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Introduction to Ghalerion [READ FIRST]

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Introduction to Ghalerion [READ FIRST]

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"Ghalerion is home to people of all types, all genders, all creeds and all classes, creating a diverse world capable of producing adventure, mystery, intrigue, and anything else within the realm of your imagination. Critical to this world is an extensive cast of players that help to retell Ghalerion's history while simultaneously shaping their own. In Ghalerion, one can stake their claim, build their legacy, and play an integral part in the history that we create. RP'ers of all types and competent skill levels are welcome to join and help to shape the very world itself! In Ghalerion, only one thing is guaranteed. The soul always yearns for adventure."

Official Website

For those not in the know (Which probably isn't a whole lot here), general FFRP rules can be found here.

The Ghalerion chat channel

The Story


Map of Ghalerion
-Full thanks go to Edge for this by the way. Thanks a bunch. ^^

Any questions or clarifications on the RP can be asked here. And as the new updates and stuff are posted, they'll be placed in this thread too.

RP is now open in all threads, but again, any questions can be asked in here or PM'ed to me.

Effective Saturday April 14, 2007 all new characters from players interested in joining (And from players currently active) will require approval from myself. Character profiles need be submitted via PM for review and checking before they can be allowed to participate.
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Currently Active Characters and Storylines Posted Here. Going to be updating characters daily and storyline summaries at considerable breaks in the pace. ^^

Odin Haze
Torin Tack
Gent Al'Doran
Robert Axgarde
Raziel Kael
Aidan Gustavus
Darius Velhart V
Sebastian Von`O`Morchie
Isiwen of Harborym
John Constantine
Aarisa Claivore
Sensha Raisen
Caitlin Peters
Talvyth Al'Doran

A Land Thrust Into Chaos..
Summary thus far:
(As of 3/10/2007): It began with a classic tavern brawl, courtesy of the creature from Calismus, Torin Tack and his thirst for an evening of destruction. A few of the patrons looking for nothing more than a peaceful night out and a few drinks soon got involved, Odin Haze leading the charge and giving the monster enough hassle to be driven away. The other two also had minor involvement in the scuffle, but nothing too significant, eventually leading to Dusk's departure from the ruined and dust-covered establishment. Odin remained with the strange creature's disaster on his mind.
(As of 3/11/2007): Followed outside the tavern in the midst of the night by Von and consequently an investigator of the Ghalerion Special Forces, Ka`zeh, a scene soon developed between the three. Two new characters were introduced to the tale in the form of the odd traveling pair Gent Al'Doran and Robert Axgarde, both seemingly on the search for a night's stay and possibly a little money. The episode outside the tavern with the little trio eventually escalated into full-blaze fire, literally. One of the arch generals of Ghalerion arrived on the scene investigating the ruckus and reprimanding Ka`zeh in the process. With the tavern and possibly the entire city at risk of being razed to the ground, Gent called gave a little showing of his skills and quickly extinguished the blaze while most managed to escape unharmed.
(As of 3/14/2007): Following the fire's aftermath, Dusk's verbal reprimand of Ka`zeh and consequent walking away from the city drew Gent's attention while others were still left thinking on other matters entirely, from demon apparitions to a little after-hours chaos. Von in search of fun rushed headlong into an awaiting trap at the head offices of the Ghalerion Special Forces Unit, where the mysterious arch general Belarius was introduced.
(As of 3/20/2007): Von, trapped within the prison at the head offices of the Ghalerion Special Forces Unit, was paid a visit by the mysterious Gent under the guise of offering a religious salvation to the prisoners. But there was more to Gent's offering of "salvation" than words and prayers as he slipped a key into the rogue's hands which eventually prompted his escape from the headquarters. Meanwhile Ka`zeh and Robert came upon the mysterious demon-hunter John Constantine who spoke of demon creature walking about Ghale. Ka`zeh, thinking quickly and in what he believes best for Ghale, approached the demon hunter with the desire to learn his secrets while Robert, clearly the more skeptical of the grouping, believed not in the demon hunter's presentation. Meanwhile elsewhere a drunk, stumbling and even singing Dusk walked through the Ghaleon night in search of the fortress Dame. As sunrise approached, the nameless Lord Baron of Ghale finally found his paradise and arrived in the fortress city.
(As of 4/05/2007): Von quickly made what was initially believed to be a daring escape from the Ghalerion Special Forces Headquarters before the guard were alerted and the city fell into a few hours of madness. The rogue in his escape attempts nearly set the entire city ablaze, something that wasn't aided much by the absolute carelessness of the guard, most of whom only concerned themselves with apprehending the criminal, even if they tore through the homes of innocent people in the process. Meanwhile however, there was a glimmer of hope yet offered in the efforts of Sir Robert Axgarde and Gent Al'Doran, the former of which charged head-on into the city and after the fugitive while the magically endowed Gent put in all his efforts towards extinguishing the flames, even at the cost of being noticed and taken by the guard. And down below in the street, Robert battered, bruised, and even punctured the very breast of the criminal Von until he finally lost his will and ability to continue.
(As of 4/09/2007): Finally daylight rose again following the night's episode, Ka`zeh arriving and the guard finally capturing and taking hold of the criminal Von, although the inspector could only wonder what was to become of a city so far gone that its own 'guard' would blatantly attack its citizens without the slightest bit of remorse. And while Ka`zeh contemplated, Robert made it to the confine where his companion was held, promised by the inspector that he would be set free. It was at this point that another few additions were added to our intriguing cast of characters. It began with another rather odd pair made their way into the city of Ghalerion, the young summoner of Tensoku, Aarisa, and her odd martial companion, Yuudoku, seemingly in search of the aforementioned inspector for reasons yet unknown. Eventually, as the day wore on, back in the confinement which housed both Von and Gent, the Arch General Gaidoku, brother to Yuudoku, was introduced, and it appeared as if he also had some reason or another to be aware of the disappeared 6th Lord Baron of Ghale, who still in Dame finally made his way to the Governor's office, but it appeared as if he wasn't the only traveler now within the fortress city. The assassin, Sensha Raisen, had made his way there as well.

