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[Multiverse]Hyuuga Neji

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Name:Hyuuga Neji
Occupation:Ex-Jounin of the Konoha village.Currently student in the Mavolente High School.
Biography:Considered to be the genius of the Hyuuga clan his frightening potential comfirmed that rumor.Born a branch family member Neji always lived in fear of death, sticking to the Hyuuga's fate of hatred he despised the head family blaming them for the death of his father.Events revealed that his father died in the place of his twin brother, escaping the fate of the branch family to obey the head family and gladly gave his life as a free man.After that Neji realised that fighting against fate was not impossible.Following his father's steps he fought against destiny becaming a top class ninja and the strongest person in the whole Hyuuga clan.He was recomended to enroll in the Mavolente High School and was taught extremely difficult and high level techniques from Konoha's top technique specialists for that reason.The cursed seal that the head family placed on the forehead of the branch family to protect the secret of the Byakungan, the eye technique that only the Hyuuga clan members are able to use, was removed from him.Now he is ready to attend the classes of his new school and make his village proud.
Skills:He can use the Byakungan enabling him to see the Tentetsu, the pressure points of the energy circulatory system.
Complete mastery of Jyuuken the martial art of the Hyuuga clan.It uses the Byakungan to see the Tenketsu and then the user strikes his own energy in his oppoent's body through his hands or legs to deal heavy internal damage.
Able to use a great number of ninjutsu and special ninja weapons.

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