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[No particular Universe yet] Imblov Dribo

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[No particular Universe yet] Imblov Dribo

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Teh Andy on Fri Mar 09, 2007 3:42 pm

Name: Unpronounceable with human vocal chords
Alias: Imblov Dribo
Race: Alien (Actual race name again unpronounceable with human vocal chords)
Gender: Male-ish
Age: 58 earth-years

Height: 3' 4"
Weight: 150
Eyes: Green
Hair: None

Physical Description: This little alien guy packs an impressive punch at 3’ 4� His skin tone is a dark red, though it tends to turn blue when he’s of failing health. Two antennae stick out of his head, though most perceive them as tubular horns. These light up with a faint red light whenever he uses them. His eyes are big, and green, with no visible eye-lids or pupils. As conditions grow darker, his eyes begin to glow until they’re veritable green flashlights when it’s pitch-black. Just because he likes how it looks, when he was younger he had a purple goatee implanted on his chin.

Being so short, naturally his limbs are short as well. However he does have an unnaturally-large pair of four-fingered hands, genetically designed to easily grip large objects. He’s built with a lithe frame, capable of flexing and squeezing into and out of incredibly small spaces. His feet more accurately resemble hooves, being constructed of hard, durable material with no toes.

Personality Description: Imblov is a rather cynical personality on the outside, though inwardly he has a kind heart. Quick to jump to action, he has a fierce temper and doesn’t easily forgive serious infractions. He trusts himself more than anyone else and when given the chance would rather do most tasks alone than rely on someone else to do it for him, though he does possess the ability to trust those that deserve it.

Equipment: Imblov came to this planet with only the clothes he wore and his ship’s equipment. With the help of the extraordinary human that found him, he managed to forge himself a large, sharp sword from the material of his ship. Using the ship’s weapon system, he also was able to craft a pair of wrist-mounted laser cannons. Taking great care of his clothing, he still wears the traditional head bodyguard armor he wore years ago, without the medals awarded to him by the traitor he served.

Abilities: Being born an alien made for hard labor, Imblov has many advantages over the native human population.

With the difference in gravity, Imblov is over 25x stronger and faster than he was on his home planet, which was considerable even there, being made to do hard labor in a mine.

Imblov doesn’t need to breath, eat, drink, or sleep, being powered by a genetic battery which is constantly charged by any nearby light source.

With a skeleton comprised of cartilage-like bones, it’s very simple for Imblov to squeeze into and out of tight spaces

Using the telepathic antennae on his head, Dribo possesses the ability to send thoughts secretly into the thoughts of others as well as receive thoughts meant for him, even if the sender isn’t telepathic, though he cannot do this on a mass scale.

Imblov’s race was built for hard labor, thus his body is much more durable than a human-being’s, capable of taking vast amounts of abuse before failing.

History: Imblov Dribo’s race was the product of an alien genetics lab that produced slaves for work in their mines. The planet he was born on had gravity approximately 25x the equivalent of earth’s gravity, producing a race of short humanoids. Being part of a slave-race, Imblov’s kind were mindless workers for their masters, hopelessly loyal. They were built to be the perfect worker. However, these aliens didn’t learn evolution the same way humans have and did not take into account the possibility of a mutation. Over time, these slaves began to become self-aware. The first evolved slaves were discovered by their masters and destroyed. After that, experiments were done and measures were taken to prevent such genetic anomalies in the future. However, a few of the slaves had grown wiser and hidden their rebellious nature, plotting in secret away from the prying eyes of their masters.

Finally open war broke out and continued for over ten years. During this time, Imblov acted as the head bodyguard for the slaves’ leader. One day, he stumbled upon his leader and several of Imblov’s trusted officers sabotaging the rebellion’s plans. In a panic, Imblov rushed out; informing everyone he could of their betrayal. A massive battle ensued among the slaves as Imblov fought to reach his family and save them, sending them out on an evacuation shuttle while he himself scrambled into a fighter spacecraft to aid the other pilots in completing the mission that their leader had doomed to failure. During the battle he witnessed the master race unleash a brutal secret attack which he was able to barely evade, but not before the shuttle carrying his family was destroyed. Soon after seeing this, he went into a rampage, sending himself on a suicide mission to destroy his enemies’ base. It was not to be, however. Imblov’s ship was hit and disabled in combat. Seen as dead in space, he drifted idly for years.

Then one day his ship passed within Earth’s gravitational pull. At once his ship plummeted to the ground. Only by his genetic durability did he manage to survive the crash, plucking himself from the wreckage to be discovered by a truly awesome human being.

Since his name was unpronounceable with human vocal cords, he adopted the name of the man who took him in and introduced him to Earth, though altering it with what he thought was a rather amusing play on words from his own language. When he discovered more about this man, he decided to model his new life on him, even adopting a yellow headband with flowing tails to look more like his role model’s golden braid of hair.

After staying and learning the ways of the world from, the alien felt the need to explore and so left to see the world for himself.

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