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Justicating Light

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Justicating Light

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Arcus on Mon Aug 07, 2006 1:20 pm

Arcus drove forth, sauntering with his usual swagger. His hair drifted, and his eyes maintained their icy gaze. He stepped up upon a chair, reaching into his pocket. Gracefully drawing out a golden ring, he held it up to the light between his fingers.

"Behold. Justication has been served upon Bakura, the thief. He's been banished to the shadow realm, and has now been locked within this ring. I'm gonna' announce this time of cleansing, and will be ridding this area of what evil I may, and eliminating those who stand in my way. I'm starting with the Garden of Isamahii. Stay out of my way or be considered in league with these devil spawn." Arcus brought these words from his mouth authoritatively, before coming about into a casual hop from the chair to the ground, landing softly upon his experienced feet. He turned and left, just as abrubtly and intentionally as he had come.

OOC: And the logs of what happened., #Isamahii_Garden wrote:[2006:08:07:13:25:13]<Arcus_Sol> -= Sauntering into the room, Arcus proceeds with a bit of malice. His blonde hair, silky with the usual grace and luster, lay upon his shoulders. =-
[2006:08:07:13:25:24]<Arcus_Sol> -= Darted across the room with his icy blue eyes. =-
[2006:08:07:13:25:34]<Arcus_Sol> Damn.
[2006:08:07:13:25:51]<Arcus_Sol> This place's changed a bit.
[2006:08:07:13:26:26]<Arcus_Sol> Now where'd that little runt go.
[2006:08:07:13:26:57]<Arcus_Sol> -= Peers about the place, his form having paused for a moment, hips popped a bit to the right. His right hand rested upon the ledge created by this. =-
[2006:08:07:13:28:53]<Arcus_Sol> -= Seeing nothing, he brought his left foot about to come into his normal saunter yet again. His arm fell to his side as he made his way about the garden. =-
[2006:08:07:13:33:27]* Thief_Bakura is now known as Ryou_Bakura
[2006:08:07:13:34:14]<Arcus_Sol> -= Noticing a bit of motion nearby, his eyes dashed around to face where he had heard the noise. =-
[2006:08:07:13:34:27]<Arcus_Sol> Is that you, Bakura?
[2006:08:07:13:34:35]<Ryou_Bakura> yes
[2006:08:07:13:34:41]<Arcus_Sol> Aha.
[2006:08:07:13:35:32]<Arcus_Sol> -= Prancing over towards the reply, having located it, he reaches out to his right hand side for his Moon Blade, the scythe he held so dear. =-
[2006:08:07:13:36:33]<Arcus_Sol> Someone summoned me, mentioned that you were stealin' or some shit.
[2006:08:07:13:36:36]<Arcus_Sol> Is that true?
[2006:08:07:13:38:28]<Ryou_Bakura> Huh
[2006:08:07:13:39:19]<Arcus_Sol> I said.
[2006:08:07:13:39:25]<Arcus_Sol> Nevermind.
[2006:08:07:13:39:26]<Arcus_Sol> In short.
[2006:08:07:13:39:35]<Arcus_Sol> I'm here to punish you for your crimes.
[2006:08:07:13:39:38]<Arcus_Sol> Do you deny them?
[2006:08:07:13:41:06]* Ryou_Bakura smirks
[2006:08:07:13:41:17]* Ryou_Bakura is now known as Thief_Bakura
[2006:08:07:13:41:25]<Thief_Bakura> are you talkin about me Arcus?
[2006:08:07:13:41:33]<Thief_Bakura> brb
[2006:08:07:13:41:37]<Arcus_Sol> Yes, I am.
[2006:08:07:13:41:48]<Arcus_Sol> (( Alright. Mention that in brackets, as it's OOC. ))
[2006:08:07:13:44:02]* The_Elements has quit (Quit: The_Elements)
[2006:08:07:13:44:05]* Thief_Bakura smirks. Oh what are my crimes then.
[2006:08:07:13:45:10]<Arcus_Sol> You have stolen god knows what.
[2006:08:07:13:45:31]* Thief_Bakura glares at Arcus. Hmm lets take this in PM ok.
[2006:08:07:13:45:36]* Asuka-Arai silently she stood beside Sol "He really is that bad?" she asked timidly towards the man.
[2006:08:07:13:45:38]<Arcus_Sol> PM?
[2006:08:07:13:45:41]<Arcus_Sol> What's that?
[2006:08:07:13:45:41]<Asuka> ((I wanted to join.))
[2006:08:07:13:45:47]<Arcus_Sol> (( Remember, that's OOC. ))
[2006:08:07:13:46:07]<Thief_Bakura> Its private message
[2006:08:07:13:46:08]<Thief_Bakura> x.x
[2006:08:07:13:46:16]<Arcus_Sol> Why would we want to do this in private?
[2006:08:07:13:46:26]<Arcus_Sol> If you are to be punished, it would be here, in public.
[2006:08:07:13:46:26]<Asuka> May I join your Rp Bakura?
[2006:08:07:13:46:28]<Thief_Bakura> nvm then
[2006:08:07:13:46:35]<Thief_Bakura> Okay Asuka
[2006:08:07:13:46:45]<Asuka> Thanx.
