghost, an ability known as Fading allows them to make their physical body incorporeal. While Gravebourne are fading, they cannot be touched by non-magical matter or energy, harmed by normal fire, be affected by natural cold, or mundane acids. Thus, they are able to pass through solid objects at will and because they are no longer walking, but hovering instead, they leave no footprints; they also make no noise unless they choose to, have no scent, and can move in any direction (including up or down), and move through and operate in water as easily as they do in air. The only thing that can harm a Fading Gravebourne, is magic weapons, by spells, spell-like effects, or supernatural effects. Likewise, they cannot manipulate objects or exert physical force on objects while Fading. Level of mastery and duration varies, there is no set standard and not all Gravebourne can Fade, but have the potential to.

Fading is one of the prime undead abilities possessed by Gravebourne. Like other undead citizens, they can see, communicate, and touch spirits. Their unnatural aura also unnerves animals, causing them to panic, which can be an easy way to identify Gravebourne. There is also their hyper-sensitivity to salt and iron, but unlike ghosts, Gravebourne won't be completely warded off by them. Fire is a Gravebourne main weakness as it will completely destroy their body.

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Re: Hunter Races & Classes

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What you see below are the only available classes for your characters. Classes are hunter archetypes that define the style of which your character does battle. The description provided will give you a glimpse of what special skills and talents come with choosing that class. Taking a class doesn't limit your character however, its more like choosing a field for your character to specialize in. If your character is an exorcist, they perform exorcisms better than anyone else and while they may be able to cast spells as well, they will never be on the same level as Charmed Ones. Take your time and choose only one, if you have any questions PM me.

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Re: Hunter Races & Classes

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Devil Hunter: Evil is all around us. No matter how you look at the world, there is darkness in every aspect of it. Even with all the noble and selfless hunters striving to make the world a better place, there will always be an evil to fight. Most notable among them are the fiends. The very personification of evil; they revel in slaughter and bloodshed. Some however prefer a more subtle approach to causing disorder. Some prefer to strike bargains that lead mortals on a path of self-destruction and ruin. Standing in the forefront in the fight against evil, Devil Hunters Imageare veterans of countless skirmishes against zombies, ghosts, and demons. They roam the land either as a freelance slayer or work exclusively for an organization. They train rigorously early in their career, learning to avoid blows rather than wear big heavy armor, and how to take down an enemy down before they have the chance to take them down.

A Devil Hunter has devoted their lives to battle and fighting evil. They are often misunderstood, and shunned by most of society. Devil Hunters fight "fire with fire". They often develop a Blindsense to seek out demons with greater clarity. Flamboyant, arrogant, and often prone to moments of showing off, the devil hunter learns a vast array of abilities meant to bewilder and confuse the opponent while putting them in the best position to bring the bulky, two-handed swords, which are preferred by their profession, to good use. They fight effectively even when surrounded by foes. A Devil Hunter can be hard to flank, they have an uncanny awareness of immediate peril. As they stronger, they have to be careful not to give in to their dark side or they could become like the very demons they hunt.

Devil Hunters usually fit into the role of the destroyer, and find themselves being relied on to wipe the enemies clean from existence. They also can find themselves in the roles of guardians or ordinary distractions. Due to these facts, Devil Hunters are usually found in the front end of a battlefield, trading blows with their foes at a relentless rate. There may come a time when they chose to leave the world of battle, and go away, attempt to settle down in a tranquil place. Though, even when this happens, Devil Hunters are still dangerous foes, for they never forget the manner of battle that they dedicated their lives to.

Exorcist: Exorcist are born, not made... so thinks their kind, anyway. Perhaps they had an odd forbearer or perhaps one of their ancestors was a great warrior, greatly renowned and respected (or feared). No matter the cause, an Exorcist shows skill from a very young age, and often progresses into a famous or infamous being themselves; should they survive.

Exorcist can banish evil with their very words, well versed incantations are the exorcist's sword. They are also adept in wielding the giant cross, crusader-style swords, cross bows, and using holy amulets. Exorcists offer much more in means of defense than divine prowess. Through sheer force of will, they can protect allies by interrupting magical Imageattacks and nullifying negative status effects.

The entire world is information. Those who have information, have power. Those who can hide information, have power. Those who can find information, find power. Digging out that hidden information is the hobby of the Exorcist, whether it is finding a hidden tome, deducing the identity of a murderer, or spying out secrets that others keep hidden. This makes an Exorcist particularly more dangerous foe than an experienced soldier with a rifle. Exorcist are executed to be well knowledgeable on lore from all over the over the world.

