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[Multiverse] Jason Blaze

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[Multiverse] Jason Blaze

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Teh Andy on Tue May 22, 2007 1:57 pm

Name: Jason Blaze
Age: 23
Height: 6’ 3”
Weight: 255 pounds
Hair: Dirty blonde, medium-length
Eyes: Blue (Right eye) Green (Left eye)

Physical Description: Tall and strong with a muscular body he began building in high school sports and has maintained throughout his brief college career and continues to maintain today. In elementary school his blonde hair began turning darker and seemed to stop halfway through the process, leaving him with a hair color that was not quite blonde and not quite brown. Like his hair that couldn't seem to decide between two solid colors, each of his eyes is a different shade, with the right a deep, rich blue while his left is a light green. His face often appears very friendly, with a nose that appears to have been broken on several occasions. This is appears to be his only disfigurement, however, as the rest of his face seems like he could appear on a billboard advertising Calvin Klein. He sports a deep, attractive tan from working outside almost every day as well as a scruffy shadow of a beard from neglecting to shave every morning.

Just as appealing as he can be, in an instant, Jason is capable of transforming into a frightening figure. With a large, intimidating frame and wide, strong jaw, his enraged eyes and snarling lips are often more than enough to scare off all but the most drunken or determined attackers... Those that are of his same species anyway.

Personality Description: Jason is normally a quiet, hard-working individual. He is a very kind-hearted individual with a moral fiber comparable to Superman. His latest predicaments have made him more calloused and cautious to the world, as well as stressing his body and mind to a very thin thread, but in order to avoid suspicion for the time being, he is forced to continue to present the same face he presented before "the incident" and every incident that followed. His primary concern is and has always been the welfare of the good and innocent while his secondary principle is the annihilation of the evil and perverse.

Athleticism: Jason was a collegiate athlete, never quite achieving championship status in his sports, but always competing at the NCAA D-1 level. His reflexes, coordination, balance, dexterity, strength, and speed all reflect his former status as a scholarship-holding member of his college football and wrestling team.

Alert: Since "the incident" that has marked many changes in Jason's life, he's found himself observing everything for more than it is, being careful to watch and listen for peculiarities that might mark danger for him or an innocent.

Intimidation: With such a large, bulky frame and a face that can change from a laughing, jovial mug to a fierce, enraged visage that is more than enough to scare the courage out of almost any would-be mugger or assailant. Not to mention that ever since "the incident" he's had some aura of power that's almost tangible in the air around him.

Charm: On the opposite end of the spectrum, his good looks and quick tongue is often more than enough to talk himself out of a corner surrounded by angry debt collectors or into a bed with several gorgeous women.

Intuition: Even before his first encounter with an unnatural creature, Jason had always had a strong voice in his head to help guide him, like a sixth sense. It was this intuitive guidance that helped tell him when to take a chance, when to play it safe, and gave him the idea whenever something wasn't quite right. This ability has grown since his eyes were opened to the shadows of the world and he finds himself trusting it more and more often... because more and more often it's right.

Combat: While he's never been formally trained in any particular system of combat, his natural athelticism and strength along with his wrestling training and experience makes him a more than formidable combatant. Jason often tries to avoid violence, but shit happens. He's been in a few bar scraps in which afterward everyone has mentioned that he could do fight for a living.

Reflexes: With his own natural reflexes and athletic speed blended with his uncanny intuition, Jason makes for an extremely difficult target. At the same time, this makes anything within arm's reach (and some out of it) almost a sitting duck for his quickness.

Driving: Racing away from high school parties as the cops closed in, stupid stunts he and his friends used to pull on their motorcycles, and deft maneuvering through rush-hour traffic has made Jason a pretty decent wheelman. He's capable of driving just about anything with tires and is practically a stunt-man with any vehicle he's familiar with.

Marksmanship: Jason and his father have had a considerable gun collection since he was a boy, ranging from hunting rifles and semi-automatic pistols to semi-auto shotguns and probably a few guns they shouldn't legally be able to own. As such he's been a practiced gunman since he was 12 and is more than familiar with every gun in his posession. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of hours spent at the firing range (including the one he kept in his back yard) have made him a crack shot on par with most military snipers.

Throwing: While he is relatively new to throwing weapons, Jason has adapted quickly and is beginning to learn the finer points of attacking an opponent with a proper throwing weapon. His natural talents and previous training has aided him greatly to get him to the level he's presently at.

Fencing: Despite never actually having any kind of formal training with a sword, knife, or any handheld weapon, Jason has found himself naturally comfortable holding many an improvised weapon. In various incidents since his first one, Jason found himself wielding large crowbars, sledge hammers, machetes, knives, even pipes and tire irons like they were direct extensions of his arm.

Computers: While he's by no means a 1337 haxor, Jason knows his way around a computer and most programs.

