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[Multiverse] Kaji Kuro

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[Multiverse] Kaji Kuro

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Aoi on Wed Sep 19, 2007 12:03 pm

Name: Kaji Kuro
Age: Thirty-one
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Harmony Village, Southern Caelin
Height: Seventy-three inches (6’1”, 185.42 Centimeters)
Weight: One hundred forty-three pounds (143 Pounds, 10.21 Stone)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Silver, Blue
Race: Elf (50%), Pixie (25%), Human (25%)
Job: Crimson Battalion Mercenary, Sage
Alignment: Crimson Battalion, Ryuhei Aoi, Itoshii Tamashi

Physical Description:
Kaji stands at over six feet tall, his family being of Elvin and Pixie descent, but the human characteristics have “Warped” his body from being a true Elf. Furthermore, he is heavier than the average Sprite, weighing one hundred and forty-three points, as his not-so-diminutive body needs to support the major organs of a human. He has blue eyes, which is true for most elves, and they are said to hold a piercing effect to them, which is also common among the species. His hair is of very original genetics, some strands being silver, while others are blue; often a very out-spoken trait of Kaji’s. The silken material flows to his shoulders, and lies resting just above the blade thereof.

The armor that Kaji wears is not elaborate; he wears the simple clothing of an experienced Sage. This consists of a long, blue cloak, signifying his love of water, with a blue cape to match. His shoes are made of a sinewy substance, but are tougher than most leathers, while being light as well; this allows for better movement and speed when facing combat. He wears a headband made of gold on his forehead, which has been passed down through his family for ages. He has light-blue gloves, made of steel, but do not protect his wrist. The matching clothes go well with his hair, and come together to complete his look. He is often seen carrying a book around, and he loves to read in his spare time. More often than not, he is caught in a book of magic, always trying to master his skills and abilities, ranging from healing to power attacks.

Kaji is, on occasion, mistaken for a female; it is not common amongst elves, pixies, or even humans to have long, silver hair (at least on a male). He believes that he is a disgrace to his heritage for being so original, but people often praise his beauty and magnificence.

Personality Description:
Kaji is a kind fellow, but he can also be very untrusting. He hates to see others in need, and will do what he can to help, but he does not always have the strength to help others carry on. He serves almost anyone who will give him pay, and has traveled as a mercenary for many years; however, he is not a greedy person. All of his aspirations began with his family, who often struggled to make it in the world. When he was a young boy back in the academy, he excelled as well as he could, knowing that his parents could not afford to be sent to such extravagant universities in their youth. He also knew that they couldn’t afford to send him to a school of magic, but did their best anyway, in order to see that he got a good education. This all led to his need to succeed, and has given him a strengthened sense of loyalty, especially to his family.

Dignity is another key held close to Kaji’s heart. He tries to never act in an undignified manner, no matter what he is facing, and he has always obeyed the codes of conduct throughout his life. His by-the-book demeanor has led to him being bullied on numerous occasions, but he does not blame those who tormented him; he feels that all weak souls have a need to feel powerful, and bullying is one of the few ways one can make thyself feel powerful.

Kaji strives to protect those dear to him; one person in particular. Itoshii Tamashii, a good friend of his since childhood, has always looked up to Kaji with respect. There is an untold attraction between the two, and neither of them notices it. However, this unseen love has compelled Kaji to protect Itoshii in their travels, and has made Kuro very protective.

Character Equipment:
Books of MagicKaji is almost never seen without a book of magic. This is due to his never-ending studies into the magical world, and he is learning new spells almost every day. These books of Kaji’s contain a lot of secrets to the Magician’s way of life, and are very special to those who possess them.

Magic WandA magic wand is always with Kaji, as he uses it to forge into weaponry. Using his skills, he can transmute it into a never-ending variety of weapons, depending upon his knowledge of weapons. Details of common weaponry are defined in his book of magic, and are another reason his studies never end.

Mana-Restoring PotionsKaji carries various potions around, each of which is used to restore his mana. The different types of potions are depicted through the color they resemble, and each of them are detailed in his book of magic.

Blue Magician CloakKaji wears this cloak often, and when not fighting, sometimes uses it as a blanket to sleep upon. This cloak is made of a common material, and is worn by most magicians; the color often shows the affinity for the element of the magician’s choice. Kaji’s cloak is blue, symbolizing water and ice as his element of choice, though magicians’ cloaks also come in red (fire), brown (earth), green (wind), yellow (light), black (darkness, shadows), white (holy), silver (spirit) and purple (other).

