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[MultiVerse] Iggi

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[MultiVerse] Iggi

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Iggi on Sun Jun 24, 2007 9:53 am

Birth Name: Veil Guinevere Tiassale
Nickname: Iggi
Race: Vampire (Fledgling)
Sex: Female
Age: Approx. 12
Birth Date: August 6
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 93 Lbs.
Religion: Atheist
Blood Type: Diseased

Hairstyle: Long ebony tendrils elongating to about the bottom tip of her shoulder blades. Uncared for, naturally, although it developed a sleek, glossy look in turn.
Eye Color: A firm, steely kind of emerald.
Body: Petite/slim, feminine with a rigid touch.
Physical Condition: Overall, decent. Her stomach became a vital spot and biggest weakness in combat to her current form, still reforming after a large hole had been torn through it.
Marks, Scars, Tattoo: A light tattoo framing her eyes and forehead which consists of an intricate pattern of curves and waves.
Clothing: A tight navy tunic, decorated with simple patterns of gold framing the hems. Woven silk pant legs, also clinging to her skin snugly to deflect small weapons such as arrow-heads.

Family Background: Unknown – Veil lost her memory at an age of 6. Although it is said her family resides in the luscious safety of royalty.
Birthplace: Unknown, although her striking Polish accent is a hint.
History: Found by a man (Later being recognized as Rannock) in her crib in Poland and taken hostage. Her performed a series of experiments upon her, creating a bug that resided deep inside her stomach and slowly devoured her very being. This leech soon found power in her and used this to his advantage, controlling her build at Rannock's will as well of ridding her of all memories. She became aware of said bug, and devoured a canteen of poison, killing the leech. The poison, however, flooded her blood system, diseasing her. Whilst having no purpose anymore, she stumbled upon a grand Vampire, and in turn her Sire, Blackheart. This man turned her vampiric, and currently tutors her as his own.

Vernacular: A slight Polish accent, although now mingled between Polish and English.
Psychological Condition: Lost all memory at the age of six. Her sanity is questionable, however.
Character Behavior: Quite usually peaceful, quiet. Prefers slinking around the shadows and watching over action.

Preferred Style of Combat: Unarmed, hand to hand combat.
Weapons in Possession: Two rusted daggers, barely of use anymore.
Other Info: Prefers to shy away from combat at all costs.

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