An Exorcist's abilities vary greatly. However, their spellcasting will never quite match that of a practiced caster. Nor will their swordplay, alone, defeat tides of well trained and equipped opponents. Exorcists aid in combat by helping the entire party. They excel at identifying the weaknesses of enemies. They bring luck to the entire party, helping the party to avoid unlucky situations and denying good luck to their opponents. Exorcists work best when facing the undead or evil aligned opponents. When they find themselves in melee, most Exorcist prefer light weapons.

The Exorcist's effectiveness depends mostly, if not solely upon the religion to which they pledge their servitude. In any case, the Exorcist most soundly reflects their religion's code of conduct. It is from the faith in said religion that an Exorcist derives their power. For the stronger their faith and conviction, the stronger they are when facing evil.

Alchemist: Alchemists are powerful scientists who obsess over value of things. They constantly seek to find a way to make the worthless into something worthwhile. Many Alchemists spend their time making potions to heal or harm, and often to restore life. Almost every alchemist has the ultimate goal of finding or creating the philosopher's stone.

An alchemist is able to find, extract and refine minerals and essences which they can then transmute and combine to create new and powerful substances. They are skilled in the use of such substances to enhance their mental and physical abilities, notably to lengthen lifespan and gain immortality. They can also use these substances in a way similar to "enchantment", but to call it that is equal to blasphemy to an Alchemist.

An Alchemist is a remarkable individual, capable of manipulating matter and energy. Not all people can become competent alchemists merely by studying. Though essentially scientists, alchemists' abilities are incredibly practical Imageand can be applied to the simple enhancement of normal life in the form of quick, relatively effortless repair of objects that ordinarily take a good deal of time and energy to fix.

They are extremely secretive, careful to keep the secrets of their research out of the hands of the general public so as to prevent abuse of that knowledge and power by those with less-than-noble intentions. As such, alchemists generally keep their research notes coded so that only they, or other like-minded alchemical geniuses, may understand them.

An alchemist's time is spent studying their craft, leaving them with little time for combat training. While the Alchemist can be somewhat useful in fighting, the Alchemists greatest power lies in his ability to create improvised weapons(i.e. explosive potions). They have the ability to alter matter itself and this also has its own place in combat.

The alchemist is a master of the worldly mysteries, a scientist of the spiritual mysteries of the planes, and seeker of the greatest secrets. Those who become alchemists seek power and knowledge. Power through knowledge or knowledge through power; it makes little difference. Alchemists are experts in brewing potions and experimental research. They tend to live in larger cities where it is easy to find materials to work with, although sometimes an alchemist will stock up and move somewhere remote to keep his work hidden. Alchemists like to spend most of their days inside, studying, and are usually only drawn out of their home form a need for food, water, materials, or the hope of getting some rare material with which to work.

Psychic: The mind has hidden powers that even the most educated scholars don’t fully understand. There exist people gifted with extraordinary abilities: psychics. They have visions or a sense of what others are thinking. They can influence the minds of those around them or even affect the physical world with their thoughts. Some confuse their power with sorcery, but it is not the same. Still, those who possess such gifts often conceal them, out of concern that others will fear or misunderstand them. Psychics who choose to develop their potential are capable of feats to rival witches. They can become masters of their fate, or else risk becoming the pawns of those who seek to harness and control their powers for their own purposes.

ImageA psychic typically discovers his talents during a time of stress. These may be the changes brought on by adolescence or another trauma in the psychic’s life. The newly awakened talent is often confusing and frightening for the psychic, who may hear voices, have visions, experience poltergeist phenomena, or even awaken from a dream to find themselves hundreds of miles from home, with no idea of how they got there. Eventually, the psychic learns to control his powers and begins studying and learning how to use them intentionally.

Psychics have innate mental powers, known as “talents,” which can be developed through training and study. While psychic talents aren’t generally as broad or powerful as the magic of spellcasters, they tend to be more flexible. Only their talent, their training, and their stamina limit psychics, since using psychic abilities can be draining. While more subtle than the flash and bang of spellcasting, psychic powers are far reaching. A psychic can cross tremendous distances in the blink of an eye or pull the strings of entire nations from behind the scenes. Since their talents are both innate and widely varied, psychics tend to be unpredictable.

Fortunate psychics encounter others of their kind, who can teach them and help them understand their talents. Most, however, are on their own and have to make do with trial and error.

