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Hyperion's Lost Tour(Borderlands)

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Hyperion's Lost Tour(Borderlands)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Digital_Zombie on Wed Jun 05, 2013 10:29 pm

Sveran, the Wanderer

Sveran had managed to get himself lost somewhere in the Three Horns Divide today. Wandering aimlessly the Psycho saw nothing but frozen wastes and bullymong dens. The adventurer couldn't help but think to himself, hell he was the only one he knew he could think to. "Damn it's cold, no wonder nobody is out here but those cold bandits." Sveran spent a lot of time thinking to himself. Ever since he got out of the Hyperion underground labs he couldn't quite get in control of his body enough to talk to anyone. It also didn't help that the brutal pain Sveran went through in those labs caused him to cope by making another personality. This other mind took over his body as it did with many psycho's, as far as he knew Sveran was the only psycho who could at least try to take control again. "Hopefully someday soon buddy..." Sveran thought this but didn't really have much hope in it.

Meanwhile he continued to walk around the divide, throwing his buzz axe into the air and catching it to help with his boredom. "I'M GOING TO SQUEEZE YOU TILL YOU BLEED BLOOD." Sveran had a lot of random blurts like this. He only really started to remember after he got out of the labs so anything that happened in them was more like a mysterious scar then a burning memory. Obviously it had left him much worse for wear. The psycho was wearing cargo pants that he had since he got out, a hole torn into the right knee and regular combat boots. The pants held up by a thick belt with a large square buckle, Sveran wasn't wearing a shirt but had bandages around his midrift. His pecs completely exposed to the elements besides the remnants of a nomad torturer's coat. Sveran's hands were also bandaged with metal plates stacked on his left arm for some added protection and possibly something from his reconstructive surgeries. A psycho mask hid Sveran's face, the goggles popped out and filters added to the mouth. Other than this the only details on Sveran's head was his unkempt brown hair the sides shaved with some scarring where the Hyperion doctors 'helped' his brain along.

Suddenly something caught Sveran's eye. Moving behind a block of ice for cover he took a longer look. "Is that woman riding a skag?" Taking a step from behind the ice it was clear that indeed there was a woman across the clearing who was riding a badass looking skag. She was making her way to one of the frozen ships here, probably to kill the bandits there and take their loot. "That's actually fairly interesting, too bad I hate skags...oh no did I just say hate?" Sveran had no time to try and put the reigns on his body.

"HATE-SPLOSIONS!" Sveran shouted before starting to run over. Holding his buzz axe in both hands normally he would have been a scary sight. "No don't attack the skag, if she's got that much control over a badass she's probably a vault hunter." It was far too late though as Sveran used a rock to jump on and then jump off attacking by taking a huge swing down.

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Re: Hyperion's Lost Tour(Borderlands)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SoulVirus9 on Wed Nov 06, 2013 3:21 am

Syphi had taken nearly a month to train the beastly skag, raising the thing from a starving pup out of pure sympathy and watching him grow. It was the closest thing to a pet she ever had. The idea of someone attacking this particular skag caused violent thoughts to sprout in her mind but any other skag could drop dead in her standards. Her love of this one was completely separate from the love of it's kin. It seemed like a day as any other, killing and looting things bandits probably stole themselves, which was first come first serve in her book.
Syphi herself was an obvious Siren as any person with eyes could see. The marks which plainly marked her stood out in dark blue on the bared skin of her arm in swirling patterns that hid images in it. Her dark blue-black hair hung shortly in her face and covered her left eye, whereas the right was visible and marked with a line that streaked down to her jaw and teardrops that were close to her eye. The shirt she wore was not out of the ordinary for Sirens. One sleeve was long, allowing her thumb to go through a small hole, while the other was not even made so she could display her Sirens tattoos. It was fully black, save for a small indigo X on her chest.
Reguardless of what she was doing before, she quickly sensed she, or more directly, her skag, was being attacked. Her reaction was natural, not waiting for anyone to explain, she chose shoot over ask questions. Before he landed his blow, a shimmering blue light came from her markings as she uttered one word. "Stop" The result was the stranger was pulled upward into a black hole. More scientifically, she placed him in a different demention, leaving his body motionless and easy to kill. She drew her gun but there was something wrong. The form she trapped in was not a bandit but someone far different. So she waited for the effects of her Phaselock to wear off and trained her pistol on him, ready to shoot him should he try to do anything to warrant a bullet.

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