(As of 5/11/2007): Events progressed quickly as all threads intertwined as our cast makes their way towards a single location: The Harborym Valley. In the city of Ghalerion, a motley party was formed. First was the inspector, Ka`zeh, heading off towards Harborym with the goal in mind of confronting one of his most prominent rivals and most disliked superiors, the arch general Viktor Marius. Gent and Robert Axgarde, the mage and the knight, also were drawn along for the ride for their own reasons, something of a sense of justice driving their actions, and perhaps more beyond that. The incarcerated criminal Von, seeing the opportunity to make his escape if he were to come along, joined without much argument. Meanwhile, in Dame a furious Dusk had been turned down by the Governor Hanslo in requesting aid, and thusly in a rage the vagrant spoke with and eventually acquired the services of the assassin Sensha. In a rather dubious agreement between the two, the killer driven seemingly by little more than his desire to take down bigger and more prestigious targets, they too made haste towards Harborym. Now our two parties and an army led by the callous arch general find themselves on a collision course towards a valley known solely for the scant number of mortals that had escaped it alive..
(As of 5/24/2007): All parties continued their trek towards Harborym with many hardships and battles along their path there, but no difficulty proved more challenging than the extensive forest and jungle land which preceded the valley. The heat was unbearable, the beasts that they encountered more than just an average bother, and the thick of the vegetation itself was reason to drive most back to their homes after only barely proceeding in, if they were even able to make it back out alive that is. But our cast, divided into two continued onwards facing the danger and the issues. Ka`zeh, Von, Gent, Robert, Yuudoku, and Aarisa sped on horses through the thick until they were reduced to trotting cautiously and clearing a path while Dusk and Sensha continued on foot until coming upon a new player to join our stage, a rather strange girl who made excursion into the valley with intentions still unknown to her two new acquaintances, Caitlin. But before formal introductions could be made (Aside from Dusk's usual gesture of drawing his blade against the girl within their first instant of meeting), a number of attackers suddenly fell upon the trio and with haste they continued their dash into the heart of the jungle area in attempts to escape the onslaught. But it wasn't before long that the first of the two parties arrived in the valley at long last, the second group of our cast arriving at another location very soon after. But to the misfortune of all, the only greeting offered them was nothing less than one million soldiers marching in unison, stretching along the valley roadway as far as the eye could see.

Renowned and Revered: The Academy
(As of 3/20/2007): The basic cast of characters having been introduced, life proceeded as normal [as possible] in the halls of the Sparsian Academy. A boisterous nighttime took over the House of Ezekial before dawn broke and the stampede to the mess hall began. Following a rather interesting breakfast meal that saw our full current cast in all sorts of different lights, first session began. Aidan Gustavus, the quiet 15 year old from Ezekial House, Darius Velhart, Sparsian's "Mr. Popular", and Raziel Kael, the brash and rather aggressive take-no-guff senior, all arrived in the Critical Analysis of Civilization & Man course only to find their teacher removed and a more-than-qualified substitute taking his place for the day: Darlan Deltross himself.

The Harborym Valley
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For those who rather not head over to the website, I'm going to be posting run-downs of all the other Ghalerion information and history over the next few posts. It's not absolutely necessary to read, but just there for the diehards (Past and present) and those just generally interested.

If I could suggest a few things worth checking out though, it'd probably be the Deities, Races, and possibly some of the locations.

More Information:
Leaders and Prominent Figures
Historians and Scribes
Cities and Settlements
Various Documents and Legends of Ghalerion
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Ezekial the Absolute
No longer 'the Absolute' today, Ezekial was arguably the most lax of the Deities following their creation, but was placed in absolute power regardless. For nearly 500 years, he watched over and ruled Ghalerion, giving birth to two races in his time, the Kelians and the mortals. It was his mistake in only creating two kinds of people and making them unequal in nature and class which lead to the disastrous Five Years Tribal War, something which ultimately removed Ezekial from power.

Gaius the Mighty
Gaius has ruled for over two hundred years and proved himself most wise and benevolent. The most physically strong of the Deities and easily the most perceptive, he was the only deity not involved in the catastrophe of the Five Years Tribal War, and because of this, was placed as the new Great Deity. His physical strength is matchless across the entire cosmos and it was Gaius who actually crafted the spherical shape of Ghalerion with his bare hands.

Of all the current deities still in power, Gaius is by far the most followed and the most praised. Most mortals turn to him as their savior and protector, and pledge their unyielding allegiance to him.

Lain the Forgiving
Lain rules as the forgiving Deity, the one to whom people turn when seeking pardon for their sins. The Kelian peoples turned to Lain for reconciliation and forgiveness after the Five Years Tribal War and the establishment of Tensoku, and he was so moved that on his first 100 Year Blessing, he consecrated the entire country and granted sanctuary and divine protection to Mount Ipes there.

