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[Love of Pray] Inconsce steelheart

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[Love of Pray] Inconsce steelheart

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Nightmare on Sat Mar 17, 2007 1:25 am

Name:Inconsce Steelheart
Eye pupil left:Shape of a sword
regular eyesight
weapons:Sword and Tower shield
hair style: Spiked back
Color: Iron colored
Torso:yellow, short sleeved shirt with 2 black lines at the end of the arms
Waist:Metal belt with a sword sheath
legs:Topaz plate mail with chain leggings underneath
Hands:Leather, fingerless gloves
Feet:Black Iron boots
Pointy ears and can grow a beard
Bounty Hunter
Personality:Jerk but watches his language and what he does around kids.

He was born into poverty but his life was well and fair until his 13th birthday. His parents were killed at the stroke of 12 on his birthday. His family was gone so he needed to rely on himself, he sat in his room for several days frightened by the fact that he was now alone. Any time anybody tried to move he would jjerk away and return back to his spot. He was put into a Foster home and was soon adopted by a man, a gladiator who hardened him from his deeply depressed life. He soon learned to take a life at the age of 15 as he hunted animals for teir pelts for profit. At age 17 he had his first gladiator battle and won, he was, hower, beaten and cut badly from the fight, but he healed quickly and jumped into the next fight. After he left his home he signed up for a short war between to villages, he was sent to go kill a particular person, and succeeded because of his skills. Now he hunts men and fights in wars ,and the occasional Bar Brawl.

curse:when people look into hiis eyes they see him as a murderer, which is why he stays in bars. If he is ever to save anybody, than people will see that when looking in his eyes. Whenever he falls asleep he sees all who have died around him in pure detail

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