[2006:08:07:13:46:51]<Thief_Bakura> yw
[2006:08:07:13:47:23]* Thief_Bakura laughs your a fool Arcus. Haven't you forgotten my creature.
[2006:08:07:13:47:29]<Arcus_Sol> Creature?
[2006:08:07:13:47:36]<Arcus_Sol> Perhaps you're ignoring the point.
[2006:08:07:13:47:59]<Arcus_Sol> -= Bringing about his scythe into a slash for the form of Bakura, he aimed it slightly for his left side. =-
[2006:08:07:13:48:14]* Thief_Bakura dodges it easly.
[2006:08:07:13:48:15]* Massaki has quit (Ping timeout)
[2006:08:07:13:48:17]<Arcus_Sol> Hrm.
[2006:08:07:13:48:23]<Arcus_Sol> I'm not messing around, y'know.
[2006:08:07:13:48:27]<Arcus_Sol> Do you.
[2006:08:07:13:48:28]<Arcus_Sol> Deny.
[2006:08:07:13:48:31]<Arcus_Sol> Your crimes?
[2006:08:07:13:48:47]* Asuka-Arai looking Bakura "Your a meanie!!" she cried with an angered look on her child like face.
[2006:08:07:13:48:49]* Thief_Bakura doesn't have the scar on his cheek yet. No I won't deny my crimes.
[2006:08:07:13:49:02]<Arcus_Sol> Then your sentence will be lessened.
[2006:08:07:13:49:17]<Thief_Bakura> Don't make me send my Dubound creature after you Asuka.
[2006:08:07:13:49:29]<Arcus_Sol> -= Slashing about for the left forearm of Bakura, he looked upon him this time. =-
[2006:08:07:13:49:39]<Arcus_Sol> -= THen coming in to slash into the flesh of him, he frowned as he connected. =-
[2006:08:07:13:49:44]* Asuka-Arai silently she stood infront of Sol "You shouldnt steal what doesnt belong to you..." she responded timidly towards the man.
[2006:08:07:13:49:50]<Arcus_Sol> Don't do it again.
[2006:08:07:13:50:05]* Thief_Bakura cries out as winces from Arcus's strikes.
[2006:08:07:13:50:05]<Arcus_Sol> -= Noting the entrance of Asuka between them, he withdrew his blade to his right hand side. =-
[2006:08:07:13:50:27]<Arcus_Sol> -= Letting the blood drip from the scythe, he paused for a moment before speaking. =-
[2006:08:07:13:50:30]<Arcus_Sol> Watch yourself.
[2006:08:07:13:51:37]* Thief_Bakura smirks as laughs wildy like at him. Your such a dolt of a guard. You didn't see the purple smoke behind you at all or around us.
[2006:08:07:13:51:54]<Arcus_Sol> Guard?
[2006:08:07:13:51:57]<Arcus_Sol> I am no guard.
[2006:08:07:13:52:03]<Thief_Bakura> You act like one
[2006:08:07:13:52:07]<Arcus_Sol> I am just some sort of proponent of justice, I suppose.
[2006:08:07:13:52:16]<Arcus_Sol> Now, what about this damned smoke?
[2006:08:07:13:52:16]<Thief_Bakura> Hmm instresting.
[2006:08:07:13:52:22]<Arcus_Sol> -= Glances about the area. =-
[2006:08:07:13:52:32]<Thief_Bakura> Oh it isn't really smoke at all my friend.
[2006:08:07:13:52:36]<Thief_Bakura> we are in the shadow realm.
[2006:08:07:13:52:42]* Asuka-Arai silently she concentrated all of her Ki into her small hands.
[2006:08:07:13:52:42]<Thief_Bakura> whatever comes in
[2006:08:07:13:52:45]<Thief_Bakura> doesn't check out
[2006:08:07:13:52:52]<Arcus_Sol> Hah!
[2006:08:07:13:52:57]<Arcus_Sol> You're the fool, my friend.
[2006:08:07:13:53:04]<Thief_Bakura> Only I can get out
[2006:08:07:13:53:24]<Arcus_Sol> -= Laughed aloud, bringing up his left hand, causing a bit of blackness to meld about it. =-
[2006:08:07:13:53:38]<Thief_Bakura> Huh what the?
[2006:08:07:13:53:43]<Arcus_Sol> You should know this.
[2006:08:07:13:53:46]* Asuka-Arai feeling a steady flow of her ki into her hands she opened her eyes showing them to be a deep brown hue instead of their regular azure.
[2006:08:07:13:53:53]<Arcus_Sol> Since you're the only one here, within this shadow realm.
[2006:08:07:13:54:12]<Asuka> Sol?
[2006:08:07:13:54:12]<Arcus_Sol> I am a master of the Shadow Arts.
[2006:08:07:13:54:20]<Arcus_Sol> And you don't.
[2006:08:07:13:54:22]<Arcus_Sol> Ever.
[2006:08:07:13:54:27]<Arcus_Sol> Try this with me.
[2006:08:07:13:54:27]* Thief_Bakura eyes widen. WHAT THE?????
[2006:08:07:13:55:02]<Thief_Bakura> So who's had summoned you?