It's rare to find a full-breed Kelian who doesn't pledge their complete allegiance to Lain. He primarily watches over the Eastern sector of Ghalerion, particularly where Tensoku is located, and has provided them with resources in spite of their desert location. It was also Lain who finally ended the physical dispute between Detsen and Agros that nearly destroyed the Tensoku Temple.

Calin the Warrior
One of two female deities, Calin is both wise and sought after by many mortals of Ghalerion, hoping to achieve a blessing from her. The name 'the Warrior' couldn't be more appropriate, as she has been known to dispute with Detsen and Agros very often when either of them gets involved in mortal affairs. The name was given after Calin in a heated engagement challenged Ezekial to a fencing match within Eden.

Calin has many followers throughout northern Calismus and Ghale, and into the un-governed countries to the north as well. Considered 'the Warrior', many soldiers and generals also make their prayers and blessings to her before entering battle. It is said that whichever side has gained the favor of Calin, whether outnumbered five to one or one thousand to one will come out the victor.

Detsen the Benevolent
Detsen the Benevolent is one of two deities (The other being Agros) that commonly take a mortal form and make direct contact with the people. He has been known eternally for his dashing features and kind spirit, although his desire to help people has often gotten in the way of the aspirations of other deities, primarily Agros. Ultimately, Detsen seeks out the people just as much as they seek out his blessing. Known to be almost too kind in bestowing abilities and powers upon desperate people, Detsen is sought after highly.

Agros the Beautiful
One of the only deities who makes direct contact with mortal and Kelian peoples, Agros is known throughout Ghalerion for her perfect beauty. Endowed with some degree of vanity, she has often been given to throwing out blessings and aid to those who can charm her spirit or offer sacrifice to her stunning features. Agros also has more temples raised in her honor than any other Deity, and it's far from uncommon to find ivory statues of her flawless frame adorning cities throughout the entire mainland continent.

Because of her personality, Agros has also found herself engaged in confrontation with the other Deities more than enough times. She has often argued with Detsen, who also takes a form among the mortals, claiming that he involves himself too much in the affairs of the undeserving.
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The Mortals of Ghalerion
The mortals are, most of the time, an average race which require much more effort and determination to attain strength, speed, power, or the ability to wield things such as magic. Borne out of the Kelians' need for help in serving the Deities, mortals were given significantly less natural talent and ability than the Kelians, as their primary duty was to serve them throughout their lifetime. The mortals, though, eventually began construction of their own society in which they would build shrines, homes, and other facilities they declared only accessible by mortals. They also began to establish tribes and build their own communities. Despite these advances in personal freedom, the mortals still remained oppressed by the Kelian
peoples for an extensive period of time, nearly 500 years of servitude

In the 498th Year of Ezekial, the mortals revolted. As the bickering deities began accepting sacrifices of loyalty and returning those prayers with blessings, the mortals gained strength and eventually some tribes began slaughtering the Kelians. Eventually they would fight back against the mortals, though, and would do so mercilessly and in full force. The outcome of the Five Years Tribal War, however, would be in favor of the mortal peoples, who essentially drove the Kelians off the entire Ghalerion mainland continent (Modern day Ghale and Calismus).

Currently, it is the mortals who dominate the majority of Ghalerion's land. They have established governments in the countries of Ghale and Calismus, and have also occupied the territory of other soon-to-be countries. There is no doubt that at this time in Ghalerion, most focus seems to be on the mortal peoples, who perhaps are becoming too comfortable and too overconfident with their standing...

The Kelian Race
The Kelians are the first and original race established on Ghalerion, created directly by the Deities, and are, in general, physically gifted in comparison to most mortals. But to level out this advantage, their numbers lack severely and it is much more difficult for Kelian women to conceive children. The Kelians were molded into creation by the Deities to watch over and take care of Ghalerion for the entirety of their life. Born into essential servitude, all Kelians take an oath at the age of ten, swearing to pledge the remainder of their life to serving the Deities and toiling in their names. Most Kelian peoples eventually adopt a single deity to pledge most of their labor to.

During their first 200 years serving the Deities, the Kelians developed and honed the techniques which they were blessed with, primarily the ability to manipulate matter directly into various forms of energy, channeling it through different mediums such as fire, wind, and other natural elements. The concept generally is known today as 'magic', although only scholars and people of upper class society (The minority of mortals) outside of the Kelian civilization itself actually have knowledge of it.

On the eve of the 200th Year of Ezekial, the Kelians were called together to ask for their blessing from Ezekial, and their request was the creation of mortal peoples. The mortals were borne of the Kelians desire to have lesser beings, capable of multiplying much quicker and therefore capable of doing some degree of their work for them, much like the Deities creation of the Kelians themselves. This would soon lead, though, to much conflict between the three levels of creation, primarily between the Kelians and the mortals.

During the Five Years Tribal War of the final years of Ezekial's reign, a great majority of the Kelian peoples were slaughtered at the hands of the mortals and those remaining were forced to flee to a comparatively small, fortified island continent in Eastern Ghalerion. They would establish a society there on this country, which they called "Tensoku", a peaceful society in which all members of all classes of society could live harmoniously together.

