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Derek's eyes fluttered open slowly, it had felt like he had been hit in the head pretty hard. he brought a hand to the back of his head and began to rub the soreness away from a lump in his short brown hair. His vision slowly focused until he realized he was in a place that seemed cold and sterile like some sort of lab. His icy gaze was brought to center by a lamp in the middle of his vision, making him realize he was looking up. "Augh, what happened." he began to piece together his thoughts but all that came back were blurs of darkness whisping around and then a few noises. the noises slowly died out and took his memories to just now. "This isn't my room." He snapped his head up suddenly making it hurt a little more. Derek propped himself up on his elbows as he looked about.

In the room was a computer desk, the bed he was on, a full length mirror, and two doors. "Stay calm, Derek."

"What?!" Derek looked around for the disembodied voice. Something about the voice made it seem like it wasn't coming from anyone near here.

"Over here." Derek's icy blue eyes followed the noise to the monitor. A man with greyish skin and similar colored clothes with bright blue lines was on the screen. "My name is Tron," He smiled reassuring Derek everything was safe for now.

"What am I doing here?" Derek shifted a bit so his shoes landed on the floor and he was sitting up.

"I do not know...I have reason to believe the place you are originally from no longer exists...You may have been brought here for your own safety." Tron said. Derek found this hard to believe, but a heavy sinking feeling in his chest made it seem all the more true.

"Why can't I remember anything?"

"I cannot answer that clearly at this time. You suffered a great fall, you may have landed on your head." Derek rubbed the bump sorely again looking a bit frustrated.

"Where am I?"

"You are in Radient Gardens, all lost travelers come here. You are not alone friend." Tron smiled again as Derek stood himself up shakily.

"Don't call me that Tron..." The program seemed a little saddened by this.

"As you wish," Tron seemed a little down trodden by the hostility. "You may exit through the door on your left, feel free to come back here when needed. I must go." The screen to the computer went blank before Derek had time to react. Derek simply sighed and put his hands into his jeans. Taking a look into the mirror he examined his clothes for holes that might indicate wounds or something. He was wearing a large very dark grey hoodie and fingerless black leather gloves on his hands; the hoodie's left shoulder looked like it had been torn and had a midnight blue patch over it, the patch had the word 'BLIND' on it. The jacket was only zipped up to complete the pocket on the front and showed his athletic style white shirt, it was blue on his ribs but that was barely noticeable from the way the jacket was worn. His jeans were normal except for the cargo style pockets on the sides of the calves and the thick belt that held them up with the large buckle with 'NEVER' etched on it. His shoes were normal enough so he spun around and looked at the large hood hanging on his back and the white outline for a keyhole centered on the jacket.

"Hmm." Derek wondered as he took in his surroundings. He could tell this definitely wasn't home, but where the hell was he? Taking a few steps forward he put his hand on the door and opened it. The light hurt his eyes a little but he adjusted quickly, the architecture in the town nearby was quaint yet seemed modern enough. Not knowing what else to do Derek moved forward towards the sound of moving water. Maybe there was someone in the town that could answer more questions then the computer program. It wasn't long before the traveler reached an elaborate multilevel waterfall. The young man stopped to observe the beauty of it.
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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Puzzling Memories(Closed)

Postby Lexxy on Mon Oct 25, 2010 6:44 pm

The smell of flowers and the sound of moving water brought Lexxy back from unconsciousness . Dazed, she lifted herself up off the ground and stretched her aching muscles. She looked around and noticed she was in an entirely different place than her home world. "What happened?" she muttered to herself as she tried to remember the moments before awakening. Then it all came rushing back to her; the Heartless had finally invaded her world and destroyed it. So, why was she here? And how did she make it out alive? She lifted her hand and summoned her Keyblade. It was a Japanese theme with cherry blossom shaped guards, a katana made up the handle and pole, and the key teeth were represented by a folding fan marked with the Japanese flag. The Maneki Neko keychain hung loosely from its position on the bottom of the blade. Could the Keyblade have something to do with her arrival here? Dismissing her weapon, Lexxy thought it best to learn about her surroundings. Perhaps she may find one of her friends, she hoped they had all made it out okay.