[2006:08:07:13:55:03]<Arcus_Sol> (( Hold on, one sec, phones are ringing off the hooks. ))
[2006:08:07:13:55:08]* Asuka-Arai focusing her sight she began to scan for Bakura's form.
[2006:08:07:13:56:09]<Arcus_Sol> (( Alright, back. ))
[2006:08:07:13:56:46]<Arcus_Sol> -= Sliding his energy forth into his hand again, a piercing light appeared, orbited by the shadow that was already held in his palm. =-
[2006:08:07:13:56:54]<Arcus_Sol> It doesn't much matter, anymore, does it?
[2006:08:07:13:56:55]* Asuka-Arai feeling Bakura's presence she swiftly brought her hand towards his body firing a small beam of energy towards him.
[2006:08:07:13:57:26]<Arcus_Sol> I'm here to destroy anyone who's being dishonorable.
[2006:08:07:13:57:32]<Arcus_Sol> And you're my first...
[2006:08:07:13:57:36]* Thief_Bakura dodges from the small energy beam from her in shadow form.
[2006:08:07:13:57:48]<Arcus_Sol> -= Is thrown back slightly, from the energy that slams into the ground in front of him. =-
[2006:08:07:13:58:05]<Arcus_Sol> -= Slides off to the right, bringing his form skidding to a halt, scythe still held within his hand. =-
[2006:08:07:13:58:16]<Arcus_Sol> -= He brought his hand back up, refocusing the energy held within his palm. =-
[2006:08:07:13:58:26]* Asuka-Arai looking towards Sol, "Are you alright?!" she asked slightly worried.
[2006:08:07:13:58:30]<Arcus_Sol> ...victim, as I was saying.
[2006:08:07:13:58:32]<Arcus_Sol> Don't.
[2006:08:07:13:58:34]<Arcus_Sol> Interrupt.
[2006:08:07:13:58:42]<Arcus_Sol> I'm making an example here, you see.
[2006:08:07:13:59:17]<Arcus_Sol> -= Snapping up off the ground to rush in for the form of Bakura, his hand focused yet again as he brought it in across his own chest, preparing to throw it. =-
[2006:08:07:13:59:21]<Arcus_Sol> Bakura!
[2006:08:07:13:59:22]* Thief_Bakura is wearing the ring around his neck as he had tooken it from one of the 6th priest.
[2006:08:07:13:59:29]* Thief_Bakura eyes widen. what the.
[2006:08:07:13:59:32]<Arcus_Sol> I declare holy justice upon you.
[2006:08:07:13:59:38]<Arcus_Sol> In the name of the father.
[2006:08:07:13:59:57]<Arcus_Sol> -= Coming down from the dark air, he brought the energy in for a focus once more. =-
[2006:08:07:14:01:10]* Thief_Bakura smirks at him.
[2006:08:07:14:01:16]<Arcus_Sol> -= Then thusting the blade of his scythe about in a slash as he descended for Bakura's body, he aimed the attack for his chest as he spun around to land. -=
[2006:08:07:14:01:19]<Arcus_Sol> =- *
[2006:08:07:14:01:38]<Arcus_Sol> -= Coming around to complete his turn, his attack slashed firmly into the man's chest as he landed in front of Bakura. =-
[2006:08:07:14:01:41]<Arcus_Sol> Now.
[2006:08:07:14:01:47]<Arcus_Sol> Take your punishment!
[2006:08:07:14:02:11]<Arcus_Sol> -= Thrusting his left hand upwards into the chest of Bakura as he blood flowed from his chest, his icy blue eyes looked up to meet Bakura's. =-
[2006:08:07:14:02:27]* Thief_Bakura eyes widen in pain and slums to the ground as Arcus had managed to strike into the heart of the Ring as it glows brightly.
[2006:08:07:14:02:37]<Arcus_Sol> -= Slamming the energy directly into the wound of Bakura's chest, he clenched his teeth as he followed him with the attack. =-
[2006:08:07:14:02:52]<Arcus_Sol> -= Then homing in upon the form of Bakura, his energy was absorbed into the wound as he continued into him. =-
[2006:08:07:14:03:22]<Arcus_Sol> -= Holding his position for a moment, his form smoked a bit as the energy was released from him. =-
[2006:08:07:14:03:23]* Thief_Bakura eyes closes and vanishes into a tiny ball of light and vanishes into the golden ring as it clattered on the ground.
[2006:08:07:14:03:57]* Asuka-Arai quivering lightly she looked around the battle field for Bakura. She knew something bad would happen soon as she felt a shiver run down her spind.
[2006:08:07:14:04:16]<Arcus_Sol> (( Wow, that was dramatic. I like. =) ))
[2006:08:07:14:04:29]<Asuka> ((I agree.))
[2006:08:07:14:04:31]<Asuka> *spine
[2006:08:07:14:04:48]* Thief_Bakura is trapped and imprisoned in the golden ring.
