Iron Cathedral

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Iron Cathedral

Postby Blueman on Fri Oct 28, 2011 9:13 pm

---Iron Cathedral

December 21st, 2012 was the beginning. Out of the ice caps, Europe, Asia, America and Russia burst iron pillars, extending miles beyond the surface, and from these pillars, what has come to be known as demon-tech grew across the world, consuming vast portions of land and molding into constructs of unimaginable size and form. Several weeks after the emergence of the "Iron Cathedrals", the fiery maws of the metallic monstrosities spat forth the denizens of Hell itself. Demons poured out from all six Cathedrals, destroying and pillaging humanity.

Within the first few days, the last few standing Nations made the desperate decision to launch their weapons of mass destruction at the Cathedrals, unwittingly destroying what remained of any civilized form of living. The sun is no more, blotted out by immense smog. Yet strange vegetation and animal life still thrive on the surface, supported by the freakish nature of the Cathedrals. Now the remnants of an utterly massacred mankind strive to prosper in small pockets, struggling to survive day to day, scavenging what little food and resources they can from lost cities and towns, fending off vicious demon attacks and hiding among the vast, tropical wilderness that stretches across all of the untainted land on the planet, brought about by a combination of the demon-tech of the Iron Cathedrals and the weapons of man launched so many generations ago.

In this day and age, you won't here much of the past life. Most of the men and women old enough to tell the tales of a wonderful life have passed away. Now we just fight. We fight not only to survive, but to redeem what little hope there is to be had.


I don't have a specific character web, just as long as it contains the basics. No powerhouse players. Keep it realistic. If you want to be a soldier, you would more than likely be a member of some form of militia from whatever isolated group you're from. Also, NO half demons or any of that. You're human. That is that.

There are no energy weapons or special demon artifacts that people have. Your belongings are very human, and can be based off of anything that we have now, with survival being in mind. You can have weapons and armor, but note that it won't be extensive. You won't have infinite ammo for your rusty M4.
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Re: Iron Cathedral

Postby Freddie-Ammerson on Fri Oct 28, 2011 10:29 pm


Other facial features/appearance details:
Dress (Style, colors):
Description of Home:
Best Friend:
Other friends:
Picture (if you have one):
Group/Job: (in terms of, are you militia or are you alone)

Just in case anyone wanted to use mine :3

Name: Kriemhild Falk
Age: 30
Height: 6'2
Weight: 168 lbs.
Birthdate: August 7th, 1982
Hair: Black and straight
Eyes: a blueish-gray
Birthplace: Germany
Other facial features/appearance details: She tends to wear glasses, mostly for show.
Dress (Style, colors): She tends to wear a lab coat, as she was going to and from a small hospital and her home. (She wears whats in the picture, just without the plus logo.)
Description of Home: She used to live in a tiny apartment.
Best Friend: She's dead already, so its pointless.
Other friends: none anymore.
Picture (if you have one): [img][/img]
Weapons: A bone saw. It was the closest thing to her when stuff happened. She's gotten into the habit of carrying around several, along with an old sniper rifle she found. (I was thinking maybe an old bolt action.) She hardly uses the rifle though, because of lack of ammo.
Equipment: Besides the bone saw, she carries around whatever medication she can. She tries to help those people she can. She wears a gas mask, having made it so that it covers just her mouth and nose.
History: She lived as best she could with what she had, nearly losing her life, and that of her four year old sons. Her son is now a bit older, clinging to his mothers back in a homemade sling.
Group/Job: She's alone, though she looks every once in a while for a group to stay with.
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Re: Iron Cathedral

Postby Blueman on Fri Oct 28, 2011 11:20 pm

Here's mine. Probably a bit lacking and generic. I'm not good at making interesting characters.

Name: Charles Weston

Age: 35

Appearance: Charles is an average sized man, around 6'0 feet tall and well-built with brown hair and brown eyes. A feint scar runs down the left side of his chest to his abdomen, but is generally covered by light flak armor. While hunting and scavenging, Charles normally wears a rusty military helmet and face mask. The rest of Charles' clothing is normal cloth.

Equipment: An old combat-shotgun with only a box of shells. Rusted Machete. Mess kit. Water Canteen. Bed rolls and backpack.

