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Initiative: Winners Write The History Books!

a topic in Our Greatest Quest Yet, a part of the RPG forum.

We've a lot of work to do. There's already a big list of ways to help, but maybe we're missing something? Come here to discuss!

Initiative: Winners Write The History Books!

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby LawOfTheLand on Wed Jan 20, 2016 8:03 pm

Few things have had as much of an impact on The Multiverse as a whole as the rise of entire nations and the adventures involved in statecraft. Known colloquially as Nation Roleplay, or "NRP", players commanded armies, quelled rebellions, and struck trade deals that had sweeping impacts on the structure of the Multiverse. From the endless hordes of the Taiyou, to the noble Terran liberators striving against their Aschen oppressors, and even to the enigmatic Ruulans who live in harmony with the local flora and fauna, the Multiverse will never be the same thanks to these incredibly powerful organizations.

Now it is time to tell the story of how they left their indelible mark on their reality.

If you controlled a large nation and/or were engaged in their various large-scale shenanigans, we want to hear from you. Whatever logs you have of a nation's technological advances, major battles, or notable individuals will all be of use. So, tell your nation's story! When doing so, be sure to link to specific posts, arcs, or characters to give a more cohesive picture.

For this initiative, only activity and logs posted on-site count. We want to make as many assets available to the Historians as possible, to aid them in stitching together arcs and scenes whose impact can still be felt today.

Thank you, writers of nations, for the effort you've put into your nation and for the depth you've contributed to The Multiverse. It wouldn't be what it is today without you.

As the Ruulan Voyagers might say, "Forever onward!"

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Re: Initiative: Winners Write The History Books!

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby LawOfTheLand on Mon Jan 25, 2016 7:15 pm

Initiative update!

Recovered logs are to be dumped into a Google Drive folder (I know a lot of people like Az, Barney, Demi, and Tiko have at least a slight presence in Google Talk from hangouts). How did the Terrans react as Isiria was stolen from them by the Aschen? What was the Belkan take on the royal marriage that united them with the Erutins to create the Greater Imperial Hegemony? I want to hear as many sides to a story as we can get!

Pastebin is also an option if you're new to the NRP game, since you don't need an account. Registering will allow you to edit your text dumps after uploading, however, so that would be good for correcting any typos you find.

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Re: Initiative: Winners Write The History Books!

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby LawOfTheLand on Tue Jan 26, 2016 8:28 pm


Good news, everyone! Thanks to a suggestion from ChaoticMarin, you can now link to character pages as easily as you can to groups and places. This makes denoting the internal hierarchy of your faction a snap, whether it's a family tree or a chain of command.

Code: Select all
is the tag. Just make sure to spell it exactly as it's spelled on the page. You can also use
Code: Select all
as an alias, though this requires going into your character's edit screen to get the ID. If you want your character added to someone else's group, you'll need to provide this bit of information, so doing it by character name is probably best.

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Re: Initiative: Winners Write The History Books!

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby spark755 on Sun Feb 21, 2016 8:52 pm

Would I post the current advancements and agreements between the current Deminaughts and Ruulans in Castelia City?

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Re: Initiative: Winners Write The History Books!

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby LawOfTheLand on Mon Feb 22, 2016 1:01 am

Absolutely. That's history in the making, if anything.

It's also important to remember that the NRP goings-on is but one of the various multiverses you can choose to play in. Accept the parts you like, change what you feel needs to be changed, and ignore the rest. :)

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Iskjerne Vikings

Tips: 0.25 INK Postby Sigurd on Tue Jan 22, 2019 6:22 am

The following narrative pertains to the House of Munso or Munso Dynasty, aka the Ravens Banner, also known as the Kingdom of Iskjerne and to a lesser extent the Viking Empire or even the Ellarian Empire.

Before I tell you a wonderfully long summary of my even longer NRP story and how it became merged with the Multiverse, first I must go over a few things with you in order to help you better understand the backstory and to prevent any misunderstandings from happening later on, as it can get pretty intensive with all the history and character development. So before we go any further, I'd like to remind my readers that the in-game lore behind certain characters and events comes from a gradual merger of three uniquely different roleplays which operated independantly for a span of many years before the RPGateway Multiverse even entered into the equation. There were literally about 3 dozen writers and players from different sites who helped or contributed to the making of this story, so I can not claim all the credit for myself. This being said, there is a Timeline but anything occurring before 800 CE is strictly speculative and guesswork at best. There is no agreement or canon before that point, so the events I share with you should not be etched into stone or regarded as the only truth. Events happening in-game prior to 800 CE are guesstimated and could be off by hundreds of years, give or take, so keep that in mind.