The Vykens
The Vykens are a relatively new race which evolved over time since the beginning of Gaius' reign. Following the catastrophic events of the Five Years Tribal War, Gaius thought it appropriate to create many more new species on the world of Ghalerion, for the sake of balancing out the duties of maintaining his planet. One of the first of these species were known as 'Vykes', creatures similar to the now-extinct 'wolf', although they were imbued with more supernatural abilities and walked on two hind legs. Over time, the Vykes began to breed with small tribal sectors of mortals on the mainland continent, giving birth to the first 'Vykens'.

The hybrid-creature known as a 'Vyken' assumes the general appearance of a regular walking mortal, although shares many characteristics of vykes, such as the wolf-like head and fur. Physically and mentally, Vykens are stronger than both regular mortals and the few remaining regular Vykes. To this point, many still remain in tribes across the ungoverned countries of Ghalerion and have created small, prosperous communities. The Vykens live in peace with the mortal peoples, but are far from hesitant to engage in battle to defend a community member.

The Carybs
Created directly following the Five Years Tribal War at the will of Gaius, Carybs (Female: Caryb; male: Carub; General: Caryb) are relatively common, pixie-like creatures. Ultimately, they appear the form of a petite mortal, although some breeds have been known to be born with rather odd features, including wings, horns, and a few with the ability to use magic. All breeds are born with supernatural speed, even faster than that of the Kelians, although this leaves them severely lacking in the strength department. The regular breeds though can often assimilate into mortal communities without notice of their actual race.

The Carybs are generally peaceful, but many, primarily those inhabiting the country of Ghale, have gained the reputation of seducers and seductresses. Also, many female Carybs have been spotted adorning the side of influential political figures in the countries of Calismus and Ghale, taking on an almost trophy-like position to some rather insensitive world leaders.

Other Races, Species, and groups
Because of the end results of the Five Years Tribal War, many new species and variations of races have been created since the beginning of Gaius' rule. He has implemented various new species and allowed for cross breeding in many cases so that different creatures may develop that are superior in their ability to maintain the various parts of his world.

Well-recognized among these other groups include vampires, demons (Those born mortals but evolved to use super-natural abilities, sometimes including magic), Meleans (Very rare mortal-Kelian half-breeds), among many many other creatures walking Ghalerion.

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Leaders & Other Prominent Figures

The Rynhart Family
Directly following the Gyperion Tribal War of the 32nd Year of Gaius, the Eldenhart family conquered and made claim to the lands which they would attribute the name Ghale. Over the next 110 years, three Eldenharts passed through the throne of Ghale, but during the 144th Year of Gaius, Lord Gustav Eldenhart, 3rd Lord Baron of Ghale passed away while still on the throne, leaving behind no children to assume his place as successor. The aristocracy of Ghale was thrust into a frenzy over who should succeed their pious lord baron, and all seemed to desire the spot.

To put to conclusion the issue over the throne, the aristocracy called together a council of all Lord Eldenhart's former advisors and would bring them before the public in debate and campaign, allowing the people to decide the successor. One former advisor and the only blood relation to Lord Eldenhart, his young cousin by the name of Geldyn Rynhart, engaged in a fierce crusade for the position, his vigorous speech that day before the people giving him the edge that he longed for.

"Citizens of Ghale, with the passing of Lord Gustav Eldenhart, we find ourselves at a most catastrophic juncture. We are limited in our options for procession from this crossroads, but I implore you with my heart to lend me your vote of confidence, and I will in return lend you my strength! I will lend you my soul, my heart, and most importantly my ears! We, the common man, are the pride of this sovereignty! We form the backbone of this entire nation! The great Lord Eldenhart always spoke of how he desired honor, courage, pride, honesty, loyalty, and hospitality throughout his country. Join with me to bring to Ghale the reality of his dream!"

It was without question that in that 144th Year of Gaius, Geldyn Rynhart would take the throne as Lord Geldyn Rynhart, 4th Lord Baron of Ghale. The Rynhart clan maintained a hardened stand as ruling family, instituting a guard force and setting up provincial governments throughout Ghale. In the 192nd Year of Gaius, after a long and respected reign, Geldyn Rynhart gave up his throne to his successor and son, Geldyn Rynhart II. Lord Rynhart II began his reign with a relatively stable government in position. He gave birth to a healthy young son a few years into his rule and later on two daughters.

Beginning in the 208th Year of Gaius, calls were being made throughout Ghale for an uprising against the Rynhart family. They were described as neglectful, excessive, and far from caring to their populace. Suddenly, in the 212th Year of Gaius, the Rynhart family mysteriously disappeared from Ghale. It is rumored that the son still lingers somewhere in the country and that the other four members of the immediate family are hidden away in Calismus, but the rumors are far from proven by any reliable evidence.

Savian Yros
Savian Yros was born a poor farm boy in the impoverished Calismian village of Zar. Throughout his youth, he was recognized by the citizenry for nothing beyond the sheer brute strength that he acquired being a young farmhand. Eventually, word reached the Sparsian Academy of his talents and he was taken from his parents and reared there, where his talents would be taken and elevated to their full potential. It was during his stay at the academy that he was nationally recognized for his talents and skills, graduating at the top of his class. On the very same day in which he graduated from Sparsian, Savian was approached by one Cyrus Soulstice, Czar of Calismus.

Cyrus approached Savian and announced him the successor to his place atop Calismus. At the young age of 17, Savian finally assumed complete control of the throne and immediately entered the position with broad aspirations for its future. He would soon begin expansion in all immediate directions, assimilating tribes and bringing much more innovation and technology to the already far-advanced Calismian society. Savian believed it was Cyrus' dream to create this futuristic paradise, his own technological utopia, and so he placed all his efforts into building such a creation.