Blue Napoleon CapeThe cape matches his Magician Cloak, and is styled to resemble the cape Napoleon Bonaparte once wore. The cape simply provides more defense against magic and physical attacks alike, and is Kaji’s second favorite piece of clothing.

Gold HeadbandA family heirloom of Kaji’s passed to him by his mother when he became a young Mage at the Academy. This sacred headband is used to increase his magical strength, and is his favorite article of clothing, partially for the history behind it, and partially because it is all that remains of his departed mother.

Blue LutiaKaji’s gloves made of a steel alloy, which protect the backs of his hands, but leave his palms open. These gloves have been made by Kaji, when he was in the Academy, and he has worn them sense he graduated as a Sage.

Blue Leather-Like ShoesThese shoes were hand-crafted by his mother for Kaji, entrusted to him when he graduated from the Academy. They have been designed to fit, are tougher than most leathers, and lighter as well. These allow for better range of movement, as well as higher defense for Kaji’s feet.

Family Tree:
Mother’s Side; Grandmother100% Elf
Mother’s Side; Grandfather100% Pixie
Father’s Side; Grandmother100% Human
Father’s Side; Grandfather100% Elf
Mother50% Elf, 50% Pixie
Father50% Elf, 50% Human
Kaji Kuro50% Elf, 25% Pixie, 25% Human

Character History:
Infancy (Ages 1-3)During Kaji’s infancy, he was treated like any normal elfin child, though he was only half-elf. His bloodline also had a pixie and a human in the mixed-cultured past (see family tree above). When he was first born, his parents were often engaged in fighting, as his father didn’t feel he was ready for a child, and his mother refused to give him up.

At a very young age, Kaji’s father walked out on him and his mother, and went off to find another life, with another woman. As Kaji’s mother aged, she ran into an elfin man that tried his best to help Kaji’s family out. This man was very protective of Kaji’s mother, and the two got married when Kaji was still too young to remember events of his childhood.

At the age of three, Kaji was given his first book of magic, and it enticed him. He read it all the time, attempting to teach himself spells from the book, but was unable to comprehend how they worked. His step-father was the one to suggest getting Kaji a tutor, originally, but later decided that a teacher would be unfitting if the youngest Kuro was to grow up with untapped Magic abilities. The infant was then recommended to an institute of magic, where he would live almost year-round. Furthermore, he would able to spend the weekends with his family, which was what persuaded his mother into allowing Kaji to attend the school.

Early Childhood (Ages 4-9)Kaji, now old enough to comprehend magic had been enrolled in the magical classes for nearly a year. Often times, he was picked on for his un-elfin stature (most elves are about four feet, six inches tall), though was also well-liked, for his comprehension of magic. He made a few good friends, and a lot of hateful enemies, which allowed for him to study his lessons by himself, or with a few close allies.

Of the friends he did make, he liked one of them in particular; Itoshii Tamashii (same age and grade as Kaji). It was not unusual for Kaji to sneak Itoshii into his room at night (the Academy gives personal bedrooms to every student attending, believing that having a room of their own allows a student to develop their magic better), which was far beyond the rules. The two of them would practice magic together, and would even spar at times, during the night. Over time, their friendship developed further, into a love that neither of them really knew about. Their bonding was the first step towards their future as a couple, often times fighting side-by-side for nameless mercenary companies.

Itoshii studied in two separate Magician types; she intended to have two sets of abilities. Kaji, however, wanted to study in a broader array of magical classes, and has no set specialization of spells. Itoshii primarily trained in the magic of water, her secondary spell set being holy magic. It is rumored that Kaji’s love of water is based on Itoshii’s area-of-expertise, though this has not been proven.

As their magic continued to develop, they began to practice more powerful spells, and become two of the most powerful mages in their grade. Teachers gave them praise on their constant ability to demonstrate that they had mastered the material, and were often given extra curricular time to practice their skills.

