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Bitter Evolution

Introduce yourself!

a part of “Bitter Evolution”, a fictional universe by LunaSpirit.

Homosapiens are now merely creatures of past time stories. Homonecos wiped out the older, weaker version of the human and now rule what’s left of destroyed earth. War has ripped the planet apart and damaged the souls of the powerful Homonecos. CLOSED

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Bitter Evolution”.
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Introduce yourself!

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby LunaSpirit on Fri Dec 07, 2012 5:18 pm

I just wondered what everyone was like in real life! You don’t have to put anything about yourself if your don’t wish too :3 I thought this might be interesting.


My name is Amy, I am 14 years old. I find myself being rather young on Roleplay Gateway and because of that I am surprised with the amount of respect I have received from everyone here. I remember being on a different site and people taking one look at me and just saying "Hell no..." but you really should never ever judge a book by its cover. I know I ain't the best RPer, but I do put a hell of allot of effort in.

I'm a gurl, sometimes mistaken for a guy online due to me favouring RPing as male characters, being a gamer, loving violence more than anything, and when I am having them masculine attitude days being a total different person.

I don't think I look like a guy though, in real I'm rather feminine apart from my strong punch and daring smugness. My hair is dyed bright red, and reaches just below my shoulders. I have teal iris's and sadly wear a pair of fucking awful framed black glasses, though I should be getting contacts in late spring, which makes me happeh. I'm really small and thinish with tanned skin. I used to wear allot of black, but not so much now. I like anything that looks like it should be in anime or a video game (Not talking crazy bright coloured stuff or maid outfits, check out Lightning from FF, I like belts, shorts, skirts, and jackets and layers of clothing.) I like to see myself as a very individual person~

I am straight(ish often mistaken for dating my best friend. We are joined at the hip and she’s bi and likes my touching boobs allot. She also admitted having feelings for me a while back. Yeah, I really don't mind one bit what so ever.) And in a 6 month (So far) relationship with a very wonderful guy who accepts me for the odd female I am and loves that I ain’t a blonde cloned whore. I'm happy with who I am, and nobody will EVER change me. I'm starting to wonder if I am too young for having a serious relationship though, I don't want things to go down the wrong route...

My personality is kind of split. So spilt in fact I think I have bipolar or cross boarder personality. One side of me is sweet, well mannered, manically giddy and pleasantly caring. The other side is cold, smug, sarcastic, and very angry. Sometimes I just flip out, sometimes becoming a little violent. Afterwards I fall into a depression. It’s kind of weird.

It hurts not knowing who you are...

Like I mentioned before, I LOVE games. I'm not one for throwing fits cause I am a girl and a gamer, I hate people who do that cause its super attention seeking and they just want male attention. In all honestym all my life I have played video games, my Mum bought me a tone as a kid and I gradually strayed more and more away from Barbie dolls and more and more towards Pokémon. I love Final Fantasy, Resident Evil and EVERY FRICKING ZELDA GAME. Other things I enjoy are: Reading, writing, horror films, anime, manga, online comics, youtubers, (Pewdie<3 Cry<3 Snake<3) drawing, becoming obsessed with things, getting scared, daydreaming, and just being a reject of society.


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Re: Introduce yourself!

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby MrRubberBlue on Thu Jan 03, 2013 8:21 pm

Awsome post and love the story!!

I'm Joe I'm 15, British (yes I like tea) and I have nothing much to say about my self other than that I'm an aspiring writer and engineer...
I love games (valve and sonic the hedgehog mostly) but throw any game with a bit of blood at me and I'll complete it, even if it scares my half to death. That means Amnesia and deadspace! I have a slight tan but that comes and goes despite the weather, I wear glasses and my hair doesn't care about what I think. <3 you hair.
I'm one of the smallest people in my year but I don't care because I follow this saying: "I shall not hide my scars for they are simple proof, they prove that my face belongs to non-other than me" spice and wolf, episode 2!! (best anime EVER!!! my opinion)
I have some muscle but it isn't showing off standard and I hate guys like that anyway.

I am looked on as gay because all; and I mean all, my best friends par one are girls and I love clothes and cooking. Plus the brony side to me!
But beside that I am straight despite how much my friends tease me.

Anime and manga are a must for me and I don't go any where without my laptop and phone. I also like sports, to keep me from sitting on my butt all day, these include swimming, running, kayaking and skiing. I'm weird <-- understatement) and my clothes reflect that, I love cosplay and bright and dark fashion styles... Basically overcoats, hoodies and skinny jeans. Oh and capes shin high sneakers and pikachu hats (not at the same time).

Unless they're my friend I am really awkward with girls, I blush at any joke or teasing and I am easily led on; feelings are annoying :(
I never fight unless it's digital or to help my friends or brother.
I've had one girlfriend and she through me a bone after she got bored so just don't bother with that sort of thing any more.

I also have a split personality, there's the nice my. Rainbows, games, Family, Friends, will do anything to help a Friend, excited over everything. And then there is the sly me. Didn't just steal the cookie jar, stole all the food. If I ever come across as annoyingly full of myself just say and I will stop.

I read alot, I always have a book or two with me! And a note-pad to write down my story ideas.
Games that I like are Resident Evil, TF2, Thomas was alone and both Half life games. All Legend of Zelda games and alot of retro games as far back as the atari 2600.

From MrRubberBlue AKA The Daydreamer or North East
Hope to see you and your characters in a roleplay soon!!

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