Savian on the battlefield is known for his believed supernatural strength and ability, traits that were developed from the moment he could walk during his time on the farm in Zar. He's believed to be a genius tactician and ruthless in combat. Savian in the courtyard is well-recognized and greatly desired due to his dashing features and almost mystical allure, not to mention the appeal of his comfortable position of power among the world's leaders. Nothing short of peerlessly charming, absurdly sophisticated, and enthusiastically arrogant, Savian has gained as much reputation globally for his personality a diplomatic and military achievements.

The Elders of Tensoku
The Tensoku Elders appear as an almost mystical council of Kelians which have assumed administrative control of the island country for generations, the current council direct descendants of the Kelians blessed by Lain. A most furtive and mysterious group in their executive dealings, very few have knowledge of how to become a Tensoku elder or of what they actually do behind closed doors. Their identities are common knowledge among the populace, and they are often seen mingling directly with them, but very rarely do they even give mention to their position.

Known to only few historians are the general facts of why the Tensoku Elders are who they are. Most would attribute their position to the vast knowledge they hold of the planet and the enormous well of strength and energy that they possess, that rarely seen 'magic' which they hold. It is believed that to challenge an Elder of Tensoku would be to ask for one's own death. But in general, their powers are rarely seen or used at all. They are wise and generous councilmen and vigilantly watch over and protect their country, and put the majority of their effort into maintaining peace and tranquility.

Ezekial the Powerful (Human Ezekial)
Immediately following his banishment to walk the planet as a mortal being, Ezekial aspired to regain some degree of control within Ghalerion. It was during this time that he established his own separate faith upon Ghalerion, one determined to plea that Eden restore him to power as a single lone god to reign over the cosmos. Ezekial wouldn't allow the people knowledge of his true identity, but gained a significant following regardless. This group came to be known as Udorists (Udor = "restoration" in Kelian), those who desired Ezekial's return to absolute power within Eden. Ezekial assumed a title of "Ezekial the Powerful" soon afterwards and became an archbishop of the movement.

This Ezekial traversed Ghalerion's mainland continent and sent his disciples in all directions, attempting to increase the following of the Udorists, and did so with some level of success. Communities belonging to an un-governed country off the mainland continent in the northwest corner of Ghalerion began clamoring to the Udorist restoration effort and began constructing ornate cathedrals dedicated to Ezekial. Most of the movement on the mainland continent, however, dispersed as quickly as it amalgamated. Ezekial's exact location now is unknown, but he still resides as primary archbishop of the Official Udorist Sanctuary, a massive cathedral buried in the thick of northwestern Ghalerion.

Cyrus Soulstice III
Cyrus Seig Soulstice III, born and raised in the town of Celestia in the region that would later become Calismus. At the age of 25, Cyrus was appointed head of the Council for the Industrial Advancement of Ghalerion that was established by the mortals in Ghale to bring technological revolution to the planet. It didn't take long before Cyrus' intentions with the project were fully known to all those mortals involved. He intended to stake claim on the ungoverned half of the mainland continent and from it develop a scientific utopia.

In the 182nd Year of Gaius, Cyrus would name this land Calismus, which in ancient Kelian meant "Revolution". The boundary lines of the country would extend from Ghale in the east all the way to the western edge of the mainland continent, although still to this day Calismus has yet to occupy even 3/4 of the intended territory, still having to fend with revolting tribes. Throughout Cyrus' reign however, these tribes provided very little resistance to his sheer drive. In fact, the majority of them assimilated.

Following an incredibly successful reign from the 182nd Year all the way to the 207th Year, Cyrus eventually stepped down from his position as the Czar of Calismus and gave the title to his successor, the Prodigy of Zar, Savian Yros. In his 25 year reign as czar, Cyrus brought about more technological advancement in his country than had been seen in over half a millennia. He acquired significant numbers of colonies off of the mainland continent, in addition to more central territory and has established a flourishing economy during the height of his regime.

Darlan the Wise of Sparsian Academy
Darlan Deltross, otherwise known throughout the world as 'Darlan the Wise' established the Sparsian Academy in the city of Sparsia, within modern-day Calismus, in the 150th Year of Gaius. With over 60 years of flawless instructing and educating the most gifted and talented youth from all tribes, cities, villages, countries, islands, and communities all across Ghalerion, the Sparsian Academy among schools is second to none and comes in as quite possibly the most elite and exclusive institution in all of Ghalerion. With a faculty comprised of aged historians, brilliant tacticians, valiant warriors, famed magicians, virtuoso musicians, and many more established scholars from around the world, Darlan's dream has essentially come true.

Darlan Deltross was born and raised a mortal with his brother Tarlan in Tensoku's Mount Ipes, where he was instructed in all fields of study by Kelian monks. Utilizing their teachings, he crossed the mountains of Tensoku with his brother and crossed the oceans to the mainland continent of Ghalerion, where the two began educating and voyaging as wandering philosophers. Eventually, Darlan and Tarlan would go separate ways, Tarlan opting to become a historian in Ghalerion while Darlan took off for the few established cities in the chunk of territory which would soon become Calismus. It was there that he arrived in Sparsia, a less rustic and more advanced city which had the will and the drive to become successful.