The nations I'm going to be talking about here, which existed or still exist in the Multiverse, are connected or relative to the overall NRP story I will tell you about. This requires a whole lot of backstory which doesn't involve the MV, so without further adieu, let's get into it, starting with a brief summary of the Timeline for your own reference. Trust me, it'll make things easier later once I explain how the MV got involved. Again, remember that events before 800 CE are speculative, and as we've all seen before with the Multiverse, time and even space itself can change. So even if a character has died in one multiverse, he or she may still be alive and well in another timespace. Let's move along with the story now, shall we?

000ce Kellindil the Bloodelf
000ce Ekkaxor the Sorcerer
000ce Fendinn the Dragon
000ce Aglaranna the Lightelf
000ce Allaran the Wizard
000ce War of the Elves begins
000ce Night Watchers founded
100ce Ekkaxor turns 400
190ce Forkin is born
200ce Drizzt the Assassin
210ce Ssylvidian the Guardian
268ce Wylfrec the Savage
300ce Kellindil dies at 300
309ce Bolin is born
310ce Scorch is born
320ce Wylfrec dies at 52
320ce Savage Knights founded
350ce Lambrecht is born
370ce Scorch dies at 60
390ce Corvin the Ranger
400ce War of the Assassins begins
400ce Alaric is born
400ce Lambrecht turns 50
400ce Ekkaxor turns 700
405ce Sasha is born
406ce Silvya is born
420ce Lambrecht dies at 70
420ce Forkin dies at 230
430ce Silvya turns 24
430ce Sasha turns 25
430ce Alaric turns 30
430ce Bolin turns 121
430ce Battle for Barrendor occurs
430ce Fendinn dies at 600
440ce Sasha dies at 35
440ce Alaric turns 40
440ce Ekkaxor dies at 740
450ce Trygvir is born
450ce War of the Assassins ended
450ce War of the North begins
460ce Corvin dies at 70
470ce Ellrulf is born
497ce Alaric dies at 97
500ce Trygvir dies at 50
500ce Allaran turns 500
510ce Silvya dies at 104
510ce Ulfric is born
520ce Faedkyn is born
549ce Sigurd is born
550ce Erling is born
559ce Bolin dies at 250
560ce Cornilus the Conqueror
567ce Ellrulf dies at 97
570ce Ulfric dies at 60
629ce Erling dies at 79
630ce Sigurd dies at 81
630ce Drizzt dies at 430
690ce Gawain is born
700ce Aglaranna dies at 700
700ce War of the Elves continues
710ce Arnarra is born
710ce Qayin is born
740ce Gawain dies at 50
800ce Victor is born
808ce Magnus is born
810ce Qayin dies at 100
812ce Celia is born
827ce Vladimir is born
830ce Thraen is born
834ce Magnus turns 26
834ce Celia turns 22
834ce Magnus marries Celia
835ce Relbregh is born
835ce Vygoren is born
836ce Johanna is born
842ce Brielle is born
844ce Calvin is born
845ce Carmen is born
848ce Celia dies at 36
850ce War of the North continues
850ce Victor dies at 50
855ce Vynessa is born
860ce Ssylvidian turns 650
860ce Allaran turns 860
860ce Estvikt dies at 42
860ce Magnus turns 52
860ce Relbregh dies at 25
860ce Arnarra turns 150
860ce Faedkyn turns 340

So there's a basic timeline for your database. Okay, so there's obviously a lot of backstory here which probably needs further clarification but since 90% of it has no place in the MV, we'll just skip most of that for now. Where we will begin is around the time of Wylfrec the Savage, the first true Norse-type character that has anything to do with the story. There is no other information I have about Wylfrec other than he was an Edenite barbarian who was active long ago, and was contemporary to Druss the axeman. I have very limited data, but my sources say that Wylfrec the Savage may possibly have been the son of a Norse jarl named Lordred Higeliac, and who possessed a legendary sword called Ulfsfanga that was said to be originally thrusted into the earth as a marker for Lordred's grave. Lordred Higeliac was said to be the son of a viking jarl named Geliac, and the Order of Savage Knights was founded by the non-Norse king Tyler Nyghtfallen after Wylfrec's death but all of this predates those later interactions with the RPGateway Multiverse, so I'll skip ahead.

