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Just keep running

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

Just keep running

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby G3n3s1s-Pr0j3k7 on Sat Sep 24, 2005 8:45 pm

Moving as fast as his body would allow after the dogged 2 hour run, Wing sped through the forest. Stopping momentarily to catch his breath, he then extended both his hand and knee blades. He moved back and ran forwards at a large Oak tree, and jumped into it. His kneeblades sunk into the bark, as his handblades slammed through wood and pulled him up. Moving as little as he could while in the tree, he watched the groups of soldiers pass underneath him. He just watched them pass, the dogs noses pressing to the ground to catch a trace of his scent.

"So that's how they've kept the ground search up so long." He thought to himself. "If I clip those dogs, they only have the heat imaging to track me with." "I could go underground, at least long enough to rest."

Letting go of the branch he was laying on top of, while turning to the right, Wing started to fall. His body turned about ten feet from the ground, positioned to land on what appeared to be the last two of the six man team. His feet came down on top of each of their backs, driving them head first to the ground. Immediately Wing dashed in at one of the two bloodhounds, swinging his handblade into it's open jaw. Driving to the right as the blade went in, he ripped it through the side of the dog's mouth. Blood flew around him as he spun, facing the remaining blood hounds charge. As the dog leaped in, Wing just fell on his back, knees sticking out over his chest. The dog pierced itself on the kneeblades, and as it did Wing rolled with the momentum, coming on top of the dog. Wing's strike was quick, his handblade slicing through bone and muscle alike, to sever the dog's head. As the four remaining soldiers came in, they wisely pointed their rifles at Wing's head warning him to hold.

"Don't move! Freeze!" a soldier warned. "You have no idea of how tired I am," Wing retored. "We'll be happy to keep you in a steel cage, to torture unto death." The soldier grinned as he said it. "Sorry pal, no promotion for you," Wing said.

As soon as Wing bent back and fell down, the soldier called the order to fire. As Wing fell, he moved his wrist up, a small flamethrower revealed as his right sleeve fell. Before Wing hit the ground, he ignited the flamethrower and fired out infront of him. The ammunition exploded overhead, as the man's first cries were uttered. Running forwards, the soldier which appeared to be the leader fired off a pistol from the right. Hitting Wing in the arm with the shot moved his body, the flame hitting an unintended target, the man which had fired the shot. The other two started to run away, as Wing crawled up to a knee, and withdrew his whip. Swinging it in at the closest man, he wrapped it around the man's right leg. Not really having the strength to pull back, Wing used his dead weight to make the man hit the ground face first. Bringing the flamethrower to bare again, Wing sent a blast in at the back of the man's head. Listening to the man's skin crackle and his last death throes, Wing turned his attention to the loud noise overhead.

"Oh, shit!" Wing uttered. "Balthasar Orion, freeze or be shot down where you stand!" Came over the loudspeaker.

He got up and ran, getting about two steps before they started to fire down. He ran as fast as he could to the mountains, to hopefully find some place to hide.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Lieutenant Grimson on Tue Oct 04, 2005 2:40 am

He sat there in the seat of the helicopter. In his mouth was a lit cigarette, the smoke gently trailing upwards in front of him, and forming a cloud over his head. His attention was brought to a young man who moved from the front of the flying machine to his side, whispering something into his ear. Grimson took one last puff of his cigarette and moved to the door, sliding it open. The area was filled with a sudden rush of air. He tossed his cigarette out the door and grabbed a small square device off the wall, speaking loudly, and clearly into it,” Balthasar Orion, freeze or be shot down where you stand”His voice went over the roar of the spinning blades and echoed out the loudspeaker into the woods. His eyes rested downwards at the only living person that was in that area still. He ran. A smirk appeared on Grimson’s face as he grabbed the large mounted machine gun’s trigger, aimed downward and fired at the running man,”I love when they run!”

The bullets flared the small forest below, ripping through trees, making the once green place an open field as all the branches of the trees were being pelted off by the onslaught of the machinegun. The loud firings of the bullets were soon replaced by steady clicking. He looked to the side; empty. He did a hand gesture, and almost immediately, the weapon was being reloaded by fellow troop members. He bit on his bottom lip; the ‘prey’ had escaped. He turned and walked to the front, pulling a telephone from the wall, and pushed a button. After a moment a face appeared on the screen beside the phone. The man on the screen saluted,
”Send me my Mobile Suit.”


The screen went blank and Grimson hung the phone up. The helicopter landed in a clearing and the Mobile Suit was delivered within ten minutes of the call. It was a Maganac Core Mobile Suit which was impounded and customized to Grimson’s liking, painted a nice black and gold color. He was lifted to the cock-pit and turned and face the small troop below him,

“Okay men, the target has approximately a six-hundred and forty-two seconds lead on us. I want the entire mountain scanned for any living heat signature. I want a small group to circle the entire area and check the forest. The man is wounded, and fatigued, and is probably resting. Check every cave you find; and if the suspect is found, signal before pursuit. I want this person captured alive, and within the next eight-hundred seconds. Do you get me?”

Everyone spoke in unity and saluted then went on to their tasks. Grimson moved into his Mobile Suit and headed for the most likely trail for the man to have gone; following an almost dead heat source; hoping it was his tracks.

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