Biography: Charles was born into the world as it is today, torn apart and ravaged by demon-kind and their immense Cathedrals. His parents are long dead, and he has one brother, Xavier, who he hasn't been in contact with for several years. During his life in his hometown, he and the other civilians were attacked by a warband of marauding demons. During the attack, he sustained a severe torso injury, having been clawed by one of the attackers. As he woke up from his wound, he was in a new settlement and was healing. It is here that he acquired most of his new belongings, including a shotgun that was given to him as a reward for helping some of the townsfolk scavenge nearby dead towns. Despite being well equipped for survival, Charles is severely lacking when it comes to tracking, hunting and traveling alone. For this reason, he generally stays with settlements he comes across for as long as he can.
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Re: Iron Cathedral

Postby Bara'acus on Sat Dec 17, 2011 11:33 am

Hope I can still join. It's an interesting choice of future setting, and I like the choice of what happens to humanity in 2012. It's an all-around great concept. So I'll post my character using the first template and await its acceptance or denial. And when we begin as well. Also, as one of the other characters present was born during the aftermath and is 35, and the other was born in 1982 and is 30, I'd like a clarification on what year it is if no-one would mind. That is why my birthdate is lacking a year.

Name: Parson Jean Williamson (Par, Jean, or William. He has also been called Mr. Suit because of him wearing such well-maintained suits to do odd jobs now and then. This latter name hasn't been used often, but has spread fairly quick somehow, and he's becoming more easily recognizable because of it.)
Age: 28
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 194 lbs.
Birthdate: August 15th, ----
Hair: Very short and a brownish-red
Eyes: Green
Birthplace: What was once Cincinnati, Ohio
Other facial features/appearance details: He almost always wears sunglasses, unless "hunting." He has a long scar down the left side of his face, and if he's shirtless, you can see his other scar which runs the length of his chest and is from a surgery when he was a youth.
Dress (Style, colors): He normally wears old rags and clothes found from scavenging so that he blends in. Rarely, however, he will wear one of his three dress suits. Especially when doing important tasks.
Description of Home: He used to live in a small house on the outskirts of cincinnati, but as of late he uses a deluxe-sized tent he looted from a Dick's Sporting Goods when the chaos first started.
Best Friend: His best friend, a man named Tobias McLeann, was killed during the last-ditch rebuilding efforts of a few remaining encampments that tried to band together.
Other friends: He has no more true friends, but he does have quite a few people who owe him a favor or two scattered about because of services he has provided.
Picture (if you have one): Image (With the facial scar of course.)
Weapons: He has two pistols and a sword. The first pistol is a .44 Magnum revolver with a cherrywood handle inlade with gold scrollwork that his father gave him shortly before he died. He only has 15 rounds left for it, so he makes it his last-resort gun, and it's the gun he wants to die holding. His second gun is a standard-issue police 9mm that uses 15-round clips he looted from the body of a man who died in an attack after looting the original owner for it. He's managed to find quite a few good clips for it over time, and has 9 full clips along with a mostly full clip already loaded. His sword is an old claymore that was created by a company that was destroyed along with most of humanity: Cold Steel. He takes excellent care of it, second only to his revolver, and carries it inside of a modified rifle case.
Equipment: An old suitcase with his three suits, the tent and as many anitbiotics and other medicines as he could scavenge stuffed in one of its pockets, the rifle case with his sword, and a small cooler filled with small cans of food lashed to the pull-out handle of his suitcase.
History: Born in what was the northeast United States, Parson was raised to fight, but to fight smart. He was taught hand-to-hand and some basic knife techniques from his father, as well as how to shoot the revolver. Later on in his life, Parson and his family escaped to a small encampment on the coast of North Carolina. There, his family met a young man named Tobias McLeann. Tobias had been in one of the militias roaming about but decided on trying to settle down and help rebuild, and he the young Parson quickly became good friends. Tobias taught him everything he knew about guns and some techniques he picked up for using bladed weapons like swords. He gave Parson his claymore for his 16th birthday, along with three well-maintained suits that he had been saving. A few years down the road, Parson's family, along with Tobias, were killed when the "hellspawn" attacked their encampment. It had only been two months since two of the other local encampments banded with theirs to try and rebuild some semblance of society. Parson has been on the road ever since, trying not to stay in one place very long, but helping with important jobs that the dwindling encampments may have no capable hands to complete.
Group/Job: He's more of a vagabond than anything else, but at his core, he's a fighter who doesn't like to lose. Especially when it comes to defending others. He's also a bit of a handyman. He doesn't have much of the book smarts of a lot of the jobs, but he's gained experience through watching and doing many things.

Let me know how this looks by the way.
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