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Keiichi Taniguchi versus Seiryou.

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Keiichi Taniguchi versus Seiryou.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Marten on Sat Sep 02, 2006 6:03 pm

Empyrean Musing: Perched atop the high, nondescript wall that enclosed the vast cobblestone ring in which he was about to fight upon, Keiichi Taniguchi pressed a finger to the point of his chin, using the digit to rub against the tuft of hair that protruded from his skin. Gingerly tapping his heels against the grainy surface of the wall, he began to study the arena, beginning to formulate strategies based upon what he saw as well as noticing where he may encounter trouble, be it from a stone that slightly stuck out of the ground or a crater no larger than a silver pence in which he might snag a toe. Pulling his finger away from his face, the kyahan he wore about his wrist pulled the indigo cloth of his yukata taut against his forearm. Laying his palms against the the wall's flat top upon which he was ensconced, Keiichi used this new position to push himself off, the soles of his sandals grinding along the vertical surface of the wall, so that Keiichi appeared to be walking, or to be more accurate, falling from the wall, even though his feet held steady to it. Lifting his right foot before he crashed into the earth, Keiichi stepped onto the corner of the arena's stone ring, prepared to face his foe.

Th3King0fKings: Seiryou had finished stretching quite some time before his opponent had arrived, standing to his feet to get a feel for the looseness of his body. Adorning his usual tan/orange gi with a blue undershirt, Seiryou took in a deep breath, finally sinking into his stance. The right side of the body faces the opponent, while the right leg is bent at the knee, facing at a 45* angle out from the body. The right shoulder, as a result of the bent leg, is dipped forwards to lower towards the ground, the right arm bent at the elbow to rest level with the thigh of the right leg.The left leg is bent only slightly, mostly straight to anchor the body, extended backwards. From there, the left arm brought upwards to counter the right arm position, bent at the elbow to allow the hand to rest just below shoulder level. The footing is loose, not tight and restrictive. The hand positions are open, like claws, the fingertips curling in on both hands to allow for quick grabbing/countering motions. He was more than ready, awaiting the beginning of the bout, a calm look falling over his facial features.

Empyrean Musing: Smiling affably towards his opponent, Keiichi too took his stance as he used his knowledge of physiognomy to complacently study the features of the opposing man's face, constructing a generic outline of the man's personality which would aid him during his spar. Keiichi began his stance by setting his feet evenly apart, having them be at shoulder's width. Putting his tongue onto the upper pallate, behind the front of his teeth, Keiichi's hands were in a relaxed state, rising and falling with the movement of his breathing. Keeping his back upright, Keiichi's knees bent slightly, his form sinking and rising in rhythm with his breathing for an instant or two before transferring his center of gravity so that it lay at his hips. As he finished preparing himself, Keiichi began to walk in a wide circle, pressing first his toes then the rest of his foot in a pattern as he came nearer to his opponent, his arms still rising and falling with his movements.

Th3King0fKings: Though typically he was not one to attack without being attacked first, Seiryou had made up his mind that it would open the bout up and begin what he had been waiting for. In an unorthodox style, Seiryou shot forward to let his legs slide before him, his body extending outwards to rest almost horizontal on the ground, his right palm placing into the cobblestone to support his weight. He came around with a low leg sweep with his left leg, keeping his lett arm around his mid section, aiming the sweeping leg towards the side of Keiichi's right kneecap. Seiryou pivoted his right palm out towards his right in accordance with his lower body movements, keeping his right leg flat on the cobblestone in case he would need it for a quick manuever.

Empyrean Musing: Keiichi's facial features remained amicable as he watched the mercurial advancement of his adversary, catching sight of not only his opponent's precise control of his movements but of the careful placement of his supporting hand to prevent him from suffering a loss of balance. Evasively transposing his weight onto the heels of his feet, Keiichi began a rapid descent backwards as his feet began to rise in the air, the movements he used in avoiding the sweep far from traditional. In his reclining recession, Keiichi's palms which had formerly been at his sides pressed themselves against the cobbled floor as he tucked his chin into his chest to prevent the back of his head from hitting the ground. As a testament to the strength of his lissome limbs, Keiichi used the might of his arms to lift himself into the air, his form now safely out of range as he stood upright with his hands instead of his feet on the ground.

