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Immortal Medical: Chronicles OOC - Zombie Virus

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Immortal Medical: Chronicles OOC - Zombie Virus

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Mikhos on Tue Jun 03, 2008 6:33 pm


It was just your average, large city. Woodvale, UK. Known for it's several large malls, and military fort. Very very few knew of what was cooking inside of this little place. The year 2024 marked a modern marvel- and a curse.

Mikhos's Journal wrote:"The military was slow to react to the "zombie" calls, and by the time they actually did, are completely outnumbered and underpowered. After the loss, the military decided to quarantine the city, and stopped sending in troops, deciding that it would only waste good soldiers. And so the current ones are trapped. Munitions are low, so is morale."

Current story: It was Mikhos's first night of cop work when he stopped the speeding car that held Walter Barrecks. The man claimed there were zombies in the city - and was trying to get out as fast as possible. But things went downhill, fast. As Mikhos was forced to cooperate with the strange scientist, they found themselves getting into deeper and deeper trouble with the zombie infestation. Along the way they came across Anarak and Shyanne, both members of the military, and Zerta, a mercenary who once worked for the Immortal Medical company, those responsible for the virus and where Walter Barrecks worked.

The ragtag group of individuals led by Mikhos the agile cop, fleeing zed invasions had found there way to a lone fire station. After staying a night or two and gathering resources, they attempted to break through the military quarantine. A rather large zombie staggered into the way, though, and the group found themselves in a large accident. They have been rescued by Patrick Jones, better known as Jonesy and his daughter Tess.

Characters can apply by PM.
Once approved can post their bio in this thread and enter the city known as Woodvale. See character creation below.

Civilian Branch - Hacker, Scavenger, Fighter/Martial Artist, Driver/Pilot, Consumer
Public Service Branch - Police Officer, SWAT, Firefighter, Search and Rescue
Medical Branch - Doctor, Nurse, Surgeon
Military Branch - Rifleman, Shotgunner, Automatic Rifleman, Soldier, Medic, Pilot
Immortal Medical Branch - IM Scientist, IM Mercenary, IM Corporate
Zombie Branch

Martial Arts:
Judo, Jujutsu, Ju Jitsu, Sambo
Kung Fu, Any style i.e. Tiger Claw Kung Fu
Karate, Boxing, Kickboxing
Muy Thai Boxing, Capoeira
Krav Maga (Israeli Military MA)
The list goes on. Choose your own, but it must be an actual style.
Most classes can know one, but Fighters/Martial Artists may start with 2 learn a maximum of 4.

Weapons, from basic and common to rare and powerful:
SOCOM: Accurate, medium strength, clip of 12.
Revolver: Clip of 6, Powerful, Accurate, No lock-ups or jams.
Glock: Fast, Accurate, Strong. When set to automatic speed + recoil is incredibly high. Clip of 16.
Luger: Clip of 8, Medium str., Medium Accuracy. Quick reloads.
Springfield: Medium power, short reloads, medium between shots. Clip of 8.
Garand: High power, long reloads, long between shots. Clip of 12.
Barrett/Tac-50: Incredible Power, Bolt action. Clip of 1.
Grendel: Powerful, medium reloads, short between shots. Clip of 6.
Burst Rifles:
Thompson: Strong, innacurate, high recoil. clip of 100
M16 Somewhat strong, Medium Recoil, accurate, long range. Clip of 30
QBZ-95/FAMAS, Strong, low recoil. Clip of 30.
Rk62, strong, accurate at long range. Clip of 60.
Broken Butterfly: Very Powerful, High Recoil, Clip of 6.
Mark I: Slightly Powerful. Accurate at longer range, low recoil. Clip of 6. Works clean and smooth.
Jericho: Slightly Powerful. Medium recoil. Clip of 12.
D.Eagle: Pretty Strong. High recoil. Clip of 8.
Winchester: Clip of 6, Strong. Short range.
Benelli: Clip of 6, Very powerful. Long range.
Spas: Clip of 8, Powerful, though these guns can jam up.
Double Barrel: Clip of 2, Devastating. Short range.