[2006:08:07:14:05:49]<Arcus_Sol> -= Rising back to his full height, his eyes drifted a bit as they looked to the ground within this shadow realm. =-
[2006:08:07:14:06:02]<Arcus_Sol> -= Reaching down, his picked up the ring between his two fingers. =-

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Orias Selgarde on Tue Aug 08, 2006 2:28 pm

Vergil stepped through the hallways, shadows beginning to follow his form as he ambled about. A smirk upon his features, his blue trench coat sways about his form as he makes his way into the main room of the abode. The entire place was empty..decadent..Vergil had slain those who inhabited the establishment, now casually sauntering about without concern. He found himself in the library, immediately seizing a book of ancient text from a shelf adorned with dust and cobwebs. "The power of the demon realm...I shall have it under my control soon enough." he mutters, Yamato clenched in his left hand. He lays it against the shelf, before he begins to flip through the books..apparently, he had gained the power of the shadow..and it would only add to his thirst for completion. He would erradicate this realm of those who would oppose him. Having taken out many in just a short time, he wondered just what his next destination would be.

Isamahii Garden wrote:]<@Arcus_Sol> -= Bringing about his body into the garden with a casual slinking motion, he held his scythe, aptly named the Moon Blade, across his back. =-
<@Arcus_Sol> Afternoon, fella's.
<~Vergil> Sup'?
<@Arcus_Sol> I'm looking for a certain Alucroas.
<Aestroth> ... Mn.
<Aestroth> Lol
<@Arcus_Sol> Anyone happen t' know where all he is?
<~Vergil> Wow.
<Aestroth> Hey, Vergil.
<~Vergil> I must be good.
<~Vergil> :)
<~Vergil> Hello, Aestroth.
<Aestroth> :P
<~Vergil> Lol.
<~Vergil> Aes.
<~Vergil> You still speed fight?
<Aestroth> Sometimes.
<@Arcus_Sol> -= Breathing in through his nose in a quick sniff, he turns his lips to the side in a grimace. =-
<Aestroth> Lol
<@Arcus_Sol> I asked a question.
*** ~Vergil moves away now, like nothing happened.
<@Arcus_Sol> I won't ask again.
<Aestroth> .. Well, Arcus.
*** ~Vergil glances over to Arcus Sol. "Oh, I'm sorry..I had no idea that I was supposed to take your question as an immediate concern."
<@Arcus_Sol> Now you know.
<Aestroth> I mean...
<~Vergil> Hmm. And yet, I still don't give a damn.
<Aestroth> I was doing some pick-up training in another room, and I've found out that I've gotten just a weee bit faster.
•¤•¤• Duo|Awayz0rz| is known as Duo-Maxwell
*** ~Vergil turns his gaze away from him. He would even go so far as to put his back to the figure, completely disrespecting his presence.
•¤•¤• Stryder is known as Dark_XeZ
<~Vergil> Nice.
<~Vergil> I think I have, too.
<@Arcus_Sol> Hrm. Pity.
<@Arcus_Sol> Would I then consider your lack of care to be an obstruction of my goals?
<@Arcus_Sol> (( Yeah, it's me, Eric. ))
*** ~Vergil takes a hand upward. The man's digits slip through his hair, before he brings his arm to his side. The left hand clenches onto Yamato, before he turns once again to Arcus.
<~Vergil> It's not an's an absolute dissipation.
<@Arcus_Sol> -= He laughed a bit at this comment, before looking back to the sky. =-
<@Arcus_Sol> Then, I would assume.
<@Arcus_Sol> That you would need to pay.
<@Arcus_Sol> -= Bringing about the scythe from his back, he whipped it around to a resting position in his left hand. =-
*** ~Vergil laughs a bit. The man allows himself to slide into somewhat of a stance, before his eyes would cut to the right. He had no intention of allowing this man to live, albeit that he was rather bored with attacking those that presented no concern to him.
<~Vergil> You've actually made me chuckle...I commend you for that much.
<~Vergil> Might controls everything..
<~Vergil> And without power, you cannot protect anything..
<@Arcus_Sol> Then you, friend.
<@Arcus_Sol> Are already dead.
*** ~Vergil slips his eyes toward Arcus.
<~Vergil> I have only begun to live.
<Aestroth> ... Mn.
<@Arcus_Sol> -= Dragging his blade across the air to the space before him, crossing his own chest with the edge of his scythe. =-
*** Aestroth slips his hands into his trench pockets, tilting back against the wall as one leg crosses up and over the other, watching the two.
<@Arcus_Sol> -= Coming to look up upon the form of Vergil, he froms a bit. =-
<@Arcus_Sol> frowns, lol.
*** ~Vergil laughs softly. The man raises his scabbard slightly, digits clenched about the handle of Yamato.
<Aestroth> .. Lol. What happened there
<~Vergil> Allow me to show you the gate to the demon world.
<~Vergil> There, you will serve me for your insolence.
<@Arcus_Sol> Please, allow me.
*** ~Vergil bursts forth from the ground. Nothing but a gathering of blurs, he seems to close the distance between the two before lashing out with a powerful arc of the blade toward the chest.
<@Arcus_Sol> -= Bringing about the energy of his own form into his right hand, he looked with his icy eyes deep into Vergil's as he leaned off to the right. =-
<@Arcus_Sol> I think not.
*** ~Vergil allows the blade to move against the scythe. He slams it against the man's weapon, knocking it away from his grasp. He laughs softly, watching the energy form in his hand.
