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Gods of Elements: On Our Own

Information board of the world of Daughtris

a part of “Gods of Elements: On Our Own”, a fictional universe by shadereen.

Continued stories of the abandoned characters. Stories of new and powerful sons and daughters of Venash. Dedicated RPers are welcomed to adopt or create and shape the characters to their liking.

Characters Settings Story
This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Gods of Elements: On Our Own”.
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Information board of the world of Daughtris

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby shadereen on Sat Jun 01, 2013 7:59 pm

Any information regarding newly ideas that are approved by the GM is to be posted here.

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Re: Information board of the world of Daughtris

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby shadereen on Sat Jun 01, 2013 8:02 pm


Venash, the king of Pruwas, told his sons and daughters of different mothers; who ever could conquer the most of Daughtris using any kind of method will inherit his throne and Daughtris under his or her control. With that, the colonization of Daughtris started.

With Lux, Daughtris’s god of light’s advice, the king of Avory sent Belle, the princess of Avory, her only daughter that has been bestowed a shard of Lux’s soul, to search for the other guardians of Daughtris, the gods of elements, to aid them in driving back the sons and daughters of Venash and suppress their reign of terror.

Belle was accompanied by Gabe, her lifelong friend and personal protector, Theda, Arkantos, Rixator and Obana, four hired mercenaries. They start their journey towards Amara, a city in the continent of Clearwake to pick up Garen, Lux’s loyal follower, with an airship. Before they reached Amara where Garen was waiting, a darkness infested griffin dived down and attacked. The group saw the incident and decided to help. That was when they met Mitei and Reiko, the twins from Tutelia. With their combined strength, they destroyed the griffin.

Ringo, a mysterious monk with a creature called gluttony for a hand appeared suddenly decided to join the group. He begged for Belle to accept him by clenching onto the princess's legs, infuriating Gabe. In the midst of chatter and chaos created by Ringo, the darkness from the dead griffin seeped into Garen, causing the white dragon to turn insane and create havoc in the city. They managed to restore his mind but could not cure him of the darkness which has seeped within him. Before that matter could be settled, a massive black dragon appeared, breathing fire across Amara. It was Bahamut, an ancient evil dragon, long ago imprisoned by Lux, escaped his confinement in Bestia. It started its rampage, spreading fire across the continent of Clearwood and taken myriads of life. There was nothing the party could do. To save their own hide, Gabe dragged Bella away, followed by the party, the twins, Ringo, and the already sane Garen.

On the airship, Bella summoned Lux to her side, using all of her energy, causing her to faint from tiredness. With her powers, Lux put of nearby fire and healed everyone on the city. Suddenly, Mysterious pillars of water shot out to the sky and rained down to the forest infested continent, putting out the rest of the fire in the continent. Sensing that another god was nearby, Lux sent the party to search and disappeared. Once Bella gain consciousness, she decided to let go of Arkantos, Theda, Obana, and Garen and carry on without them. Garen flew back to Bestia, Theda and Obana flew towards Avory, while Arkantos flew back to Woodacre. Ringo continued to stay with them despite Gabe’s dislike.

Bella and her new group followed the traces of mana residue, leading them to whoever released the massive energy which caused the pillars of water. It brought them to Antartis, the goddess of water. Attracted to Reiko’s seemingly shy and calm attitude, Antartis lend a part of her powers to Reiko. Antartis agreed to help them. She then flew away to meet up with Lux to aid her to fight Bahamut. Before Lux and Antartis could defeat Bahamut, the ancient dragon escaped with a teleportation spell.

The party then went back to the airship and started to ride to Woodacre. The chaos did not stop there. Aya, Daughtris famous reporter decided to pay them a visit for an interview but was stopped by Rixator and Reiko. She managed to slip away by creating a shadow clone to replace her and managed to reach where Bella was. Mitei stopped her. At that time, Lux and Antartis decided to pay them a visit. More visitors came, this time from Lightwake, offering help. But Rixator ignored everyone. Using dark sands, he killed Aya, oblivious that it was only her clone. The act enraged Lux, causing her to imprison Rixator in a cage of light. An exchange of words revealed that Rixator was taken over by another being which was Mrak, a shadow being which was a long time ago created by Kuro, the god of darkness. Antartis cleansing abilities caused Mrak to release Rixator’s body and flee far and away. Lux summoned spirits of the old Valkyrie to give chase but failed to catch up to the shadow fiend.

