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[mafia] Johny O'Ross

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby flameman657 on Sun Jul 08, 2007 7:03 pm

this was one of my favorite characters that i created resently for a rp that i made in the older forum. it is running there as a last effort to save the rping. i like to share this character with these rps here.

Name: Johny O’Ross
Age: 22
Personality: He is very calm and will finish what he starts. He is the one that the other Mafias go to discuss business. They do this because he has been getting his brothers out of trouble his entire life and is a born leader.
Clothing: He wears a brown jacket, which he has on almost everyday, jeans, and a black shirt underneath his jacket.
Money: $10,000
Weapons: Combat Knife, Magnum with 3 clips.
Cases: Knife Holder and Pistol Case.
Position: Don of The O’Ross Mafia
Family history: He is the second oldest in his family.
History: His father was killed by Italians when he was 6. He has always had a grudge on the Italians but he never did anything about. He had to stop his brother David a few times from kill a load of Italians. He killed the Head of the Irish Mafia and the Head of the Italian Mafia to protect his brother from death. He kept that a secret from everyone and earned the trust of the new Head of the Irish Mafia, the old Head's brother, Leo. He got some turf and founded the O'Ross Mafia that started off as only a 9 block but took over most of manhattan besides for some Italian turf and some Russian turf. The O'Ross Mafia is now one of the strongest Mafias in all of New York City.
not a new rper. i am a good rp. when i want to be. i dont want a lot.

jk or am i

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