Late Childhood (Ages 10-13)With their magic constantly getting stronger, the two trained harder, and sparred more often against one another, always testing their skills and abilities, and even began to branch into other classes of magic. Kaji, feeling that magic was not the only way to defend oneself, even began to practice alchemy, in order to transmute his wand into other types of weapons. His love of books grew, and he often found himself inside the library, rather than in class; he felt that the classroom actually stunted his growth as a mage, and decided to take advantage of the second largest library on the continent for his studying. He was still able to complete his homework and spar with Itoshii, and felt that he was gaining even more vast amounts of knowledge in the Academy.

His father suddenly succumbed to an illness when Kaji was twelve, and the family’s finances were taking a large hit, in order to pay for the father’s medications, as well as young Kuro’s education. The result of this was Kaji not wasting his time in the Academy, and often spending entire nights in the library studying, when not training with his young female friend.

Itoshii often stayed up with Kaji, helping him study the different types of magic and alchemic transmutations. By the time Kaji turned thirteen, he mastered all (personal) magic abilities of tier four and below, and was always striving to learn more. It was at this time that Kaji’s biological father passed away, and news of the man Kaji knew of, as his father, was actually his step-father. The news came to him from his mother, and she explained how worried she was that Kaji would hate her or the man he grew to call “Dad.” She also recalled details of his real father, and explained how abusive he was of her. Kaji absorbed the info, and was rather calm about the news, feeling that his father was part of the earth’s scum.

Early Teenage Years (Ages 14-16)During his early teens, Kaji drifted away from pure magical studying. He now knew how most magic worked, and instead wanted to practice using physical weapons, as most humans did. His frail body had to go through a lot of adjusting before he was ready for such weapons, as they are much heavier than an elf’s wand, and require more physical strength to wield. Itoshii continued her magical studies, in hopes that she would be able to catch up to Kaji’s level before they graduated, and thus would lose access to school’s library.

This is when Kaji’s love of Itoshii developed. And, despite him telling himself that he did not love Itoshii, his best friend for years, he often found himself allowing his mind to drift to her. It wasn’t long before he decided to bring Itoshii home for a weekend visit so she could meet his parents. Still sick and abed, his father agreed that it would be nice to meet his friend from school, and both of Kaji’s parents were surprised to find that it was a girl. Amazingly, Itoshii’s will, and love, for Kaji to be happy was able to cure his father of his illness, through a hidden magical talent deep within her spirit. Recognizing this Strength of Love, Kaji’s father told the two of them to stay together forever, for that in times of need, the two of them would be all they had to count on.

Late Teenage Years (Ages 17-19)Most students from the Academy are able to graduate at the age of twenty, but through their hard work and training together, it was by the age of 18 that Kaji and Itoshii were able to graduate. They had already known more about magic than the Academy was able to teach them, and were given full honors as Sages at their early graduation. Little had they known, it was the inner love for each other that allowed Kaji and Itoshii to strive as Magicians.

After their graduation, the unknown couple began to travel with a group of mercenaries, often acting as healers, as well as fighters. They stayed close to home, often visiting their families together, and explaining their tales of travel. Both sets of parents could see that these two would marry each other in time, and neither thought it was a bad idea. Kaji’s family even pushed to meet the Tamashii’s, and the two teenagers decided it might be nice.

Early Adulthood (Ages 20-25)During his early years as an adult, Kaji settled down with Itoshii, and together, they became wandering teachers of the magical art. The two of them offered classes to all ages of children, and taught them the most basic of magical principles and spells. Villages were happy to give them shelter and food, as long as they were kind enough to help out with the workload and give lessons to the children. Every so often, they were even called upon to help fight off ruffians in search of gold and women. Kaji and Itoshii were more than happy to do as they were asked while living in the company of others, and became well-renowned during this stage of Kaji’s life. Kaji enjoyed helping others out about as much as he enjoyed studying magic, but there was always the yearning to learn more.

During their time away from home, the two often received letters from their families. One day, disturbing news was given to Kaji by the village postman. During a suddenly-declared war by the people of Arathnaga, the villages of Kaji and Itoshii’s families were destroyed, and both sets of parents died. This news saddened Kaji and Itoshii, but they both decided to push on. They continued with the work that had been doing for the past four or five years.