After a suggestion from Antartis, Mitei and Reiko left for Ayesha’s altar on one of Lightwake’s snow mountain top. They were teleported to Ayesha’s temple and there they found out that Ayesha was frozen in ice, only could be freed by Aenis, the god of wind. On the way back, they were ambushed by Ora, Mitei’s enemy’s loyal subordinate. For a moment, Antartis was frozen in ice by a powerful ice bomb, leaving the twin to fend for themselves. Ora did not manage to defeat the twins in time; therefore, he had to flee or else be smitten by Antartis. Antartis recovered herself too late to chase after Ora. They then left for Woodacre.

Belle and her crew flew and rested in the Woodacre’s castle and planned on what to do next. Rixator left to Afukira with Myria while Gabe, Belle, and Lux searched for Sylph, which is also called Aenis, the god of wind. No fruit was bare from their search but Gabe and Bella coincidentally found Gabe’s mother, a golden kitsune. To have a longer reunion with his mother, Gabe left Belle under the care of Mitei and Reiko who has just returned from Lightwake. After his reunion with his mother, coincidentally, he met Lufia, a friend of Mitei and Reiko.

After a while, Belle became friends with Reiko and more so with Mitei. But when they were once again attacked by the twin’s enemies, Mitei unleashed a wide range of lightning spell across the area, endangering Bella and shattering her trust and admire. The attack also revealed that the twins were keeping secrets from the party. Gabe and Lufia, arrived just in time to help them but Lufia only caused more hatred and anger to rise in Belle. Kuro, the god of shadow’s darkness within Belle finally broke through Lux’s soul shard and caused her to lose her mind. With Gabe’s help, Lux was able to block the darkness once more and save Belle from permanent insanity but Belle fell unconscious. Gabe took her back to the airship. There, Belle awoke then revokes their aid request from the twins, kicking them out of the party. They had a huge fight which was stopped by the two goddesses.

Bahamut rested in a hidden cave in Pruwas. Mulier, his old subordinate came to aid him. While Mulier was healing and wrapping Bahamut’s wounds, Kuro, the god of the element of darkness suddenly appeared with Guy who chose to join Bahamut and was accepted after a quick test of strength between him and Mulier.

Bahamut then was contacted by his old accomplice, Kelovius. Using teleportation, Bahamut and his companions reached somewhere near Fishan. There, Kelovius brought Bahamut to a different room where his mind was suddenly taken into Kelovius’s. There it was revealed that Enchanii, an ancient powerful wrym has partly invaded Kelovius. Bahamut and Kelovius together fought Echanii but lost. For a brief moment, their mind was switched. Then Bahamut’s unconscious mind was swallowed into Kelovius’s. While that was happening, Janice, Kelovius’s assistant accompanied Guy and Mulier. The Blackpyre suddenly appeared and brought them to their lair located underneath Kelovius’s. Thaqotul, the shaman wrym was there. He revealed that Guy was the reincarnation of their old and first father wrym, M’tun. When Guy, Mulier, and Janice left, Kuro appeared upon Thaqotul. It all leads to a fight.

Sylverana, a daughter of Venash had conquered a town in Lightwake. It was soon retaken by Lightwake’s forces once more but not before exterminating legions of her troops and destroying large parts of her hovering castle. Sylverana managed to flee. Kage, the king of Lightwake decided to travel to neighbouring country to discuss about an alliance to take down Venash. A day later, Sylverana paid her vengeance by attacking Ostwyn, Lightwake’s main metropolis in a hovering island. In the midst of war, a local mountain beside the metropolis turned into a living golem and attacked the metropolis. It was activated by Amon, the golem master by using an enchanted sphere he planted years ago inside the mountain’s core. Once again, Sylverana fled and left the metropolis to be destroyed by the sudden destructive mountainous golem. Coincidentally, Sylph was reborn in Ostwyn. Bound to his duties, he revealed himself from hiding and defended Ostwyn. His name was Gust, a simple boy.