<~Vergil> Hmm.
<@Arcus_Sol> -= Then launching the energy from his hand into the face of the oncoming Vergil as he continued off to the right in an arcing motion. =-
<@Arcus_Sol> -= He slammed the energy on into the man's face as he came about into a skidding halt from him as he went. =-
<@Arcus_Sol> You see.
*** ~Vergil steps back a bit, the energy moving about his form before he lowers himself to the ground. Smirking, he stands back up and brushes himself off a bit.
<~Vergil> I allowed you that much.
<@Arcus_Sol> I have already banished someone who claimed to have power over the shadow realm.
*** ~Vergil pushes his hair back.
<@Arcus_Sol> And now.
<@Arcus_Sol> You dare to stand in my way.
<~Vergil> Indeed.
<@Arcus_Sol> Claiming to have power over the demon world.
<@Arcus_Sol> Don't you know who I am?
<~Vergil> Who are you will not matter in the next few seconds.
<Aestroth> Do not think so highly of yourelf, Arcus.
<~Vergil> Now that I've done you courtesy...
<~Vergil> Let us resume.
<Aestroth> Your capabilities in the demon world are slightly different from your capabilities here...
<@Arcus_Sol> -= Stepping forward with a bit of a lean to the right, he brought the tip of his blade upward in a slash for the mouth of the talking Vergil. =-
*** ~Vergil moves toward him yet again. He bursts forth from the ground once more, this time taking a bit of initiative as he vanishes.
<@Arcus_Sol> -= THe slamming the tip of his scythe into the lip of his foe as he stepping into the air where he was, so not doing so. LOl. =-
*** ~Vergil arrives behind his opponent. Using the trick up maneuver, the man allows his blade to come down onto his back with a heavy swing of the Yamato through the air.
<@Arcus_Sol> -= Whipping about to meet the enemy's attack with his own scythe, he frowned a bit. =-
*** ~Vergil moves himself to step to the side of his foe now, bringing his blade to sheathe yet again. He slams the scabbard into his right knee cap as he moves.
*** ~Vergil allows the blade to move harshly into his form, knocking him against the ground as he stands above his form now.
<~Vergil> Hmm...
<@Arcus_Sol> -= Slashing back across for the form of the scabbard in an attempt to block the attack as he came about from him this tim.e =-
<~Vergil> I suppose that you thought that you had me, that time?
<Aestroth> < Sighing a little, his own hand lowers down, curling it around the handle of his standard whip; he kept it there in grasp, just in case. >
<@Arcus_Sol> -= Following back into a skidding motion, he dragged back a bit, moving his leg about to free the pain from the kneecap. =-
*** ~Vergil stands over him. The man allows his blade to once again move throughout the air. Tricking up, he arrives in the air within moments, nothing more than a plethora of b lurs.
*** ~Vergil allows his form to come down onto his body now. He slams the scabbard down onto his nose, smirking a bit as his hair wafts about the atmosphere lightly.
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<@Arcus_Sol> -= Dragging on down into a low duck to the ground, he moved from Vergil this time as well, avoiding the scabbard to his nose. =-
<@Arcus_Sol> -= COming straight back up with another slash from his blade for the chest of his foe as he rose, he smirked as his eyes followed the man with deft agility. =-
*** ~Vergil turns now, sheathing his blade before he steps back and gathers a bit of energy. He jumps backward some, grunting slightly before he unleashes the Judgment Cut. The orbs of energy would open up before him, rending him apart as he came.
<@Arcus_Sol> -= THen bringing the blade to meet the man's flesh as he came in to connect with the man as he moved, coming in for hnim now. =-
*** ~Vergil stands there now, the Judgment cut taking effect as he steps into it. The man would laugh lightly as he stands, sheathing his blade as the orbs would tear his flesh to nothing, interrupting his attack.
<@Arcus_Sol> -= Then rocking off to the right as he missed this attack, his own energy began to form up into a block for the orbs from the attack. =-
*** ~Vergil sheathes his sword. He lowers Yamato to his left side, laughing lightly as the attack had made way to slash into his flesh.
<@Arcus_Sol> (( Lost. ))
<~Vergil> (( Yeah. ))
<~Vergil> (( THe Judgment cut is beast. ))
<@Arcus_Sol> (( Rofl. I guess we'll figure it out. ))
<@Arcus_Sol> (( You know it? ))
<@Arcus_Sol> (( =\ ))
<~Vergil> (( I jumped away from the attack, and gave a counter, I guess you could say. ))
<~Vergil> (( You didn't move away from it. XD ))
<~Vergil> (( I dunno, it's what I do when I'm fighting in the game. ))
<@Arcus_Sol> (( Nope. ))
<@Arcus_Sol> (( Lol. ))
<@Arcus_Sol> (( I moved directly into it, from what I saw. But if that also serves me, I connected as well. ))
*** Delaying paste of (2) lines/(443) bytes for (2) second(s) per line! Type /sp to stop!
<~Vergil> [13:07:32] <@Arcus_Sol> -= COming straight back up with another slash from his blade for the chest of his foe as he rose, he smirked as his eyes followed the man with deft agility. =-
<~Vergil> [13:07:43] *** ~Vergil turns now, sheathing his blade before he steps back and gathers a bit of energy. He jumps backward some, grunting slightly before he unleashes the Judgment Cut. The orbs of energy would open up before him, rending him apart as he came.