This is a realistic role-play besides the fact that there are zombies and such. Everything else is at least slightly. That means you have limited ammo, etc, you get tired. You need to be able to keep this realistic, but still try to have fun, please. :]

Current Approved Characters:

Name: Mikhos Rollins, Carnegie Ally P.D. -- Status: Active
Class: Cop
Age: 23
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 129 lb.
Hair: Red
Skin: Slightly Pale
Eyes: Topaz
Heritage: 1/2 Irish- 1/3 English- 1/6 Greek -- Father = English-Greek (Hence his first and last name) Mother = Irish
Appearance: A leanly muscled young man, Mikhos's long, side parted red bangs hang in his face. Wearing a brown leather jacket, a Bomber 3 to be exact, a tight Bloc Party tee shirt, a studded belt with a large Crescent moon belt buckle. He also wears grungy jeans, and neon orange Chuck Taylor high tops. Slightly pale skin, angular features, slightly gaunt in the face.
Weapons and Fighting Style: Dual Magnum, close range.
Abilities/Weaknesses: Incredible Speed, Agility. Spooked easily, fragile. Not too wise. A chain smoker, yet has a tenor voice.
Martial Arts: Basic Thai Boxing knowledge.
Items/Guns: Jericho Magnum
3 clips.
D.Eagle +
Handheld radio.
"Spray Paint" +
+ Indicates found along the story.


Name: Walter Barrecks, Jack of many trades -- Status: Active
Class: IM Scientist/ Fighter
Age: 21
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 190 lb.
Hair: Brown, messy, short
Eyes: Green
Heritage: German/Mixed European/Possible Japanese... we don't know.
Appearance: A young, somewhat strong man. He looks to have been endlessly working. He wears a black tee, camo pants, and a trench coat. He wears his cut off gloves, due to his fighting hand to hand. A backpack hangs from him at all times.
Weapons and Fighting Style: Tanto (Asian Dagger), melee to close
Abilities/Weaknesses: Strong, very smart, has common sense, but uses only his brute force. He creates and upgrades items, fights with several styles. Walter is too cocky and proud for his own good. He also drinks large amounts of alcohol, which is good for him until he is needed to do something. He also is perverted, and tends to "try" to sweet talk women, but his comedian style rants leave him an asshole. Due to the accident causing him to become the prototype of Project Z, Walter has a very slight regenerative property. This only works to close wounds and will not regenerate organs and body parts. Blind in left eye due to the firetruck accident.
Martial Arts: Advanced Drunken style, Advanced Karate,
Items/Guns: Carrier bag, comics, Infection cleaning kit, 6 doses of paralytic fluid, several syringes, first aid kits, . Lots of booze. A few syringes with zombie fluid. Has a laptop in his possession, with Walter's Immortal Medical knowledge, he can access ImmortalNet, having access to all information on the project Z.


Name: Anarak Calbut -- Status: Active
Class: Military Shotgunner
Age: 29
Height: 6'3
Weight: 185lb
Hair: brown
Eyes: Green
Heritage: Part Irish, generally explains the accent was moved into the UK only recently.
Appearance: Camo pants with sturdy black boots, with a flak jacket on over the plain grey T shirt.
Weapons and Fighting Style: Shotgun W/ basic melee.
Abilities/Weaknesses: Very hardy, adapted to breaking enemy ranks, Former heroine addict joined the military in a last ditch effort to straighten himself out.
Martial Arts: Basic Savate Street and Formal.
Items/Guns: Benelli shotgun, 20 rounds. SOCOM 6 rounds (1/2 clip)


Name: "Sparky" Name Unknown -- Status: MIA
Class: Military Sharpshooter
Age: 34
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 239 lb.
Hair: Brownish
Skin: White, But tanned.
Appearance: Tall and full of muscles. Keeps Himself clean, but is in no way a clean freak. Usually wearing his old Military outfits. He prefers his hair to be a buzz cut, but it has grown out about and is about half a inch long. Almost always has a cigar in his mouth.
Weapons and Fighting Style: Sniper rifle/Assault rifle/rifle, always single shot, Long Range. Good at Melee
Abilities/Weaknesses: Expert Marksman. Doesn't Exactly have emotions though. Which can be a good thing, and a bad thing. VERY strong. but not exactly fast. Prefers Long range, but can Melee.
Martial Arts: Boxing
Items/Guns: Springfield, 2 clips. Sausage Sub (( :D )). Cigars. Lighter (half empty).


