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Re: Kingdom Hearts: A New Beginning, Part Two IC

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby holothewisewolf on Sun Oct 28, 2018 2:38 pm

Jessica stood in the ship welding away at the arms frame before stretching. "Hopefully itll work this time. If not..." her speech trailed off as She looked around. The arm wasn't taking her Phoenix powers very well. The whole work area smelled of ash, smoke, and... was that... cinnamon? She's shook her head trying to get rid of the distractions. She looked at the door and lightly bit her lip. "Maybe a little fresh air would help?" Her arm ached but she grabbed nothing when she went to check it. She stopped as cold terror flushed her system. "M-maybe not. I lost my arm. If something caught me out there." She shuddered at the thought before an image flashed through her head. Her blood started warming and her heart started to slow. "No i can't hide from this fight forever. I need to focus. They won't scare me. If Ryan can fight so can i." She set back into her work work a steely determination in her eyes.

"You move any slower and i may just kill you and get another." Thomas was being pulled to his feet. When he got up he saw his last master in front of him. "You have one week Thomas to get faster and by a lot. You've plenty of power but if you can't land a hit then what good is it. I can't teach you my ultimate technique until you earn it." Thomas had flashes now his training had progressed not at all for three days. Finally the fourth morning his master gave him a new outfit. It weighed a ton amid he could hear the metal in the fabric clink as he moved. "How will this help me get faster?" He'd asked. His master shrugged and walked away leaving him to train. By the end of the week Thomas was nervous but determined. "Remove the jacket. Only remove more in extreme conditions or the speed will tear you apart." His master had stated it like it made sense to everybody. He did as he was told and assumed his stance. The two fought for a long time Thomas using the clink of the weights in his shorts to keep a tempo. When both of them were too exhausted to keep fighting his master grinned. "Your last test for today. Survive." He threw a punch that stopped just short of making contact. "Survive.what?" Thomas asked still catching his breath. The wind suddenly felt different and before he knew it he was on his back coughing up blood. "Hmmmmmm still too strong. Well my pupil i will tell you my technique's name before you pass." His master had leaned over Thomas to whisper the name of it. That was when Thomas struck his master in the sternum. "I'm not dead yet. I still feel the strings of my destiny pulling me along old fool." Thomas muttered as his master fell back. They'd laid there painfully laughing for hours. His memory flared again and he found himself standing in the rain. The creature he saw standing over his master's corpse laughed. "You'll never find the girl. Your destiny is flawed and so are you." It practically howled with laughter. The laughter turned to a gurgle as Thomas stood in front of it. His hand was buried in its chest. Thomas closed his fist. "I will tell you the name of the style that killed you. I call it demon style absorption fist. Your strength will become mine as my master's was yours." He ripped the hand out and conclusions overcame him as he sprouted fur and claws. The transformation was only for a second as Thomas recoiled in disgust at what he'd just took In. Everything went black around him and the demon he'd killed spoke to him again. " wonder how the little princess would feel about that? My guess would be disgusted. I'm a part of you that you'll need eventually. Your master never thought to teach you his angel fist technique. You're a failure. My failure." Thomas recoiled as its face appeared around him. His sleep would be anything but bliss.
so how is everyone?
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Re: Kingdom Hearts: A New Beginning, Part Two IC

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Protoman X on Sat Dec 22, 2018 5:01 pm

"Diplomacy and politics...?" Rayn muttered in a low voice, "And walking - lots, and lots, of walking. Yahoo." his whispered tone was flat and utterly unexcited. This trip was going to be very boring most of the way, plus a return trip just to get back to China.

"Shame we can't just fly..." that one he did say at a more audible volume, "...well feet, sorry in advance I guess, but it looks like you're going to be doing a lot of walking and aching for a while." He let out a small sigh, something about this development was almost... disappointing. A long trek to another country, followed by an equally long return trip didn't sound pleasant in the slightest. Of course, nobody ever signed up for this sort of thing because was it was pleasant, now did they?

"You sure this a good idea?" he asked Jason in a lowered whisper, "Protecting a world from Heartless is one thing, but this political mission of theirs has nothing to do with us. I know the old rules about meddling were pretty much abandoned a long time ago but... you sure this isn't stretching it a bit?" he would of course follow the leader's plan regardless, but surely there had to be a less tedious way of getting to the Keyhole, "More to the point, how much time are we going to sink into this trip? The more time we spend here, the more time our enemies have to make their movements elsewhere and increase their own power. Just trying to think of the bigger picture here, is all."

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Re: Kingdom Hearts: A New Beginning, Part Two IC

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby True Grave on Fri Jan 25, 2019 10:38 pm

Jason listened as Rayn whispered to him, having to admit that a long trek to Mongolia didn't exactly sound exciting to him either. With the Guild and the Harbingers still running amok, as well, time was not exactly on their side.
"Hmm, you have a point."
He weighed the pros and cons, deciding that it would be to their advantage to cut the trip time as best they could.
"Actually, there is a way we could get to Mongolia much faster and more safely. We can take the Eliminator X and be there much faster."

It was kind of an ostentatious way to get there, but as long as they could travel and land safely, it should be doable.
"I'll show you to the ship."
Jason led the royal procession and his own party to the Eliminator X, dropping the cargo bay door.
"I'm afraid the passenger compartment isn't the most comfortable, but at least the trip will be short."
The Emperor's daughters seemed really excited about the trip in a space ship, but Mulan and Shang seemed a bit unsure.
"This will cause quite a stir within Mongolia, so it would be best to land it outside of the city walls."

"You got it," Jason said, having already planned to do so.
Once everyone was comfortably seated, the Eliminator X lifted off and moved quickly toward their destination. It was the first time that Jason had flown the ship within a planet's atmosphere, though it handled quite well. Given its former purpose during the war, that was understandable. The Eliminator landed about a quarter mile from the capitol city of Mongolia, and everyone exited the ship.
"Not much further now," Jason said with a smile, giving a nod to Rayn in thanks for his wise counsel.

They walked for a bit and were in sight of the gate when suddenly Heartless started to appear.
"It never fails," Jason muttered as he drew his Keyblades.
Shang and Mulan drew their swords, keeping close to defend the terrified royal princesses. Shien began launching Thundaga spells at the Heartless, seeking to destroy them quickly. These Heartless were surprisingly forceful, however, appearing in large numbers to keep them away from the gate. It was as if they were following someone's will and trying to keep them out of the Mongolian capitol.

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