*** Pasting finished after (2) seconds
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<~Vergil> [13:07:50] <@Arcus_Sol> -= THen bringing the blade to meet the man's flesh as he came in to connect with the man as he moved, coming in for hnim now. =-
<~Vergil> [13:08:01] *** ~Vergil stands there now, the Judgment cut taking effect as he steps into it. The man would laugh lightly as he stands, sheathing his blade as the orbs would tear his flesh to nothing, interrupting his attack.
<Asuka-Arai> Hi Kabuto.
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<~Vergil> (( Lol. ))
<@Kabuto> Wb.
<~Vergil> (( Okay. What had happened was you dodged the blow to your nose. You stood up afterward and attacked, but made no motion of movement toward me in that post. ))
<@Arcus_Sol> (( Rofl. Alright, taking the hit, and feeling roasty toasty now. ))
<~Vergil> (( XD ))
<@Arcus_Sol> (( Continue? ))
<~Vergil> (( He must be strong if the Judgment cut didn't kill him. ))
<@Arcus_Sol> (( He's a Justicator. ))
<~Vergil> (( It pretty much slices into every part of the body from the multitude of slashes. ))
<@Arcus_Sol> (( Mm. He's been through worse, unfortunately. ))
*** ~Vergil stands there, shaking his head as the man had been confronted by that barrage of attacks.
<~Vergil> boring.
* Disconnected
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<~Bastion> Urgh.
•¤•¤• Bastion is known as Vergil
<~Vergil> (( Sorry about that. My sister accidentally disconnected the modem. ))
<@Arcus_Sol> (( And if the story plays out as I believe it would be best, this serves as the conflict moment... a Judgement attack upon a Justicator.... =\ ))
<@Arcus_Sol> (( Not a problem. ))
<@Arcus_Sol> (( Phone. ))
<~Vergil> (( Alright. ))
<~Vergil> (( I can't believe he survived though. Honestly, most people would have been ripped to nothing from the force of all those slashes. ))
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<~Vergil> (( It's not his strongest attack, but at the same time, that's like..damn near impossible. ))
<~Vergil> (( If you don't survive, then you're usually down for the count with critical damage. ))
<~Vergil> (( If you do survive...well...then it makes it hard as Hell to continue to fight. ))
<@Arcus_Sol> (( Understood. If you want to play it that way, I can deal with that. ))
<~Vergil> (( No, I want to continue. Just because I'm bored. XD ))
<@Arcus_Sol> (( Rofl, alright. ))
<~Vergil> (( Let's just say got hit, but you're still continuing. ))
*** ~Vergil thrusts his right hand to the side.
<~Vergil> Hmph...what's wrong?
<@Arcus_Sol> -= Being thrown back forcefully from the attack, his form skidded across the ground to come to a slump several yards away. =-
*** ~Vergil clenches Yamato in the left hand. His eyes, cold and void of emotion, elevate until he comes to view the form of the man skidding along the ground.
<@Arcus_Sol> -= Catching his form upon his right leg, and somehow maintaining his position upon an upright stance. =-
<~Vergil> You're one step closer to those gates. Can you feel the powerful torrent of demonic energy resonating through the very marrow of your bones?
*** ~Vergil lowers his head once again.
<~Vergil> ...Allow me to open the way to Purgatory.
<@Arcus_Sol> Of... course.... -= He stumbled a bit upon these words, weakness in his voice. =-
<@Arcus_Sol> It's... what I...
<~Vergil> Let us continue.
<@Arcus_Sol> -= He looked up with his icy blue eyes to see Vergil, mouth open. =-
<@Arcus_Sol> Live for.
<@Arcus_Sol> -= COntinuing his lazy position upon the ground, he brought his scythe around suprisingly quick to meet his front side in a defensive position. =-
*** ~Vergil steps off the right foot. Yet again, he displays the power of his demonic form as he sways off to the right side of his opponent, blurs moving out from his body as he vanishes into a nothingness. Extreme swiftness..the man allows his form to disappear for moments, rising into the air unknowingly.
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*** ~Vergil brings himself to come above his opponent, bringing his blade down into the man's cranium with such swift speed that he could easily slice him in half.
<@Arcus_Sol> -= Blood seeped down his arm as he whipped yet again the blade around to his upper side, meeting his foe's baldde as he went. =-
*** ~Vergil steps up into the man's body now, bringing the blade up for his chest with a smooth motion of his arcing katana.
<@Arcus_Sol> -= Then stepping forward with his reborne energy, he extended the sythe for the space that was his foe's arcing katana as he came about. =-
<@Arcus_Sol> -= Then extending the blade yet again in for the space behind his foe now, not aiming to hit him as he moved off to the right a bit. =-
*** ~Vergil moves behind the man's scythe, laughing gently as he slices into his neck as the scythe appears to move before him. Gracefully, he seemed to dance, moving about his body.
