Kingdom Hearts Element keys

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Kingdom Hearts Element keys

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Antoinetta on Mon Jan 30, 2012 5:07 pm

Hi all this is my first time starting a group roleplay so if this fails that's why.

Based 25 years after Kingdom Hearts 2, three new Keyblade wielders leave their home to fight the on going battle with Darkness and it's own Keyblade Master.

Due to how the Keyblade masters from the games have been linked to Land, Sky and Sea, I would like to stick with this but with a twist, which wielder you pick doesn't have to have a name that relates to that word, but their keys will have abilities linked to them e.g. Land = Earth, Fire and Strength, I will go in to more detail about it below.

List of characters;

Keyblade Master -
Land Keyblade wielder -
Sky Keyblade wielder -
Sea Keyblade wielder – Aeonin (Antoinetta)

Dark Keyblade wielder -
Their side-kick one -
Their side-kick two-

Details about the Keyblades;

Land keys – Focuses on Strength and uses the magic spells of Earth and Fire, but is slow to attack which makes it easy for the foe to land an attack.

Sky keys – Focuses on Speed and uses the magic spells of Wind and Thunder, but is more likely to miss if up against foes who also uses speed to attack.

Sea keys – Focuses on Magic and uses the magic spells of Water and Ice but has low defence which makes it easy to be knocked down in battle.

Dark keys – Focuses on Strength and Magic and uses the magic spells of Darkness, Fire and Thunder, but has a great weakness of Light.

Other then the Dark Keys, one Light spell can be learned (Of course). But this takes a lot of Magic Points (If not all) so using it recklessly is not advised.

The Master Keyblade wielder, can use a mixture of the abilities listed above (Four spells and two 'Focuses') but can't know Light spells and Dark spells at the same time.

Now if you want to join please fill this in, please add an image of how your character looks like.

Keyblade type:
Home World:

Name: Aeonin [E-on-in]
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: Short blue hair, green eyes, small build and short. Image
Keyblade type: Sea
Home World: Halloween Town
Personality: Fun loving, head strong, short tampered.
Bio: Aeonin grew up in Halloween Town, until the age of 15 when she was taken to Radiant Garden, to try as a Keyblade wielder, nine years after the last Sea Keyblade wielder picked her to take their place. Three years later she and the other two Keyblade wielder are sent to other world to prepared them for the up coming Mark of Mastery exam

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Re: Kingdom Hearts Element keys

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Maxwell360 on Thu Jun 12, 2014 4:15 pm

Might I join in?

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