Soon, Lux and Antartis arrived to help Gust in Ostwyn to battle the mountainous golem. Guy, who claimed to be a god of destruction, then arrived after. Kelovius arrived later. In the midst of battle with the mountainous golem, Guy sensed that the Blackpyre were under attack. He quickly teleported to Blackpyre to save his children. With Thaqotul, Guy battled Kuro. Realising that they could not win, the Blackpyre wryms sacrificed themselves for Guy and Thaqotul to escape. The two soon headed back to Ostwyn. By that time, the castle of Ostwyn already used all of its metropolis’s energy to shoot out a massive scale laser from massive cannon which rose up from the castle itself. It destroyed the mountainous golem but left the metropolis with only a small backup energy. Kelovius then explained to the goddesses about the Blackpyre’s premonition. The blackpyre foresaw the destruction of Daughtris by the Echanii which could only be saved by the combined powers of all the gods of elements along with Kelovius and Guy. Lux and Antartis turned them down and left. In the middle of Kelovius’s speech, Belle and the crew came to see the god of wind and revealed Ayesha's predicament. Gust then left and headed straight for Ayesha’s temple. There, he freed the goddess of ice and revived her with a kiss.

At the other side of the planet, Eclipse, one of the sons of Venash has made Kakuzu, the leader of Demotia an offer. He promised leave Demotia untouched under Kakuzu’s reign as long as the leader of Demotia surrenders their island to him. Kakuzu accepted Eclipse’s offer but the son of Venash did not keep his promise. As soon as Eclipse landed on Demotia, he placed shadow collars on Eclipse’s subordinates and placed his own men in every corner of the island. Unsatisfied with Eclipse’s actions, Kakuzu schemed. With the help of Gerard, a famous businessman’s unique devices, Kakuzu and his men was able to free themselves of the shadow collar and drove out Eclipse and his men off the island. Two of Eclipse’s lieutenants were killed in the process.

After the battle in Demotia, Eclipse fled to Gen’s Genetics, his brother’s medical centre. Not caring to be polite, Eclipse rushed through Gen’s Genetics security to see his brother. At that time, Gen was discussing with Gerard to join their company together. When Eclipse arrived, Gen himself activated the building’s weapon system and turned it on towards Eclipse. Eclipse was instantly incinerated. Gen had just enough time to collect his brother’s soul and recreate him to his own liking with Gen’s Genetics advance technology of synthetic body creation.

In Fishan, Gen had built a base to kidnap the locals and use them for his experiments. In the center of his base was a mysterious ancient sigil which was thought to be abandoned. Anguis, an ancient hydra, which is also the Bahamut’s right hand man, appeared from the sigil and destroyed the base along with everyone and everything in it.
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Re: Information board of the world of Daughtris

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby shadereen on Sat Jun 01, 2013 8:06 pm


Daughtris; a three moons planet, inhabited by varieties of creatures consisting of humans, elves, dwarves, demons, angels, beast people, and many more. Every race in Daughtris is different from each other but mostly everyone manages to live in harmony with each other. While most Daughtrisians live their lives out in the open, there is some few secretive kind which prefers to stay out of sight, hidden from view. Some Daughtrisians are nocturnal beings which are active at night and sleeps in the morning. Some few don’t even sleep. Awake at the day and still awake at night. How they are able to get energy differ to their kind. As for the animals, other than the usual animal that we see every day, mythical creatures such as griffins, dragons, harpies, unicorns, and other special and strange animals are true and existing in this magnificent world. Some are tame and friendly but most are wild and dangerous. Some could even talk and shape shift, but for sure, they are all alive and well.

-=Academia Vitae=-*

Because of Daughtris' vast quantity of life form, students conventionally Group these in main branches:

-Human: The Humans are one of the major races in Whole Daughtris: there's no town without a human merchant or adventurer. Since the beginning of their existence, the Humans wandered seeking a place to settle.
Eventually, they succeeded and now huge cities are built by humans and most of time they are very different from each other: an example is the Metropolis of Avory in confront of the Citadel of Pruwas.
Human's personality varies: most of them are skilled merchants and exceptional governors, however humans were also known for their war-lust and power-seeking: in fact Human generals are well known in the world of Daughtris as well as some warriors founder of various battle styles.

The Humans have their own category because of their number in the world of Daughtris.

