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Jail Break

a part of “The Multiverse”, a fictional universe by Remæus.

Where legends collide, warriors rise, and titans fall. This is a massive open world that you are free to explore and interact with; a sandbox for your characters.

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Where legends collide, warriors rise and titans fall. This is the general in character world, where your creations can rise to fame driven only by your imagination - this is the persistent world in which all characters exist. This whole forum is one big roleplay, with no specific rules or guidelines. If you want to create a roleplay in a single thread, this probably isn't where it needs to be.

Remember - this whole forum is one persistent world - your characters are free to move from topic to topic here with no restrictions.

Jail Break

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SWAT-Calibur on Mon Dec 25, 2006 6:13 pm

A high security jail, seven stories high, in the center of the ocean, was a building surrounded by fifty foot tall, 200 volt fences. Men is white suits working in the field while soldiers stood in the towers holding their rifles, keeping watch on the men. Slowly, the sky above was turning from a bright sun filled sky, to a dark, lightning filled storm. The waves around the island began to grow violent, crashing into the rocks, the rain beating down, covering the ground as the criminals went inside. But there was one who kept on looking at the sky but nobody knew why.

A man in a black shirt and pants, wearinf black armor around him lifted his right hand up to his left shoulder speaking into a mic.

"Sir, we are moving the criminals inside, but one of them keeps staring at the sky and we don't know why."

Once all the criminals were inside, a loud booming sound was heard outside. A large chunk of the fence was torn down and the water split. Eventually the criminals began to rush out, some getting shot down and killed and others running into the ocean. This was a supernatural attack.

"Captain, the men are breaking free and we can't stop them."

The captain heard the words and spoke back.

"We can stop them. Come back to my office. I have something for you."

Calibur let the criminals pass him and ran back to the office of the captain, saluting him and asking a question.

"Sir, what is it,?"

Captian laughed a bit as he spoke,"Calibur, lay down in that tube."

Calibur obeyed his commanding officer and layed down in it. A seal covored him asa blue and green liquid filled the tube, Calibur beating on the seal, screaming and yelling to be let out. His skin beganto change. His legs turning to metal and then back, and his upper body turning into metal, but for some reason it didn't. Within a second, Caliburs heart let a loud thump out, then anotherr, his chest jumping from the bottom of the tube. The seal began to crack, the liquid dripping as lightning and ice seeped through cracks, slowly causing the case to explode. Slowly, Calibur rose up, his shirt torn to shreads as his upperbody glistened in the light. His deep blue eye's glared over at the captain as Calibur changed his right hand into a sword. The Captain began to yell and shoot his pistol at Calibur, but the bullets just riqesheud off. Calibur reached the captain, swinging his arm down, sslashing the captain in half, blood driping off the blade as Calibur ran outside to stop the criminals.
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