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Postby SlightlyIrregular on Mon Feb 27, 2012 6:49 pm

Ilena's Culture

Ilena are proud Ilenian's. The culture there is rich and full of life. The people happy and living a fulfilled life due to the King having looked after the Kingdom. Most know how Ayia's difference's if not from visiting Ayia, by the people that have fled the land and come looking for shelter in Ilena. The general belief in Ilena is treat people how you want to be treated. Respect is very important in Ilena, something that has to be earned. Though this is the common of people to act like this in Ilena, there are few people that aren't like the typical Ilenian. Also, despite the cultural ways of Ilena just been known in Ilena, maybe outsiders know of the festivals that Ilena hold and each year many outsiders travel to come to them.

Ilenian Architecture

Buildings in Ilena are strong and well built. Most, if not all, are built from stone. The buildings of the people of Ilena are built as strong as the Palace was built. When the King's grandfather was on the throne, many years ago, he wanted his people to be in the same safely built house that the Palace was built in and set about getting the houses rebuilt out of stone. It cost a lot, but after many years, Ilena stood proud the castle blending in with the city and the villages around it. To this day, new buildings built, are made out of stone. Very few are still the wooden ones that were constructed so long ago.

Ilenian Music

Ilenian's love their music. It's a big thing and there are constant festivals around with music played. Even though some Ilenian's can't play an instrument, one will be found in the home as you'll most likely have someone in the family able to play. One week during each month of the summer there is a big festival dedicated to music. The King still comes out to celebrate with his people, but his heart and happiness seem to have faded since the disappearance of his daughter and murder of his wife. He still makes sure to come out though and mix with the townspeople. Ilena like their festivals and parties so constantly have them in the summer when the weather is just right.

Ilenian Food

Food is another big thing in Ilena. Ilenian's love their food and each day, they always come out with a morning market of food. Once a week there is also a big food celebration. This is normally in the week after the music festival in the summer. The reason for holding the festivals in the summer, apart from the good weather, is because the children are out of school and so nothing is disrupted.
The people of Ilena love their fruits, especially their grape fruits which is popular in the land. Other foods which are popular in Ilena are bread and potatoes, and also pastries and pies of different kinds. Whatever the people of Ilena make, is sure to be popular and enjoyed throughout the Kingdom.

Ilenian Art

Along with food and music, Art is another loved thing in Ilena. If someone is not a musician, they are most likely an artist of some sort, creating sculptures, paintings or other fancy pieces of art. Many sculptures decorate the streets of Ilena while paintings decorate the inside of buildings. Again, there is also an art festival in the summer where the artists get to show their work and sell it to Ilenians or any other people that happen to be coming through Ilena at the time.

Ilenian Language

Ilenian language is posh and well spoken if the person has grown up in Ilena for many years, especially if been there from birth. Though, travellers tend to have less of an Ilenian accent due to travelling around and hearing the many other accents of surrounding lands. [Still working on this section]

Ilenian Education

The education system in Ilena is much like that in our human world. Each year a person completes and passes exams at the end, then they can advance to the next year. School is started at the age of nine in Ilena and most Ilenian's finish between the age of 21-25. People can chose where they want to go in life at the age of seventeen. If they chose to go into the line of fighting, with the possibility of one day been a Knight to the King, they then go to another school that specialises in fighting. Also, the possibility of learning magic is an option when going into that line of schooling.
Other lines of interest that Ilenian children can chose are also lines in music, art and food. At the age of 19, if they know what they want to do, they can chose a job to specialise in.


Crime: It is known that most Ilenian's will lend a help in hand to complete strangers if they need it and this kindness goes around to everyone in the land and even visitors. There are very little problems within Ilena, but that doesn't mean that there isn't. Ilena has a fair justice system. If there is definite proof of a person commiting a crime they are punished and only that person in a fair way to reflect the crime commited.
Holidays: There are two major holidays in Ilena. The winter holiday and the summer holiday. The winter holiday is one month in which the new year is celebrated and then the summer holiday, in which three months for holidays is given. This is from the middle of May to the middle of August. In June, there is a day of silence for the Princess and the death of the Queen.

Ayia's Culture

Everything is about the King and his family. The King is a greedy man, a very very greedy man and everything is about him and not his people. People found to be hiding things are punished along with their family.

Ayian Architecture

Here, only the Palace is built out of stone. Of the scattered villages throughout the land, they are constructed poorly of wood. Most look like they could collapse at any second. Many of the houses get destroyed after bad weather in Ayia, so it is common to see the ruins of villages where people have moved on after houses have been destroyed, in an attempt to find somewhere new or better to live. Either that, or the occupants of the village that once lived there were killed.

Ayian Music

There is no music on the lands of Ayia (unless secretly hidden and played), only in the Palace is music played and then, it's only on special occasions. These special occasions are whenever the King calls for them, though birthdays are always one of these occasions in which are celebrated in the Palace. This is because it's about the King and his family.

Ayian Food

The King loves his food. He feels that because he is the King that he can just go and take whatever he wants from whoever he wants. So, not only does he have people in the Palace cooking for him, he also sends out Knights daily to go and take any food that looks good seen on the land of Ayia. The people tend to try and hide any good food for them and their family. Sometimes it's successful, but a lot of the time the Knights are successful.

Ayian Art

Any art on the land of Ayia is hidden from the Knights that are sent around hunting to find this. Art that is found is put on show in the Palace for the King. Many rooms in the Palace are known as art rooms, most of the art in the Palace having been taken from the people of Ayia.

Ayian Language

There is nothing posh about Ayia's speech or accent. It is very rough often with silent letters. A strong accent, so that if someone is from Ayia and are in another land, it is known. Ayia's language is distinct from no real pride on the land or any education on speaking properly. The King and Prince have a thick Ayian accent, but the Princess is well spoken. She has an Ayian accent but likes to speak properly, how she's seen some guests that have appeared in the Palace over the time. The King still allows guests from other lands into the castle, though it's rare that people come to visit Ayia and the Palace.[Still working on this section]

Ayian Education

Basically for the people of Ayia, there is no education. The Palace hires people to teach the Prince and Princess and also to train Knights, but other than that, there is no education for the people in the land. Due to the lack of education people can't read or write and struggle to survive out there, especially with the Knights coming and raiding their houses for 'illegal' items. The lack of education also causes there to be a lot of crime and fighting on the land, mainly for survival.


Crime: The crime is high in Ayia. People kill others from protecting what little items they have, or to try and get items from other people that they need to survive. If the King finds out about these crimes though, or a crime happens against the Knights, or within the Palace, the King sentence's not only the person that committed the crime, but also their family. The King doesn't care who he kills. If they are accused of a crime, they are sentenced to death with any family that are alive. Sometimes, he's been known to kill the family rather than the accused. The King is not merciless either. He has killed women and children as much as he has killed men.

Holidays: The only holidays are when the King calls for them, and if they are about the King or his family.
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