-Elves: Second only to the Human in population, the Elves are known for their patience, lethality as Archers, saboteurs and mages and their fine concept of "art".
Some elves lives towns founded by their ancestors and usually avoids contact with other races.
They are known as "Pure Elves" and history taught strangers that threatening an elf of this category leads to defeat.
Most elves, however, prefer to share their immense culture to the other races friendly to them. These elves are commonly seen in huge towns and often serve them as medics and Teachers.
These Elves are known as "High Elves" and of all they are the most sociable.
Some Elves are, however doesn't adhere to the Pure Elves life-style nor to the open ideas of the High Elves: they are terrorists, criminals and rogues, xenophobists and racists.
These Elves wants the domination of their race over the others and are known as "Dark Elves": their number is thin, but lethal the thrice. They gained this name because of their passion to wear black clothes that adheres with the Darkness of the Night.
What the Students of the Academy* recovered from the Dark elves is little: they are united in few societies and are known to be ruthless killers and assassins.
Elves are known for their Magic proprieties and for their grace: their attack strategies are based on stealth and Ambushes.

-Beasts and Beast-men: with the term "Beast" the students indicates the vast animal patrimony of Daughtris.
"Beast-men" are sentient races, often primal, those roams and have contacts with the other Major races.
Most of them are bipedal creatures with beast-like features, such as claws, furs and scales. They are discriminated in most Metropolises and used as slaves by the cruelest.
Only few cities accepted their presence.
The High Elves approves the presence of these creatures, while most societies tend to....dissect them in order to discover their metabolism.

The Students of the Academy, with the following script, hopes to open the eyes of the reader and accept the Beast men in the Society.
For convenience the Beast-men and Beasts are subsided in three Categories.

-Nautilians: The Nautilians (Or Being of the Seas) are creatures that inhabit the depths of the sea: they vary from fishes, to sharks and mermaids.
The students estimates that there are around 200.000 species of fishes and sentient creatures, but few of them are known. Of all the three, the Nautilians are the most humiliated
and excluded.
They are commonly subsided in:

-Carnivore: Fishes and predators that bases their diets on other fishes (Example: Sea wyrms)
-Gargantuans: Massive beasts that Roam the ocean: most of them won't hurt sailors if not provoked (Example: Placid Leviathan)
-Land fishes: primal fishes able to crawl beaches for a certain periods.
-Sentient: Beings able to think, react and answer with sounds. Beings like these are few and hardly included in societies.
High Elves and few Sailing Companies accepts these creatures heartily: most of them are Gargantuan hunters. (Example: Mermaids; Sailor’s bane*)

It must be noted that the intelligence of certain creatures, the mermaids, allowed them to forge an alliance with the other major sentient Nautilians: this demonstrates their
Diplomatic abilities.
Additionally, the underwater metropolis of Fishan was built by this Alliance and most of its mechanics (The essential Magnetosphere generators that keeps the other non-sentient beasts away) are idealized by the Mermaids.
When the Land beings discovered the metropolis, the Sirens installed a notable oxygen generation system in the Domes inhabited by Elves and Humans.
The mermaids respect both races.

-Terran: Daughtris' earth species are well-known to be strictly connected to their birth-place.
The Terran species are well-known and studied, therefore more categories are needed.
To precisely distinguish the races it is better as well to indicate their homelands...:

-Afukiran: Most of these are Hunter-types and roams the desert to prey other mainly for water.

-Lightwaken: Creatures of Lightwake are many: most of them are herbivore such as horses and rhinos. However there are few predators that are to be feared, such as the Fanged White tiger, with the ability to stealth during daytime thanks to its fur built to deflect sunlight.

-Bestian: On the island of Bestia there are many Terrans herbivore that lives on trees.
Predators of Bestian are either small, cunning and agile or Big, slow and strong.
Also, Bestian is full of tribes of Beast-men.

-Clearwoodian: Clearwood is known for her natural life: there you can find the strangest types
of creatures: from hounds that looks like flowers to massive herbivore that could wrestle down
a Bestian being.

-Brunomians: The animals nearby the Region of Pruwas exist no longer: their genetic codes are mutated due to continuous exposure to discharged materials. The main victims were the Spinetail
wolves: because of continuous exposition ,and eventually consumption, of Robotic material and affinity, they left their organic body to become a sentient android race that swarms the region of Brunoma. Most of them are adopted in the army of Pruwas and are known to be ferocious predators. They need no rest or food: they were created for killing.

..And subside them basing on what they eat.

