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[Fiction, Pokemon Eternal]Jrin Jinsin

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[Fiction, Pokemon Eternal]Jrin Jinsin

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Nightmare on Mon Apr 16, 2007 3:55 am


Pokemon name:Ironheart

Current LVL:1

Game Generation III Generation IV
Start Explosion Explosion
09 Metal Claw
17 Curse
25 Superpower
33 Ancientpower
41 Amnesia
Iron Defense
49 Zap Cannon Charge Beam
57 Lock On
65 Hyper Beam
73 Iron Head
Flash Cannon
81 Hammer Arm
89 Hyper Beam


Name:Jrin Jinsin (j-rin Gen-sin)

Nickname:Jin Jin



weight:160 lbs

Eye Color:Green

Hair Color:Silver

Hair Style:Short and raggedy

Personality:Nice, helping

Faction:His own


Slight muscular tone

DOB:June 16

Clothing:Black Bandanna, Jeans, Grey shirt with the word "Metal" on the chest, Red and blue jacket with an image of a pokeball on the back(Open) Red tennishoes.

History:Grew up studying pokemon, mainly studying metal pokemon.

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