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Aurum's War

A brief rundown of how Aurum came to be, and what threw it into a seemingly endless war.

Spark of Life
Right from its humble beginnings, Aurum had been ruled by the Light district and its descendants. The Royal family's ancestors found the planet when it was nothing but wild forests and rubble. They settled with hopes of creating a new world for their descendants, a world in which everyone could live in peace and each citizen was important. A world without hatred and poverty and violence. It was a difficult dream, and though they felt like giving up several times during their journey, they continued to work their fingers to the bone. After many years of blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifice they finally felt like their new home had been brought to life. From then on, Aurum only continued to grow in size and power. New abilities began to develop, and along with them came their corresponding districts, each one with their individual strengths and attributes. The Light district, with the Argenti family in the throne, ruled in peace for thousands of years all the while supported by its surrounding districts and those that ruled them. Peace and prosperity covered the land, poverty and crime were almost non-existent, and the Argenti family was adored by most. With the exception of one.

The Magnus Brothers
Within Aurum's hierarchy, the thunder district had a good standing. They had plenty of riches, resources, and political power within their own rights. The crown trusted them to keep Aurum running smoothly. However, a spot at the Thunder district’s head council wasn't enough for one Damian Magnus. He wanted more. More riches, more followers, more power. He claimed to be a dreamer, but he knew not everyone in the district would dare to dream as big as he. So with the help of a few of his colleagues and a spy within the Light district, he devised a plan to kill the king and send Aurum into chaos, so that he could pick up the pieces and become its new beacon of light. Though the plan was quite near perfect, it was missing a motive. And it didn’t take long for Damian Magnus to find it.

After being confronted by his very own brother about his heinous plan to murder the king, Damian realized this was it. Rafael Magnus, head of the Thunder district’s council, had to die. A sacrifice for the greater good. After orchestrating his own brother’s murder to make it seem as if it had been the Light district’s doing, Damian had his motive. He swore he would avenge his brother’s death the old-fashioned way; an eye for an eye. This threw the Thunder district into a panicked frenzy. Not only were they confused and scared, but when Damian’s plan to kill the king failed, his inside agent turned on them to save her own life. She fed the Royal family nothing but lies and claimed that the entirety of the Thunder district was conspiring against them.

It wasn’t long before the news hit the streets. It traveled from city to city, district to district. It turned family, friends, districts all against one another. While some chose to remain loyal to the crown, others chose to believe Damian’s lies and fought only for themselves and their family’s protection. Aurum’s peace was shredded to pieces, and in its place was now a war that grew larger than anyone could have imagined.

The Pact
With the possibility of their entire species being wiped out becoming more and more real by the second, some of the leaders from each district made a pact in hopes of protecting their legacy. They took a few of the undamaged ships and loaded them with children, teens, and young adults. What could possibly be Aurum’s future was shipped off to neighboring planets, with no idea of when or if they’d ever be coming back.
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