-Hunters: Carnivore beings that base their diets on other animals.Hunters are often very different and adopt various strategies to kill and devour their prey.
The most notable are the Afukirian Godfathers (Immense worms that exists only to devour, devour and eat.), the Lightwaken Fanged white-tiger, the Bestian Leaping terror (very similar to an insects) and the Clearwoodian Thrino-raptor.

-Herbivore: Beasts that eats vegetables and/or trees. They are peaceful and won't attack unless provoked. The most notable are the Lightwaken
Rhinodonte, the Bestian Lemon-hunter,the Clearwoodian Gargantuadonte and the Brunomian Kyrenian Plant eater (Literally, a wood harvester)

-Onnivore: Creatures that can eat and digest both meat and vegetables. Of all,they are adapt to all situations and have the unique characteristic to be more clever than the Hunters. The most known are the Afukiran Sneakers (Known to steal and ambush caravans), the Lightwaken Spot-finder (Usually a symbionte that either protects the herbivore or helps the Hunters to kill) and the Clearwoodian Raptor.

-Alternatives: Creatures that gains energy from other founts, such as Sunlight. The Lightwaken Sun-mirror is an example.

Beast-men: They are bipedal beings and unlike the other beasts, they are nomad and venerate the Gods with fear and devotion.
Most of them inhabit Bestian and are sailing toward the other continents. Most of them are exceptional warriors and mercenaries.
They are accepted, because they are much more human than others.

-Avians: Birds and flying creatures are numerous in the world of Daughtris.They are divided in 2 Categories

-Seekers: These creatures are predators that prey from the skies. They are fast and cunning, much cunning.
They avoid attacking Sentient races. The most known is the Headbreaker of Bestia: it flies High to then fall with an incredible precision, eventually crippling their prey.

-Leviathans: The biggest beings of Daughtris are not below, but above its skies: the leviathans are immense creatures often used by the others
as transport instead of the Air machines. The most "common" is the Skywhale of the Clearwood region.

-Beast-men: Avian beast-men lives near the coast, building villages and having a gerarchy to lead them. They are known to be scouts and they serve flying companies to protect their Airships or search for anomalies.

-The Eternals: With this term, the Students indicates the Gods and other beings whose power is unlimited and are likely ageless.
The Students of Historia discovered that there's a cycle in Daughtris: as civilizations passes, their remains becomes part of the Daughtrian core
to provide the Future with Energy.
The races inside this category are few and include: Angels and mysterious races.

-Ethereal Beings: Ethereal beings are entities made of energy and that are not part of Daughtris: with the recent events, few gates released spirits and other Dark beings that now either helps or destroy Daughtris.
Subsided in 2 groups:

-Spirits: Innocent beings that communicates with the other races through rituals or in specific circumstances.
They are important in the popular folklore and these spirits often inhabit sacred places and Forests.
Clearwood has a relevant patrimony of wisps that however are kept away from the civilized world.

-Malygians: The Malygians are Dark Beings responsible of various diseases. The Malygians usually takes various forms and most of them are to scare the living.
Folklore believes that they are souls returned to claim vengeance. The truth is more terrible: the Mages that utilizes mana with no limit generates an anomaly somewhere in Daughtris: the missing mana must be replaced and Daughtri's Core spawns these terrible creatures.
The Malygians cannot stay in open air for too much time: they need a body, better if dead.
This explains the phenomenon of the Walking dead.

Demon-kind and Angels: The presence of Demons in Daughtris has no reasons: they live like other humans and most of them reside in Demotia.
They carry no darkness or blight and instead they are known for their funny and entertaining nature.
Angels includes fae beings and they represent the Order made manifest.
Both races are welcome and it is known that the only ones who can make an angel laugh are the Demons.

-Written by the Academia of Life,Avory

*The Academia Vitae of Avory is a University that studies the life, flora and fauna, of Daughtris. They are financed by Avory and High Elves.
The Academia of Avory's teachers are the most brilliant mind in Daughtris whole.

*Sailor's Bane: A hostile tribe of Squid-like beasts that preys ships. They are known for their brutality, as they attach to sailors and quickly excorticate them and suck the blood, turning them in husks for their eggs. There are various strains of Sailor's Bane and few of them "Evolves" around the hull of the ship, turning it in a hive.
The Alliance of Fishan is trying to stabilize the situation. It is highly recommended to be armed while sailing in the Northern Sea.
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Re: Information board of the world of Daughtris

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Indifferent from other world, the inhabitants of Daughtris believes and worship in higher and mighty guardians. In history, there were six guardians of Daughtris, given the title of gods and goddesses by the inhabitants of the Daughtris. Their names are Lux, Kuro, Fallsweis, Vice, Ifrit, and Teron. These gods and goddesses control their own element masterfully and control other elements especially well.