Th3King0fKings: In light of Kei's quick movement, Seiryou came around in a full circle with his sweep kick, altering his right hand pivot to come around as far as it would go before lifting it from the floor and replacing it with his feet. More or less just executing a circular sweep, he planted both feet on the cobblestone and leapt off just as quickly, coming forward with his left arm while his opponent was coming out of his springboard backflip, coming to an outward pivot on his right foot as it placed against the stone, his left hand coming outwards in what would be a simple palmstrike towards his opponents's center, aiming to bank on the lack of balance and leverage his opponent would have coming out of such a manuever.

Empyrean Musing: Due to the precarious posture he was in, Keiichi was unable to see what exactly his opponent would do after his sweep had missed, but because of his head being so low to the ground, Keiichi was able to sense the vibrations of his adversary's movements against the cobblestones as well as taking heed of the rustling that was a sure sign his foe had not only recovered from his sweeping motion, but was now poised to strike at Keiichi while he seemed to be a sitting duck. Having already tucked his chin into his chest as he fell, Keiichi's shoulders were somewhat rounded as he stood upon his hands. Bending his arms at the elbows, his weight was transferred onto his shoulders, using the momentum from his sudden shift in weight to rotate upon in the ground in a veritable torrent. In his twisting, Keiichi's gaze was now turned towards his foe, seeing that he had opted for a blow to the center of his own mass as opposed to another sweep which would have prevented Keiichi from performing not only this feat but following his earth-bound pirouette with his legs which were meant to connect with not only the forearm of his extended arm but for the side of his opponent's lead knee as well.

Th3King0fKings: Seiryou had not expected such a perfected manuever in the middle of the springboard, but his opponent had been able to keep him guessing almost this entire time. As a Saiya-jin, his curiousity was growing with every moment, enjoying the battle immensely. Once his arm had come forward for the palmstrike, he could feel Kei's legs connect with his forearm, prompting a quick decision that brought his pivoted right foot outwards even further, planting it to absorb the impact of the blow that hit his forearm. Before the other leg would come through, he brought his left leg around to come forward, aiming to bury the point of his knee into the exposed midsection before him. his right arm keeping at about mid level, able to move between abdomen and head rather quickly if need be.

Empyrean Musing: Feeling the combined jolts of his foot connecting with the outstretched forearm as well as his opponent's foot stomping onto the ground to shift the brunt of the force from his forearm to the ground, Keiichi could not help but continue to smile good-naturedly. In this inverted stance, his eyes darted over the upside-down form of the man before him, the sinewy muscles of his thighs flexing as he brought his knee up with the sole purpose of burying it into Keiichi's chest while keeping his right arm at his side in order to protect himself from the unusual style he had mastered. Having thought up of a simple yet effective way to prevent his ribcage from being broken, Keiichi used the combined force of the natural recoil from his foot's blow but that of his opponent's decision to strengthen his stance to push his lower body out away from its previous position which caused his shoulders to follow suit, allowing Keiichi to once again lift himself, except this time using only his right arm to bare the shifting weight, his body resembling an incomplete lower-case "n", putting him to the outside of the knee which would have surely ended the fight.

Th3King0fKings: Understanding the balance in which it took to execute such a manuever, he could feel almost a push-off of sorts from his forearm, watching Kei propell himself once again in a smart movement towards his left side, which would be Kei's right, going with the outward force his forearm stop had delivered. Though almost in position already, the right foot that was supporting his weight shifted only an inch more towards the right, allowing his left leg to extend outwards, turning a quick knee lift into a kick that would cover the distance to the left that his knee attack originally could not. While in mid-air, he brought his foot directly into the left shoulder/chest area of his opponent, aiming to follow through and then regain his full balance once his foot touched the ground again.

Empyrean Musing: The impact that stemmed from the flat top of Seiryou's foot connecting with his own left shoulder, the toes of the man pressing against his chest, caused the corners of Keiichi's genial smile to waiver before he regained his composure, beaming once more towards his opponent. In his current state, he opted to move with the force of the kick instead of attempting to push himself against it, causing Keiichi once more to move in a vehement cyclone, his arm once again bending at the elbow so that his shoulder came onto the ground, moving his hips in unison with the whirlwind that were his legs, amplifying both their strength and speed. As he completed the spin, his feet were directed to strike at Seiryou's right bicep and thigh simultaneously while Keiichi extended his left arm which was not upon the ground, his taper-esque fingers prepared to wrap themselves around his adversary's right ankle in order to hinder his movements.