Finally acknowledging the area, she noticed she was standing in the middle of a big courtyard. There were four entrance points, one at each of the cardinal points of a compass. To the North stood a large, daunting castle, the gate in front stood closed and locked. To the East was the town area and West led to the Castle Gardens, and to the South was a dark tunnel that led to an unknown destination. "I wonder where I should go first," she pondered her choices and opted for the entry to the East.

As she entered the alcove of buildings she made note of how quiet the town was. It appeared that most of the Item and Accessory Shops were closed, and there was no one standing around in the plaza. As she went deeper into town, the stores were replaced by homes. One such house stood out from the rest, a sign outside the door read: Merlin the Wizard. 'I wonder if he has seen any of the guys,' she thought as she approached the door. She knocked twice and waited for an answer, it seemed no one was home. Lexxy gave a defeated sigh and stepped away from the building to continue through the town.

Passing under an archway, Lexxy emerged at the top of a set of stairs that led to the base of a giant, cascading fountain. She looked to the wall on her right and read a plaque stating that this was the Fountain Court. The melody of waterfalls filled her ears as she descended the stairs. The stairs stopped at a multicolored cobblestone path that turned into a small bridge. She stepped off the path and into the shallow pool of crystal water. Glad that her black pants were tucked into knee-high combat boots, she kicked the water, causing the splash skip across the surface. She walked through the water with ease, and as she stepped up to one of the waterfalls, the air the water pushed made her long, black coat billow behind her. The water was so clear she could see her reflection in it and using it as a vanity mirror, she examined and adjusted her outfit. The jacket she wore had unique sleeves that showed the mock striped shirt underneath. The contrast looked odd on water. The purple suspenders that dangled from the pants moved slightly in the breeze, and she adjusted her bikini style top that was slightly hidden by a gray zipper-corset type garment. Satisfied with how she looked, she returned to the center of the bridge to get a better look of the fountain in its entirety. Lexxy followed the trail of working geysers up to the highest platforms of the fountain, until she noticed a figure standing on the left side of the structure. He appeared to be watching the moving water, just as she had been doing, but he seemed so absorbed in what he was looking at that he hadn't noticed her presence. The longer she stared, the more familiar the clothes began to look, then his build, hair, and facial features. It finally clicked, "Derek!" she tried to yell over the roar of the water, but it seemed he hadn't heard her.
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When the Heartless first attacked, Wes was sitting at home, watching Doctor Who. It all happened so fast. His brother burst through the door, slamming it behind him, while yelling "Wes, run!" Wes got up to see what all the fuss was about, but it was too late. The Heartless had burst through the door. One of them pounced on top of him, and pinned him to the ground. A rush of pure panic and adrenaline rushed over Wes as he stared into the vacant, glowing yellow eyes of the little black creature on top of him. Before he could do anything, a spark of fire shot from his hand, and at the Heartless, making it scuttle away from him. Wes used this opportunity to get up and head for the back door, while staring at his hands in amazement. "What was that?" He thought to himself. When he got outside he was met with two more Heartless. Wes emitted two more fire bolts at them, but they didn't seem to do much. So Wes climbed onto the BBQ and leaped over the fence.

As he ran up the street, Wes was being chased by more Heartless. Wes turned around, and held out his hands and forced his fear through his palms. The fire that Wes was expected to shoot from his hands was not there. Instead bolts of lightning tumbled down the inclined street at the Heartless. This seemed to hurt them more than the fire, and even stunned them for a second. Wes darted up the street and around the corner, but only to find countless Heartless swarming toward him. Wes didn't know what to do. Fear seemed to encompass him as the Heartless drew ever nearer. Finally, at the last second, Wes held out his hands and yelled at the top of his lungs. A white light flashed. When it faded, Wes could not believe what he saw. The Heartless that were about to attack him were now frozen in chunks of ice. Wes knees gave out and he fell to the ground, feeling completely drained of all energy. Wes saw two chakram fall next to him as he passed out.
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