Kaidar, the City without Lights. (IC)

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Re: Kaidar, the City without Lights. (IC)

Postby Kesteven on Tue Jun 23, 2009 5:59 pm

Jashel slowed his pace and crept cautiously forwards. There was something on the ground... it was a human, or so he thought. He cautiously prodded the prone form with his boot. Its head flopped around, and he saw a face that couldn't possibly be human. A wound oozed slightly between its eyes- it looked like it had taken a blunt instrument to the head. He couldn't really blame whoever had done it. The thing was hideous.
A gleam drew his eye to something beside the fallen being. It looked like some kind of shining stone. Heart beating fast, he raised the radiometer. The reading was unmistakable. Hand held steady by force of will alone, he drew out his tongs and picked up the shining stone, placing it carefully in a containment canister.
"Delta team," he said, holding a button on the neck of his suit. "This is Delta 3, I've located what I believe to be a plasma unit at my current position, beside a prone body. Strong radiation source, same signature as the reactors. Appearance is... like a small stone. Glowing a light green colour."
"This is Delta 1, roger that. Stay there, I'm on my way. Check the area and see if you can find the source, but exercise extreme caution."
"There's something else. The body... doesn't appear human."
"Some kind of animal?"
"Negative. It's bipedal and wearing body armour... I think it's one of us. An ELITE trainee."
"We were told the plasma changes people by fusing with them... perhaps this is an effect?"
Jashel shivered.
"I'm not sure I want to become like that."
"Regardless, we have a mission, so let's complete it. Just be careful with those plun."
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