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Isabella's in depth back story

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Isabella's in depth back story

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Nerdy4lyf on Thu Sep 28, 2017 3:09 am

The day was just like any other day for the Dauntis family, the kids were out playing in the yard and Jesabell was doing the laundry while her husband was out working. The sun burned bright in the sky, the heat kissed the skins of the children out laughing rolling around in the grass. Jesabell was sitting on her stool, her hands in the cool water scrubbing the fabric that was in the wooden tub. She looked up at the bright blue sky as she rose an arm to wipe the sweat on her forehead. Not a moment after her face twisted as she hunched over in pain, her hands flying to her stomach, caressing the nine month baby that sat inside.

Jesabell stood up, a hand resting on the smooth wood that was warm from where she sat. "Don, Jane come quickly!" She urged her children. Soon the shrieks of laughter came to a stop as the children ran to their mothers side. "Are you ok mama?" The girl asked stifling some laughter as her brother made funny faces. Jesabell shook her head as she felt another sharp sting in her stomach. "Go fetch your father, tell him it's time." She said breathlessly. The frail woman stood up fully now, walking after her children as they ran off to get their father.

"Papa! Papa!" The duo shouted in unison as the approached their father, Korvo. The big muscular man turned around with a big grin on his face as his children tugged on his clothing. "Mama says it's time!" The girl said with a giggle. "Little Bella is coming!" Said the boy. With that Korvo picked up the kids and walked quickly to the house. "Jes!" Korvo's voice boom as he burst through the front door, setting the children down. He saw her in the living room, surrounded by the midwives. As he approached her side he fell to his knees holding her hand firmly in his.

Hours slowly passed by as Jesabell sat there screaming from the pain before finally giving birth to Isabella. The baby didn't cry when she was born, in fact she was rather silent not crying much at all. Later that night Jesabell awoke with a start as she smelled smoke. She glanced out the window and saw the orange flicker of flames. They engulfed the entire city, houses catching on fire, the smoke clinging in the air. Jesabell quickly woke every one in the house, wrapping Isabella and keeping her close. The baby slept soundly as the family ran in the chaos. Screams could be heard every which way, the sky dark as the new moon was upon them. The only light guiding the way was the raging fire, burning everything it touched. Soon they watched as Fae came to slaughter the elves and any other race siding with them.

The Dauntis family made a narrow escape seeking shelter in the caves that surrounded the area. Many years would pass as they adjusted to their new lifestyle of staying hidden. Isabella would grow to be a quick learner and over the years her intellect was painfully obvious to anyone who talked to the little girl.

Isabella often wandered alone, exploring her new surroundings as they traveled. They had just settled into they cave they would be staying at and almost immediately the curious little 8 year old had wandered off, staying hidden as she walked. Hidden in cloak of darkness produced from the night she headed deep into a forest, as if being pulled by an unknown force. She heard some one chanting and stayed hidden in the bushes as she continued to draw closer to the source of the noise. She saw a cloaked figure hunched over a book, a circle with lines going every which way glowed beneath them. Her eyes widened, she had never seen magic this close before. Soon a small cat appeared, giving a low meow to the person that had conjured it before looking at Isabella.

The cloaked figure stood but didn't turn. "Come child, I assure you no harm will come to you." Isabella took in a deep breath before stepping out of her hiding spot and walking slowly to the mysterious person who stood a few feet away from her. The figure turned, the cloaks hood making it appear like the person had now face. "Ah yes. I was wondering when you would appear." It said with a soft chuckle. Isabella tilted her head to the side in confusion, why would this person be waiting for her? "I had a vision that one day I would meet a little girl like you and she would grow up to do great things." The figure said as it took a step closer.

"Now here we are, I can feel the power in you." The figure now stood inches away from Isabella but the girl did not move, intrigued by what the cloaked person was saying. Soon it pulled out a dusty, tattered, and old book and handed it to her. "This will help you on your way to greatness." It said before a huge gust of wind came, almost pushing Isabella to the ground. When she looked up the figure was gone, she could hear her parents shouting in the distance. "Coming!" She said as she hurried off to join them. She spent years studying the book given to her always improving her magic. She was always rather mature for her age. Isabella would always be seen with a book or working on some sort of invention to help her family out. By the time she was 15 she had made many inventions to help her family, one being an object that made it appear as if the cave was empty.

The moon hung bright and full in the air on this summer night. There was a light breeze that wove through the leaves of the trees. Jesabell looked back at her children, their faces dimly lit by the light of the moon. "You guys wait here, Dad will come fetch you guys. If we don't return then run." She said before kissing each of them. Her face gives a few inches in front of Isabella, "My sweet child. This includes you, if you were to perish then who will take care of the others?" She said giving her a soft smile. With that the pale woman and muscular man disappeared into the night.

Isabella kept her eyes forward in the direction they had vanished from, eagerly waiting for their return. Hours passed and they heard nothing, feeling anxious Isabella stood up, her head turning to look at her older siblings. "I know they said we should run, but I can't." She said as she headed into the direction their parents had took. She walked for a while, the stars as her guide before she stumbled onto a body. She glanced down fearing it was her parents, her eyes widened as she recognized the faces. She fell to the ground next to her mother who was still barely alive, her brother and sister running to their father.

