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Of Blood and Pastries


a part of “Of Blood and Pastries”, a fictional universe by Sirris.

Sanctuary was a seemingly quiet town... until the murders started happening. And what connection do the new residents have to those employed at the local bakery?

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Of Blood and Pastries”.
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Sirris on Thu Dec 20, 2018 11:56 pm


◙◙◙◙ ▬▬ No one is exactly sure where vampires come from, however; there is no shortage of lore that has been collected about them. You'd be surprised to learn that most of it isn't true. The only thing that is true about them is their immortality—and their allergies to silver. Vampires have long lifespans, encompassing the span of centuries—millennia in some cases. Vampirism, however, is more of a disease—an infection spread through a certain kind of poison that is injected from bites. While popular fiction potrays vampires as an undead species, they are very much alive. Lacking, perhaps, of a soul—which makes a human more fundamentally unique—but still very much a living being. There are three categories of vampires: pureblood, vampire, and ghoul. While the second category—vampire—is a common term, it is used to define those who were turned. To become infected, a human must be bitten by a vampire, injected with the poison, and then fed blood from the vampire—usually administered orally. Vampires, however, are a prideful sort, and will usually cut the palm of their hands or such other ways. Dhampir are the only things in lore to be just that—a myth. They do not exist.

Purebloods are distinguished from vampires in one way: they were born into vampirism. Both of their parents were either vampires or purebloods themselves. It is said that the purer the strain, the stronger the vampire. No strain is more pure, however, than the bloodline of the Progenitor. He was considered the first of his kind. Purebloods are a rare species, though, considering that, as a species, vampires are not exactly fertile—and in some cases, their offspring are born human. Why this phenomenon happens isn't known. Most vampires do not procreate because of this—those that do, and birth human children, often give them up for adoption. The vampiric gene often lays dormant in human offspring, however; it has been known to surface every few generations.

Ghouls are the failed attempts at vampirism—both by a turning, or a scientific experiment. Becoming a vampire is not an easy thing to do because vampirisim is like a disease—most people who contract it do not always survive the changing. They either die from it, or become so twisted and insane, that they become ghouls. Ghouls are noticeable from typical vampires and purebloods simply by the way they look. Lethargic creatures, greying skin—they are what Nosferatu was imagined to look like. It is only fitting that they are sometimes referred to as such. They are allergic to sunlight, and are the reason lore was created about vampires bursting into flames if they came into contact with it. While not true for vampires or purebloods, exposure to the suns ray's for a ghoul is the difference between life and death. Very few humans know of the existence of vampires, and have been known to mess around with their genetics. Ghouls created from such an experiment are often more fearsome, and resemble something more humanoid than anything.

All types of vampires are more resilient than their human counterparts—physically stronger, sharper senses, and a near perfect immune system. It is said that vampirism not only physically changes a person, it also changes their DNA structure on a deep, fundamentally level. Perhaps it is the remnants of mana long lost to humans being awakened by the Change, or some other factor. Whatever the reason, some vampires are capable of a kinetic ability. Whether it's a mind trick, or an elemental connection, only those of the vampire species are capable of it. There was a rumor, however, that the Progenitor of the species had dominion over those with vampirism. He has not been seen in millennia so it is unsure of how true that is.

It is unknown why they need blood to survive. Some say it is because vampirism affects their blood in a way that only human blood can counter act it. Others believe it is because each vampire has a Potential and that the thirst can only be satisfied when they are awakened to each other. Regardless, blood does not taste very good to them, and they only relish it as a means of survival, not because they enjoy it—even though some might.


◙◙◙◙ ▬▬ Potential is a word used in the vampiric world to describe a vampire's soulmate. An interesting choice of words considering that vampires are considered to be without a soul, however; the truth is a little more complex than that. The word itself has no romantic ties to it—vampires have been known to Awaken to a Potential of the same gender, or identification. It is simply how it is. There is only ever one Potential to a vampire, and as such, most vampires do their best to keep their Potentials alive as long as possible. Because the Change isn't a guarantee, most vampires do not try to change their Potentials for fear of losing them in the process. What makes a Potential so coveted, however, is the fact that their blood acts as a sort of amplification for a vampire's own abilities, or strengths. While there is only ever one connection, it is extremely rare that two connections can be made, however; there hasn't been such a thing to happen since the time of the Progenitor.

Potentials will always be human, though. Why that is, is unknown. They are a rare species, unfortunately, and it is speculated that only .05% of the world has the gene. Potentials rarely find their vampiric counterpart mostly due to the fact that they aren't aware. Vampires are considered a myth, and they have carefully cultivated themselves out of human history. It's the only way they can survive, and keep their species hidden from the world. That does not mean that they have not searched for their Potential, though.

Because the Change is advised against, it is unknown how a Potential benefits from being turned. Surely they'd have to if their blood acts as an amplifier to vampires. There was only one successful turning of a Potential, however; they were hidden from the world and any information about the process—or what they gained or lost—was not recorded. The one thing that defines a Potential is the way they smell. Something about their scent draws a vampire—not just their matched vampire, either. Potential blood, though they only ever have one Awakening, can still act as an amplifier to vampires if they were to partake in it. The effects, however, would not be as great or as long-lasting.

It is unknown how a Potential and a vampire are matched, nor how they know they have found each other. Some say it's a spark—a warm feeling in your stomach, or a sort of comforting knowledge that you are complete. Others say that it feels like you've met an old friend that you haven't seen in years, however; the connection is on a deeper level than that. Each Awakened pair reacts differently, so its hard to say, exactly, how one knows.

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