The first true MV interaction actually began with a non-Norse French Italian assassin named Corvin the Ranger, but that has little to do with the overall backstory. Corvin's assassin creed however would carry on and become a minor part of the interaction. The next major relevant interaction with the MV involved a Spartan god, ironically. Enyalius, the Spartan equivalent of Ares, the Greek god of war, made a very brief appearance in the MV, but his presence was cause for a beautiful backstory. Enyalius is the ancestor of Achilles who was killed during the Trojan War by Paris Priamsson, the brother of Princess Troana, the mother of Thor.

With this understood, it's time to look at genealogy because it's relevant to what will happen next through in-game interactions and from Norse mythology. Priam's daughter Tróán married king Múnón or Mennón. Their son was Trór, or Thor, who was fostered in Thrace. Thor slew his foster father and married Sibil, identified with Sif. It is said that the sixteenth great grandson of Thor and Sif was Voden of Saxland, or King Odin the Grey, from which the lineage continues into the Multiverse.

King Odin fathered Ingvi-Frey, from which the Yngling Dynasty or House of Yngling is said to have originated. Kristofer Agnisson is perhaps a noteworthy character at this point. Kristofer is the son of Agni Ingvisson of the House of Yngling, and although he was not physically in the MV, his family would compete with other Yngling families during times to come. Some of those relative families would enter the MV, so it's probably okay to mention that Kristofer, grandson of Yngvi, was the son of Emma Valisdottir and father of Agnar Kristofersson, who possessed a legendary Ulfberht sword called Ulfsfanga. It was the same sword that Jarl Geliac had possessed many centuries earlier, and which Wylfrec the Savage had retrieved from the grave of Lordred Higeliac. Kristofer also possessed the viking shield Ulfskjold, and rode a hybrid horse named Blaufaxi the Warhorse.

Many centuries later, Trygvir was born. He came into possession of Ulfsfanga the sword and Ulfskjold the shield. Trygvir was the father of Ellrulf Trygvirsson, which is where my NRP backstory comes into perspective. Ellrulf Trygvirsson founded the House of Ellrulf, or Oldwolf Dynasty, contemporary with the House of Munso and late Yngling Dynasty which both later Houses would branch from. Ellrulf was the father of many sons, most notably Prince Ulfric and Prince Hurgor, both of which would make a brief but lasting impression on the MV in years to come. If this all seems a little confusing still, don't worry. All you really need to know right now is that both the House of Ellrulf and the House of Munso will play a part in the MV later on as time goes by. So let's talk about it.

There is no consensus as to what happened next, as there is no MV in-game backstory to go off of. But we can assume from what is written in the MV that a few of the aforementioned bloodlines were somehow transported by various means into the Multiverse at various times. Since the MV itself supercedes conventional timespace, here is where the previous Timeline becomes irrelevant.

Ellrulf Trygvirsson was a Norse jarl and viking who provided a backstory on Gaia in the Empyrean High Seas as an old king and founder of the House of Ellrulf, which is where our NRP story officially begins. King Ellrulf was married to Queen Astrid Olafsdottir and together they had a son named Ungrulf Ellrulfsson aka Prince Ulfric the Brave, whose ship the Ormbatur was lost during a storm and somehow ended up in the Empyrean High Seas and therefore in the Multiverse.

Ulfric Ellrulfsson came to possess the legendary Ulfberht viking sword Ulfsfanga and a Clydesdale horse named Hross which itself was crossbred from the same pedigree as Jarl Kristofer's legendary horse Blaufaxi from earlier in the story. Prince Ulfric's mother Queen Astrid was the daughter of King Olaf and a member of the earlier House of Yngling before marrying into the House of Ellrulf, and it will be vikings from the House of Yngling who will feature into this story later as I said. I should probably also mention Ulfric's older brother Hurgor Ellrulfsson aka Hurgor the Archer, who rode a Clydesdale horse named Skallafax and possessed a powerful bow called Grimgir the Wolfbow, which we'll read about later. Ungrulf and Hurgor were both viking berserkers from a gang called the Ulfhednar known for their wolfpelts, and it is actually the Ulfhednar sailing in the Ormbatur longship that appears for the first time in the Multiverse.