Th3King0fKings: Feeling his left foot connect, he didn't get the resistance he had expected, and as such, he saw the reason why immediately. With his pivot outwards, he was ready to come through with the kick and turn it into a half spin, but when Kei had started to come around, he noticed the same caoperia-like tendancies he saw last time. At almost the zenith of his follow through, he leapt off the ground to spin even faster, coming around with his right arm at a 90 degree angle to absorb the blow at the center of the leg that would come towards his bicep, stopping it's force to begin with, only to have it furthered when his left foot touched the ground. His leap had caused him to avoid both the grab and the lower leg attack, his left leg pushing outwards to brace himself as his left fist came down from the air to come crashing down into the exposed chest area below him. He kept his left hand loose until the moment of impact, bending his right knee a bit to aid in the momentum and anchor his body.

Empyrean Musing: Due to his opponent's craftiness, the force of Keiichi's strike to Seiryou's bicep with his left leg had been dampened for a moment before the full force came through when his foe landed from his leap which was meant to avoid Keiichi's following kick and grasp. Turning his neck so that he was able to follow the path of Seiryou's jump, he saw his opponent's fist careening downwards to connect with his own chest. Keiichi would have been startled had his adversary not dodged the the foot which was meant for his thigh. Although he was unable to complete the pirouette with as much speed as he would have hoped, Keiichi was still moving fast enough to reposition himself between Seiryou's left fist and right knee. Slamming the flat of his palm against the stones before he had moved out from between his opposition's limbs, he tucked his legs in to his body, bringing him back up to his feet for the first time since the bout had begun. As a bead of sweat trailed its way down the side of Keiichi's countenance, he brought his arms up before him, his knuckles facing away and to the sides of his form while he moved into a stance different from his first, his weight spread evenly between his legs.

Th3King0fKings: -Seiryou simply slammed his left fist into the cobblestone, feeling the hard surface crack a bit under his force, retracting the hand a moment later to stand to his feet. He took in a deep breath, not at all swayed by anything that had happened so far, merely dropping right back into his original stance, awaiting his opponent's oncoming attack with a readiness he had shown all afternoon.

Empyrean Musing: Thrusting his shoulders forward, the sleeves of Keiichi's yukata gave off a sharp, rustling sound as he had used the movement of his shoulders to open his fists, his hands apparently hanging limply at the wrists, the back of his hands directed towards Seiryou. Taking a concise step forward with his right, Keiichi's hips flowed with the motion of his foot, his weight shifting into his arms, flicking the wrist of his right hand so that his palm was prepared to make contact with Seiryou's face while the back to his left was meant to collide, wrist first, with his stomach. As he had lashed out with his arms, the right foot he had used to step forward had been positioned directly behind his foe's left heel in a hooking motion, meant to take the leg out from under him as his blows connected.

Sho Kirishima Z: -Keeping an eye on the opponent before him, Seiryou quickly took to action as Keiichi had thrown his arms forward, quickly leaping backwards as if to fall straight on his back. With a silent grace and flawless technique, Seiryou caught himself on both of his palms that reached over his shoulders, letting them soften the impact before allowing the rest of his body to coil into the ground. He had tucked his legs in quickly to keep Keiichi's left hand away from them, and when the force of his drop was at it's zenith point, he pushed off his hands to catapault both of his feet straight up and under Keiichi's defenses, aiming to bury both boots directly into his lower abdomen, keeping his body out of range of the foot that was already being used for leverage.-

Empyrean Musing: Having already taken a step forward with his right foot as well as allowing his hips to flow with in the direction had had stepped towards, Keiichi once more dipped into his allegorical tome of techniques, this time opting to use the style of footwork known as okuri-ashi, which caused his left foot which had been behind to slide outwards, streamlining Keiichi's form so that he now stood sideways, his right shoulder facing his opponent while putting himself closer to his opponent's now moving feet. As he had caused his left foot to slide outwards, it also aided in grounding Keiichi's form, which would be needed for what he had suddenly formulated. Bracing his form, the flat of Seiryou's feet crashed against the bulk of Keiichi's muscular thighs, causing his own footing to move slightly as he alacritously brought his left arm around, which had previously been designed to ram into Seiryou's stomach to now wrapping itself about the back of his adversary's knee. With Seiryou now caught in such a treacherous position, the fingertips of Keiichi's right hand now made their way downwards, prepared to bury themselves within the flesh in the very center of Seiryou's right thigh.

