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The Order: Dark Veil

Important Information

a part of “The Order: Dark Veil”, a fictional universe by Caille.

(ALL SPOTS TAKEN) The Order is made up of five witches, representing one of the five elements that keep the balance of the world. Lately, darkness has been imposing on said balance.

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “The Order: Dark Veil”.
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Important Information

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Caille on Wed Jun 16, 2021 5:32 pm

✰The Five Elements✰

Image Image


Those in tune with Wood are typically seen as athletic, energetic and adventurous. They are sometimes more prone to ortho problems in their bones, migraines, TMJ, or ADD. Those in tune with wood can be prone to anxiety and anger all the same and may find they do not have much control over these things in their life. They do have certain things they control in the material world and certain attributes associated with them.

Organs: Liver & Organ
Sense Organ: Eye
Weather: Wind
Season: Spring
Direction: East
Emotion: Anger
Colour: Blue/green
Sensation: Vision


Those in tune with fire are passionate, creative, and sometimes authoritative. They are known to also be impulsive as well as irritable, both things in which they can’t seem to calm down or be in control of no matter how hard they try. Those in tune with Fire may be susceptible to high blood pressure, chest pains, headaches, and insomnia. They do have certain things they control in the material world and certain attributes associated with them.

Organs: Heart & Small Intestine
Sense Organ: Tongue
Weather: Heat
Season: Summer
Direction: South
Emotion: Joy
Colour: Red
Sensation: Taste


Those in tune with earth are nurturing, generous, and caregiving. They are known to be rather worrisome and pensive, which are things they cannot help or control about themselves. They are naturally prone to these things. Those in tune with Earth may be subject to abdominal or hormonal issues. They do have certain things they control in the material world and certain attributes associated with them.

Organs: Spleen & Stomach
Sense Organ: mouth/lips
Weather: Damp
Season: Late Summer/Harvest
Direction: Center
Emotion: Worry
Colour: Yellow
Sensation: Touch


Those in tune with metal are meticulous, honest, and responsible. They are known to be a bit melancholy, which is never entirely by choice, they want to be seen less like that, but they can’t change their general outlook on it. Those in tune with Metal may be subject to skin and lung issues or allergies. They do have certain things they control in the material world and certain attributes associated with them.

Organs: Large intestine & Lung
Sense Organ: Nose
Weather: Dry
Season: Autumn
Direction: West
Emotion: Grief
Colour: White
Sensation: Smell


Those in tune with water are typically known as the old souls of the Order. They are private and reflective. Unfortunately, they tend to be paranoid about a lot of things and can be rather indecisive, so it is rare that Water ever leads the Order. Those in tune with Water may be subject to back and knee pain. They do have certain things they control in the material world and certain attributes associated with them.

Organs: Kidney & Bladder
Sense Organ: Ear
Weather: Cold
Season: Winter
Direction: North
Emotion: Fear
Colour: Black and dark blue
Sensation: Hearing/Balance.

* All information about the elements was not my own creation. This was taken from;

✰Proteges & Witchess✰

Image Image

Proteges are those who work under The Order. They have been noted to have mass potential in intuition, wisdom and soul. They even possess the capabilities to wield and use magic. Proteges are witches with exceptional potential and an affinity with one of the world's elements. Typically protege's come from the main five bloodlines, but there are known to be quite a few outsides of the five bloodlines.

Proteges are working with the element they have an affinity for. So if the protege was a heavy water user, they would work under the Water member of The Order. Each member probably has about 5 proteges and only one will be chosen as the successor.

Former proteges usually help The Order by coming up with other witches for the next training session or they simply will keep up their training and skills in the event that one of the members unexpectedly dies.

In rare cases, Former Proteges can feel rejected and spiteful. Sometimes they try to tarnish The Order, but with the upcoming Necromancer, some former proteges have been seen working with the villain.

Witches can be either male or female but tend to be female more likely than male. Witches can be from any combination of Witch x witch, witch x common folk, or even common folk x common folk. Powers will typically start to be noticeable at the age of 7. Witches do tend to age slower once they hit 20 and can sometimes appear younger than they look. Witches have a lifespan of 250 years, which is why The Order likes to pass on their role every 100 years.

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