Nearing Present Day (Ages 26-30)Kaji and Itoshii decided to once more become mercenaries, and fight against the outlaws of the planet, hoping to one day work to avenge their parent’s deaths by taking on the country of Arathnaga. Their training has never ceased, and the both of them have been studying new forms of magic, almost endlessly. They receive a good pay, being the leaders of the magic and healing squadrons. The mercenary troop fights for a neutral good/lawful good alignment, and that is one of the main reasons that Kaji and Itoshii stick around, aside from the freedom they are given as company commanders. The troop isn’t big; home of about forty members, but it is very close-knit, like a second family to the young magicians.

Throughout their travels, this nameless battalion has managed to liberate villages captured by bandits, and have also been hired by several kingdoms, in order to take on the unlawful citizens of the country that hired them. The monarchs of such countries pay well, and even provide a few regiments of soldiers to back the mercenary companies. The life has been well, and Itoshii and Kaji have enjoyed their times together, so far.

Once, the troop walked into an ambush. They had been hired by Laus to eradicate a village of bandits. The intelligence report said that the bandits numbered less than twenty, however, when they got there, well over seventy men had been positioned, ready to eliminate the troop of soldiers. Many of the men had been slaughtered, brought down by archers from afar. Itoshii did her best to heal, while Kaji cast spell after spell to defend the regiment, but the arrows were simply too much for his defenses. Before the entire battalion was slaughtered, the leader ordered a retreat. Kaji then cast Gleipnir (using his only dark magic spell), a very powerful demonic chain, which bound all enemies, and literally squeezed the life out of them.

Five people survived the attack, including Kaji and Itoshii, both of whom decided to leave the remaining troops, deciding life with untrained soldiers was too dangerous for them. They paid their respects to their fallen comrades, and said farewell to the only other survivors, before splitting off to go their separate ways. Kaji and Itoshii heard about an organization known as the Crimson Battalion, and decided to join them.

Currently, both Itoshii and Kaji are enlisted in the Battalion.

Tier 1:
FireballAn offensive spell that conjures a basic fireball. Easy to cast, relatively weak, and of little energy consumption, this is one of the first spells taught at the Magician Schools.
Incantation: Enkoo

Basic HealingA supportive spell that heals basic injuries of the caster (or target of the caster), such as minor flesh wounds. This spell is often used when the caster has been injured through small, household accidents, and is also one of the first spells taught at the Academy.
Incantation: Yarimasu

Energy BoltAn offensive spell that conjures a small orb of energy, which is then projected at an enemy. A secondary spell to fireball, it, too, is quite weak.
Incantation: Boruto

Basic TransmutationsAllows Kaji to turn his wand into basic types of weapons, such as short swords, of knives. Though this means that he relies a lot on his wand, it is almost never used for casting spells, meaning it really is not all that important to him, unless he is looking to use physical attacks.
Incantation: [Various incantations are used for the different types of basic weaponry]

Tier 2:
Flame WallCreates a wall of flamed in front of the caster, allowing multiple opponents to be injured at once, and protects the caster from weak magic attacks.
Incantation: N/A (Silent Casting)

TransparencyMakes the caster transparent for a short while, thus allowing for better stealth and secrecy. The length of the spell is only about twenty seconds, but works well for enabling the caster to get out of tough situations.
Incantation: Kieuseru

Magic ClawCalls upon two magical scythes to claw an opponent. Weak, overall, but strong tier two magic. The spell is purely offensive, and consumes a small amount of energy, often regenerated within minutes by a skilled caster.
Incantation: Tsume

Ice ShardsConjures shards of ice, which are fired at an opponent or opponents of the caster’s choosing. These shards of ice are very sharp, and can be a powerful attack when used against multiple targets.
Incantation: Koori

Tier 3:
Summon SlimeSummons two weak monsters made of an orange, transparent slime. These creates are relatively easy to kill, but can regenerate their bodies quickly if his by physical attacks. Their attack is also weak, and they are often used as a diversion.
Incantation: Hedoro

Intermediate HealingAllows the caster to heal more advanced wounds, such as small stab wounds, and larger flesh wounds. Not the most advanced form of healing, but good for travelers that often take harm from wild creatures.
Incantation: N/A (Silent Casting)

Magic GuardCreates a small wall of protection that allows the caster to take less damage from Magic Attacks. While the wall is not impervious, it lessens the blows from other magicians.
Incantation: Keibi

Magic ArmorIncreases defense by blowing magic into the caster’s armor, thus dulling the effects of physical attacks. The armor is not invincible, but the strength it holds after the casting makes it much tougher to axes, swords, and lances.
Incantation: Gusoko

