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a part of “Bellingstone”, a fictional universe by Scarlet Loup.

Though seemingly normal from the outside, the town of Bellingstone harbors its own secrets - a population of "supernaturals" that live in the presence of an ever-increasing population of unassuming humans.

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Bellingstone”.
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Scarlet Loup on Wed Jun 14, 2017 12:11 am

Please find any relevant information pertaining to the roleplay in this forum including species descriptions.

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Scarlet Loup
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Re: Information

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Scarlet Loup on Wed Jun 14, 2017 12:21 am


TO: Bellingstone DSRC Mailing List

CC: Bellingstone Sheriff

FROM: Bellingstone Department of Supernatural Regulation and Containment

SUBJECT: Approval Committee [UPDATED LIST]

The following list contains all supernatural beings and races as approved by the Bellingstone Department of Supernatural Regulation and Containment:

Werewolves are pack-based creatures who socialize often (and loudly). Bellingstone is home to one pack, which has been around since the town was founded. Werewolves are created either through the bite of a werewolf or the oprocreation of two werewolves or a werewolf-human relation. In wolf form, a werewolf appears much like a very large wolf. They are capable of switching between forms at will, but transformation is forced on full moons. They have increased speed and strength, heightened endurance, and telepathy between pack members which can be turned on and off. Wolves are vulnerable to silver and wolfsbane, but they can also be killed by any other weapon. Symptoms of werewolfism in a child shows during puberty.

The pack has an Alpha pair, a Beta pair, and a semi-unofficial Delta pair. Often, the role of Alpha passes to the Alpha's descendent, but it has also been known to be designated by the Alpha to another member of the pack. The Beta and Delta pairs are often groomed by their predecessors, but they are ultimately appointed by the new Alpha. Our current Alpha, Axel Wolff, is a direct descendent of Mr. Felix Wolff, one of our town's co-founders.

Bellingstone's vampires have always lacked a vigorous structure, but they are still just as tightly knit as the werewolves. Ivan Moreau, though a founder of Bellingstone, does not lead the vampires and is only called upon to settle major disputes. Vampires are made to consume human blood, but the animals of Bellingstone's parks and forests have done just fine for the past century. Vampires are gifted with super speed, strength, fangs, and a natural charm. Though not sensitive to sunlight, their flesh is quite pallid and sickly in appearance. Their eyes, however, are quite sensitive and require some sort of sunglasses to protect them

Vampires show signs of vampirism as young as they are born, but powers do not tend to develop for a few years, heightening only after a few decades. They must feed at least once a week to survive, though most vampires feed more than that. They are also sensitive to silver.

Mermaids & Nymphs
Mermaids are one of the main creatures of Bellingstone that require a glamour to hide them from the public and blend in. Once, they had been able to spend their lives in Lake Bellingstone, but with the growing human population, it has become vital that they move out of the comfort of the water and on to dry land. They lack true legs, but the magic about the town allows them to seem to have legs. Mermaids have a strong affinity for water and, like nymph, have a strong bond with wildlife, especially the aquatic kind.

Mermaids fall under the general category of “nymph” which can be broadened to include woodland spirits who have the same sort of affinity as their water-based relatives, except for flora. Despite their names, males of both species exist. Both mermaids and nymphs, while capable of surviving in the town for prolonged periods of time, often grow restless when away from the water or the forest, respectfully, for more than a few days at a time. Both species have a natural affinity for wildlife and for the arts.

Centaurs & Kelpies
Bellingstone has long been known as an anomaly in Pennsylvania for its population of indigenous horses. What humans do not know, however, is that this horse population is made of a combination of kelpies and centaurs in disguise. Both species are known to adopt a strong glamour as well, transforming them between horse form and human form.

Centaurs tend to keep to themselves in the forest, but many have also taken to life in the town, venturing into Bellingstone on two human legs. They often possess heightened intellect and speed as well as a penchant for crafting and wildlife. Kelpies, on the other hand, tend to be far more mischievous and have been the reasoning behind more than one disappearance over the past few years. They can also take on a glamour to appear in human form and are gifted with an irresistible charm and wit.

The faerie population is quite similar to the mermaids and nymphs of Bellingstone in that they also require a sort of glamour to hide a host of non-human features - such as, but not limited to, horns, skin coloration, and size. They are often mischievous in nature which can pose legality issues, as they are quite fond of leading humans astray into the woods.

They live slightly longer lives, retaining a youthful appearance well into their life. Faeries tend to have an elemental preference, such as water, fire, nature, etc., and are drawn to their respective element and repulsed by those in conflict with their element.

Witches & Warlocks

As always, should you find any discrepancy, please direct any applications for other species to the Committee for review.

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Scarlet Loup
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