Darlan would, in the 150th Year of Gaius, establish one of the oldest academies in all Ghalerion. Taking from the standard education system developed in Tensoku, Darlan staked claim to a piece of land in the 149th Year of Gaius and with the local artists designed the impressive edifice that today is the Sparsian Academy. While builders and laborers from the region toiled on the structure, Darlan took to journeying again, for an entire year. He would seek out the world's greatest minds and collect them together until, upon returning to Sparsia in the 150th Year of Gaius, he made official the opening of the Sparsian Academy and Institute of Culture and the Arts. All students would be thoroughly educated in fencing, artistry, musicianship, philosophy and theology from the finest instructors around the globe.

Darlan today remains the academy's aged headmaster, but no longer instructs the students as he used to, instead opting to collect more information and work on his memoirs.

Hanslo, Governor of Dame
Hanslo is known throughout most of Ghale for his heroic efforts in the Great Siege of Dame in the 180th Year of Gaius. In fact, it is because of Hanslo's efforts that today Dame is one of few stable cities in Ghale. He has fought off murderers, thieves, and any other attacker that would dare attempt to disrupt the stability of his city, and has done so with complete intrepidity throughout. Revered for his master war tactics and great architectural abilities, Hanslo gained much fame in the fortress city and a commemorative statue of the Governor of Dame can be seen directly in the town square of the city.

Hanslo currently still resides as Governor of Dame, although he has removed himself from the frontlines in war-time and has turned in recent times to more diplomatic efforts in his old age.

Cassus the Courageous, of Patun
Cassus, tribal chief of Patun, will go down as quite possibly the most infamous mortal to ever walk Ghalerion. He is cited as the main instigator of the entire Five Years Tribal War and lead the mortal armies for the majority of the conflict. Cassus today is well known throughout the mainland continent for his skill upon the battlefield, but his actual honor and valiance are things often called into question by mortals and Kelians alike, as his actions directly lead to the slaughtering of millions from both races.

Cassus died in the 12th Year of Gaius from an arrow wound to the chest while engaged in warfare with a rival tribe.
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Historians & Scribes

Xenon the Divine Scribe
Xenon is a rather odd entity, existing primarily to serve as record-keeper to the Deities and Eden. Originally crafted directly from Eden and not the Deities as the gatekeeper to Eden, Xenon's duties were soon shifted to scribing down events of all time and all ages throughout the inhabited cosmos and giving access to these documents only when absolutely necessary. On more than one occasion, Xenon has traversed the entire groundland of Ghalerion, and on his first journey created the first world map of the planet.

Tarlan the Scribe
Without question, it is said that no mortal, Kelian, or any other living being inhabiting Ghalerion holds more knowledge than Tarlan. Dubbed the official "Ghalerion Scribe and Historian", Tarlan Deltross was raised with his brother Darlan by Kelian monks on Mount Ipes in Tensoku. He and his brother then sailed across to the mainland continent and split ways once arriving in Ghale's capital city, Ghalerion. It was here that Tarlan made the decision to become a scribe and began studying on all events throughout Ghalerion's history. Seeking the guidance and wisdom of the noble Xenon, Tarlan became his disciple.

After studying with Xenon, Tarlan took to the world and began again collecting information and scribing down any and all events of which he learned, from the most trifling to the most significant. The compendium of complete knowledge that is the mind of Tarlan is said to be a thing incomparable.

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Cities & Settlements


City of Ghalerion
The city of Ghalerion is the capital city of all Ghale, situated in the southwestern corner of the country. Ghalerion is known for having become a rather seedy town over the past five years, and also holds a reputation for the greatest taverns that the world has known. The Rynhart Estate, abandoned some five years ago now, lies at the southern end of the town, uninhabited and looming over the rest of the city, closed in by intimidating gates. During the day, Ghalerion can be seen teeming with all sorts of vendors with all sorts of items, along with the few families brave enough to live there.

Ghalerion really doesn't shine, though, until the evening comes around. Pubs and taverns are usually packed full and the lamps hung along the street give Ghalerion a completely picturesque luminance along the charming cobble-stone streets, a beauty that contrasts with the actual content of the city's character. Inns also line the streets, intermixing between the pubs and general stores, and are usually only checked into for a single night, as very seldom does someone traveling through Ghalerion intend to stay in Ghalerion.

Dame is the last beacon of hope remaining among Ghaleon cities, completely dignified and equally as beautiful. Dame is essentially closed in by a massive retaining wall which outlines the many acres enclosed inside. Emerging directly from the center of this near-perfect shape is the Fortress of Dame, elegantly designed but incredibly fortified. From overhead, Dame is designed with almost flawless symmetry, houses aligned in parallel rows to either side of the central stronghold, the streets and roads in between magnificently paved and immaculately clean. Directly before the fortress, in the town's famed square, stands a statue of their governor, Hanslo, atop his steed.

The people of Dame are known throughout Ghale for their friendliness and hospitality, but also for their courage and valor on the battlefield. Every single eligible person within the city's walls is enlisted in Dame's militia, and their governor Hanslo has lead them to victory many many times. In it's history, Dame has only faced one major threat, a siege in the 180th Year of Gaius, but today remains essentially protected and secure, and the people live in complete comfort.

Mount Focalor
The towering Mount Focalor in northern Ghale remains one of the mainland continent's most beautiful and yet most feared natural monuments. The towering peaks have only been touched by a very small number of men, none of which returning the same as they went up. The southside of the mountain leads down to the Harborym Valley, equally as beautiful but just as feared. On the eastern side of the mountain, a small community of Vykens has developed, who believe the mountain to be essentially harmless. It is still relatively unexplored though, and to even consider journeying to its peak is something regarded as insane.