Tier 4:
InvisibilityCauses the caster to become invisible for a short period of time (20-25 seconds). During this time, the caster can still be hit by attacks, but cannot be seen. Furthermore, if the caster becomes too anticipated, this spell will fail.
Incantation: N/A (Silent Casting)

Flame DomeCreates a dome of fire around the caster, improving defense against magical attacks, and burning anyone who gets too close. The magical defense is stronger than the defense of the Flame Wall, but can still allow some attacks through.
Incantation: Tengai

Lightning BoltCreates a bolt(s) of lightning directed at the nearest enemy (or enemies) to cause stronger damage than the energy bolt. This lightning attack can cause minor interference to all nearby electrical systems, including radio static and radar tampering.
Incantation: Raikou

Advanced TransmutationsAllows Kaji to turn his wand into more effective weapons for battle. All this requires is a wand, and the knowledge of various weapons; any weapons he has seen, he can transmute his wand to become.
Incantation: [Various incantations are used for the different types of basic weaponry]

Tier 5:
Summon SpiritSummons the reanimated spirit of two dead warriors, equipped with an axe or sword, and can be used to take damage for the caster, or it can attack an opponent.
Incantation: Shinzui

Advanced HealingAllows the caster to heal himself or herself, or a target of his or her choosing. This healing is advanced, and can heal most non-fatal injuries, or can injure undead or reanimated opponents. This spell consumes an amount of energy proportional to the amount of life restored to a person.
Incantation: N/A (Silent Casting)

Advanced TransparencyAllows the caster to become more transparent than when using the basic transparency spell (and for a longer duration), or can make the target of their choosing transparent for a short time.
Incantation: Kieusereto

Tier 6:
Advanced Magic GuardAllows the caster to create a stronger Magic Guard (A wall of water), which can nullify (weak) magic attacks entirely, and reduce the amount of damage taken (from stronger attacks).
Incantation: N/A (Silent Casting)

Advanced Magic ArmorImproves the armor durability of the caster, and lasts for a longer duration of time. Weak physical attacks can be nullified entirely, and stronger attack effects are reduced.
Incantation: N/A (Silent Casting)

Advanced InvisibilityMakes the caster entirely invisible, and also causes attacks to pass straight through them. Takes a large amount of energy, but can leave the caster invisible for up to two minutes. Further, the caster can choose a target to become invisible, though this constantly drains the caster’s energy until they release the spell.
Incantation: N/A (Silent Casting)

Tier 7:
Summon HellSpiritSummons two spirits from the depths of hell, which are stronger and more agile than the earlier spirit summon. Though it takes more energy to summon HellSpirits, they are stronger and can take more damage. They are as large as a small, one-family house, and have the ability to regenerate most injuries.
Incantation: Naraku no Shinzui

Summon Ice ArcherSummons two archers that fire arrows of ice at an opponent, which can highly damage an opponent, due to the sharp, ice-like arrow-points. These archers are formed of ice as well, and are weak to fire, but take no damage from water attacks.
Incantation: Koori no Shashu

Tier 8:
Devil TransformationCauses Kaji to invoke the power of the Devil contained within him. He loses most of his memory from this sequence when he re-awakens, but gains massive amounts of power and blood-lust while in this form. Further, creatures of Demonic states fall under his command when he is in this form.

More often than not, this transformation is used as a stepping-stone to the summoning of Gleipnir.

Incantation: N/A (Silent Casting)

Summon GleipnirSummons Gleipnir, the magical bindings that held Fenrir, until Ragnarok, the end of the world. For this purpose, Fenrir bit off Tyr’s arm, for he was not freed.

This spell consumes a very large amount of energy from Kaji, but releases an unstoppable force from the very depth of Hell, which is capable of crushing a multitude of enemies, at Kaji’s will.

Incantation: N/A (Silent Casting)

Special Abilities:
EmpathyAllows Kaji to understand, and share, the emotions of Itoshii, his friend since his childhood times at the academy. This ability can only be used when Kaji and Itoshii are near one another, but is activated instantly, and by itself.

Strength of LoveAnother self-activated spell, it causes Kaji to become stronger when he is around Itoshii, and much more protective as well. This is based in his unspoken love for Ms. Tamashii, and she feels the same thing for Kaji Kuro, though neither of them knows it.

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