The Ulfhednar first encountered a dragon named Smaragdos in the Empyrean High Seas on Gaia, an event that was witnessed by Edgtho Ellrulfsson and Ungrulf Ellrulfsson along with their leidang. At some point they beached the Ormbatur longship on an island in the high seas where they setup camp. There they met Benjamin the Wizard, whose company they truly enjoyed. That same night, however, they had a sudden confrontation with an Argosian naval crew ship led by one Livia Caesarius, the ship's Praefectus and advisory to the Taiyou Emperor, who had teleported on to the scene by way of the Eye of Aarran, the Matokey's new invention at the time. The event known as the Battle on the Beach was a two-part skirmish which ended in the deaths of quite a few Argosians and many more Ulfhednar, a massacre which killed many Ellrulfssons including Edgtho and Hurgor, but their middle brother Ulfric escaped during the first skirmish and returned shortly afterwards with his friend Jarl Brennan, who aided in a second skirmish aboard the Nuormbatur longship. Together they forced Livia Caesarius and the Argosians to surrender.

The pride of the House of Ellrulf was short-lived after that. Although it is never explicitly stated IC what happened next, the character profiles of Sigurd Hring and Erling Snake make references to a great civil war among the viking families which may have contributed to the House of Ellrulf's ultimate downfall.

Harald Wartooth and Randver Longaxe were both sons of King Rathbarth, and after he died, Harald became the King of the Eastern Geatish territories, while Randver became the King of the Western Geatish territories, until Randver Longaxe died raiding England, being succeeded by his son Sigurd "Hring" Randversson, whose accomplishments became legend. Sigurd Hring and his uncle Harald Wartooth held a close friendship throughout King Harald's reign. They each raided other lands, but avoided each other's territories out of respect for their kinship. King Harald won many victories and was never defeated in battle. In fact, he lived to be an old man. Fearing that he was now too old and would never go to Valhalla, the aged warrior king asked his nephew King Sigurd to honor him in an epic battle. Sigurd agreed, and soon the news had spread far and wide that Harald Wartooth and Sigurd Hring were going to war. Danes, Swedes, Norwegians, Angles, Saxons, Irish, Scots, Franks, Slavs and Finns came from all over Europe to join sides with one of the kings of their choosing. King Harald was joined by the legendary heroes Ubbe of Friesland, Uvle Brede, Are the One-eyed, Ellrulf Trygvirsson the Ulfhethinn, Dag the Fat, Duk the Slav, Hroi Whitebeard and Hothbrodd the Indomitable as well as three-hundred shieldmaidens led by Hed, Visna of the Slavs and Hedborg, while King Sigurd recruited the legendary heroes Starkad, Egil the Bald, Grette the Evil of Norway, Blig Bignose, Einar the Fatbellied and Erling Snake. Famous Swedes were Arwakki, Keklu-Karl, Krok the peasant, Gummi and Gudfast from Gislamark, all great jarls and legendary warriors of their time. Entire forests were cleared out of wood to make over 3000 longships just for King Sigurd's fleet, with King Harald's fleet having even more ships by comparison. After several years of preparation, King Harald Wartooth and King Sigurd Hring faced each other on the battlefield, with all the great heroes and legends of old who came to join them. 50,000 men in all had showed up to the Battle of Bravellir.

At first the two armies fought collectively, but after a while Ubbi was in the centre of attention. He slew first Ragnvald the Wise Councilor, then the champion Tryggvi and three Swedish princes of the royal dynasty. Humbled by this, King Sigurd Hring sent forth the champion Starkad, who managed to wound Ubbi but was himself even more seriously wounded. Then Ubbi killed Agnar, and took the sword in both hands and slashed a path through the Swedish host, until he fell riddled with arrows from the archers of Telemark. Then the shieldmaiden Veborg killed the champion Soti and managed to give additional wounds to Starkad, who was greatly angered. She was killed by the champion Thorkell. Infuriated by this, Starkad went forth in the Danish army, killing warriors all around him, and cut off the shieldmaiden Visna's arm, which held the Danish banner. Starkad then proceeded to slay the champions Brai, Grepi, Gamli and Haki in combat. Ellrulf then stabbed King Sigurd in the shoulder with his spear, but Sigurd broke the spear and killed Ellrulf the Ulfhethinn in melee combat. After the great King Harald had observed these heroic feats, he stood on his knees in his chariot with one sword in each hand and killed a great many warriors both to his left and to his right. After a while, Harald's steward Bruni deemed that his liege had amassed enough glory and clonked the king's head with a hammer. Then the great King Sigurd walked over with his axe and chopped off King Harald's head, ending the battle. In total, over 40,000 warriors died in the Battle of Bravellir.

