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Keahi Mitsashima

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Keahi Mitsashima

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Keahi Mitsashima on Tue May 01, 2007 6:28 pm

My oldest, and favorite character, Keahi.

Name: Keahi Mitsashima

Age: 16 in human years, (but she appears to be in her early twenties)

Race: Demon

Gender: Female

Height: 5'6'

Weight: 129 lbs

Hair color: A rich, auburn/brownish color, and very long, down to her mid-back.

Scars, Tattoos, Piercings: A small tattoo-like brand on her lower back.

Skin Tone: A soft tan color.

Eye Color: Amber

Powers and abilities: Is able to sprout massive wings from her back, quick regeneration (to an extent. Experimental issues flawed this ability), and this lightning like power, that is a red neon color.

Job/Class: Samurai (in feudal settings), Assasin/Contract Killer (in modern settings)

Weapon of choice: A katana, made by her. It is made of a sky-blue crystal, enchanted never to break. The hilt and tsuba (round disk seperating the hilt and black) are made of gold, and the hilt is wrapped in scarlet leather, and is sheathed in a scarlet and gold saya (scabbard).

Personality: Posesses very human like qualities and emotions. Usually very calm. Can sometimes be a little cold, but she is a rather nice person for what she is.

Bio: Captured when she was just a young demon, Keahi spent most of her young years in a government facility. The U.S. government found that demons existed, and managed to capture many hellspawn to be experimented on to create supersoldiers.

However, many of the experiments they went through left them flawed in many ways, such as accidental human emotions, and human reproduction abilities.

Somehow, some of these demons managed to excape this facility, and are currently on the run, including Keahi. Goverment forces are searching the country for them.

Keahi is always on the run. Her powerful strength, speed, senses, and heightened skills in many types of combat have enabled her to outrun the hunters. Her high intelligence has helped greatly, as has her demonic qualities.

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