"Bella.." Jesabell said weakly as she raised a shaky hand to Isabella's face. "You must hurry ahead." She said with a violent cough. "Please be safe, I know in my heart that you were destined for something great." She said as her hand slowly lowered. "I..." Her eyes closed as she took her last breath. Isabella clutched to her lifeless hand as tears began to fall. She soon heard hooves of horses approaching, she turned her tearful eyes to see who was approaching. They quickly shut as she was surrounded by a glow of blue light, Garuda had emerged from the ground. Her eyes opened as she studied the men before her.

The white horses seemed to glow in the moonlight. Elven soldiers had approached them, the girl narrowed her golden eyes as her tears came to a slow stop and her cheeks stained from the tears that had fallen. The other siblings soon surrounded Isabella as they waited to see what would happen. The elves only looked at the children and the dead bodies behind them, showing no remorse for the actions. They were about to leave when Isabella finally spoke up. "You killed them." She said her voice full of rage as she stood up clenching her fist.

"Your arrows took their life." She said even louder. "It is only fair for you to take us into your care. Our mother and father were nothing but loyal to the elves in this time of war." Her voice had slightly trembled as she managed to try to stay calm. The elves scoffed before leaning down. "Very well child." He spoke in a soft voice before picking up Isabella, her siblings being put onto horses of the other soldiers. They rode through the night till they had reached the Elven Capitol, Valasilme.

It was a long night, traveling by horses to reach the Valasilme. The sun was high in the air when they had finally arrived. Isabella sat up a bit straighter as her eyes danced over the the white tall buildings, taking in the incredible detail that was put into every arch and building. The sun made the roof tops glitter as they passed them. She only heard of this place and the tales did it no justice. The Capitol was breathtaking, there were no words in existence that could describe the beauty and enchantment it had on people. This would be there home for the next few years, growing accustomed to the culture and learning to speak elvish properly.

As the war raged on, Don and Jane would join the elven military and Isabella would spend every day in the library or talking to the magic users improving on her talents as a summoner. As she watched the elven population shrink in size, Isabella decided that it would be in her best interest to join the fight. Upon heard the news the elves took Isabella to a part of the library she had never been to before. It was dimly lit by candle light, the flames flickering from the little bit of wind caused by them walking. When they stopped walking she stared at a thick, heavy, and red curtain. She waited for them to go through but instead the gently pushed her forward.

Isabella rose her arm to push the curtain to the side. She didn't have to go in very far before she was face to face with a fancy black book, lined with gold. She stared at the glass container that the book laid in for a moment before carefully removing it. Her hands gripped the leather book, the metal cool to her touch. A gust of wind surrounded her as she opened the book, a blinding white light covered her. The moment was over as soon as it happened and the elves rushed in. "It seems the book was waiting for you. Others who tried to open the book would fall ill and eventually pass." One of the guards had explained. Isabella would then spend her time studying the grimoire she got. Practicing every spell and making every potion.

Five years passed and Isabella was now 20, her older siblings in there thirties. Isabella stood in the laboratory she had created for her when a group of elves came rushing in. "Isabella, your assistance is need! Our friend fell ill." The young elf had told her. Isabella took no time to run to the elf to see what was wrong with them, her cloak fluttered behind her as she ran. Running passed her siblings she shouted for them to follow her. Once there she studied the sick elf with a frown. "Don and Jane can you gather some herbs. I need asëa aranion and Athelas. Please hurry." She said as she picked up the elf.

She hurried into the castle and to the laboratory. She laid the limp elf on a couch as she searched the boxes for something to help ease the pain. Don and Jane had set off immediately in search for the herbs on this peaceful day. They ventured out into the woods, Don taking the lead as they walked further in. Jane kept her eyes ahead and in horror watched as her brothers head fell from his shoulders. She stared at the Fae who had attacked him before turning on her heel as fast as she could and started running to warn the others. She was almost there before she felt a sharp pain in her leg, she fell and stared face to face with the being that would kill her. She closed her as as she felt the blade connect to her neck. Soon the village was under attack.

Hearing the screams and cries, Isabella run out of the castle and stared in horror. She could see smoke and the villagers fleeing. She ran to the village as quickly as her little legs could take her. She almost threw up from the site that treated her, many elven bodies were severely cut up or burned. She covered her mouth and nose as she walked in horror. The next thing she saw chilled her to her bones. She stared face to face with her brother and sisters head, bodies no where to be found. She clenched her fist tightly, the skin around her knuckles turning white. She remembered reading about how one would become a Lich. She marched to the castle and informed them of that she had planned to do. Agreeing with her choice she soon set off to the mountains to begin the process.