*** @Kabuto plays along in Duo's hair as he continues to watch.
<@Arcus_Sol> - =Then stepping back, bringint he blade into a full slice aiming to dissect the person as he brought it through towards his back. =-
*** ~Vergil slices into the jugular vein with his blade. However, the foe moved, allowing him the time to step away from the evasive maneuver. He lowers himself afterward, pushing the blade for his knee.
<@Arcus_Sol> -= Then slashing firmly into the small of the man's back as he steppped fully back from his foe, avoiding the blade. =-
*** ~Vergil chuckles softly, rising.
<~Vergil> Not bad.
<~Vergil> You can still maneuver.
<@Arcus_Sol> I told you...
<@Arcus_Sol> It's what I live for.
<~Vergil> You are writhing.
<~Vergil> How long can you sustain that movement under that powerful attack.
*** ~Vergil closes his eyes, lowering his head once more.
<@Arcus_Sol> -= Stopping his speech here, he moved back in with a bit of pain, his motion faltering as he rose up to meet the man's lowering head with his blade. =-
<~Vergil> It's futile to resist. Squirming like the worm you are, your wounds will deliver you.
*** ~Vergil moves himself to duck down, bringing his blade up to parry his own before he slices it away from himself.
<~Vergil> Heh..
<@Arcus_Sol> You see.
<~Vergil> As you wish.
<@Arcus_Sol> You are fine.
<@Arcus_Sol> BUt me.
<@Arcus_Sol> How ashamed of me are you?
<@Arcus_Sol> me = you. ))
<@Arcus_Sol> (( YOurself. * ))
<@Arcus_Sol> (( Bwaaaaaahhh. Irritation. ))
<@Arcus_Sol> (( Ready again. ))
<~Vergil> (( Lol. ))
<~Vergil> (( Alright, I'm ready. ))
<~Vergil> Now, then...
<~Vergil> Let us continue the fight for your life.
<@Arcus_Sol> You are being held off by a mere shadow of a man.
<@Arcus_Sol> How long is it until you make a mistake?
*** ~Vergil laughs lightly.
<~Vergil> A shadow that I will exterminate.
<~Vergil> You see..
<@Arcus_Sol> We shall see.
<~Vergil> Toying with you is nothing more than amusement for me.
<~Vergil> But..enough talk.
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*** ~Vergil steps off the right foot yet again. He bursts forth with such speed that his form is yet again heralded by blurs, but this time he keeps himself toward the ground. He watches the hand of the scythe, swiftly dragging himself to move behind it and to the side of the armed hand.
<@Arcus_Sol> (( Alllllllright. Go. Before phone again. ))
<~Vergil> (( Sure. Where are we? ))
<~Vergil> (( Did my move come through? ))
<@Arcus_Sol> (( Yeah, only saw the movement, no attack though.
•¤•¤• Sorrow is known as Sorrow[AFK]
<~Vergil> (( Yeah. No attack. ))
<~Vergil> (( Here we go. ))
*** ~Vergil moves his blade down onto the man's scythe with such a swift speed that he would knock it from his grasp. The connection of the katana were enough to deter his movements, an attack void from this point.
<@Arcus_Sol> -= Bringing his blade up to greet his foe's dancing movement with his own slash, using the back side of the hilt to deflect the oncoming blade that was his foe's. =-
*** ~Vergil laughs a bit. The man steps away from him, lowering his blade into the scabbard. He takes to the skies yet again, bending himself to a knee before performing the Trick Up Maneuver.
<@Arcus_Sol> -= Then briningin that same slash on in for the forearm of his opponent, he came in for his own type of counter with the blade of his sythe as he stepped in to follow. =-
*** ~Vergil allows himself to come down yet again, this time even swifter as he pushes his blade through open air. The man allows his blade to rise, knowing his foe would have come up after him.
<Xelas> >>
<@Arcus_Sol> Ouch.
<~Vergil> (( You and I are going to clash. ))
<~Vergil> (( Ready for that? ))
<@Arcus_Sol> -= His form stopped dead in it's tracks, meeting his foe's blade with his own as his weaker form began to falter a bit under the pain. =-
*** ~Vergil allows himself to stand up, pushing his blade against his foe's own. He stares deeply into his eyes.
<~Vergil> How long will you continue?
<@Arcus_Sol> -= Stepping in to the left with his left foot, looking back directly into Vergil's eyes. =-
<@Arcus_Sol> As long...
*** ~Vergil pushes him off the blade. He slices downward with his katana, pushing his form away from him for a good few yards.
<@Arcus_Sol> -= Began to muster his own strength. =-
<@Arcus_Sol> As it takes.
*** ~Vergil chuckles softly.
<~Vergil> I see.
<@Arcus_Sol> -= Coming around to look upon his foe as his form looked rather worn and beaten, he maintained his position, not expending the energy he needn't. =-
<~Vergil> (( Alright, then. ))
<~Vergil> What is your name?
<@Arcus_Sol> It is of no concern to you.
*** ~Vergil sheathes his katana. He slips into a stance yet again, tendrils of blue beginning to crackle about his frame.
<~Vergil> So..
<~Vergil> You have learned a lesson.
<@Arcus_Sol> And what lesson might that be?
<~Vergil> I'm glad that you're finally able to understand your master's thought processes.
<~Vergil> The lesson is...
