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Induemendo, The Iron Fist

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Induemendo, The Iron Fist

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Pantsmaster on Thu Sep 13, 2007 3:08 pm

In this world, There technological level is like a hybrid between fantasy and technology. For example, Bows could shoot energy projectiles or some kind of exploding round. Swords could have energy blades instead of steel. Most vehicles are clockwork or steam powered and most flying vehicles would have like mechanical wings and such. Mounts could be robotic. The story starts on the content Rificte. Along the west coast of the content, Villages have been raided and destroyed by an unknown means. Any survives claim to be attacked by Induemendo, The Iron Fist. Witch is a flying castle from different legends and folklore. The Royal Defenders (a militia group that is scattered throughout Rificte. The local government pays them to keep there land and people safe..) At first thought it was a joke. But after 10 villages have been raided they have sent agents to investigate.
-No godmoding
-No Controlling other peoples chars without there permission.
- Also dont say you attack did something amazing like blow through his face or ripped his arm off.. If you are aiming to hit it in the face or something, then just aim your attack there in your post.
- If you have any ideas about the rp or something you want to happen, just post it or pm me.
- You can join any time after the rp starts, dont even bother asking, just make a profile.

Weapons: (if any .)
Items: (if any.)
Extra info:

At a larger town on the west cost. The town folks where just doing as they normally do. A carriage stopped next to a inn. A hooded figure stepped out.

Wagon Driver: That will be 10 gold miss.

(The figure shuffled around in its robes and gathered ten coins and gave them to the driver. The figure walked into the inn. It was a large room she came upon. There where two guys at the counter serving drinks and the rest of the room was filled with people eating there lunch. She sat down next to the older guys who was serving drinks.)

Old guy: what can I get you there?

(The figure pulled down its hood. A womens face with short blue hair and brown eyes.)

Girl: I would like to ask you about The Iron Fist....

(The man lost his cheerful look.)

Man:..... I have some things I need to tend to at right now, give me a few moments and I will be with you...

Women:...okay (She looked around at the other people in the bar. While she was waiting.)

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Re: Induemendo, The Iron Fist

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Akishra on Sat Jan 19, 2008 8:33 pm

(OOC: I'm sorry, I'm a grammar freak. "Witch" is the magic-weilding woman -- "which" is a word indicating a choice between two things. As far as "there" "their" and "they're", "there" is "over there". It's easy to remember because it's got the word "here" in it. "Their" is "belonging to them", and "they're" is "they are". "They're" is easy to remember because it has the apostrophie, indicating there's a letter missing. Asside from that, very good grammar :))

Name: Akishra
Age: 16-ish
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Appearance: Long, blonde hair, going down to her shoulder blades, and clear, blue eyes. Tall, about 5'7". She wears a leather vest, leather pants, moccassins, and a long, hooded, black cloak, obscuring everything.
Personality: Rustic, a loner
Weapons: A small dagger, which she doesn't use much
Items: A small pouch on her hip carries personal items
Bio: Akishra was raped repeatedly by her father as a young girl. One day, she simply willed him away, and he went. Intruiged, she developed her telekenesis further, until it went beyond what anyone had had before. Now, she travels on her own, harbouring a deep mistrust of men.
Extra info: None, really, except that she works as a street performer on occaison, and can sing very nicely -- she can also make any instrument sound calm and soothing.

Akishra saw the woman sitting a bit down the bar table, and watched her out of the corner of her eye. She saw the woman ask a man about The Iron Fist, then saw the man walk away. Carefully, she sidled up to the woman, sitting on the chair beside hers.

'If you're interested,' she said, 'I can tell you a thing or two about The Iron Fist.'
S'ereht on yaw M'i lamron...S'ti em.

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