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Keiichi Taniguchi versus Tenkeshi Motogasto.

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Keiichi Taniguchi versus Tenkeshi Motogasto.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Marten on Sun Aug 20, 2006 2:53 pm

An old speed log.

¤ 10:12 ¤ * Keiichi-Taniguchi smiles cheerfully towards Tenkeshi as he crosses his arms over his chest, resting his forearms within the sleeves of his atramentous yukata.
¤ 10:13 ¤ * Keiichi-Taniguchi turns his head slightly to the left, causing his sable bangs to be blown aside by the strength of a subtle breeze, causing the carmine sash around his waist to rise as well.
¤ 10:13 ¤ * Tenkeshi`Motogasto smiles as well, bowing slightly, his hands set in the opposing sleeve of his own, light blue Kimono, a hearty sigh emphazing from his tall, slender form
¤ 10:13 ¤ * Keiichi-Taniguchi takes a step backwards the soles of his waraji's sliding up the length of his foot, the cord between Keiichi's toes digging in gently.
¤ 10:14 ¤ * Keiichi-Taniguchi shifts his weight from his right foot to his left, causing blood to flush into the muscles of his thighs and calves, warming them up.
¤ 10:14 ¤ * Tenkeshi`Motogasto takes a small step forward, his knees bending slightly, as his left hand grips the top of his scabbard, his thumb resting upon the hilt of his katana, his right hand wavering about the handle slightly, his cold blue eyes fixated upon Keiichi-Taniguchi
¤ 10:14 ¤ * Keiichi-Taniguchi undoes the sash around his waist, casting it aside into the breeze, causing the folds of his ebon yukata to part, revealing the bronzened skin beneath the cloth.
¤ 10:15 ¤ * Keiichi-Taniguchi chuckles softly beneath his breath as he casts aside the sheaths of both his osafune katanas, thrusting them onto the sash which lays a few yards from him.
¤ 10:15 ¤ <Keiichi> Sure.
¤ 10:15 ¤ <Keiichi> I won't be using my swords, though.
¤ 10:15 ¤ * Tenkeshi`Motogasto smiles, his right foot digging into the rough terrain below, his form sprinting toward Keiichi in the mild distance
¤ 10:15 ¤ * Keiichi-Taniguchi taps the toe of his right foot against the ground, pushing up the waraji a bit further before hopping slightly from foot to foot, still upon his toes.
¤ 10:16 ¤ * Keiichi-Taniguchi pirouettes gracefully as Tenkeshi begins his dash, causing the held back pony-tail upon his head to whip out with the movement.
¤ 10:16 ¤ * Keiichi-Taniguchi drops slightly in mid-spin, crossing his arms over his chest in an X-manner, keeping them close to his body.
¤ 10:16 ¤ * Tenkeshi`Motogasto upon entering melee range, Tenkeshi, bends slightly, thrusting his right arm forward, his hand grasped upon the handle of his katana, puling it in a horizontaly fashion toward Keiichi
¤ 10:17 ¤ * Keiichi-Taniguchi stops as his chest comes a few inches from the ground, moving forward Keiichi rolls out from beneath the slicing Katana.
¤ 10:17 ¤ * Keiichi-Taniguchi comes up onto his feet, a step or two to the left of Tenkeshi, his arms still folded over his chest, shielding himself.
¤ 10:17 ¤ * Keiichi-Taniguchi crosses his left foot over his right, still keeping the movement from foot to foot fluid, bringing an arm out from over his chest.
¤ 10:18 ¤ * Keiichi-Taniguchi buries the tip of his elbow into the small of Tenkeshi's back as he steps over completely, smiling all the while.
¤ 10:18 ¤ * Keiichi-Taniguchi rolls to the right upon contact with elbow to Tenkeshi's back, keeping his other arm held over his chest.
¤ 10:18 ¤ * Keiichi-Taniguchi stops as he comes up to Tenkeshi`Motogasto's right, swinging the arm out from over his chest, using the forearm to press against Tenkeshi's temple.
¤ 10:19 ¤ * Keiichi-Taniguchi snaps the arm which he has just swung out, keeping the attack short and blunt, amplifying the blow.

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