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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Naruto: Time of Revival”.
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[OOC] Information on the Kainton Kekkei Genkai.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Zeique on Fri Dec 24, 2010 5:15 pm

Kekkei Genkai name: Kainoton
The closest English translation: Soul's Release.
Type (Eye, blood, ect.): Nibanshi Clan and Kurogetsu Clan Bloodlines or blood transfusion from a Nibanshi Clan or Kurogetsu Clan member.
Bloodline is more common than anything. Gaining through a blood transfusion could result in one of three things: death (65%), getting Kainoton at full power (10%), or getting Kainoton on a very minor scale (25%).

Main ability: Jutsu that uses pure energy or Chakra, depending on how the Kekkei Genkai was obtained. If obtained via Bloodline, or birth, then the user can use the more powerful version of pure energy. If obtained via blood transfusion the user can only use Chakra in its place.

Secondary ability: Although a Kainoton user can use any Jutsu nature release (except other Kekkei Genkai releases) these Jutsu are only half power in comparison. The amount of Chakra that is required is still the same however. When a Kainoton user tries to learn Jutsu they either take years to learn them (10% of the time), they learn them with no problem at all and will grasp it the first time (5% of the time), or they will never be able to learn them (85% of the time). It is common that they will never be able to learn some very basic Jutsu but could get a S rank Jutsu first time ever seeing and/or trying it.

Upsides: Kainoton users can memorize hand seal sequences easily, they have the possibility to learn just about any Jutsu, Kainoton Jutsu have sort hand seal sequences (Usually only 1-5 per technique.), they have high levels of Chakra, they can control Chakra with ease from the start, and Kainoton Jutsu only need a Chakra cost one time for the most part.

Downsides: They have about 6-9 Jutsu other than Kainoton Jutsu that they will ever be able to use in their lifetime, the Jutsu that are not Kainoton ones are half power, Kainoton Jutsu use high amounts of Chakra, the 2 most powerful Kainoton Jutsu require a constant Chakra flow, and Kinjutsu are even more deadly for Kainoton users to use.

Jutsu that Kainoton users can never use:
Other Kekkei Genkai Jutsu
Cannot use Juinjutsu; for ones that effect the body like the one's that were created from Jugo's Juinjutsu they are expelled from the body and destroyed. This makes them immune to the curse entirely.
Cannot use any Kinjutsu that are Summoning Jutsu as well or require a sacrifice of any kind, other than from themselves.
They can't enter Sage Mode, this results in the prevention of Senjutsu.

Elemental Jutsu they are limited to:
Futon (Wind Realease)
Doton (Earth Release)
Katon (Fire Release)
Raiton (Lightning Release)
Suiton (Water Release)

I will post the Jutsu that are specific to this Kekkei Genkai later on. For now take a look at this and think it over.
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Re: [OOC] Information on the Kainton Kekkei Genkai.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Zeique on Sun Dec 26, 2010 7:31 am

The Jutsu for the Kainoton Kekkei Genkai are organized by rank of the Jutsu. I only used English for most of these, but if anyone knows the Japanese for them that would be awesome. Anything that uses a Japanese name will have the English in brackets next to it.
The set up is as follows:
Jutsu name
Effect: What happens when the Jutsu is used.
Hand Seals: The Hand Seal required for the Jutsu to be used.
Chakra usage: Tells if the Chakra usage is constant or one time.
Jutsu type: Tells if the Jutsu is Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, or Taijutsu based. If it is some other type it will say.
All percentages are based on average newly appointed Jonnin level Ninja.

