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[Multiverse/Lifestream] Kaika Cho (Arc 1)

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[Multiverse/Lifestream] Kaika Cho (Arc 1)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby CoincidentalMadness on Sat Sep 07, 2013 1:41 am

Kaika Cho

The Spiritual Pact Bearer of Life Energy


Age: 14
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Personality: Kaika is a very devoted person to her goals, and never goes back on her words. After the deaths of her parents and several friends, she swore that she will avenge them by eliminating the threat of Shadow Replicas and making sure that no more tragedies such as those happen to other people that matter to her. Even if it's too dangerous for any regular person to do certain tasks, Kaika doesn't think of the consequences that she would be sucked in and takes all risks that will get her to her anticipated goals. Sometimes, if a situation becomes too serious, Kaika would try to lighten up everyone else with a slight joke or sarcasm. Also, as a "taunting" tactic, Kaika sometimes acts not at all serious when fights happen. The only times where she is truly serious is when someone innocent is involved or that it is deathly that important.
Historical Background: (So far...) Kaika was born on February 20, 1998 in Tachikawa, Japan. While growing up, she meets her future best friend, Luki Tanoshi, and that was at the same time that she had swore to herself that she would never use negative emotions too much due to the fear of hurting people's feelings.

On May 21, 2012, Kaika rushes to the school for the last day of her freshman year, but sees a shadowy being watching her as she ran. She disregarded it, thinking it was some hallucination. After managing to get a date with a sophomore boy, Sota Matari, Kaika leaves the school in excitement for the later prom date the next night. On her way back, however, she runs into the same shadowy being, and it towered over her. Out of panic, Kaika tumbles back and thinks that it was some vision that she was going to die soon. She blinks several times to see that the shadowy being had left, and just continues to her house in paranoia.

The next night, on May 22, 2012, Kaika gets ready to be dropped off at the school prom, stuffing into the car with the rest of her family. During the drive, Kaika sees a much larger version of the shadowy being, and watches in horror as it rams itself into the car. The result of this was that the car tumbles down the hill, the impact of the final fall knocking Kuro, her little brother, unconscious and her parents dying out of a concussion or impalement. Kaika makes a last resort to get herself and Kuro out of there alive, but fails as they are soon surrounded by an entire pack of shadowy beings. Desperate to protect what she has left, Kaika throws herself onto Kuro, wanting to sacrifice herself as a human shield. She then reawakens in a white void after supposedly becoming Kuro's human shield. There, she meets her pact spirit, Miki, who had come to give her the Spiritual Pact of Life Energy. Kaika refuses at first, thinking it was the afterlife pulling tricks on her. Miki then shows her many examples that she was only in her subconscious, not the afterlife. This gets Kaika's trust that this is true, and accepts the Spiritual Pact. From there, Kaika is now a Pact Bearer, tied to a single fate that she cannot avoid. Upon reawakening in the real world, Kaika was able to defeat all of the shadowy beings, called the "Shadow Replicas" by Miki, in a reckless manner, and then passing out as the authorities arrive at the crash scene.

A week later, on May 29, 2012, Kaika and Luki's family stick around after the funeral burial of Kaika's parents, and Luki reveals to Kaika and Kuro that her family was willing to adopt them. Once they arrive at Luki's house, Miki appears to Kaika, being able to speak to Kaika without the others seeing or hearing her, and that Kaika could still talk to Miki through mental thoughts. Through that new communication method, Luki explains the concept of Realities, the Living World, the Spiritual World, and the After World/Alternate Side. Later on that same day, Kaika makes it up to Sota and goes to another date with him, only it to be cut short by the sudden appearance of Shadow Replicas. Kaika was barely able to keep her Spiritual Pact a secret and keeping the both of them safe by leading him out of the vicinity of the Shadow Replicas.

The next day, on May 30, 2012, Kaika and Miki train at the city's dump, which seemed to be the most private place at the time to train. Kaika then learns a little on her Spiritual Pact and how to use the basics. However, when she leaves, she is encountered by a classmate, Peyton Dalium, who seemed to have seen her "training." Fortunately, Kaika realizes that Peyton was also a Pact bearer, the Spiritual Pact Bearer of Electricity. Following him, Peyton leads her to a "secret base" which is an abandoned warehouse in the industrial region of the city. While showing her around, she runs into another Pact bearer who seemed to be there, Monoso Yakao. They only talk for a brief time before Kaika departs for home for the night.
  • Spiritual Pact of Life Energy: This is the pact that is linked between Kaika Cho and Miki. It allows her to use the extent of Life Energy and all alternatives of it with ease. However, due to her poor handling and experience with the Pact, Kaika is limited to only so little of the Pact for it to be somewhat of use. the Partial Mode of the pact is only the usage of half of the potential that Kaika would have if she had full experience. It doesn't change much of her appearance, but does give her some slight pink glow around her eyes and hands in a faint essence. Ability-wise, Kaika is limited in the usage of manifesting energy weapons (ex: energy blade as seen in her "Appearance", energy knives, etc.), a slight "teleportation" method that only does so in the limit of 5 meters, and the ability to sense different "energies" of people, things, and whatever has life in them.

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