<~Vergil> That you are of no concern to me.
<~Vergil> Let us begin the final symphony of your theatrical death.
<@Arcus_Sol> -= Stepping off to the right a bit, his form uses it's own weakness to loosen his right leg, catching himself only after he moved his right leg to bolster his form. =-\
<@Arcus_Sol> (( Phone. ))
*** ~Vergil rushes forth yet again, his feet pounding along the ground as he comes to meet his foe with an increased speed. He jumps into the air now, loosening up a bit as he rises.
<~Vergil> (( Alright. ))
<~Vergil> (( Void my last action, then. ))
<~Vergil> (( You were on the phone. ))
<@Arcus_Sol> (( It is a storyline, from where I started - "Justicating Light" topic on GWing. Lol. ))
<~Vergil> (( I see. ))
<@Arcus_Sol> (( Ready? ))
<~Vergil> (( Yep. ))
<~Vergil> Now, then...
<~Vergil> Let us continue.
*** ~Vergil steps off his right foot, pushing off gaia. He quickly closes the proximity between he and his opponent, awaiting the right moment before he stops just before his form. He wrenches the katana in an upward fashion, hoping to catch the man's chest.
<@Arcus_Sol> -= Falling off to the right a bit as he spun his form about to change his position, he brought the piercing tip of the scythe around to follow his own motion, aiming for the air in front of him. =-
<@Arcus_Sol> -= Then slamming the blade of the sythe on into the man's chest this time, coming into form of Vergil as he landed the attack. =-
<~Vergil> (( Our blades would clash. Had you not aimed for the space afront you, you could have caught a body part. XD ))
<Asuka-Arai> ((-She laughed lightly at Sol.-))
•¤•¤• AntiDoll is known as Anti-Doll
<@Arcus_Sol> (( Alright, continuing. ))
<~Vergil> (( Alright. ))
*** ~Vergil steps back from him, lowering his blade to his side before he allows his head to cant to the side. Vergil uses the power of his legs to vault into the air, higher than normal this time.
<@Arcus_Sol> -= Meeting his foe's blade instead of his flesh, he looked back across for him onto to trail his gaze with an appropriate slash for the ddrifitng form of Vergil. =-
*** ~Vergil tricks Downward after this motion, coming to land behind his foe with his blade carening for his very form. He allows his blade to meet the scythe he wielded, knocking it away.
<@Arcus_Sol> - =Then slamming the blade on into the form of him as he followed him with his eyes as well this time, smirking a bit. =-
*** ~Vergil lands upon the ground now. He allows his form to stand, pushing his blade into his chest as the blade is deflected from his very katana.
*** ~Vergil pushes it into his chest, causing the man to lift into the very air afront him as he slams the blade into his body.
<@Arcus_Sol> - THen falling back from him, increasing the distance as his attack wasw deflected abit this time, moving about to catch himself in a resting position. =-
*** ~Vergil pushes his body back against the wall.
<~Vergil> (( Alright. ))
<~Vergil> (( You're caught on my blade, and I pushed you against the wall. It's going to kill you, so did you wanna have a bit of dialogue before it was over? ))
<~Vergil> (( -Notes that his wifey is more important, anyway- ;) ))
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<@Arcus_Sol> (( Not particularly. There is a ring, though. With that other guy imprisoned within. So, make note of that and make something of it. ))
<~Vergil> (( Other guy? ))
<@Arcus_Sol> (( Yeah, the first kill of the storyline. Some thief. ))
<@Arcus_Sol> (( Read the log in the topic. ))
<~Vergil> (( Oh, you have someone else you're going to fight with? ))
<@Arcus_Sol> (( Nah, Arcus' done. Kill him. ))
<~Vergil> (( Alright. Does he have any last words? ))
<@Arcus_Sol> (( None, just the usual resistant to the end things ))
<~Vergil> (( -Nods- Alright. ))
<@Arcus_Sol> (( =D ))
* Timer cutscript activated
*** ~Vergil allows his form to linger upon Yamato. Crimson spilled down the sword..staining Vergil's very arm as he allows his cold blue eyes to gaze up into those lifeless optics. "Welcome..the gates of the Demon Realm will be the final cadence of peace that you ever hear. Let the beginning of your end commence.." he mutters, before wrenching the blade away from him. Tearing flesh, he rips the blade out through the ...
<~Vergil> -Soul Stealer- skull, vitae scattering as the demonic son of Sparda turns away from him.
* Timer cutscript halted
*** ~Vergil spins it twice. The glow of light which escapes the blade perishes as the sword is sheathed, the footfall of Vergil's boots signifying his continue in existence. " boring." he mutters, vanishing into the darkness.

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--I'm going to join this, alright?-

Calibur stepped forward, Shadows spiralling in the air, on the walls and on the ground. His energy was unnoticed within the area, he surpressed his power. Any light, fire and such was extinguished by the shadows, keeping it dark and moist. He reached into the trench coat pocket on the left, pulling out a small paper dating back about six thousand years ago. On the back of it was a Satan star and on the front wrote, -=In the days of the future, a man shall arise to try and extinguish all darkness, but he shall fail in his final moment of power. His name shall be Arcus=- That it shall be.

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