Sho Kirishima Z: -Not expecting such a quick twist of Keiichi's body, Seiryou was unable to really push off the ground like he'd want to, barely moving enough to say so when his feet placed against Keiichi's right thigh, feeling his momentum stop. As quickly as it stopped, Seiryou moved his hands forward to push his upperbody forward, yanking both of his legs backwards over his own head before his opponent could get any sort of a grasp on his leg. Flattening out his upperbody to place his right hand to the ground, Seiryou planted his right knee into the stone, his left leg quickly coming upwards to aim at the back of Keiichi's knees in a swift sweep kick, the point of his foot aiming to crash into the back of his left knee.-

Empyrean Musing: A sociable smile flitted across Keiichi's countenance as he saw the subtle changes in Seiryou's facial features, the catalyst having been his own swift movements. Seiryou's location had not changed much since he had initiated his attack, although his form was now much closer to the ground, his leg prepared to sweep Keichii off of his feet and not romantically, either. Pressing the flat of his tongue up against the upper pallate of his mouth once more, Keiichi's hips finished their advancement, the fluid fury of his motion enabling him to presumably collapse onto his right knee, the ball of it pressed against the stone. This, though, was a ruse which would allow Keiichi, who had been facing Seiryou with his shoulder to now sustain the majority of his weight as he thrust his left leg outwards towards Seiryou's own left leg, the flat of Keiichi's foot meant to connect with his assailant's kneecap.

Sho Kirishima Z: -Almost as if baiting his opponent, Seiryou saw the left leg shoot back to aim towards his own, twisting his leg to push the sole of his boot down into the ground and backwards after raising it above the kick, trapping the left leg that was coming backwards between his calf and his thigh right around Keiichi's calf area. Pushing off his right hand was neccessary to get into position for such a move, allowing his body to face the back of his opponent, both of his hands coming down instantly to grasp ahold of the left ankle before him. His right hand rested on the heel, while his left grasped around the top of the foot, each arm twisting in opposite directions to tweak the ankle continuously. Realizing he had time, he began to slide his right leg around Keiichi's extended left leg, releasing the hold he had on the leg with his left leg, coming down into a sitting position.-

Empyrean Musing: Due to his heightened sense of speed, the rate at which the synapses in his form traveled back and forth was astonishing, so that once Keiichi felt pressure against the calf of his leg which had been thrust out as opposed to the flat of the waraji upon his foot, he knew that something out of what he had thought of came to be. Keiichi had already been leaning forward because of the nature of his kick, which assisted him in the evasive maneuver he would employ to slither his way out of Seiryou's clutches. Having had the majority of his weight upon his right knee while leaning forward, Keiichi shifted his hips enough so that his right shoulder would press itself against the ground, enabling him to roll forward, his left leg pulling away from Seiryou before moving in a parabola, up and over Keiichi's form as he completed the roll. As he lay supine, he let his arms fold at the elbow, his palms level with Keiichi's ears as he lifted himself once more with the strength of his arms, smiling as he now faced Seiryou upside-down once more.

Sho Kirishima Z: -Seiryou came across with his left leg and quickly tucked it in, feeling the leg he had hoped to trap slither out from his clutches, a wry smile on his face. He slowly stood to his feet, craning his neck from side to side to get loose from their last exchange. He took a deep breath inwards, not once letting the smile leave his features. "I think that's a good enough warm up." Almost instantly, the energy within Seiryou's body began rising to the surface, an inner rage which he would exert to bring a whole new level of competition to the bout. Rising upwards from his feet, a golden hue outlined his body, snapping into a flowing aura that gave off an enormous amount of light. Seiryou's physical appearance had changed as well, his black spiky hair giving way to a new blonde color, standing upwards off his head under the force of his energy. The once-black eyes that stared at Keiichi were now teal, seemingly bright from the offset of golden color that was blocking Keiichi's vision of his face. Settling into the transformed state, Seiryou balanced his energy, no longer feeling the strain of the change, quickly becoming aware of what he could do from now.-

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