Name: Alex Kelley --- Status: MIA
Class: Military - Soldier
Age: 20
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 155 Pounds.
Hair: Brown, buzzed
Skin: Slightly tanned white
Eyes: Hazel
Appearance: Slightly short with a lean but muscular build. Nikko's wearing his black work boots (light industrial, not military), a pair of Urban Camo style cargo pants, a black wife-beater, with a grey pullover hoodie over that, with a open black denim jacket layered over the hoodie.
Weapons and Fighting Style: .44 Caliber Revolver, M16 Rifle. Fighting style: Boxing.
Abilities/Weaknesses: Great endurance for walking/jogging, though becomes tired quickly if forced to sprint/run hard for ten minutes or so (due to his smoking.). Very adept at Urban fighting, i.e. finding cover, using buildings/city environment, climbing ladders/gutters/fences, etc.. He's got a rare physical disorder that makes him need to drink water or any liquid at least once an hour, or he feels and acts as if he's slightly dehydrated.
Martial Arts: Took boxing lessons at age 14, and boxed in High-school and in the military.
Items/Guns: .44 Cal. Revolver long-barrel, M16 assault rifle, with 24 rounds for his pistol and three extra clips (90 rounds extra) for his M16. Also in his back pack he has a carton of Cigarettes (Camel Wides to be exact!), a gallon jug of water, a can of butane (for his lighter), and a portable radio (not a walkie-talkie.). In his pockets he has his trusty lighter, his cell-phone, and a picture of his girlfriend, who happens to be on vacation (Her name is Kristina).


Name: Leon ''silent'' Mac -- Status: MIA
Class:s.w.a.t./ ex military
age: 25
height: 5'8
weight: 145
hair: black, short usualy has a black bandana tied around and over his hair
skin: tan
eyes: grey
appearence: shorter then most in his field at 5'8 he wears either a black short sleeved shirt, cargo pants, and boots, usualy has a pair of glasses on him.
weapon and fighting style:adapt in close quarter combat, and various martial arts styles, also carries a socom with 4 extra clips and keeps two combat knives on him, one at his lower right leg and one on his left shoulder.
abilities/weaknesses: quick and knows how to move silently, in short distances, exels at close combat fighting, also good with his signature socom at closer ranges, doesnt have a good long ranged eye though. Can run long distances, but isnt the fastest runner after a quarter mile.


Name: Shyanne Summers -- Status: ACTIVE
Class: Shotgunner
Age: 23
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 110 lb.
Hair: Brown
Skin: Tan
Eyes: Green
Shirt is dark red with black stripes coming from the sides. Pants are black cargo, boots steal toed light weight for easy maneuvering. Brown hair layered to mid back, usually put up.
Weapons and Fighting Style: Shot gun, close up
Abilities/Weaknesses: High defense, fast on her feet. She gets too quick to the gun before using common sense when upset. Gets lost easily.
Martial Arts: Kick boxing
Items/Guns: Small medical kit, water bottles, infra red binoculars, Spas, 8 clips.


Name: "Zerta" Caligula -- Status: Raping face.
Class: IM Mercenary
Age: 28
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 173 lb.
Hair: Onyx
Skin: Moderately Bronzed
Eyes: Grey
Appearance: Very muscular with a very self loathing appearance. Wearing a Standard Issue IM Uniform.

There are some pockets to keep miscellaneous items in. A Flak Jacket underneath, again, some pockets to keep clips in, mildly damaged, but no damage that would conflict with the well being of himself. A white muscle shirt accompanied by grease stains, the usual blood stains and some sweat stains. Green Camo Jeans, under which is a hidden 6" Combat knife with a serrated side, and a razor sharp blade on the opposite sides. Black Leather Boots which are stained beyond belief, with both oil, grease and blood from trampling the occasional corpse to release his anger. Finally a set of Dog Tags, however there is only a sentence imprinted on each. The seemingly undamaged one had the words, "Be not guilty". On the other, which is rusted incredibly and the only way to decipher the phrase is to hold it close to your empty eyes, it reads: "Be not Innocent".
Weapons and Fighting Style: SMG, 2 SOCOM's as well as low Kick Boxing skills.
Abilities/Weaknesses: Firearms Mastery. Low stress tolerance. Little to no Hand-To-Hand skills with some minor skills within Kick Boxing. Lost a wife and daughter to the plague, dreams still haunt him. He has seen his wife as a Zombie, he had killed her. His daughter is still out there somewhere to his belief, though it is possible he has come across her as well.
Martial Arts: Basic understanding of Kick Boxing.
Items/Guns: MP5 5 Magazines. A 6" Combat Knife in a sheath wrapped around the calf. A double holstered strap on the sides of his body, each with a SOCOM, 2 Clips for each Pistol, 4 total. Photos of lost Daughter and Wife. Backpack to keep cook wear, sleeping bag, matches, and the photos along with some personal items to remain unknown for the time being.

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Re: Immortal Medical: Chronicles OOC - Zombie Virus

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Mikhos on Wed Jun 25, 2008 12:32 am

Checking if anyone is still interested in this RP... there's still loads to do.
Anyone new want to join?


Walter: To be contacted
Aelita:To be contacted
Himros:To be contacted
Zerta:To be contacted
Jakob: Ready and Willing

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