E rank (Most basic, commonly learned by Ninja Academy Students. Uses 0-0.003% Chakra.):
1. Kainoton: Soul's Opening
Effect: Activates the ability to use Kainoton Jutsu. Using again deactivates Kainoton. With experience Kainoton can be deactivated without using the Hand Seal.
Hand Seals: 1 sign} Dragon
Chakra usage: None
Jutsu type: Kekkei Genkai Realease

2. Kainoton: Energy Rope
Effect: Creates a rope of pure energy or Chakra that can be used like normal rope. The part that makes it better than normal rope is it cannot be broken by any means.
Hand Seals: 2 signs} Snake - Tiger
Chakra usage: One time
Jutsu type: Ninjutsu

3. Kainoton: Materialize
Effect: Creates a small structure such as a small boat, two man tent, and basic tools for cooking or building. Cannot create weapons.
Hand Seals: 3 signs} Rat - Ox - Hare
Chakra usage: One time
Jutsu type: Ninjutsu

D rank (Usually only Gennin and up learn/use these. Uses about 0.5-3% Chakra.):
1. Kainoton: Kaino Bushin [Soul's Release: Soul's Clone]
Effect: Creates one clone out of pure energy or Chakra. When a clone using this Jutsu is destroyed the energy or Chakra used disperses below and returns to nature.
Hand Seals: 2 signs} Rat - Ram
Chakra usage: One time
Jutsu type: Genjutsu

2. Kainoton: Undetectable Stealth
Effect: Allows the user to 100% cloak himself and up to 4 others. Depending on how much Chakra is feed into this depends on how long this lasts.
Hand Seals: 2} Hare - Rat
Chakra usage: One time or constant depending on user’s choice.
Jutsu type: Ninjutsu

3. Kainoton: Auto Dispel
Effect: This technique is passive with all Kainoton users. For some reason it only starts up once either Kainoton: Undetectable Stealth or Kainoton: Kaino Bushin has been used. However, once active any Genjutsu the Kainoton user notices is automatically dispelled if they have a good knowledge over that particular Genjutsu. Even if the users can’t use the Genjutsu he or she can still dispel it. Has no effect on Mangekyo Sharingan or Rinnegan required Genjutsu.
Hand Seals: Passive after Kainoton: Undetectable Stealth or Kainoton: is used.
Chakra usage: None
Jutsu type: Ninjutsu (Need clarification on type of Jutsu.)

4. Kainoton: Keen Eye
Effect: When activated the user’s eye sight increases ten times the original amount. (If originally the person could read twelve point font at thirty feet without a problem they could read it at three hundred feet with this.) The user’s ability to see detail also spikes a large amount.
Hand Seals: 1} Ram, right hand only. Must keep Seal for the entire duration.
Chakra usage: Constant
Jutsu type: Ninjutsu

C rank (Usually only Chunnin and up learn these. Uses about 6-9% Chakra.):
1. Kainoton: Taju Kai Bushin [Soul's Release: Multi Soul Clone]
Effect: Creates multiple clones out of pure energy or Chakra. When clones using this Jutsu are destroyed the energy or Chakra used disperses below and returns to nature.
Hand Seals: 3 signs} Rat - Horse - Ram
Chakra usage: One time
Jutsu type: Genjutsu

2. Kainoton: Long Reach
Effect: Gives the user an extra two feet of reach using pure energy or Chakra. The extra reach cannot be seen by anyone other than Kainoton users.
Hand Seals: 1} Dog
Chakra usage: One time
Jutsu type: Taijutsu/Ninjutsu

3. Kainoton: Manutfacture
Effect: Allows the user to either enhance a small weapon into a larger one or create a weapon that comes from their body like an extension of their body. Only the most skilled can do the latter and only Kainoton users can see this one. For the first one anyone can see it and it takes less skill. Uses pure energy or Chakra to do this.
Hand Seals: 2} Hare - Ram
Chakra usage: One time
Jutsu type: Ninjutsu

4. Kainoton: Instant Relocation
Effect: This Jutsu requires some type of location marker. This Jutsu is similar to Hiraishin no Jutsu [Flying Thunder God Technique] except it does not require a symbol on an item. All the user of Kainoton: Instant Relocation needs to do is input some of his or her Chakra into the item. If the user chooses so the Chakra can be transferred from one object or person to another.
Hand Seals: None to input Chakra into item or person. 1} Monkey
Chakra usage: One time for marker, one time for Jutsu
Jutsu type: Ninjutsu

