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The only safe harbour for supernaturals is under threat, while they try to live a life as normal as possible.

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Witches, contrary to popular belief, can be male or female. These are perhaps the broadest of all supernatural creatures, as a witch can be defined as simply anyone who has control over any sort of magic. Some merely have the ability to see the future using tarot cards or other means, while others have control over elemental magic. They find it the easiest to disappear into common society as, given that they have some level of control, they appear to be totally normal. Many, however, choose to live among other supernaturals so they can freely use their ability. They are weak to silver, with it severely limiting their abilities and causing an allergic rash wherever it comes into contact with their skin. The more powerful a witch is, the more silver affects them, with it being extremely painful to some.


Contrary to popular belief, vampires can go out day to day in sunlight. Well, as long as they wear factor 50 or a good sunhat and cover all exposed skin. prolonged exposure causes painful burns similar to acid burns. Vampires can survive off of the blood of any living creature, but human blood is extremely addictive and often drives vampires to madness as they try to search for a victim. Human blood also makes vampires stronger. Vampires are much faster than humans and can put humans into a trance, in which they are entirely zoned out and will do anything that one asks. Garlic does not affect them, and many can eat human food without no issues. They must be torn apart and burned to be destroyed.


Lycans are better known as Werewolves. However, Werewolves can sometimes give the wrong impression. Lycans do indeed have to shift at a full moon, but at any time in between they can choose to shift. While their body type is a wolf when they're transformed, they're much larger and their eye colour stays the same in wolf form as in human form. Lycans are supernaturally strong and have a strong skeleton. They have incredibly long lives, but can be killed in the same way a human can. A plant called Wolfsbane is an incredibly potent poison that slowly shuts down their organs, but can be halted with the correct medical treatment.
These violent delights have violent ends
And in their triumph die, like fire and powder,
Which, as they kiss, consume.

-Romeo and Juliet

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