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Ikari Arimoto - Unforgiven.

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Ikari Arimoto - Unforgiven.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Arisa Hanajima on Fri May 05, 2006 2:58 pm

Name: Ikari Arimoto
Age: 142
Race: Kusryan
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Gender: Male

Multi-Dimensional Parapsychology - Uniting both the art of Science and the spiritual Mysticism, the Kusryans have formulated a technique that will allow them to manipulate the various planes of existence known as Planeswalking. Those of the Kusryan race, who posess an elevated level of Clairvoyance and Telepathy, may utilize this technique, however depending upon the skill of the Planeswalker, the manipulation of a body of space outside their own may cause great strain.

Neo-Kusryan Mitosis - Due to extensive mitosis Neo-Kusyrans posess, Ikari can maintain a flawless sence of dexterity and an uncanny level of agility. Ikari's cell also posess an uncanny rate of regenetation that rivals even the rate of nano reproduction.

Weapon Form: Yuda Fei Style
Weapon(s): Omega Circuit

[Omega Circuit]
Forged during the ancient times a race known as the Kusryans prospered, Omega Circuit is a weapon that is passed through the Arimoto Clan. The Omega Circuit has been crafted into the form of a sword, and is composed by hand of an inorganic material whose appearance shares the same traits as silver. This unknown material rivals any material known to date in durability and sharpness. The Omega Circuit sits within a scabbard composed of titanium and wrapped in a layer of leather. Set within the hilt and pommel of the Omega Circuit is a Dreamstone Arc-Generator that spreads an aura of Ikari's inner aura to span across the entirety of the blade. Utilizing this 'DAG' system with the series of runes scowered along the base of the Omega Circuit, Ikari may utterly destroy any barrier that he incurs, as well as inflicting damage to spirits and ethereal entities.

A suave and smooth talker, Ikari can persuade most people out of anything he desires, which is a trait he shares from his dearly departed mother. Ikari also shares a small measure of his mother's Clairvoyance in the form of 'Visions' which often are aroused by sleep, though some of the stronger visions that Ikari has had, he has seen even with his waking eyes. Despite his outward demeanor, however, at heart Ikari is more a child than any at his age. Perhaps this is attributed to his childhood, however other possibilities do exist. In a pinch Ikari is a great ally, for his mental state when his authority is challenged radically changes to that of a beast-like demeanor which very few can coax him out of.

Standing at about 5"11, he has broad shoulders and a lean body. His skin is of a vanilla (or manilla?) in color. Even though he's spent well over twenty years in the hot sun, he's inability to tan only came to fuel his determination to complete his training. to get out to the sun if anything else. A set of cold, dispassionate eyes of a jaded onyx - barren of emotion - accompany a pointed, yet well rounded nose. His thin lips, habitually made thin and small, rarely, if ever, changes unless he's commanded to.. or if something entertains him.

His hair is silver/platinum in color, which form tresses that reach down his back and frame his countenance. His appearance ensures that he will be noticed and not simply blend in with the crowd. As for his normal attire, he wears a solid mesh bodysuit of raven hue with several patches of silver-coloured armor. The armor has been inscribed by a set of runes of protection, and at his sides and backs are four blades sheathed in a mechanism create so that the moment Ikari’s mind recalls one of the four swords, it is instantly called into his hand.

Born to Sagishi Arimoto and Sakura, back when the Kusryans Home world was founded by the ancients was a child and they named him Ikari. Ikari was seven years old when fate interrupted his happiness and brought about a change that would many times over break the seams of sanity in the fabric of life. His father and mother were having a celebration, with all of their relatives there, as well, to honor the coronation of the new king of Kusrya. That was when the doors were cast open and the frame of a large man in a dark cloak was seen. His staff thrown forward cast fire into the house. The sorcerer noticed Ikari laying in a ball in the shadows trying not to cry in terror. Instead of killing him with the others he took him as his slave.

The day came that the Sorceror, himself, took him away from his pit of mud and darkness to a room made of strangely glowing stones with images of horror and power carved upon each of them. In the center was an altar, strange symbols glowing orange upon it that shifted in shape and design. Silver cords where then put upon the child, biting into his flesh till he bled, and he was placed upon the altar, the very heats of it burning into his flesh the images upon it. His eyes looked up and saw the Sorcerer bring into his hand a long knife. For a moment, time flashed and the knife was embedded into the child's heart.

This then began to turn into a liquid, stabbing pain entering into the entire body of Ikari, the knife vanishing and about his spirit a darkness strangling. The pain was tremendous, yet he was unable to lose consciousness as the flesh was slowly began melting away from his skeleton. Before him stood the Sorcerer leaning against his staff and chanting quickly, his dark eyes locked upon the boy devoid of all garments and now, also flesh. The darkness already within Ikari crept deeper into his spirit and a battle began for his very soul. This battle Ikari could not win. The flames scorched hotly, melting his form onto the altar while his inner being struggled to obtain death. Not even the bones of his body remained.

It wasn't for almost two years that he finally had the knowledge to break free from the sorceror. In order to escape Ikari split himself into two beings, the one serving and keeping the sorcerer occupied while another portion fled far into the darkness away from his ghastly citadel. The years slipped by and finally he stopped using the form of a merchant and just roamed the galaxy as was. Ikari, however, was soon found out by his former captor. Utilizing a small rainbow-colored crystal found within the lair, he was able to trap his captor away and seal his soul within the crystal. Also within the lair lied Omega Circuit, the Sword of the Arimoto House. After reclaiming the heirloom, Ikari began a journey to find his father. A month later His journey was ended, and he was reunited with his father. Sagishi seemed to have forgot his anger for his son, and they shared a heart-felt reunion, at which father and son bonded in such a way as can not be broken. Sagishi, however, left Ikari ten years later in the capable hands of Vincent Knightly, King of Grandeclaw. The two formed a fast friendship, however Ikari soon departed upon his own journey.

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