Harborym Valley
The lush Harborym Valley lies on the southern side of Mount Focalor, burried in a beautiful shade of emerald green. The valley is well known for the Harborym Falls, a sight that many adventurers have attempted to reach, but few have succeeded in actually seeing. It is said that beneath the falls lay a series of deep caves which were once traversed by a general of Ghale known as Orias. Unfortunately, Orias and his men never returned from the caves and only artifacts of their journey there remain.


Tatsuma is the capital city of Tensoku and a province established briefly after the country's inception. Ruled by a noble Herald, Tatsuma is a hotbed of activity in Tensoku. The world's first established school during the reign of Gaius is in Tatsuma, and still runs to this day, teaching young Kelians the arts of magic and the history of their faith and existence. Tatsuma is also where the Elders of Tensoku meet in their administrative court and on occasion gather the people of the entire country for celebrations. Physically, the city is noted for being mostly desert lands, but has been carefully cultivated to provide for its citizenry.

Kyousha is famed for its impressive "Temple of Tensoku", a veritable wonder of the world standing in at a height taller than most mountains, a massive sanctuary capable of holding thousands in attendance at one time. The Temple of Tensoku draws millions of Kelians annually, coming to pay homage to whichever deity they hold loyalty to, and to give thanks to Gaius and Eden for what they have been provided over the past year. The original Temple of Tensoku is said to be even more massive than the current one, but was apparently destroyed during a physical engagement between two of the deities.

Mount Ipes
Atop the great Mount Ipes live small clans of Kelian monks, dedicated to scribing out the legends and events of the world and giving daily prayer and dedication to the Deities. The monks of Mount Ipes are also well known for taking in and raising children of all races and creeds, teaching them a life of piety, study, and dedication. Its peak was the location of the deity Lain's 100th Year Blessing, in which the land of Tensoku was made holy and Mount Ipes was granted sanctuary. Furthermore, the people living atop it are the most devout followers in all of Tensoku, and arguably the most hospitable.


The city of Sparsia is older than Calismus itself and revered throughout the world, particularly for its famous academy. Its beautiful classical design and rows of manors and palaces have made it virtually the aristocratic capital of the entire world, as it contains a populace of only the highest social standing and most elevated sophistication. Sparsia draws gentry from the world over, and most would do everything short of give their own life just for an opportunity to live there.

The famed Sparsian Academy glimmers in the center of the city, the massive edifice a symbol of the perfection for which Sparsia strives. The Academy has yet to turn out a single poor quality student and is recognized for turning out the best and being able to whip into shape any pathetic student, as long as they have talent. Sparsia routinely seeks out fresh and gifted children and scholars for its student body and faculty today, and through reputation has given Sparsia a relatively large amount of sway in Calismian politics.

Celestia is both the oldest and largest city on the entire mainland continent, harboring a population of over 300,000 citizens. The Celestial Army alone is one major sector of Calismus' entire military, totaling some 75,000 well-trained soldiers. The city was established during the reign of Ezekial and lasted through the entire Five Years Tribal War unscathed. It is well noted for being the hometown of many prominent world figures, the most widely recognized being the Soulstice family. Savian's largest palace is in Celestia, directly across from the palace of the Soulstice family, and the two solitary spires which emerge from the two manors can be seen from miles outside of the city.

Celestia is one of Ghalerion's most active cultural centers, a meeting place for people from all around the world to come annually. Known for holding countless festivals, celebrations, tournaments, and other great gatherings, it has housed many famed figures, including valiant warriors, great politicians, renowned performers, and more. The Bathhouse at Celestia is also one of Ghalerion's greatest institutions. Open to anyone and everyone who can afford it, the bathhouse has seen more than its fair share of celebrities and common men. The women who work the Bathhouse at Celestia are also said to be the most divine creatures walking Calismus, immaculate in every single feature.

Zar is a small village town on the border between Calismus and Ghale, situated in the southeast corner of the country. Zar essentially exists today as a poor farming town, just as it always has been, but is nationally recognized for being the birthplace of Savian Yros, Czar of Calismus.

Epsym is one of the two celebrated 'Mirror Cities' directly in the center of Calismus. Famous for the annual tournament held there which draws fighters from the world around, it has become somewhat of a training grounds and also an essential stop for any voyaging warrior. Throughout the city are world-famous craft shops which turn out weapons and armor deemed flawless and lining the roads of Epsym are taverns, inns, and combat facilities, where many come from throughout Calismus to engage in sport. It is rumored that Savian is considering constructing a massive private garden in Epsym, in which to keep his fencing skills razor sharp.

The other 'Mirror City' directly in central Calismus, the buildings and roads of Agares are designed to be a mirror image of the city directly across the Soulstice River, Epsym. Agares differs from Epsym however, in that it is home to many cathedrals and churches. Most mortals journey to Agares on spiritual journeys or when in search of something and unaware of where to turn to, considering it to be consecrated and in direct connection with Gaius and the other deities. The city has always been a religious haven and provides refuge to Criticals, Udorists, and naturally, followers of the Deities alike.