Lux is a goddess and is the master when it comes to manipulating the elements of the light. She is usually associated with peace, love, and health. Her purpose in life it maintains peace and brings joy. But if needed, death will come to who disrupts it.

The opposite for Lux, the goddess of Light, is Kuro, a god and is the master of the shadow and dark elements. The god of darkness is often misunderstood and thought to be evil and vile. In truth, he is neutral, not good nor sinister. He lacks of emotions, causing him to feel no love for the planet or the inhabitants. But still, he does what he is bounded to do well.

Fallsweis, another goddess of Daughtris, is the master for water. She could make water appear out of nothing and can freeze them to ice. She could even manipulate any form of liquid, even in one’s body. But for reasons unknown, she split her body and spirit into two, becoming two separate goddesses which are Antartis, the goddess of water, and Ayesha, the goddess of ice.

Just like Fallsweis, Vice, the god which master the element of wind and lightning, split his body and spirit into two, becoming Aenis, the god of the wind, and Aeron, the god of lightning. Aenis constantly changes his form, sometimes a god and sometimes a goddess. Aenis is a guardian that is the hardest to seek in all of Daughtris.

Ifrit is a god of fire. Not much is known about him. The rumour is that he dwells deep inside Daughtris where no one without Fallsweis’s or Ayesha’s ability to control the ice could enter.

Teron, a god, is the master for the plants, animals, and minerals. Rumour is; he is who controls the circle of life around Daughtris, recycling souls and replanting them in foetuses and eggs.

All around the world, temples and shrines are built by the faithful and loyal worshipper of these gods and goddesses in appreciation and honour to the deeds that they’ve done for Daughtris and Daughtrisians. Some of these temples are hidden and some are considered proud landmarks.

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Re: Information board of the world of Daughtris

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Other than spells and enchantments, the inhabitants of Daughtris exploit machinery and devices such as the simple washing machines, televisions, telephones, and the more advanced mechas, hover vehicles, holographic communicator, ray guns, and many more in their everyday lives, establishing an easier and safer way to complete their daily chores, work, and journey. These machines are powered by energy stones which are needed to be charge often at power stations. Some machine uses fuels but runs out faster. Their technology is advance enough to have them reach the three moons and a few nearby empty planets but shame, at the moment, it could carry them no further.

There are there are only seven continents in Daughtris but there are umpteen numbers of metropolis, small cities, towns, and villages in it. Every place has different environment and feel, protected by multiple spherical barriers around them. Most metropolises of Daughtris are built around energy pools which are the source of energy. The energies from the energy pools are collected through the power plants that are built on top of it which supplies power to the houses, buildings, machines, along with the barriers protecting it. Energy pools are bountiful with energy and it rarely depletes. When it does, it will in time, refill itself as it collects energy from within Daughtris’s core which collects energy from around Daughtris. The energy is renewed by the circulation of life above the earth of Daughtris. How much energy it produces is determined by how big and wide the energy pool is.

Other than energy pools; there are two more power source that aren’t needed to be collected by power plants and can be used directly from the source. One of it is called Mana and another is called Ki. Mana is the name for the spiritual energy collected from the surroundings energy and can be used to cast spells and control or manipulate elements which are Wind, Lightning, Light, Ice, Darkness, Fire, Water and Earth. By combining all of these elements, an individual can control time and space itself, but few manages as it uses too much energy and requires higher mentality. Ki is the energy within a person and it controls the physical strength and abilities. With well training in controlling Ki energy, a person can physically move fast in a blink of an eye on the ground or in the air, turn gigantic boulders to sand with nothing more than a flick of a finger , split the ocean in half with their energy force, and many more. Learning to control both this energy is not simple. Some would spend all their immortal life time trying to master them but fails in frustration or even death. There are only a few legends that succeeded.

Every Daughtrisian has their own skills and abilities created by manipulating Mana around them and Ki in their body. Other than technology, Daughtrisians by and large use Mana, and Ki, to protect themselves from the danger of the world such as the sudden weather change and hostile terrain of the planet, pirates, bandits, and wild animals. Most of the lives in Daughtris does not end by the time they are grey and old, but taken by the dangers of the world itself. It is a fact accepted by the inhabitants.