After the battle, Sigurd Randversson took the king's ring from Harald Wartooth and placed it on his own finger. 10,000 warriors roared and cheered for the new High King of Denmark and Sweden, now known as Sigurd the Ringtaker or Sigurd Hring for short. King Sigurd already started as a legend, but this story is just beginning. Now we need to take a look at Erling Snake and compare his story to Sigurd's.

Erling Snake fought at the Battle of Bravellir and the Battle of Svolder which made him famous as the Slayer of Olaf Trygvirsson, who was Ellrulf Trygvirsson's brother. Erling "Snake" Skjalsson was originally the Jarl of Rogaland, but he decided to join sides with Sigurd Hring during the Battle of Bravellir, where he killed many great warriors and became legend. According to viking lore, Erling Skjalsson is a snake whisperer. A prophecy foretold that Erling would be wounded in battle by a giant wolf, but would later kill the wolf by becoming a giant sea snake. The prophecy was fulfilled during the Battle of Bravellir when Erling Skjalsson was mauled by Ellrulf Trygvirsson the Ulfhethinn, a giant old man in wolfskins. Sigurd Hring killed Ellrulf the Ulfhethinn with a broken spear after being wounded. As a result, however, Erling was left with a snake-shaped scar on his cheek. Erling then went forth through the House of Ellrulf, killing many ulfhednar both to his right and left with two daggers, one in each hand. After the Battle of Bravellir was over, Sigurd Hring was dubbed the new High King of the North, and Erling Skjalsson was given position as the king's hand. Some time after this, another part of the prophecy was fulfilled during the Battle of Svolder when Erling found revenge by killing Olaf Trygvirsson, the brother of the same Ellrulf Trygvirsson who had mauled his face earlier. According to legend, the Battle of Svolder took place in the Baltic Sea when King Olaf was returning from Wendland in attempt to Christianize the North, but was ambushed by longships led by Svein Forkbeard during his return voyage. One by one, Olaf Trygvirsson's ships were captured or set ablaze with torches and flaming arrows. At last, Erling Snake boarded the Ormen Lange, and cut down the king's men at the front lines, taking control of the greatest Viking Ship that ever sailed. Olaf Trygvirsson jumped into the sea and was drowned by the weight of his own armor, though some legends say he was pushed overboard by Erling himself. In either case, Erling became the pirate captain of the Ormen Lange, or "Long Serpent" viking ship. Now that the prophecy was allegedly fulfilled, Erling Skjalsson is referred to as Erling Snake, and he dawns a red sea serpent as his banner when going to war. As a reward for his services, Erling was given Olaf's younger sister Astrid Trygvirsdottir as a bride. Initially she refused, but later conceded under the terms that Erling be baptized. Erling agreed, but Christianity has made Erling no less of a serpent in battle. Unfortunately, his conversion as Erling Snake has only turned him against Sigurd Hring, and strengthened his image as a traitor.

The above story is never mentioned in the MV in-game, but can be pieced together following the storyline. This where the timeline seems to take a strange turn again. Sigurd Hring somehow came to possess the Ulfsfanga sword, presumably taking it from either Ellrulf himself upon killing him or from Ellrulf's son Ungrulf at some point not mentioned in the story. Sigurd Hring also came to possess the Nuormatur longship and its crew. Furdørn Ivansson, Engöll Corysson, Stryder Alvirsson and the new earl, Hethel Svensson, all of whom had served the House of Ellrulf and were present during the aforementioned Battle on the Beach, are in-game now one of the many viking crews who serve under Sigurd Hring and the legendary House of Munso, aka the Munso Dynasty, which they previously fought against during the Battle of Bravellir and other non-mentioned battles.

Now according to what is actually written in the Multiverse in-game, here is what transpired. It all started on planet Earth in Kattegat in the year 770 CE, contradictory to the Timeline provided earlier and therefore not canonical by any specific standard. Sigurd Hring is somewhere between 35-40 years old at this time. He has a 20 year old son named Ragnar Lodbrok, a slightly older son named Hrollaug the Walker or Rollo the Viking, and a newborn grandson named Bjorn Ironside who is the firstborn son of Ragnar and Lagertha the shield-maiden. Ragnar, Lagertha and Bjorn are only briefly mentioned as being in Kattegat on planet Earth in 770 CE, and they are never mentioned in the MV again after that. Instead it's said that 13 ships left Kattegat heading southwest, but only a fraction of them returned. Those that didn't return got lost at sea and wandered into the Bermuda Triangle, which transdimensionally teleported their ships to the Iskjerne Bay in Ellaria on planet Gaia in the Multiverse, where a viking nation flourished. Among those who were teleported include Rollo and Sigurd, the Nuormbatur and its crew, and many notable jarls such as Erling Snake's brother Evan Skjalsson, Omar the One-Eye, Hethel Svensson and many others.