Medicine: Jason contains within his head extensive knowledge of the human body and its ailments and how to treat most wounds and complications. He is, after all, a paramedic.

Education: Attending college for two years is still worth something these days. With a lot of general classes, Jason picked a broad intelligence in many different areas.

Powers/Unnatural Things Worth Mentioning:
The Voice: Since that first incident, at least a few times a month, Jason will receive messages or instructions or warnings in the form of some kind of unsettling feeling in his mind. He's never been told who or what controls these feelings, and strangely enough, he's never been curious enough to ask, it just is, and he is content to leave it at that. After what he's seen, some things in this world just don't need explanations.

Edges- Powers imbued upon Jason since that first incident. More of them seem to be manifesting as his experiences grow and he continues to deal with mounting adversity.

Cleave: While normal human beings are unable to see this power itself, any weapon or tool Jason wields is capable of being utilized as an effective weapon against unnatural enemies. These enemies- as well as Jason and others like him- see the weapon as it really is, a red-hot glowing means to end their existence. While this power can cause otherwise normal items, tools, or weapons to actually hurt creatures that are otherwise unharmed by such methods, it wears on the weapon as well. After a few good swings with Cleave, the item in question is liable to break, depending on how well it's made and how hard Jason is swinging.

Ward: With this ability, Jason is able to project an invisible wall all around him out of sheer willpower. This wall protects any innocent or good-aligned creatures within its radius, while pressing out and keeping out evil and unnatural beings. This wall follows Jason and is up for as long as he wills it, though it does tax on him considerably and becomes a struggle to maintain after half an hour. Especially powerful or strong-willed enemies are capable of breeching this wall, but it takes an incredible amount of effort and willpower to fight through.

Rejuvinate: With this ability, Jason is able to heal at an accelerated rate. Left to his own devices, over time, Jason's bones will set themselves and begin to heal on their own. Bruises dissapear in three hours, normal cuts and burns heal within a day, and broken bones take care of themselves in a little under two weeks.

Equipment- Jason's equipment varies greatly with the occasion. If he's out hunting, he'll be carrying some serious hardware, but most of it will be concealable on his person. If he's just going about his daily tasks, he may be carrying a few weapons and tools. Many of his larger pieces will be carried in the trunk of his car and even then, only put in his car when he knows he's going to need them.

With the collection he and his Dad carried combined with the necessity he now has for more suitable tools, Jason has a wide variety of equipment and accesories to aid him in his causel.

Clothing Accessories-
Long trenchcoat: Simply a long, sturdy coat meant to conceal any larger weapons or a multitude of smaller weapons

Brown leather bomber jacket: With secret pockets built into it, this is one of the most inconspicuous ways to carry hunting gear.

Skin-tight shirt: Just a typical skin-tight shirt usually worn by athletes to keep the body warm, but allow it to breathe. Not unlike Under Armor.

Cargo pants w/extra pockets: Jason has a lot of jeans and khakis with extra pockets built into them and straps within the pockets that make them capable of carrying extra ammunition and other hunting equipment

Kevlar vest: Capable of stopping most pistol rounds at close- to medium-range and some rifle rounds from medium- to long-range

Tactical ammo vest: Carries extra clips and equipment

Forearm holsters: Specially crafted holsters that wrap around his forearms. These are capable of carrying throwing spikes and knives as well as holstering his expandable batons.

Special holster harness: A custom harness built to allow Jason to carry up to four pistols on his body, two at the shoulders and and two at the lower back. It also allows him to carry his machetes along his spine.

Large-frame shoulder holsters: Two holsters, made for the right and left shoulder, capable of holding a large frame pistol

Medium-frame lower-back holster: Made for carrying a concealed weapon in his waistband at his lower back. Usually hidden under a jacket.

Small-frame ankle holster: Made for carrying a concealed weapon at the ankle, Jason usually places a small, powerful revolver in this.

Twin machete sheathes: Made to carry a pair of machetes along his spine. Can be held with the hilts up or down, depending on the situation and how Jason feels like pulling them out.

Quick-release web utility belt: Simply army surplus web belt with pouches to carrying extra ammunition and other equipment

.50 Desert Eagle
.500 S&W M500
.454 Taurus Raging Bull
.45 Para-Ordnance
.45 H&K Mk. 23 x2
.45 H&K USP
.45 ACP Sig P250 x2
.40 Sig P228 x2
.357 S&W Model 360
9mm Glock 18 x2
4.6mm H&K Ultimate Combat Pistol (UCP) x2

Pistol Accesories:
Attachable flashlights
Attachable laser sights

Benelli M3 Super 90 Tactical
Benelli M1014
Mossberg 500 Cruiser
Stoeger Coach Gun
Stoeger Condor Over & Under
Sawed-off double-barrel Shotgun x2