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Re: Information board of the world of Daughtris

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In Daughtris, other than traveling by the method of transportation by a land, air, and water using vehicles or physical abilities such as walking, flying, and swimming, there is one other method that is preferred by mostly everyone which is teleportation. The inhabitants of Daughtris can teleport and summon things to a sigil which he or she has had placed beforehand by controlling the element of time and space. The amount of energy needed to teleport or summon anything is determined by the size, quantity, and distance of the object or person. Just like other spells, Daughtrisians manipulate Mana to cast teleportation spells.

In metropolises and cities, the use of time and space spells are limited caused by the nullifying enchantment placed in the metropolis which prevents anything from teleporting in or out. To enter or leave a teleportation nullified city, a person needs to go through the entrance or gates of the city which are not sealed off by barriers.
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Re: Information board of the world of Daughtris

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The continents in Daughtris


Avory is the continent of peace. The capital of the continent is Bright Port Metropolis, located next to the sea and is home to many kinds of races. Bright Port Metropolis is the largest trading city and owns the largest port in all of Daughtris. Merchants from all over the world come to Bright Port to trade. Except for slaves, almost everything can be found in the market place sold by merchants and travelers that comes from every corner of the world. The king of Avory, Judan, his queen, Xandra, and their daughter, Bella, rules Avory and lives in the castle which is located in the west side of the capital of Avory. Avory's relationship with the other continents are well.



The sky in the continent of Pruwas is always grey. Rarely does the clouds part, revealing the sun and bathing the plains with its rays. Pruwas is inhabited by many kinds of dark creatures because of this strange phenomenon. The capital of Pruwas is Dark Wing Metropolis, named for the giant wing like clouds which never reveals the sky. The castle of Pruwas is located in the middle of Dark Wing Metropolis and the king is Venash, an ancient king who lived longer than anyone in Daughtris. He has many sons and daughters from his many mistresses. In the center of Dark Wing Metropolis is the power plant, built on the largest energy pool in all of Daughtris. The power plant powers Dark Wing City’s advance machineries which were bought from Brunoma and Demotia, making it the most powerful metropolis compared to the others. The continent supplies many kind of energy filled objects and dark artifacts to every region which does not own their own vast supply of energy.



The original population of the region of Brunoma are dwarves but as time pass, many more kind of races inhabits it and learned their ways of designing and producing machineries. The continent that Brunoma does business most with is their neighbour, Pruwas, for the reason being the metropolis is closer. The capital of Brunoma is named Boltcrusher after the dwarf founder of the metropolis. Boltcrusher has two sectors. One is above ground and another is in the grounds beneath which are called The Mines. Boltcrusher has lots of earth crafted artifacts, weapons, and machineries made from the bountiful materials discovered and mined from deep inside the grounds. The machineries made and produced in Boltcrusher is the best in all of Daughtris. The energy pool of Boltcrusher is located in The Mines. The power plant is combined with the machines factory which serves to produce power and manufacture machines both.



The capital of Lightwake is called Ostwyn. It is located on one of Lightwake’s hovering island. The current ruler of Ostwyn is Kage, a half elf which inherited the throne by assassinating the last king. Most of the inhabitants of Lightwake are great in controlling mana, making up for the lack of energy pools on the hovering islands. The highest mountain in Daughtris is located in the centre of the continent of Lightwake. The goddess of ice’s altar can be found one top of one of the snowy mountains. A lot of wind, ice, lightning, and light enchanted artifacts as well as enchanted weapons and mana filled vials can be found in this continent. They supply these items to the world.



Afukira is the where most land beast-men came from. Many warriors that prefer using Ki inhabits the region. Lots of magnificent creatures live and can only be found in this continent. The capital of Afukira is named Sandsummer. Some of the houses of the villages in Afukira are built in strangely shaped rocks that hang in the air. Afukira supplies many kind of animal meat to the other region in Daughtris. Most of the transportation in Afukira are also great creatures.



