[Multiverse] Isis Grant

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[Multiverse] Isis Grant

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- Full name: Isis Grant
- Age: twenty three
- Height: five foot five
- Weight: one hundred and thirty pounds
- Hair color: Black, with blue strands
- Eye color: Light blue eyes

- Profession: Cybernetics retailer

- Bio: After losing her parents on a strange accident, Isis was raised by her uncle. The man was a former war hero, who had suffered extensive changes on his body turning him into a cyborg..
Later with the help of Isis they opened a store in, focused on new technologies: implants, body parts, cybernetics among other things.

- Familiar:
Rad15 - The salamander pet
Rad is made of silver alloy and seems to be a perfect imitation of the Hynobiidae, a long extinct species of amphibian. He’s body is slender, composed of small alloy panels that partially reflect any kind of light. Under his belly, there is a small cable entrance that connects to the inner AI core. On small letters it’s still readable Rad15.
Bio: After a malfunction with the toy salamander model, Rad was delivery back to Isis shop… final destination supposed to be destruction. But the woman grew found of his design and tried to fix him, since then he turned to be a loyal yet unstable partner.

- Abilities: None reported

- Currently involved in:

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