Shotgun Accesories:
Attachable Flashlights
8 boxes of buckshot rounds
8 boxes of slugs

Remington 597
H&K 41
Colt AR-15

Rifle Accesories:
10 boxes of 5.56mm NATO round (Full Metal Jacket)
5 boxes of 7.62mm NATO rounds (Full Metal Jacket)
5 boxes of .22 Autload rounds (Full Metal Jacket)

20" Machete x2
5" throwing spike x8
26" Expandable Baton x2

Tactical Folding Knife
Butane Lighter
Small to Large Glow sticks

2006 Mazda RX-8
1994 Toyota Camry LE Wagon

Car Accessories:
Radar Detector
Extra gas tank
Spare gas can (2-gallon)
Extra ammunition in glove compartment

After graduating from high school with scholarships for wrestling and football, Jason spent two years at a state university. There he maintained mediocre grades and a respectable position on the field and the mat. However, during his fourth semester, his father was diagnosed with lung cancer and was no longer able to work. His mother had not graduated from high school- having quit school to have and raise their only son, Jason- and the best job she could get offered poor hours and paid barely enough to cover their cost of living. With medical bills piling up, Jason had no choice but to drop-out of college (“for now” he had said) to return home and help take care of his father.

Getting a job with a lucrative construction company as a laborer, Jason attended night school at a local community college. While they couldn’t provide him with the degree he had initially been going for, he was able to certify himself as a licensed paramedic and worked part-time at night as an emergency medical technician.

He stayed home for three years while his father’s condition worsened, watching him slip further into death as the doctor’s futilely tried everything they could to save him. Most days Jason worked well over 12 hours- spending 6-10 hours a day in construction and then he’d shower and change in time to report in as an ambulance driver for another 6 hours. In the mornings he’d make time to go the gym and work-out, trying to keep up with the athletic form he’d held in college and hoped to continue to hold if he ever went back into sports. In the same spirit as his workout schedule, he also made time at least once a week to go to the firing range for a few hours to give his wide collection of firearms a workout. They were satisfying stress-relievers, as they helped represent one thing in his life that he could control.

He tried to be home and spend time with his mother and ailing father, but at such a young age, he grew lonely, especially since very few of his old friends were still in the area. His mother insisted that he try to have some kind of social life, and so every few days or once in a while on his day off, Jason would go out with some of his friends from work. Most of the time they went to the bars, and there was the occasional party. Jason even tried internet dating with some mild success, but nothing too exciting.

Coming home late one night from work, Jason stopped at the door as he felt something he had never experienced. In his head he could actually feel the message being portrayed to him. It wasn't as if he heard the calling in his head, this was almost more of an emotion than a series of words, but he translated it perfectly. He could feel something telling him a mixture of "It does not live," coupled with, "Tread quietly," and "This one must be destroyed". With this information, the confused Blaze very carefully opened the front door, trying to be as quiet as possible as he entered the house.

Something about the atmosphere was obviously wrong and he began to understand why as strange sounds coming from the kitchen reached his ears- wet slaps mixed with cracking and crunching noises. Looking around, the house was in shambles. Tables and chairs were knocked over, the television was broken, pictures were knocked off the wall and shelves, and a book case had been knocked to the floor. Cautious, Jason grabbed a poker from the fireplace as he began slowly walking through the house towards the kitchen, where the sounds continue to issue, his attentioned focused on the direction of the sickening crunches. It was obvious that some kind of struggle had gone on, but he instinctively knew that this was not just some simply burglary. This was not an ordinary crime. Something just felt incredibly wrong about this whole situation.

As he approached the open doorway into the kitchen, everything became quite clear and more confusing at the same time. A barefoot figure stood with its back toward Jason hunched over in the middle of the tiled floor, sitting back on its haunches while dressed in what looked like Jason's father's pajamas. Directly before it was a bloody, desecrated body. Dark red blood spilled from the form like something large had exploded outward from its chest cavity, decorating the entire room with its innards. Body tissue, skin, and bone fragments laid all over the kitchen among the blood stains that covered almost every surface.

As Jason's mind struggled to deal with the traumatic scene he was witnessing, details slowly clicked into place in his mind like the tumblers on a lock. The clothing, hair, and body type began to confirm the young man's fears- the body lying on the floor was that of his mother. It didn't take him much longer to figure out the figure hunched over it was the source of the sounds that would forever haunt Jason's nightmares. It was consuming his mother's body. The crunches and cracks were the sounds of this monster's jaws breaking through bone, which were often followed by slurping and sucking sounds as her muscle tissue was ripped from the bone, chewed ravenously before the creature sucked the marrow from the hollow parts of her bones.

Shocked, enraged, and traumatized, Jason did not notice the long iron poker in his right hand glowing bright red as he gripped it tighter and began moving towards the thing that his father had become.
Live in your world, get KOed in mine.


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