5. Kainoton: Inescapable Detection
Effect: When used it creates a dome that is filled with pure energy or Chakra that is directly connected to the user. Anything that moves inside of this dome can be detected by the user instantly. Depending on how much Chakra is used depends on the size. If a user was born with Kainoton he or she can choose to use Chakra and increase the size but lower the detection rate. Many Kainoton users find this to be best for them.
Hand Seals: 3} Dragon – Ram - Monkey
Chakra usage: One time
Jutsu type: Ninjutsu

B rank (Usually only Jonnin and up learn these. Uses about 25-40% Chakra.):
1. Kainoton: Energy Gather
Effect: When activated the user needs to be meditating or using Enlarging Soul to make up for it.
Hand Seals: 1 sign} Serpent
Chakra usage: None, gains Chakra at a rapid pace.
Jutsu type: Ninjutsu

2. Kainoton: Ryu Kai [Dragon Soul]
Effect: Creates a pure energy or Chakra stream that is shaped like a Chinese dragon. This dragon can easily be controlled by someone who has some experience using this. If not experienced using this it can be difficult to control.
Hand Seals: 5} Dragon – Ram – Serpent – Boar - Tiger
Chakra usage: One time
Jutsu type: Ninjutsu

3. Kainoton: Engulfing Soul (This is a signature Jutsu that the Kainoton can use.)
Effect: When used the user creates a giant light blue translucent form of a creature that they are fond of to swallow up the target. This sends the target into a pitch black area where they only see themselves. During this they seemingly start to be digested as their body starts to rot away. The target feels as if acid is melting away their body, though it is all mental pain. Along with this illusion the target feels as if they have been bound by something and their body is outstretched. The creature summoned is usually one that the user has a strong spiritual bond with in one way or another.
Hand Seals: 3} Rat – Horse - Tiger
Chakra usage: One time
Jutsu type: Genjutsu

A rank (Commonly only Special Jonnin and Sannin learn these. Uses about 53-77% Chakra.):
1. Enlarging Soul
Effect: Greatly increases the user's maximum Chakra level and Kainoton Jutsu power. When active only Kainoton Jutsu can be used.
Hand Seals: 5}
Chakra usage: None
Jutsu type: Ninjutsu

S rank (Usually only Kage and ANBU level Ninja learn these. Uses about 87-100% Chakra):
1. Kainoton: Soul Shatter
Effect: After activation the user gains tremendous power, equal to the power gained from using the Eight Gates and releasing the 4th gate. If used in combination with the Eight Gates the user open 2 gates the first time, 3 the second time and the final 3 the third time. If any gates are open when this Jutsu ends all the user's Chakra is drained and the user passes out. Recovery from using this without the gates takes a minimum of 3 years. In addition if the user opens some of the Eight Gates while using this recovery take 6 years minimum + 6 month per gate opened. If all 8 gates are opened the user does not die but takes 20 years minimum to recover. If user opens at least 5 gates and uses this in combination they can never perform Jutsu again.
Hand Seals: 26 signs} Dragon - Tiger - Serpent - Horse - Hare - Serpent - Ox - Boar - Bird - Dragon - Tiger - Serpent - Horse - Rat - Ram - Bird - Reverse Serpent - Reverse Tiger - Reverse Dragon - Reverse Tiger - Reverse Serpent - Reverse Horse - Reverse Hare - Lone Left handed Ram - Lone Right handed Serpent - Reverse Combo 2
Chakra usage: One time for 10 minutes, once 10 minutes have passed this Jutsu needs to be replenished or it stops. The minimum amount of Chakra for this to work, even for a Kage, is 25%. Uses the Chakra as a reserve and feeds off of it, the more Chakra put into that reserve the more powerful this Jutsu becomes. Any unused left Chakra is not returned or stored, but goes into the Earth instead. If at least 5 gates are opened all Chakra is used for this.
Jutsu type: Ninjutsu

Combo Hand Seals are Hand seals where the left hand is doing one hand sign and the right is doing a different one. When they are reversed they look like a mirror of the normal.
Combo 1: Left hand uses left hand of one fingered Tiger, right hand uses left hand part of Rat. Ring and picky finger intertwined like Horse and left middle finger over right middle finger. Left index finger pointed up.
Combo 2: Left hand uses left hand part of Hare; right hand uses left hand part of Ram. Uses Reverse Ram hand positions.

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