Charmed: The Charmed are practitioners of magic, or witchcraft which is why they are more often than not, called witches whom can be either male or female, and good or evil. Charmed who betrayed the Wiccan Rede (Witch Code of Conduct) and kill good witches for their powers are called Warlocks. Charmed have the power to cast spells, make potions, and scry for persons and objects. Other known abilities consist of: channeling, conjuration, elemental control, and telekinesis.

While few have been shown to harness mystical energy and effectively practice magic, Charmed receive their magical power as a result of heredity. The offspring of two charmed ones will almost always be charmed as well. Though the probability of the offspring of a charmed one and a non-charmed, or a mortal, being charmed themselves are reduced to the 50%. In a long lineage consisting majorly of Charmed, grimoires are kept that are journals used primarily to document various spells, information, potions, etc. These journals are passed along different bloodlines for generations increasing the magical knowledge contained within.

ImageThe Charmed are stronger when in groups because of this, circles are formed which consist of six or more witches, which can then grow to become a coven which contain multiple circles. Witches form circles in order to enhance their power and obtain greater knowledge of their Craft. Occasionally, witches may choose to bind their circles, which is a ceremonial ritual of mystically linking the members' bloodline together. While this link limits their individual power, their true strength lies in their collective power. There are other ways to increase power though: stripping others of being gifted another's magic is a prime way, while candles are used to focus spells and crystals are used to magnify individual power.

All Charmed have the ability to invent and use spoken spells, to manufacture potions, and to scry for supernatural beings such as demons and other magical witches. They also have the ability to see ghosts. In addition, witches are each born with one or more personal powers. These powers can be used at will, and do not require incantations. Powers vary widely among individuals, although the powers do appear to have a hereditary aspect. That is, witches of common ancestry are most likely to have the same or similar powers, or to have powers drawn from the common list.

The Witch is a skilled healer, but one who tends to utilize potions and poultices more than spells. They posse great knowledge of plants and animals, and the various uses (including harmful ones) of their constituent parts. They can craft many useful items from these components. Usually, they spend a great deal of time wandering the wilds collecting material for their craft, and are likely a skilled tracker. Seldom, does one lose their way in the wild, especially in areas they are familiar with, and are able to hide and move stealthily in such areas.

A witch will undergo apprenticeship with a mentor. This apprenticeship is likely to have begun when the witch was a child or adolescent. A witch is then expected to perform many tasks and errands, while studying under the mentor. Once this is completed, a witch will need to complete an apprentice piece and have it approved by their mentor in order to graduate. The nature of the apprentice piece will be determined by the mentor. After graduation from apprenticeship, the witch will likely undertake a journeyship. During this time the witch generally has no fixed abode, and travels widely, learning all they can from any witches they encounter, honing their craft.

Reaper: A Reaper must worship a good or neutral deity whose domain is death. They then receive their reaper form, weapon, and spells by surrendering their souls to their deity. The reaper has then devoted their life to ridding the world of those who abuse death. Necromancers, Liches, and undead are the common enemy of a reaper. This is not to say that a reaper can only fight them, a reaper is highly competent with whatever weapon they choose to be their reaping implement. Reapers can summon their chosen weapon from an extra dimensional pocket, instantly and at will.

Reapers, like any other profession, have a uniform they must where when working. They enter a state where they don a black cloak and their flesh take on an ashy appearance. They float slightly above the ground and therefore ignore all difficult terrain, but this does not increase their base speed. They can also summon a skull mask to cover Imagetheir face and those who see it, see their deaths.

Reapers usually serve their deity by harvesting souls, which can be done one of two ways. The first is by opening a portal called: Death's Door, this is a red portal that opens beneath the targets feet, once summoned. Their soul is the immediately sucked from their body and goes straight to judgment, unless they can somehow escape the vortex. The second way is with their weapon. Reapers can see souls and the chords that attach them to the body. Using their chosen weapon, they can then severe said chords and remove the soul; this method, however, requires a lot of focus.

The living and dead can be become Reapers, but despite popular thought, do not serve Death only; they also work for other deities. Another rumor often debated is about their prey, Reapers hunt the living and dead alike. Reapers develop a spectral vision that can show a great deal of information about the world around them. They can detect the presence or absence of undead auras in their immediate area or at a moderate distance; incidentally this can reveal an undead creatures strength level by gauging luminosity. With this same vision, they can see the invisible, the ethereal plane on the material plane, and determine the health status of a creature.

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