{Kelante} Shamina Ketrina

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{Kelante} Shamina Ketrina

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Shamina Ketrina

Race: Human runaway. Lives as Homeless.

Physical Appearance: Years in harsh weather has left her with a harsh countenance and rough voice. Her hair is midnight black, and her eyes are violet. She stands 5'6", just a couple inches shorter than her husband, and her body is thin and wiry, built for speed.

Age: She hasn't been counting, but she's somewhere around 2000 (middle age, right?)

(Note: Saladin, can you help me transfer the ages into Kelante time? Here I've put the normal human ages, in quotes)

Background: Her parents had owned an inn in one of the boarder towns, and at the age of "seven", her mother pushed her towards a man's door and told her to do whatever he wanted. She came out of that quite hardened, and with the belief that all who called themselves civilized were actually cruel and sadistic. "Two years" later, after about a dozen nights like that, she ran away. It wasn't long before she learned to fight, and at the age of "twelve" she was accepted into one of the many bands of homeless. There, she met her husband, who admired her for her planning abilities. He tried to claim her in the usual way of the homeless when she was "sixteen". He woke up the next day with a headache and a proposition. By that time, there had been numerous fights among the band, and they took a few of the best fighters, who had not been involved in the internal fighting, and left.

It took "ten" years for her to join him in his tent, and by that time they had found their stride. They had also managed to gather those who were mostly loners, didn't really care for relationships but loved to fight. They have been successfully raiding ever since, and have never lost a raider who had passed the first raid.

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