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Taverns of Ghale
The seemingly endless list of Ghaleon taverns has given the country a most disreputable reputation for sleaze and criminal activity. But these taverns are world famous institutions, many of which built upon hard work and dedication, and the country only owes that reputation to the character of the people who frequent it, not the taverns themselves. The Taverns of Ghale line nearly every roadside and are open and hospitable to virtually any kind of character, both a blessing and a curse to the activity there.

It's far from rare to happen upon a scuffle within one and to make it through the entire night with your drink in tranquility is even more rare. The taverns seem to have been instantly labeled as seedy institutions and for that, seem to have instantly drawn a crowd to match the description. Fights, explosions, robberies, and all sorts of criminal dealings can be found throughout many taverns, although there are still a good number around that specialize in maintaining peace.

Sparsian Academy
There is no institution throughout the entirety of Ghalerion more famous than the Sparsian Academy in Sparsia, Calismus. Established in the 150th Year of Gaius, the Academy has turned out world famous scholars, warriors, musicians, and artists alike. Known for it's rigorous instructing schedules and fervent dedication to seeking out and acquiring people with natural talent, Sparsian holds a reputation second to none, and is credited alone for turning the city of Sparsia into the high-class beacon that it has become.

The Sparsian Academy specializes in teaching fencing, artistry, musicianship, philosophy and theology, along with an incredible history program that educates its students on the true story of Ghalerion. Students there are also introduced to 'magic' in the final courses before their graduating year, allowing for them to finally gain full cultural understanding of the world of Ghalerion. Students of all races, creeds, genders, and classes are allowed at Sparsian, the only discriminating trait in relation to being enrolled being the talent, ability, and drive of the student. Most students who enroll are also expected to live at the Academy for the entirety of their instruction, acquiring more knowledge outside of class from their peers and other faculty.

Temple of Tensoku
The Temple of Tensoku is arguably the most famous sanctuary in the world, drawing in millions of Kelians yearly in pilgrimage to the Deities and Eden. The temple stands as a mammoth height, towering in the city of Kyousha, and apparently capable of holding tens of thousands of people at one time. The bishops living within it are said to be blessed by Gaius and some are even direct descendents of the very first Kelians.

Inside the temple, one will immediately notice the massive arches running down a single middle aisle, leading directly to six artifacts celebrating the Deities. These idols within the temple are worshipped and offered small sacrifice during pilgrimages there, and some would say that their position within the temple is the closest point in the entire world to Eden.

Udorist Sanctuary
The Udorist Sanctuary is a temple built by the followers of the Udorist movement, those who believe Ezekial should be restored to absolute power and the rest of the Deities should be stripped of their own. The sanctuary, a massive cathedral, lies in the northwestern corner of Ghalerion, across a small sea from the mainland continent, and is obscured by thick forests in nearly every direction. Erected almost completely by a single tribe living in that area, it stands as a symbol to the influence that Ezekial still holds, even after falling from grace.

Only mortals and Vykens are allowed within the sanctuary, although all races take part in the Udorist movement. Ezekial himself is the Archbishop of the cathedral, but his whereabouts currently are unknown, and in his wake, access to it has become extremely restricted. Trained and armed sentry are posted around every possible entrance all hours of the day, preventing only established and proven Udorists from entering it.

Fortress of Dame
The Fortress of Dame stands as a massive citadel emerging from the center of Dame and has served the populace of the state for many years. Its governor and primary architect, Hanslo, designed the building some fifty years ago, and built it with the aid of the citizens. Only once have its foundation and fortifications even been questioned, during the Great Siege of Dame in the 180th Year of Gaius. But even in the conclusion of that conflict was the great fortress left standing just as it is today.

Bathhouse at Celestia
Whether it's the relaxing atmosphere, the hot steam baths, or the beautiful women in every visible direction, none can dispute that the Bathhouse at Celestia is one of Calismus' greatest gifts to Ghalerion. Classically designed with towering marble pillars and matching marble floors that sparkle all hours of the day, it's easy to become overwhelmed upon entering and taking that long procession down the Celestial Hall towards the actual bathhouse. But all fears and worries are soon put to rest as one finally makes their way into the main chamber and can see nothing beyond refreshing wisps of sultry steam and equally sultry women in every direction.

But the Celestial experience doesn't stop at the steam baths. Massages can also be purchased and on your first visit, they're completely complimentary. And the divine experience continues on, as the right and left halls from the main chamber lead to the east and west wings where you can catch a stage show at the theatre or a fencing match on the sports ground. The Celestia Bathhouse attempts and nearly always delivers the most relaxing experience found in all of Calismus and perhaps all of Ghalerion.

Courtyards at Calisma
Directly next to Celestia, Calisma is the capital of all Calismus and essentially harbors only one home, that being the chateau of Savian Yros himself. The towering exterior of the chateau presents a most intimidating portrait, but its effect on one's emotion pales in comparison to the beauty of the inner courtyards. Four lush and thriving gardens split by a cobble-stone walking path make up the Courtyards at Calisma, one of Calismus' most excessive and most valued possessions. Directly in the center of the four gardens and splitting the walking paths is a large fountain shaped as an angel, a divine touch to the area.

At any given time in one of the four gardens, a visitor can be expected to see an instructor lecturing some interested students, watch a fencing match between Lord Savian himself and a partner, view some members of Savian's court relaxing and lounging about, or even hear a calming melody played by one of the court's many musicians, accompanied by dancing. The Four Gardens and the Courtyards at Calisma are the epitome of classical elegance and incomparable to any other sight in all of Ghalerion.

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