Sigurd Hring expanded the House of Munso, founded the Kingdom of Iskjerne and established a permanent settlement. After quite some time the Iskjerne Vikings expanded out even further and today Sigurd Hring basically runs a mini-empire on Gaia known as the Ellarian Empire or the Ravens Banner, in reference to the flags they wave and their coat-of-arms. Then at some point during the IC story, the Iskjerne Vikings came into contact with the Taiyou Empire when a Choushinn cave portal was mistakenly activated, creating a gateway between Iskjerne Bay and Niihama City, which led to a negotiation and conflict between the two nations. Omar the One-Eye, Kraiger Nallesson, Helgar the Strong, Augee the Archer, Eirik O'Malle and Honz the Old would, against King Sigurd's wishes, suddenly raid the Taiyou security personnel by crossing the Iskjerne/Niihama cave portal, something which not only effects the universal space but also time itself to a small degree. Helgar and Erik died in the Battle of the Caves, while Kraiger was also injured. However, during the raid the vikings managed to seize a good deal of Taiyou technology which Brokkr the Smith, Brunnard the Blacksmith, Furdorn the Wise and many others helped to reverse engineer at the Rainbow Falls on the edge of the Kadota Peaks in Ellaria, significantly helping the Ravens Banner to advance very rapidly in ways that Sigurd Hring would've never imagined. The previously early medieval 8th century vikings skipped centuries ahead of their own time period, taking a giant leap in technological advancement which kept them from disappearing, despite numerous odds. That about sums it all up and brings us to the current MV activity. The story in-game is still progressing as characters continue to develop even now.

Depending on what happens IC in the future, I may or may not add more to this NRP story. But this is just a brief summary for now. I share this with you in order to preserve it, for casual reading or for an OOC in-game MV reference. All of the information I've just shared is true to the best of my knowledge. Although most of this content was protected via copyrights until recent years, the rights expired in 2015 and in 2018 a new copyleft agreement was put into effect allowing the distribution of this content, making it free for anyone to copy it and share it so long as it never gets sold or published for monetary gain, and so long as the original creators and myself are given full acknowledgment for our work.


Magnus Ashdown (Lockroach)
Carmen Ashdown (RayneLillac)
Thraen Valour (Gamemaster)
Caspar Blackwood (Lockroach)
Lordred Higeliac (Wes)
Jinx (JinxTheWerewolf)
Vygoren Calygarn (Gamemaster)
Johanna Mieadov (YumeAiri)
Lucifer Errat (Skipbab)
Allaran Darkbane (Gamemaster)
Avery Fellwater (Lockroach)
Grevious Saint (SaintMarcJean)
Faedkyn Hylorra (Gamemaster)
Luciel Carjak (SaintMarcJean)
Faize (Michael_Rainwater)
Vladimir Topol' (Eli_Broady)
Vynessa Calygarn (ShareYoLean)
Varik Teken'tyl (Dwarfman5)
Arnarra Vengella (Phamalama)
Pint Bloodhorns (MordosKull)
Erling Skjalsson (Gamemaster)
Alaric Walcott (Obake)
Sasha McLoughton (Weilacca)
Drizzt Dourden (Gamemaster)
Bolin Forkinson (Bolin)
Tyler Nightfallen (Tom)
Princess Catalina (Angel)
Ulfric Ellrulfsson (Gamemaster)
Ekkaxor (Obake)
Victor Kuroji (Chris)
Prince Calvin Kridei (YumeAiri)
Lambrecht Brandtson (Wes)
Gawain (Patrick)
Thalia Nyghtfallen (Alex)
Sigurd Hring (Gamemaster)
Fendinn (Obake)
Scorch Lethae (Ryan)
Ssylvidian (Gamemaster)
Aglaranna (Anna)
Ellrulf Trygvirsson (Gamemaster)
Kellindil (John)
Shikoba Tamaya (Mottahko)
Matt Fireblade (matthew22)
Aidan Aelius (TCO_200)

Smaragdos (lostamongtrees), Benjamin Crux (Marcus), Livia Caesarius (barney_fife), Shimizu Takayama (barney_fife), Yukiko Takayama (barney_fife), fuckin 30 other people lol (barney_fife <-- stalker), Muketsu (muketsu_bara), and Souma Yamasaki (lil_kreen)














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