The capital of Clearwood is named Woodacre. A gigantic tree stands in the middle of the metropolis that serves as a power plant. The tree itself has great amount of energy that it collects from the earth and spread to the entire metropolis. There are also other smaller trees that function the same as the gigantic tree all over Clearwood. The continent of Clearwood has lots of water and light element crafted artifacts and weapons. The buildings are made of strong Mana imbued trees, enabling it to withstand attacks from hostile destructive creatures. Clearwood is the supplier of great quality fabric materials to all of Daughtris.



Demotia is the name of the island and the name of the metropolis built on it. The inhabitants of this island are mainly demons and other darker creatures but there are also some other non-dark creatures such as angels and fairies. Demotia has great machineries comparable to Brunoma's but it has a more stylish looks. Demotia is the metropolis for celebration and enjoy. It is the Vegas of Daughtris. The metropolis concentrates more on entertainment and pleasure which is why it has countless high class night club lounges that are scattered throughout the metropolis. Other than the roads, the canals also serve as streets. The streets are filled with thieves and assassins but the metropolis itself are governed by yakuzas. In Demotia, anyone can easily find fire, lightning and dark artifacts and weapons.



Coldhollow is the capital of the continent of Fishan. It is located deep under the sea. The inhabitants of Daughtris use submarines to go to Coldhollow and the other city and towns located under the sea. Coldhollow has countless tubes that serve as walkway or roads to the non-water breathers. Fishan main population are beast-men of the sea but other creatures also do inhabit it. Some of the inhabitants that can breathe underwater can swim to Coldhollow but it would take a long time and it would be dangerous for all the monsters lurking around. Coldhollow has bountiful lightning, water, and ice crafted artifacts and weapons can be found in Fishan. The most popular spell used in Fishan are the water breathing enchantment which allows anyone to breath underwater.


Bestia ruins

A long time ago, Bestia was once a high technology continent filled with powerful creatures. A few thousand years ago, it was destroyed and turned to ruins by a legendary dragon by the name of Bahamut. Today, the region is filled with dangerous beasts and monsters. This is where treasure hunters go to search for ancient powerful artifacts.

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Re: Information board of the world of Daughtris

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The shadow realm

In Daughtris, there is one realm other than the tangible realm. It is called the shadow realm. The shadow realm is a dimension created by the god of darkness forgotten centuries ago. How he did it is a mystery lost in time.

The shadow realm environment is pitch black. The skies, mountains, land, and sea looks the same as in the tangible realm and are the same size but every objects that exist in the shadow realm are merely half transparent illusions of what exist in the tangible realm. Somehow, It would take a shorter time to travel from one place to another using the shadow realm but there are no mana to collect from the surroundings, forcing travelers to benefit from stored mana in vials or any other kind of containers.

The only living creatures in the shadow realm are the legions of shadow daemons, different in kinds and sizes. The one thing makes them totally different from creatures in the tangible realm are the souls. No soul resides within a shadow daemon’s core, making them emotionless and without humanity. Some summoners are able to manipulate them, ordering the shadow daemons about for their own deeds but great risks are applied as the shadow daemons may attack their own summoner.

The ability to transverse through realms is very rare among Daughtrisians, which is why few knows of the existence of the shadow realm


Mana and Ki

Mana is the name for the spiritual energy collected from the surroundings and may be used to cast spells and manipulate Daughtris’s elements. Mana can also be stored in form of gas, liquid, or solids. The elements Mana could manipulate are Wind, Lightning, Light, Ice, Darkness, Fire, Water and Earth. Other than these eight elements, there are two more recently discovered elements which are Dimension elements and Eldrich element. Dimension elements are done by combining all eight basic elements into one, causing the time and space to be distorted, giving birth to the teleportation and time control spell. One may slow down time in an area or hasten it using dimension element. Eldrich element is subsided into two categories which are telekinesis and telepathic abilities. Telekinesis is the supposed ability to move objects at a distance by mental power or other nonphysical means while telepathic is communication through means other than the senses such as invading into one’s mind or sending message through mental connection. Multitudes kinds of spell and enchantments could be created and casted by combining different spells. Spells could be used to heal or harm, save or kill, determined by the user.
Ki is the pure energy within a creature. With training and well control of Ki, one may control his or her physical strength and extend it into superhuman strength. One may jump to the sky high, crush a giant boulder with a simply flick of the finger, or split the sea with one wave of the hand. One may even handle not eating and drinking for a decade by only meditating on controlling his Ki. Alas, to reach this kind of level is one in a bazillion.

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