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[Fantasy] John Constantine

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[Fantasy] John Constantine

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Jason on Mon Mar 12, 2007 10:09 am

::Mortal Atropos::

Birth Name: Jason Benedict.
Alias[es]: John Constantine.
Visual Age: Twenty-four.
Factual Age: Twenty-four.
Direct Lineage: Human.
Class[es]: Mortal.
Occupation: Professional.
Alignment: Chaotic Good.
Marital Status: Single.
Status: At Large.


Height: Six foot, zero inches. [6’0�]
Weight: One hundred, ninety pounds. [190 lbs]
Hair Color: Alabaster.
Hair: Varying lengths -- Short; spiked upwards.
Eye Color: Navy Blue -- Obsidian.
Laterality: Dominant Right.
Finger nails: Short, rounded.
Skin Tone: Unmarred.
Skin Condition: Pallid; Sickly.
Physical Condition: Slender, lithe, fit.
Voice: Baritone.
Diet: Omnivore.

Blood type: Unknown.
Intelligence: Surreal.
Strength: Average.
Primary Residence: Unknown.
Primary Discipline: Perfected Equilibrium.
Sub-discipline(s): Mysticism, Occultism.
Special Abilities: Numerous.
Weapon of Choice: N/A.

::Social Demeanor::

-- Apathetic: Indifferent to anything, and anyone, that does not concern him or cannot help further his goal.
-- Distant: Far off or apart in space; not near at hand; remote or removed.
-- Dymaxion: Embodies the concept of the use of technology and resources to maximum advantage, with minimal expenditure of energy and material.
-- Flamboyant: Given to ostentatious or audacious display.
-- Precise: Exact, as in performance, execution, or amount.
-- Ruthless: Without pity or compassion; cruel; merciless.

::Distinguishing Features::

-- Apathetic stare.
-- Scar: Sigil upon his right palm.
-- Tattoo: Etched upon his back.


Likes: Cigarettes, classical music, rain.
Dislikes: Authority, crying, recklessness.
Misplaced Adjustments; Quirks: Biased perception. Refuses to kill women or children.

::Innate Ethos::
-- Mysticism
-- Occultism

::Learned Ethos::
-- Alchemy.
-- Facial Action Coding System (FACS)
-- Profiling.
-- Spell-Circles



-- Air[Locked]: N/A.
-- Fire[Locked]: N/A.
-- Water[Lockeds]: N/A.
-- Earth[Locked]: N/A.
-- Electricity[Locked]: N/A.
-- Shadow[Locked]: N/A.
-- Light[Locked]: N/A.
-- Time[Locked]: N/A.
-- Alchemy[transmutation]: Surreal.
-- Mysticism[occultism]: Surreal
-- Psionics[Locked]: N/A.
-- Cosmic[Locked]: N/A.
-- Planar:[Locked]: N/A.


-- Attachment: Spell-Watch.
-- History: A mechanism that was painstakingly constructed by his own hands. The inside is composed of a spell-circle that has been separated into four parts. The primary piece stays stationary as the three remaining portions settle around it in concentric circles, providing a maximum of four varying effects.
-- Composition: Unknown.
-- Paragon: Absorption, Dispel, Reflection, Unknown.

::Caparison, Clothing::
-- Alabaster Undershirt.
-- Ashen Trenchcoat.
-- Black Shirt.
-- Charcoal black pants.
-- Obsidian, leather gloves.
-- Sable boots.

-- Cigarettes: Cigarettes that are constructed to release gaseous silver
-- Eye of Agamotto: Powerful and valued artifact which allows for various effects. (Channeling, Illusion Breaker, Psychic Amplification, TrueSight.)
-- Tools: These are the various demonic and celestial tools of the trade that Jason keeps on his person at all times; they are currently too numerous to list.


Absolute Representation: When Jason is present inside of a specific realm or plane, he is wholly and unequivocally present in that specified realm of existence and lacks representation on any other part of any other realm. [Such as the Astral or Ethereal.] Furthermore, it seems that Jason progresses through the time-line from one moment to the next.

Dawn Marking: The result of a small skirmish in his younger days against a demon whose countenance he shall never forget; Nazreth. In trying to save himself from the wrath of the demon, Jason bound himself to Nazreth and the mark upon the palm of his right hand is the result of this. This allows him to harness the cosmic power of the sun.

Elementum Seal – Fire: This seal, emblazoned on his back through the initiation process of the Commission, endows Jason with the ability to manipulate Fire at will. The major drawback of this ability seems to be that Jason is only capable of manipulating an already present element; he can make a spark into an inferno, given enough time, but he cannot spark a conflagration from nothing.

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