Initiative: Make RPG more welcoming for new roleplayers.

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We've a lot of work to do. There's already a big list of ways to help, but maybe we're missing something? Come here to discuss!

Initiative: Make RPG more welcoming for new roleplayers.

Tips: 5.00 INK Postby Revenant Sorrow on Sat Mar 24, 2018 8:16 am

Hello o/

I noticed a rather large problem, in that a large number of new players never post again after their first post in the Welcome Desk. I think this has a lot to do with how disinterested people seem to be for that subforum in general. Heck, I've been here for two weeks now, and I've seen only 3 posts by other people welcoming new players.

As some might have noticed, I've decided to welcome people myself, but there's only so much a fellow newbie can do to help.

Another thing I realized is how the Roleplay Academy subforum is rather dead. I mean, yes, if you browse it you might find a few useful guides, but how many would be willing to either revive a dead thread to ask their questions and possibly get accused of necro'ing or make a new thread and possibly get accused of duplicating.

(Not that I've seen that happen on this site yet, but would they know that)?

I am planning to make a new thread explaining things about roleplay myself, and possibly link to a few mentors, but I have no clue who is still up for that or not, on account of most posts saying they're willing to being over a year old.

- First thing I'm looking for is for people that are willing to help welcome new people.
- Second thing is to revitalize the Roleplay Academy Forum.
- Third is to recruit active people willing to help others in general.
- Fourth is to get an up to date list of those people willing to mentor.

(- Fifth is to maybe get a FAQ up. I know someone already tried to work on it in this thread:
But it doesn't seem to have come off from the ground.)

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