As Isabella wander aimlessly around the dark cold forest she could feel something inside her changing. The once neutral girl was now full of hate and the darkness inside her was growing steadily. She had spoken to the strongest Demon she knew and according to him she had to kill two people for a sacrifice. She was against it at first, her old self would have never been capable of such a thing. But the longer she walked to the princess's castle the more she toyed with the idea. She wouldn't have to get her hands dirty. A wicked smile spread across her face as she gripped the love potion in her hand. The glass was warm against her flesh. A sigh parted her lips as she raised the pink liquid to her face.This was the reason for her coming. The princess had caught her in Isabella's library before she took off on her quest to become a lich. She needed a powerful love potion and she needed it quickly.

The petite white haired girl didn't ask any questions, she merely nodded her head and told the royalty that she could get it done by sun down. So here she was walking in the dark forest with nothing but her glowing blue fox to keep her company. She returned the tiny vial in her pouch that hung across her, held together by a thin string. "Love." She scoffed looking down at her carbuncle. "What a silly human emotion to have. It only prevents you from achieving your wildest dreams." She said just as fox jumped onto her shoulder. They had finally reached the wooden drawbridge that remained up until she stated what business she had. She heard the loud clinks of metal as the wooden bridge slowly came down, hitting the ground in front of her with a thud. She smiled politely at the guards that were eying her with caution. Inside the castle walls she was greeted by a few servants that rushed to her side and dragged her to where the princess sat, alone in her chambers. "Princess." Isabella said as she curtsied and bowed her head.

"You are a woman of your word. Let me see it." The princess said as she tried to hide her excitement.Isabella nodded and held out the tiny vial. The blond girl in front of her snatched it out of her hand, her blue eyes scanning it carefully as if it was a poison. "Are you sure that's all I need?" Isabella nodded. "Of course that's all you need, anything more and you'd kill the poor fool." Isabella spoke in a soft and almost monotone voice, her face expressionless. "Thank you. As for your payment." The princess grabbed something that was covered in a white stained cloth, parts of it had turned yellow. She unwrapped it to reveal an old thick book. "My step mothers spell book. There's only one." The princess said as she held it out to Isabella. Her golden eyes grew wide as her right hand reached for the leather bound book. "Thank you." She said giving  the girl a bright warm smile. Books were her favorite thing in the world, she could care less about money. "That is all, if I ever need anything from you I shall send my servants."

Isabella nodded and soon left private chambers.Isabella didn't make it very far before she felt herself being yanked to the side. Her hands flew to the grimoire she kept at her hip. "I mean you no harm." A males voice quickly spoke and her hand froze, hovering over the book. Her eyes danced their way to the boy in front of her. She stared at his pale icy blue hair and eyed him. Her hand finally fell to her side as she tilted her head to the side. "Is there something you need?" The boy hesitated before he answered. He leaned don so his mouth was close to her ear, she could feel her hair moving slightly as his sticky warm breath kissed her skin. "I need help getting out of this place. That potion is intended for me but my heart belongs to another. Please." He pleaded with her, as he leaned away from her his eye were full of sorrow. Just then an idea popped into her head, she smiled politely trying to cover the sinister one that wanted to break through. "Of course. This might sting a little." She said as she pulled out a glass bottle filled with a red liquid. She threw it at his feet and the sound of glass shattering echoed through out the halls. As the smoke cleared the spot in which the boy stood was empty.

"Follow me but don't make a sound." She said as she turned to face her previous direction. She walked in silence, her little pet rested on her shoulder, it's tail swaying from side to side. When they had made it outside and far from the castle Isabella reached down and picked up some loose dirt. She threw it out him and he soon became visible. "I assume you'll need further assistance. Come, I know I place that is safe. No one will be able to find you." Her voice now seemed cold and distant as the continued to walk. She listened to the stranger talk about his one true love, Sora. Internally Isabella was screaming, how she wanted to just end it right here and now. But she couldn't, she had to do it at the alter. The pair climbed up the mountain, trees surrounding them in every direction.They had finally arrived to a clearing, it was flat with a few boulders that varied in size.

A man in a cloak stepped from the darkness and glided over to them. A pale thin hand emerged from the thin black robe. Long skeleton like fingers brushed against the boys cheek. "Some one looking for love. How unfortunate." It spoke in an inhuman voice. "He will do just fine." The blue haired boy who had introduced himself as Mykka at some point during there walk was now slowly backing up. "W-what?" He asked fearfully. The small girl only smiled as a wind surrounded them. "Don't worry. I plan on finding this Sora fellow. You guys will be reunited in death." She said just as ifirt rose from the ground. Before Mykka had the chance to do anything he was covered in flames. His screams could be heard for miles, Isabella stood there laughing as the darkness now consumed her once pure heart. This was the point of no return, no turning back even is she wanted to.

 As the fire died the only thing that remained was ashes that soon got carried away by the wind. The demon that was with her now gone. She then made her way back to the village finding an inn to rest at. That's when she bumped into him. A brown haired boy that was just a few inches taller then her was standing in the door way. Isabella's nose buried in the new spell book she had just got. She walked right into him, causing the book to be pressed up against her nose. She took a step back and smiled gently. "I am so sorry! I shouldn't read and walk. Such a bad habit." She said laughing nervously. "The name is Isabella. Again so sorry." The male only shook his head and returned her smile. "Don't worry about it. The name is Sora." 

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